Beware The Ides of March


This March 15th…

in the year 2020…

will we see an event?

Only time will tell…

…corona virus, something with Trump, maybe some unforeseen BlackSwan Event…

who knows?

…prepare accordingly…

…good luck…

…love to all…

You…yes, YOU #Creator

YOU are the CreatoR…

…more to come…

…love to all.





Catching Up


It’s been a while since my last 1000+worder, so let’s catch up…

However, first please take note of the two previous short posts that offer links to FREE music, movies, programs, all via bit torrents.

Why PAY for anything? Money shouldn’t conflict with anything, especially art.

Get learned if you don’t know and if you do know, share and inform. Moving on…


Clearly this whole Ebola mess is to incite fear amongst the populous, let’s just get that right out there. Here’s the math…like 4000ish dead, I think I saw 9000ish infected, now there are 7 and ½ billion people on the planet, more-or-less. For those who are mathematically deficient, to get the percentage of the total infected, we would divide 7.5 billion into 9000, which is .0000012%, hardly any real epidemic, pandemic, whatever the fear mongers are trying to convey to the masses. More people are going to contract and die from the flu. Of course the MSM is eating it up and do you know why? More fear gives more power to those you still let control you, and said controllers use the MSM to incite that fear, at least in a large proportion. Here’s something many of you may not know…the CDC has patents for Ebola, and patents are granted to inventions, so wouldn’t this be a CDC/CIA/Globalist engineered bioweapon, since it’s being released upon the public, just like the HIV virus?  …which did not work fast enough for the eugenist scum who mastermind such things. Oh yes, the whole HIV/AIDS thing was somewhat of a test run for population control, i.e., depopulation of those deemed unfit to exist. Don’t believe me, look it up. For those who might be new, try “Agenda 21” as a search query start. That’s all on the Ebola from me, except for this… when the “Ebola vaccines” start rolling out, please for the sake of your own humanity, DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE, or any vaccines for that matter. Continuing…


Well I was going to write a post about how disappointing Comet Siding Spring would be before it actually disappointed everyone, but I waited to see it play out, and here we are, Comet ISON Part 2, the Siding Spring Sequel. Maybe it was a spectacular event, but no one knows because NASA and/or whoever controls the monitoring satellites, cut the live feed for one, then provided ass-crappy images that are unimpressive to say the least. Ground-based amateur astronomers have better images, many of which actually ARE impressive, but the footage is still very lacking. Another space event bust. So many “events,” so many “record” and “once-in-a-lifetime” occurrences all ending in blah. Maybe space novelty has hit a critical mass, at least for some. I suppose though it would only take one major event to alter the course of things in a dramatic fashion, but these blood moons, eclipses, ehhh… makes one wonder how significant these celestial events are even to the ones who supposedly adhere their Luciferian dogma to it, and yes I am referring to the globalist banker elitist scum that I have detailed elaborately for all of you so many times before….


I will use the “event” topic to segue onto a potentially “eventful” upcoming date, which I have milestoned onto the right of the page over there, said date being this Friday, October 24, 2014. Now I have seen some speculative reports that this will be the date of the next market crash, hence the name Black Friday, as it refers to this date in the past, which you can look up on your own. Nonetheless, for those who still do not know, the market WILL crash at some point… it’s inevitable. I’m not going to take the time to get into the details, but the system is set up TO crash, which doesn’t affect those at the top of the pyramid, but for the 99% below, surely it will, and that’s exactly what the swine in charge want. We have covered this before, create chaos, bring in order, problem-reaction-solution. IT’S ON THE DOLLAR BILL, that’s one thing that blows my mind is that these psychopaths broadcast their plans and intentions everywhere, because they know that most of the people are sheeple and are too fluoridated and programmed and braindead to put it together. It’s amusing to them, amusing the way a dog or cat is to it’s owner. Do you like being perceived as pets, cattle, sheep, a herd? Who ultimately makes that decision? You? Or them? Back to the market, I am not saying it will, or it will not crash this Friday, but it WILL crash and how that affects you is up to YOU. Do not let your fate be woven in the hands of masters. 


Notice the price of oil dropping, at least here in the mighty USSA? That’s because our shady government cut deals with the Saudis in relation to this ISIS propaganda campaign. We have seen numerous videos posted by ISIS, or ISIL, or IS, or whatever they are called this week but I digress…anyway, these videos show convoys of trucks and tanks and anti-aircraft guns and missiles, yet why are all the targets being blown up NOT these convoys but rather what appears to be randomly isolated and vacated buildings? Hmmmm… maybe that’s because the CIA and other shadow agencies fund these supposed terrorists groups, so who are the real terrorists? That’s right, they work in the shadows, which worked well for them before the advent of the internet and in turn, the alternative media. Now we tangent… Sharing information allowed for the potential for billions to awaken to the real reality of the world around them, and we are all in that process now, although the degree of ascension into this process is relative on an individual basis. Never-the-less, the potential is still here. All part of the global mass awakening, which exponentiates more each day. We must remember that there is still in place a preceding generation which is used to playing by the rules of those aforementioned shadowy conspirators, and it is not until that generation is gone or defeated or gets over themselves that humanity can truly have a chance to be free. The question is how much influence that old generation has on the upcoming generations… do we follow the path of the uninformed, the unenlightened, the unwillfully ignorant who thought they had it right? Or do we blaze our own path/s, with our own knowledge, and our own perceptions of what this 3rd dimensional existence means?


The answer lies with you, and you alone. Be brave, and let go of all you fear.

The time is coming. Our fraction of an instance is up.

Wide eyes open.

Love to all. 

