1st Blood Moon April 15th 03:07 AM EST


As you can see over there to the right of the page, I have updated the world ticker for the precise time that the 1st of FOUR Blood Moons makes their celestial appearance over the next year. Why is this significant? Well, historically, EVERY single time these 4 Blood Moons have occurred, a major change happens in the world, particularly in relation to Israel. Coincidentally, during these series of Blood Moons starting on this April 15th, yes in the next 5 days, there are also 2 major Jewish festivals occurring, Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles. Does this mean anything? Is this yet ANOTHER one of those dates where “they” claim something will happen, and yet it doesn’t? These prophesiers are ZERO for however many countless dates they name over and over and over again. There are numerous sites to inform yourselves about this on….here’s one…(CLICK HERE>>>) redmoonrapture.com  This site will show you the historical dates and the events that occurred during the previous Blood Moon Tetrad (<<<CLICK) occurrences, which basically means in “fours.”

So look into this, or do not. As always I am not claiming to or not to believe anything is going to happen, I am simply bringing this knowledge to you all. Take what you want from it, or take nothing, that’s YOUR choice, not mine. You are more than free to change the channel. Trends are called “trends” for a reason, and as you will see if you look into it, EVERY single time this has happened over the last 2000 years, something goes down. Don’t allow yourself to be caught in the trap of fear porn, that is certainly NOT what this is. I wouldn’t worry about the ground shaking, although that seems to be happening more and more lately, on a side note, as well as volcanic activity, EXTREME weather, anyone can observe these things going on around the world. I have told you all many times these “events” will occur more frequently as time closes in on zero point. It is like birth pangs, from our Mother Earth. The world population is at it’s highest ever as far as we know, and it’s taking it’s toll, adding up exponentially quick until….well, we will all have to wait and see…

Humanity has become a cancer, quite literally in fact. Most of you aren’t aware of this, but anywhere from 85 to 95% of the population is infected with some form of intestinal parasite. This parasite feeds from YOU, influences mood, health, wellness. Is the real cause of cancer, so why do they not inform you all of this? Because if they did, the multi-billion dollar cancer industry would go under. I have already told you before, a guy named Royal Rife (<<<CLICK)  developed sound frequencies that destroyed said parasites, as well as viruses and other infections of the human body. Subsequently his work was mostly destroyed and he was exiled from the medical community for discovering knowledge that could cure ALL for practically nothing. Look it up, everything I give you is documented and verifiable, you all should know that by now. And while you are at it, loo into Candida fungus and the various parasites YOU more than likely are currently infected with right now. No need to freak, unless you are really infected, there are numerous methods for removing these parasitic invaders. Look into Black Walnut, garlic, NATURAL remedies that occur on Earth naturally to help YOU heal yourselves. You don’t need man made pharmaceuticals, but they make you think you do. Stop buying into the illusion, read, study, inform yourselves, learn as much as YOU can while YOU can, before they try to come take it away from YOU. What would YOU do then? What if the power went out and no more electricity, no more Internet, no more global connectivity, no more instant knowledge, no more Google maps, what do YOU think You would do? Could YOU make it? I hope You never have to find out. Maybe we will see in a few short days as this initial Blood Moon of the tetrad wanes at 3:07 am EST. Whether or not anything happens, it”s definitely worth watching, weather permitting. So you now have the time, the date, and most importantly, a link to the info. Read up, educate yourself, or change the channel on your proverbial television set. STOP watching television. Ever wonder why they call it programming? Why they “broadcast” programs? All in the etymologies, think about it, or don’t. Again, it’s up to YOU, not me. More to come. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


Crazy Shit in March 2013

This is a great video compilation of many of these firsts I keep telling you all about…and this is in only last month,… what else is coming? I’ve told you, there is a great change, how much more evidence will you need? But no worries, what is coming IS coming, so when it gets here, we will se how it all plays out. Now I am NOT religious at all. I claim no religious affiliation. As I’ve said many times before, it is nothing more than a mass control apparatus, and it works on most of you, you 85 to 90%. This video makes references to these “events” all being biblical, that’s up to you to believe or not. It’s a book, a book of stories. Do you believe nursery rhymes are real too?

It all boils down to interpretation. Yes, it is unusual that some of these catastrophic events were somewhat detailed in parts of the bible, but let’s not be naive people. Stop relying on a book to shine some light in your dark lives, the light is inside YOU, not in some book, not in some program, all the energy you need is right inside you and always has been…they just suppress you all and keep you down, bu I’m not going into one of my tangents right now. You automatons don’t hear shit, actually you do hear, but you do not listen, so I will have to show it to you…hence this video. Have a look, go through my archives, I have put all of this together for all of YOU, not for me. I already know what I need to do and where I’ll be…I’ll be fine, it’s you people that are going to get caught up in your own fear when it all comes down. I don’t care that 85 to 90% are mumpsimusized, I’m still here, trying to help you all help yourselves…but it’s up to YOU to make the choices, it’s up to YOU to open your eyes and see the real reality. Watch this video, share it, wake others up, do your part, play your role, stop wasting your time being enslaved to a program. You are free, but you do not act like it, even though you think you do. Smarten up, much more is otw, you can believe that. Stay informed, wide eyes open. Love to all.