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No Handshakes for Der Fuhrer Obama


Now I know this video isn’t new, but it’s still funny to watch the “world’s most powerful man” get ignored by some Russian lawmakers as he attempts to shake their hands. Watch the vid closely and you’ll see that not once, not twice, but three times does President Obama stick his hand out and get rejected. Not very respectful of the “world’s most powerful man” is it? You can see the anguish in his face get progressively worse as he repeatedly gets dissed by these guys. Oh Obama, what are we going to do with you? You almost want to feel bad for him, but then you remember what a scumbag gangster globalist puppet piece of shit he is, and the sorrow fades away. I am holding back on any real insight into this US government shutdown ordeal, and I don’t know shit about what exactly this “default” means yet, but I am looking into all that. I know “default,” in this sense, means to be unable to repay your debt, so what the fuck does that mean? Sounds bad, and it is unprecedented apparently, but the story seems to be that it is NOT something to overly worry about, hmmm….. 

Well we have this “shutdown,” have all these cutbacks in government-run programs, like parks shutting down, little to no more border patrol, etc… so if we add to all that the fact that the government defaults on the 17th, and can’t pay what it owes to whoever it owes, how can that possibly NOT be something that makes it all worse, certainly not better. I read that China will be affected, with their investments here in America, and the fact the US owes to China oohh…. about 1.3 trillion in treasury bonds… ummm… sorry, we can’t pay that, and they have just publicly stated their concerns, you can look it up. However, I am not going to pretend like I know much about this because I don’t, but only because I haven’t read up on it yet, which is what I am going to do, and I suggest you all do the same so you at least know what the hell is going on somewhat if this all goes sideways for everyone. The China thing was only the first thing I ran into. There are also reports of skyrocketing mortgages and interest rates, world markets crashing, but again, THEY say YOU have nothing to worry about, and you know how much you can trust your government, don’t you? FUCK THAT. At least know what goes on when it goes on, be aware, don’t bury your heads in the sand while this globalist agenda continues to run rampant over humanity. Like I said, I’m catching myself up on all this, starting with word “default” and how it applies to anything it happens to apply to. Going from there, I will figure out as best I can what is really happening, and what they throw out there to confuse all of you, because that is surely one thing about all this… VERY CONFUSING, just how they want it to be. They know most of you won’t take the time to figure out what the fuck they are doing up there in Washington, but we don’t do that via this forum do we? To defeat the pig scum, you must understand the pig scum. It’s not all about enlightenment and raising your vibration, it’s also about dealing with what is happening now as we spiral through this 3-d existence. What is happening now is that we are all living in a world run by a fractional few who control all the money, but that world is collapsing in on itself because that is not the way it is supposed to be. BUT… to get to other side of all this, to the next world, you must experience this time first. This is just the way it is, but only right now, not tomorrow, tomorrow is always a new page, and when it turns, it will turn fast and be quite dramatic. While you are here though, it is important to come to the realization of what this really is and what you really are. That is where the knowledge comes in, which leads you out of the cave, into the enlightenment of the true world above…. yes, like Plato’s Cave. See archives if you don’t know. Much more coming…. I can see a wave in the distance, a wave getting higher, coming right this way. What will that wave bring?… soon enough you’ll know my friends. No worries. Wide eyes open, love to all. 


Allegory of the Cave

For those of you who know, remember that most of them are still chained to the floor. It’s not their fault, but maybe this can offer some sort of inner enlightenment. This is 10 minutes that can open your eyes that have been blinded in shadows and darkness. Please watch and share with others who do not know. Thanks for reading and watching. Remember what I have told you all about light and dark…. Inform yourselves. Love to all.

Storm is Coming


Premise: January 30, 2013, a series of tornado-spawning thunderstorms race across the Midwest U.S. There is a report of an unknown man losing his life while trying to shelter himself from the fury of these storms. His name is not given, nor his location, but the story is based on fact. Whether or not it pertains directly to this unfortunate soul, others have perished in similar fashion countless times throughout the history of these natural disasters. Digest this information accordingly. Thanks for reading.


