Truth in a Flash




Much like this bolt of lightning,

becoming enlightened will hit you in a flash,

make whatever puns you want…

I have come to realize that many/most people, particularly fellow Americans, love to honestly believe that if they do NOT acknowledge something, then it will NEVER affect them. The bliss of ignorance must be that sweet… I wouldn’t know. I’d rather be aware and empowered with truth and knowledge, then bury my head in the sand while the real living truth slowly encroaches ever closer around me. But no, they love it, they love the cave, they love shadows, they love the echoes, they love the scraps from the table, and there are SO MANY. Why? Why do you all not wake up? Why do you convince yourselves that existing as sheep, living your lives as programmed automatons, is an actuality of a “good” life?

Blows my fucking mind…

Why does it blow my mind?…because when the proverbial worm finally turns, it will be like day to night in an instant. If the power goes out from a perceivably foreign entity EMP, what would you do? If a nuclear device went off in and/or near the city you reside in, what would you do? If Obama and his Nazi regime start kicking in doors to confiscate guns, what would you do? If war causes hyper-inflation and gas prices soar, what will you do? If the border completely collapses and the country gets overrun by illegal immigrants, WHAT WILL YOU DO?…oh and the answer most of you say goes something like this…”That’s just crazy, I don’t want to think about things like that.”…when all the while, as the realities grow with their own negative energy, what do you do when they all show up at your door at once?

Just gonna hide in your own fear-driven, ego based non-reality then?

When you no longer have the option to hide,

what will YOU do?

Do you honestly believe that with the current situations rapidly developing as they are, that this world is going to be relatively the same in 10 years? Hell, fuck 10 years, let’s try 5, better yet, let’s make it an even number, “What will the world be like in 2020?”… The world in 2020 will be engulfed in global warfare, if it hasn’t already obliterated the masses by then. This plan was orchestrated long ago by those you allow to be your masters,…masters. Yes, I meant to write that word twice. Your masters masters conceived of three wars, look into Albert Pike if you don’t want to believe this. You should know by now that EVERYTHING in this entire site is provable/documented. Three wars, the first two of which went down exactly as planned, those wars being World War 1 and 2, YES, orchestrated, look it up, do some homework. The 3rd war, illustrated in documents prepared by your masters masters, will occur between now, yes NOW, and 2020. Said war will involve the Middle East and the reported Muslim extremists, and will be the war that finally collapses all world banks, thus allowing your new masters to take total planetary dominance. Go ahead, bury your heads, hide in your caves, pretend reality is not reality other than whatever you decide to fancifully replace it with in your egos. Live in the illusion, that’s exactly what they want, so when the hammer finally drops, you roll over and give your souls to your new masters, all with the docility of the brain-washed human cattle mentality they have programmed so many of you with…

Turn off your television. How many times must you hear something in order to listen?

What could possibly be going on to verify any of the semi-predictory revelations I have shared with all of you? Let’s just sum up then shall we?…: First, here in the mighty USSA, der fuhrer Obama has publicly stated that he will use executive power to nationally confiscate guns, following the model utilized by the Australian government. The difference here will be that Americans will shoot back should such confiscations begin, so we are under threat of civil war between gun owners and this exponentially oppressive police state. That’s just the beginning. Second, the border is wide open. How exactly this is happening is beyond me. The government ordered that any/all border agents DO NOT talk to ANY media outlets at risk of federal prosecution. Thousands of undocumented illegals are being brought in by the busloads, filling up military bases in Texas and Arizona, under the reported guise that the government will shelter them, feed them, and hook them up with social welfare, as long as they vote democratic of course. This “administration” is a hornet’s nest of scummery. Absolutely unreal, but it doesn’t stop there, oh no, not even close. Third, tension between the Ukraine and Russia is escalating by the minute. Russia has apparently shut off the gas flow to Ukraine, so as their fuel supplies run out, and in turn their food and water supply, then the chaos gets squared and multiplied. Most of western Europe’s gas comes from the aforementioned gas that flows through Ukraine. So when western Europe, i.e. NATO, runs out of gas/power, what comes next?  Hmmmm… gives the mighty USSA along with NATO more than enough of a publicized reason to engage the Russians in combat, which is EXACTLY what the globalist pig scum want anyway. Continuing with number 4, I know many of you are seeing this extreme terrorist organization that is taking over Iraq known as ISIS. The MSM can’t decide if they want to call them ISIS and/or ISIL, but the bottom line is, CIA controlled or not, these fuckers are absolute animals with no regard at all for humanity and human life. I posted a post a few weeks back about ISIS, look it up, look at the time stamp. I came across the group after a clip I saw from 60 minutes. That led me to a video on Youtube where I witnessed the overkill brutality of this ISIS group. Shooting the shit out of dead bodies, video recording roadside bomb attacks, drive-bys, and most notoriously, executions. Now if you have never seen these kinds of things on film, I would suggest NOT looking into ISIS. They actually PROMOTE these videos, and I’m kind of surprised that Youtube let these vids ride, since they are usually tight on censorship. So I put this post up, as I said, a few weeks ago, got a few hundred hits, then this group called ISIS goes mainstream in the last week, and now people are raising an eyebrow, but can they really stomach this INSANELY high level of violence? Leads me to my final comment, as I have now surpassed the 1000 word mark, even though I really could go on and on and on and on about what is culminating around the globe. Remember, the change will be like a flash, and if you have figured out how to put together puzzle pieces yet, it is not hard to discern that something major is literally right around the corner.

