Change is Coming


Starting with an un-quip: When the S & P goes over 2000, things WILL happen, and the S & P ended over 2000 Friday, so pay attention this week. This upcoming Tuesday will mark the next Election Day in the once mighty USSA. Sadly, the “election” process in this pirated country is more of a “selection” process, and the ones running are all glorified, pinky-ringed, criminal lawyer actors with no real agenda other than to better themselves and their associates. Voting machines are hacked and rigged. It’s a total hustle. Did you know that over half of Congress falls in the millionaire category, and the rest aren’t far off. How many millionaires do you know? What do you think the ratio of millionaires to non-millionaires is amongst the populous?

I saw a great quote yesterday…

“We live in a nation of sheep, run by wolves, and owned by pigs.”


There is always so much that one could address in relation to the current world environment. Where to segue from here?….hmmmm… oh, here is one last comment on voting before I move on… There are many who believe in voting, believe in the power of voting, actually feel that their one little voice will count. If you believe that, what is to stop you from considering a vote of “no confidence?” Is that not kosher? Who ever said you HAD to vote for someone? If they are all parasitic self-serving scum, and you have no confidence in their ability to make something positive happen, then vote to NOT vote for them, vote NO CONFIDENCE. Of course I know that falls mostly on deaf ears, as it is difficult to explain rational common sense to a mostly brainwashed and fluoridated and programmed society, so now we move on….


We have mentioned before the “messages” being channeled through various mediums from ascended masters. If any part of that sentence confuses you, use Google or look into my archives before continuing, or I can sum up real quick: There are messages that are supposedly channeled through those who claim to be in contact with higher dimensional beings known as ascended masters. These messages repeat notions of a global currency reset, NASARA prosperity funds for all, dismantling of the globalist cabal of elitist banker scum, disclosure of alien contact, notions of a new age of light and love via light workers and star/indigo/rainbow children. These “messages” appeal to each viewer/listener in an individual way based on your current life status which is obviously unique to you. Lately though, I have been thinking these messages are complete bullshit and are just another part of the globalist plan to take total control over the masses. Why, you may be wondering?… because these globalist pigs that control most of you venerate Lucifer, the angel of “light.” You may not worship Lucifer, but THEY DO, whether you believe they do or not. Now if Lucifer is the “angel of light,” and the new age is promoting the advent of “light” workers, what are the odds that the two are connected? What a great ruse it would be for the globalists: keep them distracted by focusing on what they believe is unconditional love for all, keep them focused on the “light,” keep them focused on anything to keep them ignorant to the real reality of the horror these globalist eugenicists are planning on unfurling upon the global population. On that note I will tangent onto the next paragraph…

Eugenicists? Yes, as in those who seek to ultimately control the population from birth to death, determining who is worthy and unworthy to exist in society. Know anything about Margaret Sanger? She is the founder of Planned Parenthood, where one goes to get an abortion. Look into some of her quotes and published works, she was a sinisterly devoted eugenicist, and one of her primary foci was to depopulate minorities and those born in “unfit” circumstances. (CLICK HERE>>>)  10-Eye-Opening Quotes From Planned Parenthood Founder  Yes, she is the creator of the number one place to instill such population control measures, the legal abortion clinic. Now I have no real opinion on abortion other than the “choice” boils down to circumstance. Cannot show any real bias here, as these posts are for all of you and none of you. The reason I mention Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, eugenics, global depopulation, is because although these ideals arise from the past, these eugenicists have NOT deterred from their plan to depopulate and gain total control of the remaining populous. Why do you think Ebola is evolving into the next AIDS? AIDS/HIV didn’t work fast enough, so the CDC isolated and patented Ebola to get the job done. Can you say, “engineered bioweapon?” Do you think it’s a coincidence that Ebola is spreading in Africa, same place AIDS started? These eugenist psychopaths have it out for the blacks, hence why they test run these epidemical diseases on them first, why mostly black babies are aborted, but ultimately they want MOST OF ALL OF YOU DEAD, and here comes that 85 to 90% ratio… 85 to 90% still asleep, the eugenicists want 85 to 90% of the world population wiped out, what will it take for those of you who still slumber to wake the fuck up already? YOU give them power to complete their agenda. The way to beat them is to become aware, yet many still just change the channel, still grazing on that green grass of blissful ignorance…how does it taste?….


