Current Screenshot of ISON Right Now

This is the best I could do at the moment, like I said, helioviewer is down due to overdownloading of vids. But you can clearly see, IT’S RIGHT THERE. Click the image to blow it up. More to come as the day goes on. Wide eyes open. Love to all.



UPDATE Sun Radiating Galactic Love

Yes as the title suggests, more footage from Have a look, the impact from the main one is imminent, however several CMEs have popped in the last few days so they have already struck to some extent lighting up the auroras with some beautiful displays. Maybe I’ll see what i can find on that and create a post,… maybe not. Anyway, enjoy the vid. Inform yourselves. Love to all.


Here Comes the Sun

Fun with helioviewer. And some other footage. If you don’t know who George Sterling is, enlighten yourself…

If you have any trouble realizing or accepting just how “small” and “big” you truly are, have a look at a Mendelbrot fractal…

And of course…

There is much more to come, and don’t just mean from me. The spiral tightens to nothing, only to reveal everything. Eyes wide open. Thx for watching and sharing. Love to all.