So final words for this post, here we go…

Last night,

I was shared a link to a recent video from ISIS. I will not publicize the link to this video, because I am well-aware that most of you could not handle it. It is only a few minutes long, but it is VERY REAL and VERY GRAPHIC. It shows several, maybe like 20/25 guys all together, dressed in the garb of the Iraqi army that the Americans put in charge after we withdrew. Theres a minute or two of Muslim spoken gibberish, references to allah, blah blah blah, then one after another, these soldiers are executed with close range gunshots to the head. Then after they have shot them once in the head, they continue to keep shooting them in the head, until they are uber dead. It is horrible and terrible, very graphic as I said, very haunting. So again, tread lightly when you look into ISIS. These crazy fuckers make these videos on purpose, and whether or not they are CIA funded, they are absolutely fucking nuts. And they think that those sorts of actions will grant them a “promised eternity in heaven.” Yes, I’m sure heaven is chock full of mass murderers that exist purely from the hatred of others, absolute subhuman reptilian fight behavior. I wished I had never watched the afore mentioned videos, but it’s too late, one cannot dwell on the images of the past. However, should these atrocities and the state of the planet as a whole, collapse under the weight of ego-driven psychopathic luciferian globalist agendas, would it not be better to be as prepared as you can? Is only acknowledging the good, yet ignoring the dark the right way to maximize your experience as a fragment of Source, traveling through this dimension in order to collect experience for your eventual return? Will it go away if you stay buried long enough, hide deep enough in your caves? These are all things YOU must reckon out for YOU, not for anyone else. Only YOU become aware of your individual journey as a soul traveler, we are only here on the road as billboards, neon lights pointing out loose directions, trying to help as many travelers as we can, help themselves find their way out of the caves, back to the surface into the enlightenment outside of the cave. Whoa, whoa, whoa…time to wrap it up, way over the 1000 word mark. More to come. Stay awake, and whatever YOU do, do NOT be afraid. Every time you exhibit fear, you empower your psychic vampire masters. They feed from your fear, so knock it off already. Why are so many of you so fucking scared? Of your own proverbial shadows? So much mind-blowing going on, oh the illustrations from this insane asylum of a 3rd dimensional paradigm, the pictures being painted, but I will not digress any further…

Let go of fear.

When you let go fear, you can see beyond the vail of ego.

Wide eyes open.

Love to all. 

Cognitive Dissonance

Wake Up, Lemming Sheeple

What is Cognitive dissonance? Well, you can click on the words there and go straight to the Wiki definition, but you can also break it down, which we will do. First, the word cognitive, which comes from the word cognition, which is basically the collective sum of what you at this point in time have come to know, or think you know. Everything you think and the reasons you have come up with to rationalize your behavior, all cognition. Cognitive is simply the adjective form of the word cognition.  Then there is Dissonance, which is singularly defined, although it can apply to more than one subject. Think of dissonance as a bad music band. The notes aren’t in harmony, there is no fluidity between the players, in turn, the music sucks. So basically, and you’ll see this if you click the word above, dissonance is a lack of harmony, and/or agreement.

