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YOU are the CreatoR…

…more to come…

…love to all.





2016 Begins…


Methinks 2016 is going to be a very exciting year. Lots going on around this insane asylum planet, lots of chaos and madness coming to a head. Crazytown everywhere…yikes. Political correctness is a fucking joke and I hope that pseudo novelty dies with deathly silence in 2016. Nazis came up with PC by the way, think about that next time you have a mind-quandry about if what you are saying or thinking is PC. Fuck PC, and fuck the far left liberal faggots that keep trying to make everyone “progressive” with this special interest PC agenda. YOU AREN’T PROGRESSIVE MORONS, get over yourselves….smh. And then there’s the new agers that think they can save the madhouse by loving everyone in some heavenly unconditional manner. Not gonna happen. Realize that the battle is futile, and move on. 85 to 90%, still clueless, the numbers aren’t really changing, because for every ONE person who snaps out of the fluoride coma, 1000 more drink the Kool-Aid. Like I said, a fucking madhouse, an asylum of ignorant stupidity at its finest. No negativity here, just raw pragmatism. It’s not that I’m not into the love, oh I love, and I love to love, but have YOU seen it out there? My God, there are bloody savage mutants everywhere, and they’re exponentially breeding more of themselves, just like Idiocracy. Yes, it is real, IDIOCRACY, even though it’s not recognized as a word on spellcheck apparently. So where will this dumbed-down hoard of mental morons pull this flailing humanity with the great weight off their mass retardation?  When will these masses of asses finally sink the boat? Maybe something is on the way to alter that course, to stop them from drowning themselves, and everyone else in the wake of their proverbial obesity…Black Swan Event perhaps…because if this boat keeps plowing on this way, there is only doom on the horizon. That’s truth, that is just a fact, probably mathematically and statistically very accurate even. Nope, NOT fear porn here, you know we don’t roll that way round here…and besides, it’s way beyond that. This is just a cold wake-up call, and by now you either get it, or you don’t…if you are still scared to get out of your Cave, stay there, and wait for your masters to come sort you out. However, if you have freed yourself, be ready, because I don’t think anyone really knows what one can expect is going to happen in the New Year, but tis looking like rough seas ahead…

Oy vey, what’s to come, what’s to come?

Whatever happens, just remember what I always say…

“Do NOT give in to fear.”

Learn to transform fear into power, then use that power to free yourself from the shackles of the Cave,

 or don’t…

up to you, not me.

And that’s where I stop for the year before I digress into a few 1000 words and blaze out of 2015 with a bing-banging wahoo…

…thus the rootin, tootin GIF above…

So be brave hermanos y hermanas,

and Happy New Year. 


Love to all.

Happy New Year To All

With a gentle twist and squeeze of the cork, it works up the neck of the bottle till the bottle can no longer hold it back then POP, the cork gone in a flash as an uncontrolled projectile bouncing and ricocheting about the room capable of putting an eye out followed by the steamy fizz and spurting bubbly all over the new carpet.


That’s right, it’s the last day of the year, according to the Gregorian calendar anyway. Whoa… what a year. Once again, ALL doomsday-type predictions have faltered, no World War 3, no armageddon, apocalypse postponed…again. Not that I am advocating any of those scenarios, but every year they say this and they say that and as of yet, they still haven’t even gotten a man on first base with their hype. And now here we all are, on the precipice of the year of 2014…

What will this new year bring? I wish I could tell you. At this point in my research, anything and everything is possible, therefore narrowing down the future to a plausible sequence of events is quite impossible, for me at least. Lots of people make plans, resolutions, ultimatums when the year changes. Why should it take e new year for anyone to decide to improve themselves? Strange…. but I suppose at least there is some effort there, although you and I both know that most people break New Year’s promises, often rather quickly too from my experience. What are your goals for this New Year? What are YOU going to do to better YOU in 2014?

Those messages I have told you about before in previous posts, CLICK HERE>>>   …these messages that are reportedly received via Channeling  from the The Ascended Masters   (click on either of those words for more info)  …these messages speak of an upcoming great change across the entire planet. I myself have been telling you all about something big coming for a while, but I don’t know what that entails exactly. However, these channeled messages claim that this great change will involve worldwide disclosure of our true identity as it is among a supposed galactic federation of planets. Yes, a full disclosure from world governments to the masses about our connection with entities from outside the planet we all currently reside on. Also, that there will be a planetary reformation of government that will insure EVERYONE has not only what they need to live, but also has access to the tools necessary to further develop one’s self, in turn bettering society as a whole. Now as always… I DO NOT CLAIM TO BELIEVE NOR DISBELIEVE ANY OF THIS. It is only information. If you click the link above and watch/listen to a few of these short vid/messages, you can look below the vid and see that there aren’t too many people who know or are even aware of these messages and/or who the ascended masters are…. and I’d be willing to bet that most people don’t even know what channeling is. But this is for those of you that do, those who are awake, those who seek to expand their consciousness, and/or those of you who seek to find answers for themselves. 

