World at War


As the hands were turning,

I had some other things to do before I could return to this forum.

Now that I am back,

about 10 days or so later,

my oh my oh my how things are changing,

as I have said many times before,

faster and faster and faster,

but toward what?


As we all know,

most would like to believe this world will always be ball games and barbecues,

a perpetual celebration of being alive,

remaining relatively ignorant because thinking hurts your sleeping little heads…

…just drink, party, commute, work, fuck, eat, breed, repeat, retire, die,

and that’s life.


one only has to look back at history,

whether it be factual, 

or it be un-factual,

there is always one constant…

… war.


And most often it comes when those who control the money supply,

deem it necessary in order for their juggernaut to grow more powerful.

For thousands of years,

these mongrels have been at this game,

so don’t think that some enlightenment will get you out of what is coming.

In order to continue with their mass mechanism of control,

they need to cull the herd so to speak.

Said herd,

in their snaky eyes,

is YOU, yes YOU.

There’s simply too many of YOU,

too many non-producing mouths to feed,

too many having too many babies having too many babies,

7 and 1/2+ billion people,

shitting and eating and ravaging the planet,

one could almost sympathize with these scum,

and their globalist depopulation plan,

if one weren’t human. 

Unfortunately for them,

I am human,

and so are YOU,

as far as I know.

Being human, a real human with a heart,

I will go down in a blaze of glory,

before anyone tries to cull me as a part of any sort of human herd.

I am not a cow, or a sheep, or a pig…

…are YOU?


Fuck them,

and fuck their agenda.

Whether you are asleep or not,

no self-determining pseudo-superiority has the right to own YOU,

regardless of YOU being oblivious to that fact.


YOU are owned.

Do YOU have a birth certificate?

Then yes,

YOU are owned.

Look into maritime admiralty law,

the law of the sea,

so YOU can see what I mean,

for YOU though,

not for me.

Before I once again segue off into some other tangent,

let’s get back to war,

or rather the impending next World War,

which will be the last for a while to come,

at least to this magnitude.

Do you realize how fragile the grid is?

How delicate this convenient electric network is in your/our everyday lives?

What if it got turned off?

A nuclear detonated EMP would do it,

and considering the US is critically vulnerable,

by way of just NINE main power grids,

how hard would it be for an attack like that to be allowed to unfurl?

The Russians aren’t fucking around,

and people better wake the fuck up to that notion.

ISIS is useless,

they are a media tool,

and we could eradicate them in minutes,

but Putin and his legion are a whole other monster altogether,

not to be trifled with.

So many Americans are still brainwashed to think that the mighty USA is invincible,

but I can assure YOU,

if you were Chinese or Russian,

YOU would be thinking otherwise.

It doesn’t take a genius mind to be able to watch this all unfolding…

…look how America has/is/and will continue to deteriorate,

from the infrastructure(roads,bridges,etc) collapsing,

to a population absorbed with novelty and consumption,

fat and lazy,

medicated in countless ways,

more inclined to know more about an athlete’s balls,

then what is actually happening to THEMSELVES.

Do YOU think the rest of the world is oblivious to this?

A weak puppet president only makes us look even feebler,

and it is coming to the point where we will be caught off guard,

either by the globalist agenda,

or by those such as Putin who do not want anything to do with that New World Order,

when they can just create one of their own.

I told you,

it’s a global game of real-life Risk,

except they are the ones rolling the dice,

and YOU play the part of the armies that get slaughtered,

while the players carve their way to global domination.

Is that why YOU are here?

Is that how YOU want to remember YOUR life?

That YOU were ultimately just a pawn in a game,

and that everything YOU thought YOU were working for to ensure your own happiness,

was a fraud,

is that how YOU want to remember this?

Or maybe YOU are going to just keep pretending this isn’t what reality really is?

That “life” will continue on with your dreams of a successful career,

and a car payment and a mortgage,

and Bed, Bath, and Beyond Sundays with the wife and kids,

and a happy retirement,

grandkids scurrying around?

