Hyperbole…Word of the Day

First off, DO NOT sign up for Obamacare. Fuck this puppet fascist president and his globalist pig scum agenda. I repeat, DO NOT REGISTER. Continuing on…the word of the day being zapped right at you is Hyperbole (<<<CLICK<<<). Yes I am sure many of you know the term, but do you know the definition? You’d be surprised, or maybe you wouldn’t, as to just how few out of a random selection of the populous know what this word means. Ask 10 random people. Anyway, it’s very simple, if you clicked the word above, or you already know, then take what YOU know and share to those who do not know. Especially a word like hyperbole, which is a term intertwined inside nearly every conversation you have. When you say, “damn, it’s hotter than hell out,”… that’s hyperbole, just an exaggeration to point out a strong sentiment towards something. Now think, how many times do YOU yourself do this daily? Now think how often you hear others do it. Now think about how often hyperbole is over-used to emphasize factuality when in fact there is a lack of factuality present. See where I am going?…Many of these sites that offer information use hyperbole as a tool to garner belief toward whatever notions they are presenting at the time. YOU must be aware of this when researching, YOU must be able to see through exaggerations to find out what is really true and what is not. Do YOU understand? I’m sure YOU do, now use this day to pay attention to the hyperbole around you as well as your own hyperbole. Maybe even use hyperbole in a sentence, but the point is just to be cognizant of hyperbole, now that YOU have recalled what hyperbole is. And as mentioned earlier, if YOU already know, great, good for YOU, so what are YOU doing with your knowledge? Hoarding it for yourself?…or sharing and trying to help others help themselves? Remember Plato’s Cave(<<<CLICK<<<)… even under the price of death, it is the task of the enlightened to risk descending back to those still trapped inside shadows and echoes, in order to help them ascend and free themselves from their own shackles. Are YOU outside of the cave, in the enlightenment of the Sun? Or are YOU still content being locked inside your prison? It’s up to YOU, not me, I am only here to show YOU the way. YOU must choose to walk through the door, here is YOUR key, what will YOU do? More to come, wide eyes open. Love to all. 

Anthony Freda


A great discovery for today that I am very happy to share with all of you. Personally, I am very critical of what people call art. If you don’t show up with some sort of uniqueness, don’t bother. As long as you can pass the uniqueness test though, my criticism evolves into a great sense of appreciation. There’s a song that one of my friend’s in college wrote,…it’s called Too Many Artists. The actual band is Art Lord & the Self Portraits. The lead singer hit’s the nail on the head well in that song you could say. They were a band 10 years ago and they reformed briefly apparently for an anniversary show. Here’s a link, have a look: http://youtu.be/umZLQF1q0Ms  …and he’s right, there are in fact too many artists. But I don’t want to get into that rant. Watch the vid, check out the lyrics, Sam says it all. 

Now, back to the topic, Anthony Freda. This guy IS an artist. Here’s a link to his homepage: http://www.anthonyfreda.com/  Freda is a freelance painter. He’s been published in several notable magazines, he’s known worldwide in those kinds of circles. That means nothing to me though. What I like is the quality of the art and the originality in his idea. That idea often revolves around the duality of humanity’s consciousness. Freda uses templates of old posters from days gone by. Sometimes he rearranges a propaganda poster, sometimes maybe an old advert label,… here, take a look so you know what I mean:



Many of his paintings are political. He makes a statement without trying to hard to make a statement. Does that make sense? And to do it all via the medium of painting is really dynamic. There are numerous paintings to view on the internet, just go from my links and follow wherever your mouse click’s lead you. Very cool discovery, and again, my pleasure to share with all of you. Wide eyes open,… love to all.