World at War


As the hands were turning,

I had some other things to do before I could return to this forum.

Now that I am back,

about 10 days or so later,

my oh my oh my how things are changing,

as I have said many times before,

faster and faster and faster,

but toward what?


As we all know,

most would like to believe this world will always be ball games and barbecues,

a perpetual celebration of being alive,

remaining relatively ignorant because thinking hurts your sleeping little heads…

…just drink, party, commute, work, fuck, eat, breed, repeat, retire, die,

and that’s life.


one only has to look back at history,

whether it be factual, 

or it be un-factual,

there is always one constant…

… war.


And most often it comes when those who control the money supply,

deem it necessary in order for their juggernaut to grow more powerful.

For thousands of years,

these mongrels have been at this game,

so don’t think that some enlightenment will get you out of what is coming.

In order to continue with their mass mechanism of control,

they need to cull the herd so to speak.

Said herd,

in their snaky eyes,

is YOU, yes YOU.

There’s simply too many of YOU,

too many non-producing mouths to feed,

too many having too many babies having too many babies,

7 and 1/2+ billion people,

shitting and eating and ravaging the planet,

one could almost sympathize with these scum,

and their globalist depopulation plan,

if one weren’t human. 

Unfortunately for them,

I am human,

and so are YOU,

as far as I know.

Being human, a real human with a heart,

I will go down in a blaze of glory,

before anyone tries to cull me as a part of any sort of human herd.

I am not a cow, or a sheep, or a pig…

…are YOU?


Fuck them,

and fuck their agenda.

Whether you are asleep or not,

no self-determining pseudo-superiority has the right to own YOU,

regardless of YOU being oblivious to that fact.


YOU are owned.

Do YOU have a birth certificate?

Then yes,

YOU are owned.

Look into maritime admiralty law,

the law of the sea,

so YOU can see what I mean,

for YOU though,

not for me.

Before I once again segue off into some other tangent,

let’s get back to war,

or rather the impending next World War,

which will be the last for a while to come,

at least to this magnitude.

Do you realize how fragile the grid is?

How delicate this convenient electric network is in your/our everyday lives?

What if it got turned off?

A nuclear detonated EMP would do it,

and considering the US is critically vulnerable,

by way of just NINE main power grids,

how hard would it be for an attack like that to be allowed to unfurl?

The Russians aren’t fucking around,

and people better wake the fuck up to that notion.

ISIS is useless,

they are a media tool,

and we could eradicate them in minutes,

but Putin and his legion are a whole other monster altogether,

not to be trifled with.

So many Americans are still brainwashed to think that the mighty USA is invincible,

but I can assure YOU,

if you were Chinese or Russian,

YOU would be thinking otherwise.

It doesn’t take a genius mind to be able to watch this all unfolding…

…look how America has/is/and will continue to deteriorate,

from the infrastructure(roads,bridges,etc) collapsing,

to a population absorbed with novelty and consumption,

fat and lazy,

medicated in countless ways,

more inclined to know more about an athlete’s balls,

then what is actually happening to THEMSELVES.

Do YOU think the rest of the world is oblivious to this?

A weak puppet president only makes us look even feebler,

and it is coming to the point where we will be caught off guard,

either by the globalist agenda,

or by those such as Putin who do not want anything to do with that New World Order,

when they can just create one of their own.

I told you,

it’s a global game of real-life Risk,

except they are the ones rolling the dice,

and YOU play the part of the armies that get slaughtered,

while the players carve their way to global domination.

Is that why YOU are here?

Is that how YOU want to remember YOUR life?

That YOU were ultimately just a pawn in a game,

and that everything YOU thought YOU were working for to ensure your own happiness,

was a fraud,

is that how YOU want to remember this?

Or maybe YOU are going to just keep pretending this isn’t what reality really is?

That “life” will continue on with your dreams of a successful career,

and a car payment and a mortgage,

and Bed, Bath, and Beyond Sundays with the wife and kids,

and a happy retirement,

grandkids scurrying around?