Like I said above, I give no credit nor dis-credit toward those messages, but I do think that 2014 will be a year of greater awakening, more people becoming aware of what is really happening to and around them. At the same time, these globalist pig scum illuminati devils are going to do what they can to keep this whacked out machine running…although at this point, how much more can it keep pressing on?…especially with more and more sheeple becoming people again every day, letting go of their fear and ignorance, embracing love and compassion. But will it be enough? The herd is still massive. Remember when I kept telling all of you NOT to sign up for Obamacare. No one signs up, it fails. When I made that post, only about 40,000 out of 300+ million Americans signed up. Earlier today, I saw that after a big push in December, now over 2 million have signed up. What the fuck are you idiots doing? DO NOT GIVE IN TO FEAR. But those people will never read this nor do they have the capacity to do anything other than eat, shit, breed, sleep, and work as slaves for their masters, so I am well aware that what I say, should they ever hear it, would fall on deaf ears because they aren’t able to LISTEN and/or comprehend because they are relatively brain-dead. Is that a mean thing to say? NO. Why? Is it my fault that so many are clueless automaton mumpsimuses? NO. That’s THEIR fault, or maybe YOUR fault if it applies to you, but certainly not MY fault for pointing out the problem. How can you solve said problem unless you know what the problem is? There are some very extreme sensitivities in this country, the once mighty USA, now become the USSA after being overrun by globalist pirates. STOP SIGNING UP. Tell your friends DO NOT SIGN UP. God damn, are you fucking people that afraid?…apparently 2 million are, couldn’t wait to turn over for their puppet masters. Slaves.

I bring up the Obamacare issue because that is something that apparently will be affecting many of us in 2014. FUCK YOU OBAMA and FUCK YOU GLOBALIST SCUM and FUCK YOUR AGENDAS. Guess I’ll be getting penalized, possibly thrown into debtor’s prison, at least these are the threats should you refuse to sign up to this bullshit program. But I won’t be alone, oh no, so does that mean that the MILLIONS of us who refuse this nonsense are going to be deemed as criminals in some way? Hmmm… sounds like the makings of a revolution. Let’s look at the past, how long does it take for a tyranny to suppress and harass the people before they say “FUCK YOU” together and stand up to said tyranny? History is a seemingly un-ending theater of war, war for oppression, war against oppression, back and forth, over and over, but it’s been a while since something happened that re-defined reality. I am NOT promoting war, nor am I some revolutionary, nor am I a Communist, nor am I anything that YOU might think to put a label on, I am simply an entity here to translate knowledge from one place to another. I didn’t create any of this, nor can I alone fix it. All one can really do is empower themselves with knowledge. Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, but the sad part is that there is a tremendous LACK of said knowledge, particularly in the new USSA. Between the fluoridation, the processed GMO food, the drugs, the television, the apathy, the fat, the hypnosis, the programming, people en masse in this country have become exceptionally ignorant and lazy. Again, only pointing out the obvious, and if you cannot see it, maybe you should stop and think about YOU for a second.

Every new day can be a first day though. Instead of getting mad at me, or mad at them, or mad at or about anything in this current reality that bothers you, learn to let go. Anger and madness comes from fear, fear of loss, fear of losing what you think you have. No one really has anything though, other than knowledge. What is in YOUR head can never be taken from YOU. When you die, is your car, or your house, or your wife, or your kids coming with you? No, the only thing you take with you is what’s in your head and in your heart. Maybe you have been striving towards the wrong things in life. Maybe you are finding that you are very alone. Maybe you’re strung out on drugs. Maybe you’re pregnant, and dad is no where around. Maybe you just lost someone. Maybe you’re locked up. BUT… ON THE OTHER HAND… Maybe you just met someone. Maybe you just opened the business you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe you just had a baby with the girl/guy you love. Maybe you just got out of rehab. Maybe you just woke up. Let’s look at that last one…”maybe YOU just woke up”… what does that mean exactly, this “waking up” going on? “Waking up?”…to what? The term “waking up,” and/or “awakening,” is just the easiest way in the English language to, in one word, illustrate the process of becoming aware of the Oneness that YOU possess with YOUR higher self. You realize the distinction between your ego, your fear, your higher self, your love, and the connections amongst all of that. You realize your connection with everything, but it’s as if you knew all along, only could not remember. Then it turns on, like a light switch, illuminating the darkness. Once that light is on, you begin to see clearly, not at first, but more and more and more every day, your real eyes open. Like waking up, hence the term “awakening.” Got it? I know, I know, many of you don’t need to hear that, but more DO need to hear it. And if YOU are awake, what are YOU doing to awaken others? This isn’t some kind of movement, or a religion, it is a phenomenon, happening to millions all over the Earth. Why this awakening? Why this surge of enlightenment? Why now? Perhaps this year of 2014, we will finally see. Or maybe at this time next year we will be rolling into 2015, another year gone, another relatively “usual” year gone. Maybe there will be no 2015. Maybes and speculations and plausibilities, blah blah blah, let go. The time is NOW, the moment is NOW, not yesterday, not tomorrow, NOW. Whatever is coming is coming, or whatever is not coming, will not come. Let it go. What happened in the past is past, it’s gone. Let it go. Take a deep breath. Feel the energy inside you. Tomorrow is the first day of a new year and the rest of your lives. Thanks to all my readers/watchers. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 

