July 4th

Just a reminder to be alert on this 4th of July. The globalist pig scum like to use holidays to stage false flag acts and shadow agendas. Also, Egypt’s President Morsi was literally just ousted in a military coup, so please believe, YOU WILL be hearing more about this and how this will impact the USSA police role over there… who knows? It only gets worse from here.

Many firework displays WILL NOT be shown this year because of the budget cuts put forth by the USSA regime. Happy fucking 4th of July right?… Remember fireworks? Unreal. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


Fall of the Republic

Yes I know this documentary was made 3 years ago. Ask the people around you how many of yourselves have seen this. This was 3 years ago, now look where you are. All on the precipice and most don’t know it. It’s up to us to help those who aren’t awake to open their eyes and see. The time is NOW. Love to all.