Now, let’s smash them together and what do we have?…. one might call it… Thinking Disorder Disorder, or TDD for short. I totally just made that up, and cognitive dissonance is much deeper than some disorder. Since the term was coined in a book from 1956, When Prophecy Fails, much has gone into advancing the theory as it applies to the masses. And now, especially in this time RIGHT NOW, this is something everyone should be aware of because they are confronting it more and more every day and most don’t have a clue. All this access to information, new information, which a lot of times conflicts with and eventually trumps old information but wait…whoa, hang on a second, I just noticed I’ve yet to really define this for you, so let’s do that real quick and all get on the same page. Yes, I am aware that some of you are aware of this. If so, then you are also aware that most people are NOT. Again, something all should know, yet most don’t, so let;’s all do our parts to change that. Remember, knowledge is real power. Moving on…

The cognitive dissonance theory suggests that you all seek to find balance among the world of thoughts and beliefs and ideas all collectively swirling around inside you. When finding said balance, you internally try to minimize the dissonance, or disharmony, among all those many thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. When doing this, you find at times that you have maybe agree with something you normally wouldn’t, in order to maintain that harmony. As we continue, I will try my best to guide you into how this plays into the current state of our humanity, and I’m sure some of you can already see where I am going. Let’s not jump ahead though, I want all of you to understand what this is by the time you are done reading this post. Do you know the fable by Aesop about the Fox and the Grapes?

This is a good way to get started… There was a fox in a vineyard and he spied some grapes. They looked delicious, but they were just out of reach. The fox tried and tried, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not reach them. So he says to himself, “Those grapes are probably sour anyway,” and leaves empty-handed. Do you see how the fox rationalized his loss in order to minimize the negative effects from not getting what he really wanted?

Based on that little fable, can you think of real-life situations that have happened to you that relate to the fox? Ever had someone’s shitty food, but pretended it was good so you wouldn’t hurt their feelings? Ever seen a bad picture, but told the person in the picture they looked great? Ever cheer on a sports event, even though you don’t really get into sports? Cognitive dissonance. Look how often it applies to your lives, yet most aren’t aware, but if you’ve come this far, now you are. Continuing on… so why has it become somewhat instinctive for the populous to behave this way? Why not just be bluntly honest, all the time, and always do what YOU want to do? This is not the avenue I want to go down as far as cognitive dissonance goes, but I still wanted to show it to you so you can see the bigger picture.

Recall from numerous past posts where I have repeated to all of you how important it is to keep your minds open, because there is so much info and knowledge available at the touch of a finger, it is crucial you allow for all possibilities to come and go like your breath. You wouldn’t hold your breath forever sticking to one narrow view would you? I don’t care if the sheeple do, DO YOU? Remember the Mumpsimus , one who holds on to what they think they know, even though they don’t know anything at all. You can also think of the herd and the uber-ignorant herd mentality, content on what they know, and that’s all they need to know, and that’s all there is, despite the fact they know very little about anything at all. Examples: Voting democrat or republican based on some mindset that you HAVE to be one or the other. Believing 9/11 was really what they told you. Claiming you are affiliated with some religion because that’s how you were raised. There is so much more behind those examples, but think about how many people are unable and/or unwilling to go further, to see that grander view…

I know I am sort of bouncing around here as opposed to my plan in the beginning, but that’s how it goes when I write. Are you grasping what I am illustrating for you? People choose democrat or republican because it’s easier, people believe 9/11 because it’s easier, people cling to their religion because they believe it makes it easier in some way, or worth it. Why? Is that the right way to remedy cognitive dissonance, or just being too weak to accept that maybe what you think you believe isn’t real? Democrats and republicans are all part of the same corporation of pig scum who control you. 9/11 was the most BS scam committed thus far by the globalists who control the pig scum who control you. Then you have organized religion, for the most part the vatican, controlling the globalists who control the pig scum who control you. While you all are worrying about not upsetting the herd, these others suck your life force away while you enslave yourselves to a life of debt. Yikes…where did that tangent come from? It’s true though, which is why it is important for all of you to understand cognitive dissonance and how it relates to YOU. Back to the beginning, sure it’s good to sometimes say a picture looks good when it doesn’t, or say your friend’s cookies taste good, when they really don’t, but how far can you go with that? It is essentially lying, lying to yourselves, and is that ever really okay?