The wind picks up. This guy is just out on his land, doing his thing, but what was his thing this day? Maybe he was on his farm, doing farm things, but what about that moment? Maybe having a smoke, petting his dog, in those final moments that he was unaware were his final moments, what was going on with this poor unfortunate guy? We can only speculate. Like I said, whatever he was doing, around him the wind gets stronger, then stronger, then louder and stronger. He looks up and notices the sky looks quite dark and violent. He sees the trees really starting to move, maybe hears thunder and lightning mixing in with the ever-growing force of the wind. Now he must be thinking, “This is getting a little crazy.” Or was he? Did he just not take it too seriously until the last minute? Or did it come up so fast that he had only so far he could go to try to escape? In his own world to himself, there he was, one lone little being against an over-whelming force of nature. What exactly happened?

Let’s say that he just was so into his own world that he thought it wasn’t going to be as serious as it was, until it was too late. Here he was, going about his own personal trip, then the weather gets strange. But by the time he realizes the unusuality of this weather, it becomes violent. He realizes that now he is in a very precarious situation. The wind is really blowing now, and he hears a high-pitch noise, like a distant train getting exponentially closer by the second. He looks around, there is only a shed to protect from the elements. He instinctively hides inside, assuming that the safety of any shelter would fare better than an outright open struggle against the wrath of nature’s fury. What could be going through his mind; thoughts of the immediate safety of this hiding spot, thoughts of those he loves, thoughts of not surviving, fear, or does he let go, does he pray? Then the wind gets so loud he becomes deaf, all gets dark, everything shakes, a lot of chaos and commotion, intense violence, all in a few seconds, yet time makes it seem like a little eternity before whoosh, and he’s gone away with the storm. All of the horror over seemingly as quick as it began. And now he’s just a death, a casualty, just in the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the right time depending on your perspective of everyone’s individual role in this existence. 

Now let’s also ponder if it all happened so fast, he had even less time to contemplate his dire situation. Here he is, on his trip as before, doing whatever it was he was doing. He is really into his current job or task or melodrama that he fails to notice the sky above him changing rapidly. He senses the wind but dismisses it as normal, just the front before an everyday thunderstorm. Nothing to get too worried about. Suddenly, the wind whips really strong, and then another even stronger gust, enough to get his attention, then the high-pitch noise seems to come from nowhere and be right upon him. Everything becomes a vortex of destruction around him. The noise becomes overbearing; sounds of trees breaking, the roaring of the tornado, death upon you. He dives into this little shed, mistakingly assuming that it can shield him from the fury of this monster. There is no time to think of anything, himself, those he loves, tomorrow, he is in pure adrenal survival mode. The darkness ensues. For a moment, the shed holds and maybe he gets a fraction of time to have a thought of something, of anything. But by the time that thought is finished, the whoosh comes for him, the infinite loudness grows quiet as he leaves his shell and this mortal coil. 10 minutes earlier, he would’ve never imagined this for himself, now here he is, gone with the wind. 

   Either way you choose to look at it, I hope you all have gained some perspective on how sacred time is and how none of your time should be taken for granted. At any moment, it can all change so very fast. This poor soul was here, and now he is not. One can look at it and think, “It was just his time.” One can also look at it as just another freak occurrence. The fact is that I didn’t know this guy. He may have been a total asshole and a waste of life and so his departure will be missed by no one. He may have also been the sweetest fellow in the world, a good father, noble brother, wise grandfather. Maybe he wasn’t old enough to be any of those, maybe he still had a lot of life left. The story gives no detail, no age, no location, no name. The story may not even be real, but this story has happened many times before, so for me to illustrate it holds true regardless of when and where and who. Just thought I would give you all some food for thought today as these storms continue to unfurl across the US heading East. I have immortalized this poor guy’s tragedy in words that go beyond his soon-to-be-made tombstone and his forthcoming obituary. Despite who he may or may not have been, I’ll give that to him for losing his life to Mother Nature. May he fare well wherever his soul may be. Stay alert and stay informed, eyes wide open. Love to all. 


Conspiracy… Theory?