Acromion and Bonus Shocker


Earlier today I noticed that there was a larger “bump” on my right shoulder than my left. I quoted bump because it isn’t actually a bump, it’s a bone. I wasn’t sure though until I researched and for a second there I was finding it a little strange, but like I said, I researched and found that it was only this bone: Image   

As you can see quite largely here, it is something called the acromion. Looking further, Acromion – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  …I found that it is a boney structure that connects to the collar bone, as you can see here distinctively in this x-ray image:



Now as far as them being a different size, as mine clearly appear to be for some reason. I had to go even further. Now my hunch is that the size variance is directly related to which arm is your dominant arm. I am right handed, and the larger of my two acromions is indeed on my right shoulder, but I had to know….irregularities bother me. Deeper and deeper I dove, reading this and looking into that,… now before I go on about the size differences in acromions, I want to show you all the surprise shocking find. As a search query, I typed “body builder images,” figuring that I would definitely see all sorts of shoulders, men’s and women’s, so I could see if my inkling that acromion size varies depending on which arm is dominant, as aforementioned. 

And here are some of those images: ImageImageImage  …some of these obviously could be photoshopped, but some I think are legit, legit and shocking, hence the title above…

ImageImage     That little guy came up in a few different pics so I wanted to share one with all of you, check him out…. Image    …and a few more bizarre images from this search query: ImageImage   … as I said, unintentional but wow, what a find. All I wanted to do was see a few acromions and this happens… but I still count it as a discovery for the day. I’ve seen plenty of people on steroids, some of those people I actually know, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen images like these until today. Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t, regardless I thought you would all find it interesting, hence my sharing. 

Here’s something that all of you should know… STEROIDS FUCK YOU UP when improperly used. Trust me on this, I had a roommate that had issues. He liked to sprinkle cocaine and crack and drunkenness on top of his steroid abuse as well, so you can imagine what that might have been like for me. I could paint you a picture, but I won’t, you will just have to use your imagination. Picture a smaller guy, 5 foot 7ish, with a hell of a Napoleon complex, that thinks he’s a gift to this planet from the gods, on what I said above; roids, coke, crack, drunkenness …do you have that picture in your head?… Now picture him as your roommate… Oy vey I say, and I’m not even jewish. Luckily I’ve known the guy for like 20 years, so the amped-up roid rage wasn’t ever really directed at me, but to others…. anyway, enough of that, but just remember, STEROIDS FUCK YOU UP. They are good when used to help injuries and WHEN GIVEN BY A DOCTOR, but the way my old roommate abused/es them, and the way these people above use them, not a good trip to take.

Now back to this acromion situation. So what is the answer?…Does acromion size vary depending on individual hand dominance? Or do bone spurs have something to do with the size of the acromion as seen here: Image    Now I had to look into bone spurs to find out exactly what those were, so I did… Osteophyte – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  … and right away, we learn something new, don’t we? The medical/scientific term for bone spurs is osteophytes. Now we are cooking on high heat, serving up new knowledge. Continuing… osteophytes, i.e. bone spurs, which are “bony projections that form along joint margins.” I had to quote that bc it is from that wiki link above and there really is no good way to paraphrase something so matter-of-fact, so there you go. Osteophytes ONLY form on joints, and bony projections related to tendons and/or ligaments are called enthesophytes. So now we have 3 possibilities do we not?… First, the acromion size depends on which hand/arm is dominant. Next, bone spurs, called osteophytes may be what causes the size difference, and last, maybe they just naturally be the size they are. So which one is it?