Going back into my archives you will find numerous posts about time and dimensions and consciousness, etc… so would you be one who would find interest in those topics and how they relate to what reality REALLY is, or do you think you know it all from your bible and your sunday church visits? Before you come at me with anger to remedy your dissonance, look up the origin of Sun-day. When you see my recent post about obamacare and NOT TO DO IT, do you look into the facts, or just stick to Der Fuhrer because you love your president and sign up regardless? They put cancer virus in flu shots, but they say it’s safe on television, so are you going to look up and research and see the proof that flu shots are dangerous and sometimes deadly, or will you just go get one because that’s what you always thought was right? Listen to me… IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE YOURSELVES FOR THE BETTER. That is why I have implored, nearly begged, all of you to go out and research, research, research and learn as much while you can. Turn off your fucking televisions already. I told you that almost 2 years ago and I will keep saying it over and over. Everyday I get better, everyday I get smarter, you know why?… I DO NOT BRAINWASH AND HYPNOTIZE MYSELF VIA TELEVISION, NOR SHOULD ANY OF YOU. Empower yourselves enough to think for yourselves and make YOUR own decisions. Fuck everyone else if you know the right answers. Is it your fault that YOU know and they do not? Fuck no. Have some courage in yourselves to rise up and return to your higher selves. I’ve gone over my 1000 word mark today, but who said I ever had to ALWAYS keep it at 1000 words? You see, I break my own rules and make new ones all the time because that’s what comes with continuous improvement of your cognition as opposed to getting caught up in dissonance. Hope you learned something today. if you did, share and help others help themselves. We are all in it together, even though many are still asleep. Worry about YOU first, then you can worry about them. More to come, wide eyes open. Love to all.

Last Message to the Mupsimus Sheeple


Sometimes the 85 to 90% astounds me with their absurdly horrific lack of intelligence. Yesterday, I witnessed numerous examples. I had to make an emergency room trip for some chest pains I was having. Everything checked out ok, the docs think it has to do with stress, and I have been very stressed lately. The mumpsimus sheeple that I was referring to were the others who were in the ER with me. Numerous people were in pain, sick, whatever, and there was a group going around saving everyone they could who was sick in the name of Jesus. They kept saying, “This is Jesus’ will, the is the way HE has set for me.” Never once thinking that maybe THEY are the ones who got themselves where they were. But no, it’s never YOU who is responsible right? It must be what Jesus wanted. I wish these people would grow up. And I know some people say, “if it makes them happy, well ok.” You could also say, “I love the bliss of my ignorance and I would rather stay ignorant than improve myself.” But again, they will use Jesus as their skapegoat. They have submitted themselves to the masters who control their religion and what they think they believe in. They are lost beyond lost. Do you really think Jesus would have wanted it all to become like this? A world led astray by the mumpsimus sheeple.

sheep entering an Apple store

Now there are other types of mumpsimus sheeple out there. I encountered one of those as well yesterday. These types of sheeple think that everything they know is right, and when you confront them about it, they resort to violence because that’s all their primal brain’s know. You know this type, the one’s that are like, “ok I don’t get it, so now I gotta kick someone’s ass.” These are more pathetic than the aforementioned sheeple because at least those sheeple think they are doing something good and right. This crew though, just a basic dumb, programmed brute. These are the kinds of assholes that turn into cops and wannabe authority figures. They are so dumb, and they know it, that they just cannot wait to lose their tempers on someone. “I’m gonna kick your ass.” Geez can you get anymore redneck and lame. Sadly, these kinds of people contribute a large part of themselves to the 85/90%, the herd. And anyone who is awake knows that being part of the herd is simply giving into your own personal slavery. And the funniest part, these mumpsimus sheeple actually think they cool, actually think that they are the ones who get it, when the truth couldn’t be more opposite. Resorting to violence, being close-minded, thinking you know it all, and somehow combining all this actually think of yourself as a good person means the real joke is on you. So enjoy your herd mentality, enjoy being angry, violent outbursts, enjoy your cowardice. You are pathetic, you are insects, and you are unreachable. When it all goes down, you are the scum that will roll over first. These people are projectors. When they think they are pointing out the shortcomings of others, they are really just projecting their own askew views of themselves. But if you tell them that, they’ll want to kick your ass, because that’s all they know. They’ve been beat up their whole lives and so taking such behavior out on others gives them a false sense of power. Yes sadly though, violence comes from violence, so I’m sure the douchebag I encountered yesterday has a history of being abused. Anyone who thinks they enjoy assaulting people has serious social disorders. Again, really sad and pathetic and they will never change. So to all you mumpsimus sheeple, keep doing what you do, being your worthless miserable selves. None of you are really alive anyway, so just hate and be miserable and blame everyone else, all 85/90% of you. If someone doesn’t agree with you, kick their ass, because it just reinforces how pathetic you truly are. You all mean nothing. You are programmed, hypnotized,blind,dumb,ignorant, there is no hope for you. Nothing I or anyone else can say will wake you up out of your whack version of reality. But the next time one of you fucks thinks they can try to put their hands on me, I’m going to give you what you fucking deserve. I try to keep very calm these days, very passive, while I discover more about myself and my higher being, I steer further and further away from anger and aggression and violence. But damnit, do not make the mistake of assuming I am weak. I hold back for your sake, not for mine, and I don’t want to have to cross a line that will get people hurt. This is no threat, it is a general warning to anyone who has a problem with me or what I do. If you don’t like it, stay the fuck away. Go be hateful and act like a douchebag on your time, not mine. I am no longer going to address the 85 to 90% in my blog. You useless trolls had your chance. In my attempts to bring all together, I got over-zealous thinking that it was actually possible for humanity to unite in some way. But it is not possible, you 85 to 90% are gone, hopeless. No wonder the globalist pig scum want you gone, you are a blight of humanity, you are the plague, the cancer, and until each and every one of you is gone, the world will keep sinking and sinking and sinking until it finally swallows itself up.

