BREAKING Another Shooting Event…


Right now, unfolding is yet another shooting event, taking place right in FEMA region 3, the Washington, DC area. There is a “shelter in place” order in effect, which is there new terminology for stay locked in your house while we go door to door in a militant fashion until said shooter/s is/are found. Another false flag? Another shooting event? Another media spun story? I told you, more and more and more of these events are coming, all leading up to what?… That’s the big question isn’t it? Right now there is nothing known for certain other that there have been reports of shots fired near the Senator Hart office building. THAT’S IT RIGHT NOW. Story is breaking now. 


>>UPDATE<<  Reports that suspect is female, child in car, and is possibly being pursued or was pursued in a vehicle. One cop injured. Apparently it all began with a car slamming into a gate. Now let’s all watch how this goes from what I just said was reported….verbatim…AND showed you above… to what actually comes out over the next few days. This is a great chance to scrutinize the MSM and the reporting they give to all of YOU. Remember, it’s a story, a script, or is it? Was this a real event? Another drill?  I’m not claiming either way, I am simply pointing out that NOW is a great time to observe how the mainstream media operates and figure it out for yourselves. Much more to come…

Stay alert, wide eyes open. Love to all.

What Could This Be?…


I came across this earlier. It is another website with a countdown. Here, pop the link up so you can see more of what I’m talking about… CLICK HERE>>>   …or just click the image itself. Now, we have seen these kind of sites before, at least I have, and guess what?… THEY COUNT DOWN TO NOTHING. However, you never know what this is and it’s reportedly from NASA… some “BIG” announcement… yeah, like I said, we shall see. Reports say this revelation will “shake up the Earth” so agin, just gonna have to see what happens, but I wouldn’t put to much confidence in anything happening at all. How many times are these “countdown” and “prediction” dates going to keep proving inaccurate? No added info, no details, just a surprise that will “shake the Earth” on November 13th. I’ll add it to the calendar just in case. After the day goes by without incident, I’ll re-update the counter for Comet ISON’s scheduled perihelion with the Sun which I believe is November 28th. Just a quick plate of info for you to nibble on and share. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 

Weird… 5/19?

Click this Link>>>>

That’s all I am going to give you on this one. Wide eyes open, love to all.