I do a lot of push-ups. When I say “a lot,” I mean a couple hundred at least, every day, for the last ohhh…. 15 years or so. I do not do any sort of free-weight body building training other than cardio on a treadmill occasionally. I only do my push-ups, from time to time, throwing in some crunches, bench dips, things like that where you use only your body to condition yourself. Here’s a good link for any of you who are trying to improve your physical condition without having to go to a gym: How to Get a Complete Workout with Nothing But Your Body   ….I’ve ben using only my body to condition myself for years and without tooting my own horn, your ever-humble narrator can say that he is in great shape. 

I keep tangenting off, and I’m about to do it again. Did you notice and/or have you noticed that I use this “i.e.” sometimes? Do you know what the i and the e stand for? It is really easy to remember id you don’t already know. In Latin, i.e. stands for id est which means “that is.” I.e. has a counterpart… e.g. You’ve seen i.e.’s and e.g.’s your whole lives, yet most do not know what they mean which is why this post is being published, to help you all help yourselves by empowering said selves with knowledge. E.g. stands for exempli gratia, which translates as “for example.” And as always, I found a great link with examples for all of you to check out on your own… IE vs. EG – Ancient / Classical History –

Ok, now we must get back to the initial issue, why does the human acromion vary in size on right shoulder vs. left shoulder? In this study, International Journal of Morphology – El Acromion y sus Diferentes … the average size of the acromions of the cadavers used shows that the right side is always slightly bigger. This is ONLY one study, so let’s go even deeper. I keep finding articles about shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries… I did suffer an injury a few years ago to my left side AND did some shoulder damage from overuse after the aforementioned injury to said left arm/shoulder/arm. That is all gone now though, and I’m right back on my push-up routine getting stronger everyday, but that doesn’t answer the question yet….

This article here get’s more into it… Classification and Clinical Significance of Acromial Spur in Rotator …  this link explains how injuries CAN affect the size and shape of the acromion, so that would mean even after one heals, the size may differ from EARLIER injuries. Okay, okay I think we are close, if not there already, to the answer. All kinds of discovering going on. Do you know what impingement syndrome is? Neither did I, until now. ~”Impingement syndrome is a term used to describe a disorder in which one or more soft tissues (rotator cuff tendons, bursa and biceps tendons) surrounding the ball of the shoulder joint get pinched, or impinged, on the bony surface under a portion of the shoulder blade (the acromion).”~ That was copied from this link here: Impingement Syndrome – Medical Disability Guidelines  Still learning, still going, I have no pain or injury now, but DID in fact suffer one relatively recently, which may explain why my right side is bigger than the left, so these articles make a lot of sense, but what about the theory of arm dominance? Does arm/hand side dominance have anything to do with the size of the human acromion? Let’s paste that entire last sentence into our search engine and see what we find, shall we?…

Okay, that particular sentence gave me shitty results. Apologies bc I can’t seem to find anything that clearly explains to me why one acromion is bigger than the other. Maybe acromion isn’t the right word, maybe no one really has written anything about it bc it is insignificant, maybe I will find the answer elsewhere. However, this whole process allowed yourselves and I to learn something new together. As I found it and illustrated it, so did you when you read what I am writing for you. Sharing knowledge, learning, advancing, quickening, progressing, ascending… all of these things are what YOU all need to be doing. There is always something you don’t know, so what do we do when we don’t know? Instead of asking or just being ignorant, USE the internet, USE books, USE any sort of venue where real knowledge can be absorbed by YOU. Turn off the television, unless you are learning something real. Very hard to find real reality on television, despite what they all program you to think is reality. Turn that shit off. Detach and free yourselves from the hypnotic slavery of their programming. Programming they broadly cast over so many of you, yes casting just like a magic spell. Broadcasting programs to keep you all complacent, and most people are programmed to think they love it. If you are a regular television watcher, try just going a day, just one day, without turning on your television. You might be surprised at how liberating it is to have your mind free, if even only for a day. We are here to help you all help yourselves, but YOU all must help yourselves help yourselves, understand? On that note, I am off to have some time with mi madre on this special day for said madres. Yes, madre means “mother.” Remember, not everyone knows what you/we know, so enlighten them. Don’t condemn the ignorant, help them see, help them wake up, help them help themselves. That is why we are here. Enjoy your Sun-days everyone and again, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there. I will leave you all with this lovely little animation. I am NOT religious at all, but images of little baby Jesus and his mum Mary surrounded by angels makes me think of me own mum. Once more, love you Ma and to all of you I say as always… love to all. 


animations photo: Religous Mary Jesus Angels Merry Christmas icon icons emoticon emoticons animated animation animations gif gifs ChristmasJesusMary.gif