 Animated Gif on Giphy


Thank goodness I am me and the ones are awake, are who they are. Expanding consciousnesses are opening doors that the herd cannot even comprehend. I have spent over a year trying to shine some light into the dark caves that the 85 to 90% are trapped in, but you know what, they like their caves, and they like being prisoners in the caves, and they like believing in puppets and echoes and shadows. The are the fools of fools. And yes, 85 to 90% of the population are those fools. So from now on, all posts are to directed only at those who are awakening and/or awakened. You sheeple get no more of my time, my insights, my knowledge, my love, you get nothing because you are nothing. Just consumers pissing and shitting on every thing and taking up space. You aren’t even the same species as we are. You have no capacity for human compassion, no thought to give before receiving, no altruism whatsoever. Therefore, you are not human, you are sheeple, complacent, docile, predictable, resorting to your egos and your lower selves for your perceptions of reality. You think you know so much, well let me tell you, you monkeys don’t know a fucking thing about anything. I know this post comes of as attacking and hateful, which is why this is the last one I do for them. It’s the only language they can understand, but even when they read this, they’ll get mad, they’ll think I’m being some elitist, acting like the 10 to 15% is better than the herd. Well duh…, WE ARE. Think about it. Would you rather be one of the sheep, following blindly, always afraid of the unknown, especially when a shepherd isn’t around? Or would you rather become conscious of your higher self and your true being as an entity of light and energy, with unlimited potential to become greater and great? 85 to 90% are choice A, even though some think they are B’s, they are really A’s. You either get it or you don’t and if you are really in choice B, there was never a choice to begin with. But you herd mutants won’t understand so keep eating meats, drinking fluoridated water, believing what you see on your television, using anger and violence to handle issues. Now you are below us. I tried to pull you up, but all you is fight to stay down, so stay down there. Grazing on that green grass of ignorance is blissful and you love it. So stay the fuck there and stay the fuck away from my blog and from me. You sheeple go to far, and now, you no longer exist in my world. For the rest of us, more to come. Like I said, this was something I had to get out there. I am sick of dealing with trolls in both real life and on the computer. I am sick of you sheep not being able to comprehend anything other than basic sentences. I am sick of lowering myself to be on your pathetic baseline levels just to communicate. Despite all that, I still have love for all, but I’m done saying that because 85 to 90% aren’t worthy of being loved by anyone because they only love themselves. Most of the herd doesn’t have the capacity to read what I write, but some do and I hope you are reading this and it makes you insane to think what lowlife, self-centered scum you have become.  Only you can change that, but none of you sheep listen, so enough is enough. I gave you plenty of ammo to hate me with so go ahead and hate me, that;s what you’re good at right? My apologies to my true readers/subscribers/followers/friends. This post was surely not for you, it’s for them. Bahhhh, bahhhhh, bahhhhh, …. it’s for the sheeple. Wide eyes open.