Well get this through your fluoridated brains…


…I do not want it to, as I’m sure neither do most of YOU,

but YES,


And when it does,

life as YOU think YOU know it,

will change so fast,

that many will roll over just from the sheer gravity of the shift.

Many people will be consumed in this upcoming great conflict,

many people will give into their own fear,

and will die afraid,

having never really lived,

but keep in mind,

that although this is coming and it’s real and will affect everyone,

YOU can still rise above the dynamic,

YOU do not have to be a slave to them,

YOU can at least prepare yourselves as best YOU can.

I will not pretend that I have the answers,

if any at all,

for I don’t even know how I will react to what is coming,

but I do know this,

I will not give into fear,

because I have accepted that the illusion is that there is separation to begin with.

There is no death of spirit,

only the vehicles that carry said spirit come and go,

so if I/YOU are truly immortal,

what is there to ever really fear?



And with that we have hit the 1000 word mark. 

Time to go,

but I’ll be back soon,

for time is accelerating faster than ever before now.

Do not be afraid my friends.

Be brave.

Love to all.


I know I have mentioned the singularity of the descending Fibonacci spiral of time we are all experiencing. Remember?… 21, 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, and then zero point. If you are lost right now, go back through my archives, I’ve detailed zero point countless times. Terrance McKenna’a novelty and time-wave zero theories speak of the descending spiral toward singularity. However, there is a whole other definition of singularity that I was completely unaware of until about 10 minutes ago,… hence today’s first discovery.

Anyone know who Raymond Kurzweil is? Me either, until as I said, only minutes ago. I heard mention of his name and who he is in a talk show. So, as always, when we don’t know, we look it up and discover for ourselves. All I can say is wow, wow at what I found, wow that I find new shit like this EVERY SINGLE DAY, and then a final wow bc I share it with all of you. This guy believes in something that right now may seem a bit outrageous, but in that bigger picture I always talk about, this plausible future is quite real.

Here we go,… this guy Kurzweil believes in a singularity. His singularity is that in the year 2045, man and machines will fully interface and integrate with one another making man/woman immortal. Yes, I am totally being serious. i know, I know, what a pill to swallow. It’s true however and there are numerous articles for you to research. Here’s the first link I clicked: Singularity: Kurzweil on 2045, When Humans, Machines Merge – TIME …and the first thing I noticed on that page was this image: Image

Along with this thousand-word image, this link begins by taking us through a brief history of Kurzweil, then leads up to the now, where Kurzweil claims what machines will surpass man, thus leading to a man-machine combination that lives forever. Now I am well-aware of how outrageous that may sound AT FIRST, but if you really think about it, could it not be definitively inevitable? I am not saying it will or will not happen, remember I am only the translator here. Let’s be objective here, keep our minds open and think about this. The rate of technological development has literally sky-rocketed… look at this graph: techgraph

The numbers and math do not lie. There is no arguing this, this is the reality of humanity’s technological progress. The spiral of time, just like I said, in plain view for all of you to see. I’ve said over and over that time is the temporal 4th dimension that exists in a fractal manner along a never-ending Fibonacci sequence. Fractal because the illusion of beginning and ending is just that, an illusion. But, that illusion is perceived by us to interpret those ends and beginnings as indeed real. Here, I’ll explain. Look at the graph above. now think of an ascending Fibonacci spiral… 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 35… can you see how that relates to the technological advancement as shown on the graph above?  Now, while the progress of humanity appears to progress, so does the perception of time as well. Does time not appear to be moving fast, faster than ever? Anyone can see that and no, it is not a phenomenon of aging. Time is really moving faster. “How?” you may be thinking, “how is time moving faster?”