Well get this through your fluoridated brains…


…I do not want it to, as I’m sure neither do most of YOU,

but YES,


And when it does,

life as YOU think YOU know it,

will change so fast,

that many will roll over just from the sheer gravity of the shift.

Many people will be consumed in this upcoming great conflict,

many people will give into their own fear,

and will die afraid,

having never really lived,

but keep in mind,

that although this is coming and it’s real and will affect everyone,

YOU can still rise above the dynamic,

YOU do not have to be a slave to them,

YOU can at least prepare yourselves as best YOU can.

I will not pretend that I have the answers,

if any at all,

for I don’t even know how I will react to what is coming,

but I do know this,

I will not give into fear,

because I have accepted that the illusion is that there is separation to begin with.

There is no death of spirit,

only the vehicles that carry said spirit come and go,

so if I/YOU are truly immortal,

what is there to ever really fear?



And with that we have hit the 1000 word mark. 

Time to go,

but I’ll be back soon,

for time is accelerating faster than ever before now.

Do not be afraid my friends.

Be brave.

Love to all.

Orgone Energy… The Force





wilhelm reich photo: Wilhelm Reich WReich2.jpg          wilhelm reich photo: Wilhelm Reich luxferre-wilhelm-reich.jpg         wilhelm reich photo: wilhelm Reich WilhelmReich.jpg

Do you know who this guy is? He’s been hidden from the world aggressively and intentionally. His name is Wilhelm Reich . You won’t really hear about him ever unless you do some research. Reich is responsible for some brilliant advancements in relation to orgone energy. Do you know what orgone energy is? Apparently, spellcheck does not recognize it as a word, imagine that… Anyway, you can think of orgone energy as “The Force,’… yes, from Star Wars. It is an energy that surrounds us all, binds us all, very similar to what the Force was based around. Why have you never heard of Wilhem Reich or orgone energy?… because his work was systematically destroyed and erased from historical archives and he died alone in bed in jail. Sound familiar? Remember when I wrote a post about a guy named  Royal Rife

Same circumstances,… like Reich, Rife had made significant advances in what you might call new age science at that time, destroying  countless cancers, viruses, and diseases with sound frequencies. He also made tremendous progress with electron microscopes. … BUT... His work threatened the established medical ethics of the time as well as the reputations of many doctors, hence his work was systematically destroyed and he died alone and broke. It’s beyond tragedy. Instead of allowing these pioneers to advance our knowledge of medicine and science, the powers that be shut them down and ostracized them… all over money. Another very famous person this happened to… Nikola Tesla  Unlimited free energy from the Earth’s ionosphere means no more electricity needed with wiring, outlets, transformers, etc… NO MORE POWER BILLS,… and investors lose money, so again…squashed out of the historical record. It never fails, and again, it’s all about money and power, NOT the overall benefit of humanity, what a waste.

So, what is orgone energy exactly? Here’s a link for you… CLICK HERE>>> Orgone Energy – Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Accumulator    You can find numerous articles if you look, but as I said earlier, this info is not just freely handed out to the public because they don’t want you to know about it. Look here… 

