Your Reptilian Brain



Cool GIF animation, right? Not mine, the credit goes to this cat named MiRon. However, making these really isn’t that difficult, at least the basic concept. Check it out sometime. Now I sort of dove into this with absolutely no direction of where I would take it. The tightrope gets tighter everyday, and the tighter it pulls, the thinner the wire gets. It would be interesting to see something of importance occur globally that was NOT negative. One thing after another being propagated via the MSM that so many rely on for the “truth.” Shooting after shooting after shooting, are they really happening, who knows?…but most people just accept it as their reality, thus they believe what they are told and what they think they see. How can you really see if your eyes are closed though?

Or shrouded in the darkness of a cave?

Besides these scripted productions being broad-CAST, like spells, to most of you via your damn televisions, when you go into the real news, you might find that the tension around the world is really reaching a point of no return. One thing that is real is that there are some people around this planet that are beyond subhuman, lower brain reptilian behavior at it’s worst…I’ll get to that in a minute. Look into ISIS or ISIL… these people may be the lowest form vibrating consciousness plausible in this dimension, minus those who may have mental or brain issues, no offense. Do you know why people act like savages? Do you know why people act impulsively when they become frightened or anxious? Do you know anything about that grey organ inside your skull where your thoughts seem to derive from? Ever close your eyes and focus on where exactly in your head specific thoughts, ides, whatever seem to be manifesting from? 

Well I’m going to give you a little lesson on brain anatomy right now. Ready? Are you sure? Some of you may not like what you are about to read, but as always, and specifically this topic, THIS INFO HAS BEEN THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED, DOCUMENTED, AND IS PROVABLE as far as any way those who can “prove” such things can be proved. GOT IT? One more time, ARE YOU SURE?…

Moving on…

There is no better way to tell you all this, so here it comes: YOU HAVE A PART OF YOUR BRAIN THAT IS REPTILIAN. YES, it’s very, very true. Look it up. Need an image?



How about a link? Need one of those too?…


In the lower back of your head, as you can see in the above image, is the reptilian part of your brain. Why is that there? Well, one obvious answer would be that it was put there by the advanced race that initially genetically engineered “humans” as we now know them. Why would they put that there? The Reptilian part of your brain is responsible for your instinctive responses to the environment specific to this planet. You all know the “fight-or-flight” response, yes? When you have an adrenaline surge, you either fight, or you run, that instinctive split-second reaction comes from your Reptilian part of your brain. Breathing, heart-beating, movement of your 3rd dimensional body, all derives from the reptilian part of your brain. Those who engineered you knew that part was necessary in order for the “body,” as it appears in the density of this slow vibrational paradigm called the 3rd dimension, to be able to handle this world of dense matter. It is directly connected to the top of your brain stem. That’s how the zombies in the Walking Dead are able to still somewhat function. How many humans do you know have zombie-like attributes, seemingly functioning at just enough of a conscious level to basically breathe, consume, sleep, shit, repeat, all while being hypnotized by their television messiahs? Think about it. Click the link above and read more, in fact, use it as a stepping stone to really know more than you did 10 minutes ago…or as always, you can just change the channel…

Next, there is the limbic system, which contains your pineal gland, the “seed of your soul,” as I have mentioned numerous times before. A functional pineal gland resembles a small pine cone…however, most peoples’ have shrunk into something that resembles a tiny shriveled raisin. And why has that happened?… because most people one, don’t have a clue that they have a pineal gland, therefore they have no idea what it does so they do not know to use it, and two, because of their own ignorance, they have accelerated the degradation of their pineal glands by toxifying it to the point of calcification. Once calcified, it’s hard to come back, maybe impossible. But that’s their problem, not yours, if you are still reading this, there is hope for you. Back to the subject, your pineal gland is also referred to as the “third eye.” Close your eyes. Picture the Reptilian part of your brain. Feel it. Like when you close your eyes and think of a specific finger, and your brain gets the message and you feel said specific finger. Do you feel it? Now shift your feeling power to your inner brain, doesn’t that feel more like the origin, the command post might be a better way to put it. That is where the you that balances the conflict between the higher brain and the lower reptilian brain resides. Remember, lower brain is impulse, middle brain is mostly the cognitive part, unless you have empowered your pineal gland, then your middle brain becomes the bridge to your higher brain.

Moving on…

Your higher brain, where your inner energy concentrates as it flows from your crown chakra, is where you originate creativity, you philosophize, you are an artist, offering your soul back-and-forth between the Source, resonating at a higher frequency. Now close your eyes again and get the attention of your feeling ability again. Move it up to your higher brain, from the command post in the middle, remember?….now up to your higher brain, then back to the middle, then down to your Reptilian brain, then back up. Got it? The internal struggles that people allow fear to over-dramatize within themselves, all stems from the connection between your higher brain, middle brain, and lower brain. For most, it’s between the middle and lower, reasoning mixed with instincts, enough to survive, and that’s good enough for most, because they don’t know any better. The savage terrorist animals I mentioned in the beginning are nearly completely reptilian lower-brain-wired, existing purely from a fight response, but overall, across this vast globe, that’s why so many fight, and conflict, usually over trivialities, because that is their response to survive, quite similar to a reptile or an animal in general, is it not? When people stare at television for hours, they no longer give any energy to their middle brain, much less their higher brain, they just stare, hypnotized, programmed into Reptilian brain docility. Don’t blame me, I didn’t engineer you, but now that YOU know, what are YOU going to do about it? I would suggest looking into any and/or every way possible to revive, regenerate, and invigorate your pineal gland while YOU still can. And if you wanna know more, YOU will have to find the door that takes YOU there. I can only point out the way, and I’ve passed the 1000 word mark, so it’s time to go dear readers. Take it while YOU can, we cannot emphasize this to YOU enough.

