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Some info about the current state in this tightening spiral of unfolding time. Notice how that “time” seems to be speeding up? Notice how the “time” between these “firsts” and these “events” is shorter? Is it only the mass perception of sped-up time that makes it feel like it’s moving faster and faster? Or is it really moving “faster?”…”faster” toward a zero point? Does time really exist as a Fibonacci sequence? Do you know what fractalization is? All of these questions and more can be answered at my blog, the link is below. Knowledge at this moment is like a grove of fruiting trees, fruits everywhere, all in various stages of ripening. Eat, eat, eat the delicious fruits while you can. Just like those analogous trees, the fruit is only edible for so long before the grove dries up. If the electricity were to go out for instance, the grove would just… disappear, and then what? So much information in these fruits of enlightenment… take as much as you can, or don’t take any at all. You can either grow, or stay on your couch riding the alpha waves while you channel surf. The choice is yours. I’m am only the translator, here to help you help yourselves. YOU choose whether or not YOU listen to the words I write for YOU. If YOU do not like what I have to say, YOU know what to do, change the fucking channel. Instead of trolling others, troll yourselves, I don’t concern myself with your trip, so why hang around on my cloud if I leave a sour taste in your mouth? Oh the humanity, very Hindenburgish, a marvel, a splendor, going down in flames. Remember, there’s us, the 10/15%, the illuminati…>1%, and then the herd…85/90%. That’s the reality of the reality. But again, I am only here to translate. Wide eyes open. Thx for watching/reading. Plz rate and share. Love to all.

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Lyrid Meteor Shower Happening Now


Yes, the predawn hours of April 22nd, about oohh….. 3/4 hours from now, is the peak time of the Lyrid meteor shower. Here is a link: 

Apparently, this happens every April when Earth passes through the tail of Comet Thatcher, click the link, then go from there to know more about the actual comet. If you happen to be awake and ina place with a good view around 4/5 AM your time, you may see some shooting stars here and there streaking the sky. The Moon may hinder the view, but that is yet to be seen where I am at. I’m sure plenty of people will find a way to film it and many new posts will be up tomorrow. 

Margaret Thatcher just died, literally just died a few days ago, and now her soul energy maybe gets to catch a ride with the comet that bears the same name coincidentally,…what do you think? Was she evil? Magic ritual planned death? I know nothing about her, but she did do something/s significant I know. Image   Hmmmm…   Let’s see what happens when I Google her name with the word “conspiracy,”…, here is a Wiki link to her bio in the meantime,…   Right away, I see a lot of hits with this Volokh conspiracy. Oh dear, here we go, check out this link:  

Yep, she has illuminati connections, or rather had I should say, … even had her own playing card in that illuminati game on the internet. Image

Look at this, as you read and learn, so am I, I have heard her name a lot through researching and what-not, but its just someone I never really cared enough about to bother addressing. Now, it looks as though she was once a key player in the globalist agenda. Feel free to get more into it on your time, I see something I want to tangent off in to, whole different fruit of a different tree, much more refreshing than looking into the history of this late global gunslingeress. Back to the comet…

I did catch a great video that spoke about fracturing comets and getting caught in the debris field and so on… particularly referring to the upcoming passing of comet ISON. “Cyclical meteor bombardment,” ~a series of meteor showers happening at regular intervals. Here, click this link to watch, it’s only around ohh… 6 and halfish minutes long…  Great info, good images, again posing that question, “Why so many sightings of “fireballs” in the sky lately?” What is coming, what is here, already, in our galaxy, on the way? Been looking up at the skies my whole life, never any sort of “fireball” until about a week ago. Yes, with MY own eyes, there is was. It happened, much too fast to get my camera, which is why many reports are just word of mouth really, tough to get actual footage. But late tonight, or this morning, however you want to look at it, you’ll get a chance to see some meteors, aka shooting stars, space dust burning up in the atmosphere. If a piece makes it to the ground, that is a meteorite, and if you happen to find a piece, you just made a very lucky find. Great energy in these, I’ve seen and held them, never found one of my own, but I’ve also never really looked. Sounds like good fun though, doesn’t it?… if you find something. I hear it’s kind of like fishing, some days you catch the lot, some you barely get a bite. Here is something good to Google…I haven’t but I am right now,…here it is: “People killed by meteorite”… interesting… as you can see, if you Googled also, it looks as though it has happened. Check it out, this is the first link I’m going for:

Don’t forget, this is a last minute post. You could actually see these right now in some places. I’m going out to have a quick peek. Have fun looking up at the skies yourselves,…seems like when you least expect it, yeah that old cliche, you see it when you least expect it… Wide eyes open for sure tonight, good luck, love to all.