The Real DC Story UPDATE


Before whatever bullshit story they give you even comes out, I can tell you this, the event that took place was just another over-dramatized episode of the MSM drama. Looks more like a successful practice drill for the police and military at the nation’s capital. Woman freaks out at barricade, flees in car and tries to ram her way out, may or may not have kid in the car, crashes car into police car, police fire shots, shoot and wound and apprehend suspect, child is saved, all within moments, THEN… YOU read headlines like “SHOTS FIRED ON CAPITOL HILL,”… look at the previous post, look at the screenshot. The only “shooting” done was apparently by police, but again, this is just more crap they hype up because their whoredom knows no bounds. Was it scripted? Very possible…NOT SAYING IT WAS. I am not saying what any of this is other than what I just told you all, and what did the headline read? SHOOTING, SHOOTING, SHOOTING… They want a “shooting” so bad they have to make shit up, and for what? What is the reason for any of this? One thing that was accomplished, that no one is really talking about, is that this happened in FEMA region 3. Do you know what I am talking about?… Look at the map…

      This is the regional FEMA disaster breakdown map. Should a national emergency occur, there are districts set up for relocation to “protect” the population. Region 3 is obviously where the Capitol is, the head of the snake, and obviously where they want their “readiness” to be at its best. It just so happens that police and military were on this scene and had that “shelter in place” bullshit locked down in only a few minutes. So despite what you think or what you believe is real and what is not, the “enforcers” got a great practice run a few hours ago, did they not? No speculation there, that is just a simple fact, locked down, “shelter in place,” at the nation’s capitol, all in mere moments. Mission accomplished. I’ll let you all watch how this plays out from here, this is the last I’ll be reporting on this “story.” Don’t give it the satisfaction of your time and attention. Stay focused on the bigger picture. Wide eyes open. Love to all.

Double XP

All you CoD fans….yep, this weekend is double xp weekend, so now you have another good excuse to practice killing zombies and people. You are going to have to be desensitized, that is why they make them, and that is why they make you love them…it’s only a game, right?

Any of you who think those are ONLY games are fucking idiots. Normally I don’t like to go so negative toward all of you, but damn, how dumb are some of you? No, I am not against video games at all. I love video games, and I’ve explained why they are acceptable and televised programming is not. If you can’t tell the difference, go back through my archives and inform yourselves of what is and what is not. Now these CoD games are particularly interesting because they play off of a real-life story line. Those who played know, you see it all through the campaign mode; psy-ops, numbers flashing on the screen, “actual” participants, both good and evil, and this last one that just came out in November naturally is the most obvious of all.

You won’t know unless you play, and if you don’t play, that’s your trip, not mine. I am not saying you do or you do not need to know how handle first-person shooter games, but if you were ever faced with any sort of similar situation in this so-called reality, wouldn’t you rather be prepared? You can practice as much as you want, no one is harmed, no one is really killed, but if you ever had to aim down sights and pull a trigger, it’s better to have done it before than to have not. I didn’t make up this evil agenda of global conflict, THEY did, the globalist pig scum. I am only the translator, remember?

Now why are there zombies? Good question…why indeed? Is there something the CDC knows that you do not? Is there something that the puppeteers know and you do not? What do you think? Is a mass population dying from some plague-like virus not a lot like a zombie apocalypse? Why was this game discounted from $59.99 to $39.99 during the week of this past Easter, since when have video game makers discounted an epic new release, has that happened before, ever? So wtf is really going on behind the scenes, how can you not wonder?

Wonder away, but I’ve already told you what is happening, they are preparing you. They want most of the population gone, but not all of you. If you all die, they go with you, so they need to keep some “normals”, NON-elitist globalist pig scum around, that they plan on making do the work on the other side of their agenda. As bizarre and evil and outrageous as their plan is, it is REAL and YES, they are going to do their best to make it the new reality. It’s not a fucking joke, do you want to be enslaved? Do you like it? I don’t, but guess what, 85 to 90% of you either DO in fact like it, and/or just don’t think that anything can be done to change and make a difference. 6 out of every 7 of you, mumpsimuses, rollovers to the dark side because you give in to your fear and live from your ego.

So anyway, yes it is double xp weekend. Play the game, or don’t play the game, prestige, don’t prestige, YOU make these choices, not me. Stop relying on what someone else knows, know for yourselves. Do you think it makes me happy to know that there will come a day when I can say to all of you,” See, I told you,” do you really think I want this reality to go the way it is going? Fuck no, I didn’t create this juggernaut, but I am one of the ones to help incinerate and burn this juggernaut to the ground before it infects the entire humanity. “Oh the humanity,” do you know where that famous saying came from? When the Hindenburg crashed, please I hope I don’t have to put up a link for this… the Hindenburg, famous zeppelin, the famous blimp that caught fire and exploded in flames, crashing to the ground, killed a few hundred back in the late 1930’s I believe. Here you meat puppets, here’s a link:   Read up if you don’t know what the Hindenburg is. Jesus Christ, I bet if you asked a hundred random Americans what the Hindenburg is/was… 85 to 90 wouldn’t know. Why is that? If you have a brain, you can answer that question yourselves. Wide eyes open, how are yours doing? I’ll be getting plenty of practice in this weekend, no worries there. And that’s all the drama I have to deal with. Can you say the same thing? 6 out of 7 of you only respond with a”mooooo.” Oh, YOUR humanity, where will it go? Blah, blah, blahblahblahblah. Enjoy time while it is still your own, or is it already to late for you? The magic 8-ball says… 85 to 90%…too late. Too bad. See you on your battlefield. Love to all.