It is only the perception that is faster. Time is fractal, remember, so what appears to be an end or a beginning is only illusion. When you dive into a fractal, and/or a Mandelbrot set(Mandelbrot set – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), there is no end is there; it goes on and on and on forever, but to observe it, it appears to have an end and beginning as you move forward. that moving forward when you dive into a fractal is time. Click here to watch really quick>Fractal Zoom Mandelbrot Corner – YouTube  …do you see what I am explaining to you? Ok good, so now we can see that the progress of time can be observed as we dive into a fractal. Right now, in this time we are all in together, yes right now, do you know where we are in the Fibonacci sequence in this spiral of time we are all experiencing? This is where it seems tricky at first, but afterward, is as easy as thinking of 1 + 1…

Time is like breathing. There is an inbreath and outbreath. The inbreath is where the Fibonacci sequential spiral is descending, i.e. 35, 21, 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, and then zero point. That is where we are now, but I’ll get back to that. Oppositely, the outbreath is the ascending sequence, i.e. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 35, and so on until the next inbreath. Now these breaths are the illusions of beginnings and endings that I spoke of earlier. Do you see? Stay with me here. They are only real bc we perceive them as such, therefore they directly impact this 3rd dimensional world we call reality. That’s right, time only begins and ends bc we perceive it as such, but in reality, it is an unending series of fractalization, only appearing to ascend and descend. Is all of this making sense to all of you? If not, read it twice, three times, use the links, whatever you need to do bc it really isn’t that difficult to comprehend.

Now, as I mentioned in the last paragraph, we appear to be at the end of an inbreath. One of those tricky parts is that as the spiral descends, time goes faster, like when a toilet flushes     do you see? That is why more and more and more is happening within closer and closer periods of time. That is why technological advancement is going straight up, that is we fly instead of sail, that is why everything is instant. If we are on a descending spiral, then we are in the 1+1. Know what I mean? 35, 21, 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, then ZERO POINT. DO NOT BE ALARMED. Enjoy the 1 and 1. I’ll explain further…

Back in say, ohhh… the year 1500ish, there wasn’t much more going on the the the aftermath of the Renaissance. Sure, as you can see in that chart above, there was a brief spike, but nothing compared to the technological advancement from the late 1800’s up to the present. In the 1500, 1600, 1700… 300 years, people did the same shit. No real advancement, nothing new, little novelty, just a long and drawn out time. Not that it was bad, it was just long. Long because that was when the spiral was at say… 35 … we can say 35 in 1500, 21 in 1700, 13 in 1800, 8 in 1850, 5 in 1900, 3 in 1950, 2 in 1995, then on to the 1st 1 as the advent of the internet created instant global connectivity and changed everything post 1995,  and finally up to now, that would be the 2nd 1, just before zero point. Mckenna was off by a bit, but not much, and he may have done that intentionally for all we know. He’s dead, so we can’t ask him, but we can look for ourselves, can we not? 

I don’t have an answer for what happen’s after the 2nd 1, all I can do is translate to you all what is relevant in this time. These things I write and tell you are what they are. There doesn’t have to be a religion or a science book or anything other than your common sense and your intuition to show you what is real and what is not. You can all look more into McKenna’s work here> Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero Theory and the ‘Fractal Time  or just buy one of his many books. He has some very good thoughts about novelty as well. As always, I went off topic, but it all relates in some way. Unfortunately, I am pressed for time, how ironic. If I didn’t have things to do, I would go more into this right now, but as it is, those thoughts will have to wait until next time. As a quick side note, I discovered some new tricks with my computer. New discoveries every day, part of this time of the 1‘s we are in. More of this subject for sure, I was really enjoying the results of that excavation and I hope you were as well. Until next time,.. Wide eyes open. Love 2 all. 

Storm is Coming


Premise: January 30, 2013, a series of tornado-spawning thunderstorms race across the Midwest U.S. There is a report of an unknown man losing his life while trying to shelter himself from the fury of these storms. His name is not given, nor his location, but the story is based on fact. Whether or not it pertains directly to this unfortunate soul, others have perished in similar fashion countless times throughout the history of these natural disasters. Digest this information accordingly. Thanks for reading.