(Read the link above first) Now Reich had made many accumulators which enhance the “flow” of orgone energy, which is thought to cure numerous ailments as well as provide protection against negative outside influence. Orgone is unlimited, costs nothing, which is precisely why they attempted to bury it between the pages of history. Like Rife and Tesla, the work that Reich was focusing on would have had exceptional benefits at little to no cost to the masses, and that is not the way the globalist pig scum operate, is it? Forget the advancement of the human race, if it doesn’t pay, squash it. Think of what people would save if their cancer was cured by something as simple and inexpensive as sound frequencies that Royal Rife discovered, think of what people could do if they ALL had the free, unlimited energy that Tesla had been pioneering, and just like those two, imagine if everyone knew and understood what orgone energy was and used it in some daily manner to better their overall health, again at little to no cost. But YOU don’t, do you? Only now, thanks to the internet, alternative media, and a few brave souls that helped preserve the work of these guys before it was all completely destroyed, and now that knowledge can be reborn someway hopefully for a future generation to benefit from. I can get way more into this, and detail the specifics for you all, but I want YOU to use the links I placed above and discover this info out for YOU, not for me. I found it serendipitously, and now I share with you, but you don’t get it all for free. You’ll be happier in the long run AND… you might discover something else while you are discovering this, which happens quite a bit. You can click any of the names above to go straight to the Wiki-link, and then you can go wherever you search takes you from there. The more you know, the stronger you get. Don’t be weak, don’t fall into the trap of the sheeple herd mentality. They have distracted and brainwashed most of you for a long , long time. They are very good at it. Now however, for the first time in any history you know, YOU have the chance to empower yourselves and rise into your higher being. I cannot emphasize the evil of television. That is their number one tool, controlling the information that comes through your little boxes, which in turn, controls YOU. Keep them occupied on something other than themselves as much as possible… and how many people are still stuck in that world? Time to wake up. Time to take your power back, while you can. Why would you continue to graze of the same grass the herd eats when you could be a shepherd, a whole other level above the herd? Think about it. Make sure to click those links above. Yesterday, I didn’t know about Wilhelm Reich and/or orgone energy. Today, I do and if you read this, so do you. Now share because look how far they’ve gone to cover this knowledge above by NOT acknowledging “orgone” as a word. There are actually several words that come up as non-words, ever wonder why that is? Hmmmm… I may have to do something separate about that for you. Nonetheless, here you are, consider this a discovery for the day and help others help themselves. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 


Spring Time

I don’t know about all of you, but I react directly with the season. I despise cold and winter,…fun for a visit, sucks to live through. If it could be warm and sunny and 80 degrees year round WITH ample rain and thunderstorms from time to time, sort of like Southern California mixed with Florida, meeting in the middle somewhere humidity wise. Anyway, it’s finally warming up where I am and I can feel the energy returning. If I said to any of you, “Recite the springtime song, as sung by Willy Wonka, the original 1971 version,” …Would you know what I was referring to before you click/ed the vid? It’s a refreshing little song isn’t it? I think so, and if you don’t find enjoyment in the original Willy Wonka songs, that’s your trip, not mine. How many people in the now do you think could relate to the Charlie Bucket avatar? Do you even know what an avatar is? Here’s a link, no shame, click it if you don’t know:

Think of an avatar as something spirit become manifest, but that spirit had more extraordinary qualities than the object being avatared. Got it? So what is Charlie’s avatar? That’s easy. He is an icon of boundless hope and living only from love, despite how wealthy you think you are. Then when he meets Willy Wonka, that love mixes with the wonder and imagination we find in the Wonka avatar, and a whole new entity emerges at the end, where Charlie’s avatar evolves into a greater being of love, now WITH all he could ever want. So to simplify, Charlie’s avatar ascends. Never looked at it quite that way did you? No worries. I didn’t really either until I just now wrote it down, so how about that…cheers. 

