The Marathon


Do any of you nitwits even know where the term “marathon” comes from? And by the way, you are only a nitwit if you acknowledge that YOU are one, therefore, when I say “nitwits” it applies accordingly, most of you probably just don’t know and that’s all that must be said about that. Now, onto the origin of the term “marathon.” Here’s the most interesting fact of the word marathon; the guy that originally ran it, a Greek messenger, ran the entire distance which is a little over 26 miles, gave his message, and died. 

Yes, he died, Don’t believe me? Here’s a link:  I’m pretty sure you can find the information you need there to confirm what i just informed you of if you had not previously been informed of what and where, the word marathon comes from. Something everyone should just know by like age 8, but sadly, global education is just hindered that way one could suppose. Instead of stories that have no real meaning, the story of Marathon, and/or the Allegory of the Cave, these should be the bricks at base of humanity’s foundation. On and on and on and on I could go, like Marathon, to give my message, and then…. like I said, NO MORE PREDICTIONS. Wide eyes open, love to all. 

Boston Beginning?


Who and/or what entity could be responsible for these attacks at the Boston Marathon, on Patriot’s day of all days, while the Boston PD is just happens to be running explosion drills coincidentally, who and/or what kind of pig scum would do something like this? I know one kind of pig scum who surely is capable, and how effective would this be toward propelling the globalist agenda? Before the speculation overwhelms you all, I would advise to be patient, but be alert, because this whole thing already stinks. Damnit, people, real people, are hurting and doing horrendous “acts” upon one another, and for what? Where does all this animosity keep coming from? Why is it getting hot in the whole house, not just the kitchen? I told you all, and that’s the 3rd time, 3 for 3, that something global, some find of “first” would happen, and a literal boom, and here we are. 1st event I said something global, something relatively unprecedented(emphasis on relatively), would occur within 2 or 3 days, and 2 days later, the pope resigns, first one in ohhh…nearly 700 years. Then the 2nd occurrence, I said again, don’t know what it is, but it will be something, as I said above, relatively unprecedented. 2 days later, bolide of some sort lights up the sky briefly up and down the East Coast USSA, similar to what happened in Russia, numerous witnesses.  Now another puzzle solved, event #3, these bombing at the Boston Marathon. So, as I said, 3 for 3, therefore no more “predicting,” at least for all of you. What will happen will happen, I cannot change it, and whether you know or do not know won’t stop it. Are you all beginning to finally see yet, are any of you awakening to the reality of the reality? 

It isn’t magic, I am not psychic, not even close, I just back up and look at what the puzzle is before the pieces come together.  You can do it. Take a jigsaw puzzle for the obvious example: Starting backwards, once completing a jigsaw puzzle, separate the pieces somewhat, not too much, just enough to still see the what the image is. Now turn that forward again, and the pieces all come together perfectly to give said image it’s full definition. That is all it is. If you have no idea what I am talking about right now, either read it again, or move along, because there is no hope for you, not in this dimension anyway. And for the rest of us…

What will happen as a result of this incident? No more predicting…wait and see now. Ahhhh…nice, warm sunny day out, so calm and peaceful, hard to believe it’s all being pissed and shit on by pig scum, globalist or not. Sadly, it is though, and that is the real reality of THIS dimension you are all stuck in together. Where has the humanity gone, how did so many of you slip into some unyielding grip of your own fear, your own ego? Only YOU can make the decision, take some time and get back to YOU while YOU can make the aforementioned decision. Are your wide eyes open? 85 to 90% say “moo.” Love to all.