For those who need the MSM to be their guiding light,…even they decided to inform you all. Just random news? What is coming, coming is what, and who really knows anything about anything a this point? Click the link above where it says…you guessed it…,“CLICK HERE” except in blue.

Know what the killshot is, who Ed Dames is, what remote viewing is? All of this info out here that all should know, yet 85 to 90% of you are still slumbering in a haze of ignorance, your eyes clouded with fear so you cannot see the real reality. Maybe all of you need it, maybe you need a big brother babysitter to wipe your smelly little asses and tell you what to do, where to go, how to think. Is that what you like, is that how you want your reality to be? Must be, because like I’ve said and I say now,… 85 to 90% of you are lost in the fog, and you succumb to fear, and you live from the ego created by that fear inside you, and no matter how loud I shout it, how big of a chalkboard I write it on for you, you masses of asses still won’t get it. Ugh.

One of these days, maybe sooner than you think, the great change will cause your day to become night no matter where you are. Can you all not se this puzzle yet? Do you not know that to solve the puzzle, you have to put the pieces together? You all live in a world controlled by a 1% fractional elite ruling class. Your “leaders,” only puppets. There is an entity above your so-called leaders that are beyond your laws, your rules, your codes of ethics. They are your true leaders. What you see is the puppet show, you never see the puppeteers. Not unless you wake up, detach from the strings that control you, and free yourselves from the illusion of a reality created by your puppet masters.

Blah, blah, same old speech, just with a different word here and there…is that what you think? What are you doing about freeing your soul from enslavement? Oh wait, I’m a crazy madman, don’t listen to a word I say. Enjoy sucking it up. From time to time, some scraps will fall to the floor from your masters’ tables, and some of those scraps will look shiny and tasty and make you feel good. And that is your life, living from those scraps, and your life never really gets better any more than it gets progressively worse. But that’s just how it is right? Just accept it, that’s just the way it goes, isn’t that the excuse? Weak cowards, shame on you for giving into that bullshit fucking scapegoat excuse. “What can I do about it?” 

I’m so sick of that fucking excuse…gah…. What CAN’T you do? Get off your ass and read something…learn, knowledge is the best weapon you can have. And it isn’t a weapon in a violent sense, but the weapon of ultimate defense against those who try to take your energy. The globalist pig scum are subhuman vermin that feed from your energy…YES, they feed from your energy. You are their hosts, and without you, there is no them, but they have tricked you all to think backwards, to think that YOU cannot be without them. And you buy it, at least 85 to 90%, 6 out of every 7 of you do. Why?

Ignorance is easier, ignorance takes less effort, getting off on that ignorance makes you a mumpsimus, and ultimately you find your bliss in your ridiculous version of what reality is. The really difficult thing about the mumpsimus is they breed. Ignorance fucking ignorance making little baby ignorances… 85 to 90% of you doing this, so think about it…wtf is coming in the near, near future? How can a humanity and an insanity be the same thing? Yet here you all are. Oh but for how much longer, when will this circus finally leave town? The circus literally did just leave my town late last night. The circus is an awful parade of devilry and idiocracy. Fuck the circus. Displaying captured beasts, the assumption that the circus is fun, hell no, it’s bizarre. Go enjoy your circus and don’t come back,…nitwits…geez,… 85 to 90% of you, loving the circus, loving that big circus. Who’s the real clown? Wise up. Make sure you click that link above. Wide eyes open, love to all. 


East Coast Meteor Footage

As I am sure many of you know, yet another fireball was witnessed last night just before 8 PM EST along the East Coast of the US. I was in the right place, but not looking up at the right time. I did not see it, nor did anyone I know however,… considering these things only happen in a few seconds, it’s quite challenging to in fact witness them and/or get live footage. In this age of modern technology though, there are cameras everywhere fixed on certain positions, mostly for security. These appear to be clips from said security cameras which are most often a good source for filming these quick events. Nevermind all that though, let’s get to the damn point…Why are these things happening all of a sudden everywhere?
Yet another  first of many firsts. By saying first, I do not mean these things have never happened, I just mean that this seems to be a first for these events being reported to be happening as often as they appear to be happening now. First of the firsts, the big one in Chelyabinsk, Russia, which as I mentioned in a previous blog, might possibly have been exploded by unknown means, at least unknown to the public, and you can see what I mean here:

Injured reportedly around 1200 people and did some fairly extensive damage form the sonic boom that accompanied this event. Now there hasn’t been anything of this similar significance since the Tunguska blast of 1908, here’s your link:

So we have a 100 year gap between significant bolide activity. A bolide is the general term applied to meteors, meteorites,asteroids, etc… Enlighten yourselves:

… as I was saying, a 100 year+ gap between events, then the event around a month ago in Chelyabinsk. Since then though, NUMEROUS sightings of similar events all over the world. Why the 100 plus year gap and then now, how many have been reported in the last month… a dozen, few more perhaps? So wtf is happening?
Some are trying to say, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, that these events always happen this regularly, we have only just now been able to report them as broadly as we can now. Well that explanation is just total bullshit. The internet is almost 20 years old, we were not in the dark ages before that, so how would there be “less” means to report these any time relatively recently? There aren’t any “less” means, so what are those who know so desperately trying to conceal from the public? Someone knows something that they aren’t telling everyone for some reason. The Russian meteorite a month ago, several follow up sightings from Cuba to Chile, across Europe and across the US, and up to last night where one apparently was visible along the US East Coast. And these are only the ones being reported. Like I said, these events take place within only a few seconds, so to actually see one or get any footage is not so easy. But back to the underlying question; Why is this happening now?

The answer is still hiding in the shadows away from the light of truth. Will we find the answer?…Or will the answer find us? Everyone needs to be aware and to be alert. In that bigger picture I always mention, there are too many of these firsts to be coincidental. Something is going on, right under everyone’s nose. You can smell it, but you cannot see it just yet. Soon though, the truth will come to set everyone free, or to enslave them unto themselves as humanity crumbles under the weight of it’s own blind ignorance… the choice is within YOU. Have the courage to face your fear and overcome it. Everyone is in for some unprecedented surprises, all right around the corner, getting closer and closer, as we all spiral faster and faster toward zero point. Big eyes wide open, dilating, widening the view to see the truth. Are your eyes truly open? Only YOU can answer that question. Find the answers for YOU, not for someone else.Stay informed. Be safe. Love to all.


Update of Update

Just a quick look at how much the Sun can change in 24 hours. Look at all that activity…what can it mean? Maybe it means nothing, maybe the killshot is imminent. Whatever it may be, do not fear. Enjoy the sheer scope of this giant radiating ball of energy. We are tiny in comparison, so tiny. And even our great Sun in the grand scheme, is tiny to something even greater. Check it out for yourselves. Thx for watching. Eyes wide open. Love to all.


Ison? Or What?

I just found this video as it was just released. This video clearly shows an object approaching and crossing the ecliptic plane into the northern hemisphere. This is why most of you cannot see it yet, but as it crosses, it will become quite visible apparently. Is this comet Ison?…Breaking up? Or just what exactly is going on here and why I am having to tell all of you about it? It hardly seems like “nothing” but that can never be ruled out either can it? Just have a look, more to come very soon I’m sure. Love to all.