The wind picks up. This guy is just out on his land, doing his thing, but what was his thing this day? Maybe he was on his farm, doing farm things, but what about that moment? Maybe having a smoke, petting his dog, in those final moments that he was unaware were his final moments, what was going on with this poor unfortunate guy? We can only speculate. Like I said, whatever he was doing, around him the wind gets stronger, then stronger, then louder and stronger. He looks up and notices the sky looks quite dark and violent. He sees the trees really starting to move, maybe hears thunder and lightning mixing in with the ever-growing force of the wind. Now he must be thinking, “This is getting a little crazy.” Or was he? Did he just not take it too seriously until the last minute? Or did it come up so fast that he had only so far he could go to try to escape? In his own world to himself, there he was, one lone little being against an over-whelming force of nature. What exactly happened?

Let’s say that he just was so into his own world that he thought it wasn’t going to be as serious as it was, until it was too late. Here he was, going about his own personal trip, then the weather gets strange. But by the time he realizes the unusuality of this weather, it becomes violent. He realizes that now he is in a very precarious situation. The wind is really blowing now, and he hears a high-pitch noise, like a distant train getting exponentially closer by the second. He looks around, there is only a shed to protect from the elements. He instinctively hides inside, assuming that the safety of any shelter would fare better than an outright open struggle against the wrath of nature’s fury. What could be going through his mind; thoughts of the immediate safety of this hiding spot, thoughts of those he loves, thoughts of not surviving, fear, or does he let go, does he pray? Then the wind gets so loud he becomes deaf, all gets dark, everything shakes, a lot of chaos and commotion, intense violence, all in a few seconds, yet time makes it seem like a little eternity before whoosh, and he’s gone away with the storm. All of the horror over seemingly as quick as it began. And now he’s just a death, a casualty, just in the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the right time depending on your perspective of everyone’s individual role in this existence. 

Now let’s also ponder if it all happened so fast, he had even less time to contemplate his dire situation. Here he is, on his trip as before, doing whatever it was he was doing. He is really into his current job or task or melodrama that he fails to notice the sky above him changing rapidly. He senses the wind but dismisses it as normal, just the front before an everyday thunderstorm. Nothing to get too worried about. Suddenly, the wind whips really strong, and then another even stronger gust, enough to get his attention, then the high-pitch noise seems to come from nowhere and be right upon him. Everything becomes a vortex of destruction around him. The noise becomes overbearing; sounds of trees breaking, the roaring of the tornado, death upon you. He dives into this little shed, mistakingly assuming that it can shield him from the fury of this monster. There is no time to think of anything, himself, those he loves, tomorrow, he is in pure adrenal survival mode. The darkness ensues. For a moment, the shed holds and maybe he gets a fraction of time to have a thought of something, of anything. But by the time that thought is finished, the whoosh comes for him, the infinite loudness grows quiet as he leaves his shell and this mortal coil. 10 minutes earlier, he would’ve never imagined this for himself, now here he is, gone with the wind. 

   Either way you choose to look at it, I hope you all have gained some perspective on how sacred time is and how none of your time should be taken for granted. At any moment, it can all change so very fast. This poor soul was here, and now he is not. One can look at it and think, “It was just his time.” One can also look at it as just another freak occurrence. The fact is that I didn’t know this guy. He may have been a total asshole and a waste of life and so his departure will be missed by no one. He may have also been the sweetest fellow in the world, a good father, noble brother, wise grandfather. Maybe he wasn’t old enough to be any of those, maybe he still had a lot of life left. The story gives no detail, no age, no location, no name. The story may not even be real, but this story has happened many times before, so for me to illustrate it holds true regardless of when and where and who. Just thought I would give you all some food for thought today as these storms continue to unfurl across the US heading East. I have immortalized this poor guy’s tragedy in words that go beyond his soon-to-be-made tombstone and his forthcoming obituary. Despite who he may or may not have been, I’ll give that to him for losing his life to Mother Nature. May he fare well wherever his soul may be. Stay alert and stay informed, eyes wide open. Love to all.