Great Pacific Garbage Patch


You humans and your garbage…I don’t know why this would surprise anyone, I thought it would be much worse to be honest, although it’s still pretty fucking bad. The cancerous plague of humanity, ravaging and raping this planet. This planet is an entity all it’s own, how long do you think she will let you continue pillaging her? Not much longer, don’t worry about that. The Earth is very alive and very conscious of this parasitic society called the human race. Do you think we have not been here in some way before? If this planet is indeed 4 or 5 billion years old, and we have about 6,000 years of recorded history, how is it not conceivable that this couldn’t have all happened a million years ago and been wiped out to start over, maybe even before that as well. Millions of years are fractional in the span of 4 to 5 billion years, do the math. The most bizarre part is that there are still so many mumpsimus mutants out there who STILL believe that we are some how the center of something as if we really matter. We are infinitely tiny, we are nothing. Only the fragments of a greater consciousness… and most of the fragments aren’t even in touch with their Source any longer. Again, reduced to a metaphor of a cancerous plague killing it’s planetary host. That is all a cancer does; distorts, corrupts, consumes, finally destroying it’s host and therefore collapsing itself under it’s own mindless purpose. Look at these pictures and before you hasten your need to point the finger at anyone and anything else but your own ignorant selves, point that finger back at YOU… bloody savages, 7 billion energies, 6 billion of them just wasted potential. See for yourselves: ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage     

Look at how dirty the ocean is. Here read up on this:

Read up, don’t turn the proverbial blind eye, YOU are just as responsible as anyone else. This is what happens when the plague becomes overwhelming. There are too many people, let me rephrase, there are too many uneducated, miseducated, uniformed, misinformed, too many over-consuming fuckwits that have no conception of the responsibility that comes with existing in this reality. They just eat, shit, and breed, more and more of themselves, consuming more and more, trash piling up and stinking up the whole planet…more and more and more, every day. Sad to think that all of these innocent animals have to endure life on this planet with a human population that for the most part, behaves more animal-like than any actual animal. Murderous, thieving, conniving, barbaric, all part of the psyche of humanity, supposedly ascended above the beasts. Yeah sure. Let’s see just how much further this humanity can go before it collapses under the weight of it’s own ignorance. How far will the planet let you all push her before she pushes back? Do you think Mother Nature shows mercy? Fools. Brain dead ignorant hypnotized zombie drone mumpsimus fools. You will see. This just disgusts me. Love to all who see this atrocity among so many and wonder why has humanity set itself up to fall so hard? Like I said, you will see. Inform yourselves, smarten up.


Do You Know Their Agenda? *CLICK HERE*


Here is a breakdown of the agenda undertaken by your puppetmasters. I told you, the globalist pig scum have a plan and you will either comply, or they will try to take you down with them. Whether you go down with them or not is up to YOU. Being enslaved to them is really just a reflection of you being enslaved to yourselves. You are not sheep. You can leave the cave whenever you want. Only your fear keeps you down. Let go…what are you so afraid of? Death? Why would death be frightening? Because it is hard to understand? Why is it that humanity has been conditioned to fear what they do not understand? Because those you allow to control you want you to be afraid. Stop hiding in the shadows of a shadow. Snap out of it. You are not subject to a program, you are free. Have some damn courage people. What’s it going to take? Seriously, what is it going to take to wake you all up? Maybe most of you are meant to stay asleep. Maybe most of you are just mumpsimuses. Maybe the 85 to 90% love it, they love the way the grass of ignorance tastes, and that’s why they will just keep grazing until their day of slaughter comes. They won’t know anyway because they don’t read. They are blind, misinformed, miseducated, yes they are mumpsimus incarnate. Anyway, click the link above where it says, “Click Here.” As I mentioned in the beginning, this is a breakdown of their agenda…supposedly from someone who was actually an “Illuminist” as they claim. Now of course that immediately raises red flags of disinformation, but with the open mind I read it anyway and found it to be very interesting and revealing. I suggest you all do the same. The more you know, the more you grow. I have never heard that before and I think I may have just made that up. Sounds good though right?… The more you know, the more you grow. That’s why we are here, to help you all help yourselves by giving you knowledge. They can take your money and your possessions, but they cannot take away your knowledge. Think about that. Remember, we are like eyes dilating, widening to gain perspective from a grander view. Do you understand? Stay informed. Love to all.