The Story of the Hurricane


This is a GIF animation of the strongest hurricane ever recorded, Hurricane Patricia, churning up right at this very moment off of the Southwest Mexican coast. 

The weather gets crazier…cheers.

More to come. Love to all. 

Great Pacific Garbage Patch


You humans and your garbage…I don’t know why this would surprise anyone, I thought it would be much worse to be honest, although it’s still pretty fucking bad. The cancerous plague of humanity, ravaging and raping this planet. This planet is an entity all it’s own, how long do you think she will let you continue pillaging her? Not much longer, don’t worry about that. The Earth is very alive and very conscious of this parasitic society called the human race. Do you think we have not been here in some way before? If this planet is indeed 4 or 5 billion years old, and we have about 6,000 years of recorded history, how is it not conceivable that this couldn’t have all happened a million years ago and been wiped out to start over, maybe even before that as well. Millions of years are fractional in the span of 4 to 5 billion years, do the math. The most bizarre part is that there are still so many mumpsimus mutants out there who STILL believe that we are some how the center of something as if we really matter. We are infinitely tiny, we are nothing. Only the fragments of a greater consciousness… and most of the fragments aren’t even in touch with their Source any longer. Again, reduced to a metaphor of a cancerous plague killing it’s planetary host. That is all a cancer does; distorts, corrupts, consumes, finally destroying it’s host and therefore collapsing itself under it’s own mindless purpose. Look at these pictures and before you hasten your need to point the finger at anyone and anything else but your own ignorant selves, point that finger back at YOU… bloody savages, 7 billion energies, 6 billion of them just wasted potential. See for yourselves: ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage     

Look at how dirty the ocean is. Here read up on this:

Read up, don’t turn the proverbial blind eye, YOU are just as responsible as anyone else. This is what happens when the plague becomes overwhelming. There are too many people, let me rephrase, there are too many uneducated, miseducated, uniformed, misinformed, too many over-consuming fuckwits that have no conception of the responsibility that comes with existing in this reality. They just eat, shit, and breed, more and more of themselves, consuming more and more, trash piling up and stinking up the whole planet…more and more and more, every day. Sad to think that all of these innocent animals have to endure life on this planet with a human population that for the most part, behaves more animal-like than any actual animal. Murderous, thieving, conniving, barbaric, all part of the psyche of humanity, supposedly ascended above the beasts. Yeah sure. Let’s see just how much further this humanity can go before it collapses under the weight of it’s own ignorance. How far will the planet let you all push her before she pushes back? Do you think Mother Nature shows mercy? Fools. Brain dead ignorant hypnotized zombie drone mumpsimus fools. You will see. This just disgusts me. Love to all who see this atrocity among so many and wonder why has humanity set itself up to fall so hard? Like I said, you will see. Inform yourselves, smarten up.

Still Still Shaking

Why the MSM or anyone for that matter seems to not be reporting all of the earthquakes that have occurred in the Solomon Islands in the last 2 or 3 days is beyond your narrator. Over 200 after shocks, mostly ranging around 5 pointers. Those are not tremors. Seems like that would pretty God damn newsworthy wouldn’t you agree? Yet where is the coverage, where is the information? The site I normally refer you all to: is suddenly not working either…imagine that, and if you go there and look right now you will see that the “live” data has been mysteriously frozen on the date 17 months ago when the big mystery earthquake happened in Virginia near D.C. Now what are the odds? All of this just happenstance? 

Happenstance is a good word for you all today. It just means freak occurrence, chance happening, no need to look it up, I just gave you the definition. Make sure you use it in a sentence at some point. Anyway, back to the topic. Here is a link for you all to go to if you want an alternative to the global incident map:  Go there now and see for yourselves what is going on in the South Pacific that we aren’t being told about for some strange reason. There have been 3 5-pointers in the last 30 minutes to add to the already 200+ major aftershocks, yet we hear nothing. Why? Stay alert and stay informed everyone. There is a strange energy in the air right now. Eyes wide open. Love to all. 

Still Shaking

For those of you who dwell under rocks all day, there are still earthquakes rumbling the Solomon Islands. I quit trying to count them since I watched the 1st one go off live last night. Here’s that link for those of you who missed it: 

Have a look and see how much Earth-shaking is really going on, at least according to this site. Not sure what it all means, but there is a massive coronal hole on the Sun facing Earth-side as I write and you read. Some think the Sun’s coronal activity directly affects the Earth’s climate. I do not know or un-know, but as I have watched the Sun very closely over the last few months, i am definitely seeing some patterns emerging. So take a look at the site because the MSM isn’t reporting the increasing amount of strong aftershocks affecting this region in the South Pacific. Stay informed, stay aware, stay alert, eyes wide open. Love to all. 

Several Earthquakes Now

Yes, that’s right… several, as in too many for me too keep counting, all major. Have a look for yourselves, this isn’t make-believe… or is it? But that topic is for a whole other blog. At this moment, inform yourselves of what is being recorded happening in the Pacific right now which is some serious Earth shaking apparently. Here is the link again for you so you can see:

There is a massive coronal hole on the Sun facing Earth right now. A connection perhaps? What if all of it is a total illusion? Again, topics to tangent on at some future date. Take a minute to check out the link. Information is just information. What you do with it is up to you. Love to all.