The weather is warming, the sun is shining, what will the weeks, days, minutes ahead reveal as they unfold? Hard to imagine almost that we are vibrating and spiraling and moving so fast. You do know that we are hurling through space don’t you? I know, I know, but you’d be surprised how many people do NOT know that. Or maybe YOU wouldn’t, I can’t speak for you. I speak to you, and the words I speak YOU already know, you just don’t know that YOU know. That is why I am here, to translate so you can all understand, to shine a little light into the darkness of ignorance.
And like Charlie, the warming to me is like getting the candy factory back. Whole different person when its warm out, ask anyone who knows me. I’m sure you will notice as I write more and more and more, translating, enlightening, helping you all help yourselves. That’s my role, do you know yours? At this moment, there are 6 billion out of 7 billion people playing roles that aren’t their own, so I ask again, do YOU know YOUR role?… Or are you caught trying to manufacture some avatar for yourself that isn’t real? Think about it. I’m not putting you down, plz understand that. We are trying to lift you all up, we aren’t separate from you,… YOU are separate from us. 85 to 90%, fumbling and bumbling around, bahing and mooing, breeding more and more of themselves, more and more ignorance, more and more mumpsimuses. If only they could all just stop for a second, just long enough to have that moment of self-realization where you open your heart and mind to get back to your higher selves. But if they don’t even know about any of these things, how can they get it? Maybe they aren’t meant to, who really knows?
This whole paradigm, this 3rd dimensional reality we are all in together apparently, seems to not follow any sort of logic does it? Look at the big picture; The world is controlled by a >1% fractional elite ruling class that controls everything via the world banks…i.e. the monetary systems. Then there is their herd, the mass of consumers that graze on whatever they are fed as long as they are made to believe it tastes good. They make up 85 to 90% of the populous. Yes, 6 out of every 7, I know, it’s insane. And in the flux between the slaves and their masters, is us, the 10 to 15%. Use the word enlightened, use the word awakened, use the word quickened, that’s your word, not mine. I told you what I really am, the translator, a translator, one of many but as a whole, we are few. We are here to help the herd, to help the herd help itself. One by one we shine some light into their darkened closed eyes, so they can see the true reality of the reality. Go ahead, use the word truther, again, your word, not mine. Call me/us whatever you want, we only have one word for you… mumpsimus. And the great thing about that word is that it’s hard to argue against. it isn’t just some slur or something like fucker or bitch or something like that, it has a very specific meaning and reference. You do remember what a mumpsimus is right? The mumpsimuses are the ones who get to a point in life where they feel they know enough to get by, so they stop allowing themselves to learn and grow. They are set in their ways as that most ignorant of expressions goes, but those ways are irrational, illogical, and arguably insane, yet they live by them as though they knew it all. That is the mumpsimus avatar, now how many people do YOU know that fit that role? Are YOU one of them?
On that note, I am out of the office for a while to soak up some sunshineyness. It IS a word as long as it’s grammatically correct and able to be defined. Who makes up the rules that say you CANNOT do that? I’ve never heard of real-life word police so I encourage all of YOU to do the same, but don’t get carried away. Use your head, common sense, when using undictionaried words. Got it? Get out of your house, get outside into nature. The Sun is warm, feels good, kinda fuzzy inside. It’s Spring Time. Wide eyes open, love to all.

Carlos Allende Update

This is a link to a PDF file. This file is the actual annotated version of the book The Case for the UFO by M.K. Jessup. Jessup died under mysterious circumstances, possibly a staged suicide, have a look into that on your own. This post is just a connective article to link you to this link:

Why was Morris Jessup suicided? We may never know. But have a look at the link so you can see the actual annotations made by the 3 unknown readers. The red pill will take you in, do you really wanna know how far the rabbit hole goes? Be sure to Google “Carlos Allende,” “Morris Jessup,” and/or “Philadelphia Experiment.” The is also a movie called the Philadelphia Experiment, based on Carlos Allende’s proclaimed observation. Good movie, although it has that touch of Hollywood added. You do get good visualizations of what may or may not have occurred to the sailors aboard the USS Eldridge. If you don’t know about anything I am talking about, here; inform yourselves:

Knowledge is your light in the darkness. Stop fumbling around in the darkness of your own ignorance. Stay informed, eyes wide open. Love to all.


Conspiracy… Theory?