Take as much knowledge as YOU can, while YOU can. For YOUR sake, not ours.

More to come. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 


Conspiracy… Theory?

The conspiracies and no longer theory, hence they are now conspiracy. Conspiracy on a mass scale in fact, a greater monster than it’s ever been. You are all in unprecedented times. What will become of all this? The train derailed long ago, and apparently the one driving it is nothing more than a parasite of humanity. That is all those who you let control you are, parasites. They need you to feed and you oblige by staying asleep. Those being spoon-fed your reality. Become aware, be conscious, while you still have time, time to choose for yourselves. Before the illuminati crumbles and burns in the fire of whats left of their power structure, they want to take you all with you. Will you let them, will you give in, will you submit to continue being a slave? Be not a mumpsimus, be the powerful entity you truly are. Open your eyes, then you can open your mind and your heart to the greater truth that you are a divine being of light and energy. They are coming, it is coming, this reality is coming for you all. Each new day draws you nearer to the Great Change. Are you prepared when that day comes? And what exactly will happen on that day? Doesn’t matter. If you are awake, if you are aware of the power inside yourselves, you will get through whatever it is okay and evolve renewed on the other side of it. There is nothing to fear. Fear is what will take down those who aren’t awake, those who live to profit from the blood of others, those who exist to dominate those around them, the mumpsimuses, all those who live negatively, you will fall into a purgatorial void of your ignorance and be trapped there until you finally open your eyes and see. Has nothing to do with religion, it has everything to do with vibration and resonance. When you are negative, your vibration is weak, and slow, and one cannot ascend to a higher dimension on such a low frequency. How can you evolve if you are not aware, if you are not trying to inform yourselves of what you do not know? How can you evolve if you view everything with greedy eyes, with jealousy, with anger, with contempt, with spite, with hatred? That’s all negative..low vibration, and it literally will get you nowhere. I’m going somewhere, we are going somewhere. The journey never ends, it only recycles until it evolves. Now is the time of an evolution of consciousness. There is no magic trick to evolve, no ritual, no special accessories needed, you simply must just wake up. You have a 3rd eye, learn to open it, and see what you truly are and what reality truly is and your role in it. Face yourself, the real you, and forgive anything you think you do not like about yourself. Let those dislikes go, you are here, you are in this together with everyone, and this is the vessel you are experiencing this part of your trip with. All that matters is what you have inside, the vessel is only temporary, very temporary. You have had other vessels, many others from many incarnations in many different realities. Your soul is what always is, what you connect with directly through your 3rd eye. The illuminati know all about this and try to suppress you all from accessing the knowledge one can attain via their 3rd eye. They’re poisoning the water, the food, the air, the culture, the world, everything, they are infecting this whole planet like a cancerous plague and they will not stop until they are gone and they have taken most of humanity down with them. That is what we have been thrown in to. All that we have done has led up to this great time of change in our humanity. Be not afraid of the change to come. You already know it’s coming, even if you do not know you do. Again, nothing religious. We do not do religion here on this channel. I am all about the spirit, the energy, the electricity that gives me the power to be aware that I am aware. I am all about how that energy is connected with all of you, the animals, the plants, this planet, all planets, all stars, the universe, Source, everything. There is something beyond this 3rd dimensional paradigm of form and matter, something way greater and more free than anything we can experience at this slower frequency. The liberation one feels when they dream is but a taste of the possibilities coming for those who can move to a higher state of consciousness. Dreaming is consciousness on the astral plane, between the 4th dimension of time, and the 5th dimension of manifest thought. Once ascended, the dreaming becomes infinite in the 5th dimension, the restraints of time are gone, but you can only exist on this plane if you resonate from love, unconditional love for all. Not everyone will get there at first. i’d like to believe that eventually everyone gets it, after incarnation after incarnation, eventually I’d like to be wishful and think that everyone makes it to the higher ground someday. But those trips are theirs. i am what I am, you ware who you are, we are here, and if you are reading this you are at the very least aware, so the light shines for you if you are willing to see what lies in the darkness. This darkness is only temporary. As temporary as this vessel you call a body and this melodrama of world domination. The illuminati have an agenda. They want to control you all. All the distraction aside, that is what undermines this existence no matter who you are and where you are at. They want the world and they are trying to take it no matter what. What will you do to stop them? Will you even try to make a difference? Not doing anything aids that evil agenda of theirs. Being ignorant, being a mumpsimus, helps those who want to dictate your reality. If you are reading this, you are aware. That means that you can help others. you can help others help themselves, and so on and so on, do you get it? Throughout history an elitist class has tried to enslave the population in numerous fashions, all with the same intention, all over the world. That is now happening again on the biggest scale ever, a global scale, world enslavement, unprecedented in known history. Yes it is very real and yes it is affecting everyone right now at this moment. It is the test. What will you do? Will you die free, or live as a slave, if you have to face such a decision? Better get prepared because decisions like that are coming. No one is getting out of this reality without encountering this monster head on and making the decision to stand fearless in the face of the beast or to submit your souls to your masters in business suits? This time is unprecedented and each day the wheel turns and all goes forward. Forward toward evolution or devolution, the choice is yours, or is it? The choice to be able to choose is yours might be a little more on point. Think about it. Stay informed and stay alert. Eyes wide open. Love to all.