Walk Through the Door




For None and All…

Walking Through that Door

As processions fade, New hearts doubt.

But you are Golden and no one questions it.

But who you fake and how you sound,
Asks the best of men
To share your sentiment

I want to be the one to help you find those years
That you’ve been talking about.
Dreaming of the South
And all those lost goodbyes,
And all those lonely tears,
You never got to cry,

It never works out right,
Unless you’re one to follow.
Where the silence takes too long,
When the night falls–when the night falls oh so slow,
And caution isn’t ours.
When the night falls–when the night falls oh so low,
We may lose control.

I want to be the one to help you find those years
That you’ve been talking about.
Dreaming of the South
And all those lonely nights,
And all those lost goodbyes,
You never got to sigh.

I want to be the one to help you find those dreams
Because you’ve been hanging around,
Talking about the South,
And all those balmy nights,
And all those lonely songs,
You never got to write.

And I’ll hold your hand as I walk you through that door,
I’ll hold your hand as you held my hand as I walk you through the door


Cashion, William Hugh / Herring, Samuel Thompson / Welmers, John Gerrit

And a bonus vid…Swept Inside…CLICK HERE>>>

Keep riding that wave old friends. 

Watch, Share, Enjoy.

Love to All.


Seasons…Waiting On You

 Future Islands (<<<CLICK FOR MORE<<<) 


Art Lord and the Self Portraits… City’s an Animal


Before the band Future Islands became said band, they were Art Lord and the Self Portraits. There was once a club called Peasants where it all really started, strangely it seems like yesterday, although that was like 10 years ago. They’ve come a long way, and they happen to be friends of mine, so I like to expose people to what they have created. Great lyrics, great sounds, genius in simplicity one might say. Check them out, they have several vids on Youtube and about 7 or 8 CDs I think by now. People always talk about finding good music, well here you go. Look no further….

Inform yourselves. The animation is from a short film called the Thomas Beale Cipher, which you can view on Youtube. The clips I masterminded to sync worked out well with this song. Nothing to fancy, just being creative. What are YOU doing to be creative in your world? Explore your outlets, express your imagination, what you have inside you. What are you afraid of? No digression here in this post though soooo… please rate and share, that’s all I ask. Cheers. Thx for watching. More to come. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


The Moon is Listening

An amazing song from some friends of mine from college that are becoming famous wherever they go, but never over-famousing it. The lead singer has a divine gift inside him. I am glad to say I existed to listen to music like this, and more importantly, to consider all of them friends. Started in a town where at one time we kept a energy, inside us, in that town, that connected us all in those days. There was a magic in all of it, it was beautiful. These are my friends. Their music resonates into your higher self. Everything is love, everything. This is a reminder of how that love connects in a way that cannot be illustrated. What is a word for love beyond love ? Relax. Let go. Breathe. Think about the person you are or were happiest with. remember that love. Do not think, let the feeling become you. Please listen and enjoy. Love to all.

” And if things hadn’t changed,
I would’ve buried you deep in my arms.

And if things had stayed the same,
I would’ve carried you as far as the stars.
Far, far away.” ~ Sam T. Herring