The conspiracies and no longer theory, hence they are now conspiracy. Conspiracy on a mass scale in fact, a greater monster than it’s ever been. You are all in unprecedented times. What will become of all this? The train derailed long ago, and apparently the one driving it is nothing more than a parasite of humanity. That is all those who you let control you are, parasites. They need you to feed and you oblige by staying asleep. Those being spoon-fed your reality. Become aware, be conscious, while you still have time, time to choose for yourselves. Before the illuminati crumbles and burns in the fire of whats left of their power structure, they want to take you all with you. Will you let them, will you give in, will you submit to continue being a slave? Be not a mumpsimus, be the powerful entity you truly are. Open your eyes, then you can open your mind and your heart to the greater truth that you are a divine being of light and energy. They are coming, it is coming, this reality is coming for you all. Each new day draws you nearer to the Great Change. Are you prepared when that day comes? And what exactly will happen on that day? Doesn’t matter. If you are awake, if you are aware of the power inside yourselves, you will get through whatever it is okay and evolve renewed on the other side of it. There is nothing to fear. Fear is what will take down those who aren’t awake, those who live to profit from the blood of others, those who exist to dominate those around them, the mumpsimuses, all those who live negatively, you will fall into a purgatorial void of your ignorance and be trapped there until you finally open your eyes and see. Has nothing to do with religion, it has everything to do with vibration and resonance. When you are negative, your vibration is weak, and slow, and one cannot ascend to a higher dimension on such a low frequency. How can you evolve if you are not aware, if you are not trying to inform yourselves of what you do not know? How can you evolve if you view everything with greedy eyes, with jealousy, with anger, with contempt, with spite, with hatred? That’s all negative..low vibration, and it literally will get you nowhere. I’m going somewhere, we are going somewhere. The journey never ends, it only recycles until it evolves. Now is the time of an evolution of consciousness. There is no magic trick to evolve, no ritual, no special accessories needed, you simply must just wake up. You have a 3rd eye, learn to open it, and see what you truly are and what reality truly is and your role in it. Face yourself, the real you, and forgive anything you think you do not like about yourself. Let those dislikes go, you are here, you are in this together with everyone, and this is the vessel you are experiencing this part of your trip with. All that matters is what you have inside, the vessel is only temporary, very temporary. You have had other vessels, many others from many incarnations in many different realities. Your soul is what always is, what you connect with directly through your 3rd eye. The illuminati know all about this and try to suppress you all from accessing the knowledge one can attain via their 3rd eye. They’re poisoning the water, the food, the air, the culture, the world, everything, they are infecting this whole planet like a cancerous plague and they will not stop until they are gone and they have taken most of humanity down with them. That is what we have been thrown in to. All that we have done has led up to this great time of change in our humanity. Be not afraid of the change to come. You already know it’s coming, even if you do not know you do. Again, nothing religious. We do not do religion here on this channel. I am all about the spirit, the energy, the electricity that gives me the power to be aware that I am aware. I am all about how that energy is connected with all of you, the animals, the plants, this planet, all planets, all stars, the universe, Source, everything. There is something beyond this 3rd dimensional paradigm of form and matter, something way greater and more free than anything we can experience at this slower frequency. The liberation one feels when they dream is but a taste of the possibilities coming for those who can move to a higher state of consciousness. Dreaming is consciousness on the astral plane, between the 4th dimension of time, and the 5th dimension of manifest thought. Once ascended, the dreaming becomes infinite in the 5th dimension, the restraints of time are gone, but you can only exist on this plane if you resonate from love, unconditional love for all. Not everyone will get there at first. i’d like to believe that eventually everyone gets it, after incarnation after incarnation, eventually I’d like to be wishful and think that everyone makes it to the higher ground someday. But those trips are theirs. i am what I am, you ware who you are, we are here, and if you are reading this you are at the very least aware, so the light shines for you if you are willing to see what lies in the darkness. This darkness is only temporary. As temporary as this vessel you call a body and this melodrama of world domination. The illuminati have an agenda. They want to control you all. All the distraction aside, that is what undermines this existence no matter who you are and where you are at. They want the world and they are trying to take it no matter what. What will you do to stop them? Will you even try to make a difference? Not doing anything aids that evil agenda of theirs. Being ignorant, being a mumpsimus, helps those who want to dictate your reality. If you are reading this, you are aware. That means that you can help others. you can help others help themselves, and so on and so on, do you get it? Throughout history an elitist class has tried to enslave the population in numerous fashions, all with the same intention, all over the world. That is now happening again on the biggest scale ever, a global scale, world enslavement, unprecedented in known history. Yes it is very real and yes it is affecting everyone right now at this moment. It is the test. What will you do? Will you die free, or live as a slave, if you have to face such a decision? Better get prepared because decisions like that are coming. No one is getting out of this reality without encountering this monster head on and making the decision to stand fearless in the face of the beast or to submit your souls to your masters in business suits? This time is unprecedented and each day the wheel turns and all goes forward. Forward toward evolution or devolution, the choice is yours, or is it? The choice to be able to choose is yours might be a little more on point. Think about it. Stay informed and stay alert. Eyes wide open. Love to all.