The conspiracies and no longer theory, hence they are now conspiracy. Conspiracy on a mass scale in fact, a greater monster than it’s ever been. You are all in unprecedented times. What will become of all this? The train derailed long ago, and apparently the one driving it is nothing more than a parasite of humanity. That is all those who you let control you are, parasites. They need you to feed and you oblige by staying asleep. Those being spoon-fed your reality. Become aware, be conscious, while you still have time, time to choose for yourselves. Before the illuminati crumbles and burns in the fire of whats left of their power structure, they want to take you all with you. Will you let them, will you give in, will you submit to continue being a slave? Be not a mumpsimus, be the powerful entity you truly are. Open your eyes, then you can open your mind and your heart to the greater truth that you are a divine being of light and energy. They are coming, it is coming, this reality is coming for you all. Each new day draws you nearer to the Great Change. Are you prepared when that day comes? And what exactly will happen on that day? Doesn’t matter. If you are awake, if you are aware of the power inside yourselves, you will get through whatever it is okay and evolve renewed on the other side of it. There is nothing to fear. Fear is what will take down those who aren’t awake, those who live to profit from the blood of others, those who exist to dominate those around them, the mumpsimuses, all those who live negatively, you will fall into a purgatorial void of your ignorance and be trapped there until you finally open your eyes and see. Has nothing to do with religion, it has everything to do with vibration and resonance. When you are negative, your vibration is weak, and slow, and one cannot ascend to a higher dimension on such a low frequency. How can you evolve if you are not aware, if you are not trying to inform yourselves of what you do not know? How can you evolve if you view everything with greedy eyes, with jealousy, with anger, with contempt, with spite, with hatred? That’s all negative..low vibration, and it literally will get you nowhere. I’m going somewhere, we are going somewhere. The journey never ends, it only recycles until it evolves. Now is the time of an evolution of consciousness. There is no magic trick to evolve, no ritual, no special accessories needed, you simply must just wake up. You have a 3rd eye, learn to open it, and see what you truly are and what reality truly is and your role in it. Face yourself, the real you, and forgive anything you think you do not like about yourself. Let those dislikes go, you are here, you are in this together with everyone, and this is the vessel you are experiencing this part of your trip with. All that matters is what you have inside, the vessel is only temporary, very temporary. You have had other vessels, many others from many incarnations in many different realities. Your soul is what always is, what you connect with directly through your 3rd eye. The illuminati know all about this and try to suppress you all from accessing the knowledge one can attain via their 3rd eye. They’re poisoning the water, the food, the air, the culture, the world, everything, they are infecting this whole planet like a cancerous plague and they will not stop until they are gone and they have taken most of humanity down with them. That is what we have been thrown in to. All that we have done has led up to this great time of change in our humanity. Be not afraid of the change to come. You already know it’s coming, even if you do not know you do. Again, nothing religious. We do not do religion here on this channel. I am all about the spirit, the energy, the electricity that gives me the power to be aware that I am aware. I am all about how that energy is connected with all of you, the animals, the plants, this planet, all planets, all stars, the universe, Source, everything. There is something beyond this 3rd dimensional paradigm of form and matter, something way greater and more free than anything we can experience at this slower frequency. The liberation one feels when they dream is but a taste of the possibilities coming for those who can move to a higher state of consciousness. Dreaming is consciousness on the astral plane, between the 4th dimension of time, and the 5th dimension of manifest thought. Once ascended, the dreaming becomes infinite in the 5th dimension, the restraints of time are gone, but you can only exist on this plane if you resonate from love, unconditional love for all. Not everyone will get there at first. i’d like to believe that eventually everyone gets it, after incarnation after incarnation, eventually I’d like to be wishful and think that everyone makes it to the higher ground someday. But those trips are theirs. i am what I am, you ware who you are, we are here, and if you are reading this you are at the very least aware, so the light shines for you if you are willing to see what lies in the darkness. This darkness is only temporary. As temporary as this vessel you call a body and this melodrama of world domination. The illuminati have an agenda. They want to control you all. All the distraction aside, that is what undermines this existence no matter who you are and where you are at. They want the world and they are trying to take it no matter what. What will you do to stop them? Will you even try to make a difference? Not doing anything aids that evil agenda of theirs. Being ignorant, being a mumpsimus, helps those who want to dictate your reality. If you are reading this, you are aware. That means that you can help others. you can help others help themselves, and so on and so on, do you get it? Throughout history an elitist class has tried to enslave the population in numerous fashions, all with the same intention, all over the world. That is now happening again on the biggest scale ever, a global scale, world enslavement, unprecedented in known history. Yes it is very real and yes it is affecting everyone right now at this moment. It is the test. What will you do? Will you die free, or live as a slave, if you have to face such a decision? Better get prepared because decisions like that are coming. No one is getting out of this reality without encountering this monster head on and making the decision to stand fearless in the face of the beast or to submit your souls to your masters in business suits? This time is unprecedented and each day the wheel turns and all goes forward. Forward toward evolution or devolution, the choice is yours, or is it? The choice to be able to choose is yours might be a little more on point. Think about it. Stay informed and stay alert. Eyes wide open. Love to all.