Funny how the fake news MSM is now a parasite to the alternative media, gradually evolving from a dinosaur media outlet to one that does it’s job by broadcasting truth instead of scripted false flag bullshit. Now they aren’t there yet by any means, but they are getting better. Slowly the tide tries so hard to turn, it’s an ongoing battle between those who seek to enlighten and those who try to keep the majority suppressed and docile, cowered inside their own cave prisons. Yes, that’s a reference to Plato’s Cave and if you can’t pick up on that by now, again see the archives or do your own research. The entire foundation of this blog is The Allegory of the Cave, so it’s obviously important to know what said allegory means. Why do so many stay content to remain imprisoned in a cave of their own creation? All the while, the choice to free one’s self is always there, ALWAYS. One must only be brave and have the courage to ascend out into Enlightenment. Why such fear? Why such lack of courage? What happened to make so many so afraid? Oh my though, we have hit the 1000 word mark once again dear readers. Time to go. There will be more to come soon, there always is, as we spin faster and faster and faster toward… well toward what? That question will be answered soon, do not give into fear. Be brave about what is coming, be brave about killing your ego, be brave about the enlightenment you experience when you ascend. Fear will kill you, it is all that can kill you, but it will only kill you if YOU allow it to.


Stay courageous. Wide eyes open.

Love to all. 


World Ticker Event Update

Creepy eyes looking through mail slot

If you look over to your right there, you will see that I have updated the world event ticker to the beginning of the Sochi Olympics. There have been numerous terrorist threats made, warning of some kind of attack during said Olympics. Now I know we have all heard this before. “Something will happen, something will happen,”…. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. We are NOT here to fear monger, only to illustrate the paintings which are being painted for you. If a threat is real, and I am telling you about it, how is that inciting fear? If you don’t know, if you don’t inform yourself, how can you expect to understand the probability that false flag events are going to occur more and more, and to greater extent, to further a globalist agenda? So is a false flag coming? I don’t know, I’m not saying anything is coming, all I am telling you is that the MSM(mainstream media) is broadcasting a spell upon all of you that there have been confirmed terrorist threats specifically aimed at targeting the upcoming Olympic games in Sochi. If anyone is spreading any fear, it’s them, not me. What I am telling you is that the air is ripe for a FALSE FLAG event. Everyone knows what a “False Flag”  by now is I hope?…. if not, just click on the term there and you can educate yourself. It’s okay if you didn’t know, because now you do. Continuing…

One of my Youtube friends that goes by the name Dahboo7 pointed out something interesting earlier. Do you all know what this is?… Illuminati New World Order Card Game (<<<CLICK for more)  Click and inform yourself if you don’t. Now I know some people think this is just a game, created in 1981, that happened to coincidentally be extraordinarily accurate on many of the card faces. Watch this video to see all the cards, and you can se what I mean…

I am not going to go through each one for you, but I am going to show you one that directly relates to the upcoming games in Sochi. There is a card called the “combined disasters” card. In this card, you see people looking semi phantom like as something collapses behind them, particularly a clock.

See here…                             At first, one might think of Big Ben, the great clock in London, but it actually doesn’t look anything like Big Ben. What it DOES look like is the big clock at the central train station in Sochi. 

Look at this image…      …. and it’s at a train station, which is not only a choice target, but is also where two prior terrorist attacks occurred only weeks ago In Volgograd. Coincidence that these two images look very, very similar? And check out the shirts on the people… all colors of the Olympic rings. Double again, coincidence? Guess we will see won’t we? Again, and please listen and understand this, no one here is promoting fear or advocating that anything at al is going to happen. You all should know by now that there are always people saying this or that is going to happen at such and such place at so and so time, and then poof….NOTHING happens. I just find this interesting, especially since these cards, which were created way before nearly everyone had no clue what the illuminati was, have matched up to so many events that have happened and are happening… which would imply that some of the events are still to come. This isn’t anything fictional, this is not made up, that is why I linked the video above, so YOU can see for yourselves what these cards may or may not reveal. Take it for what it is, or don’t take it at all. We are only here to help, if you do not see it that way, you are more than free to move along and go somewhere else. 

So yes, there is now a counter on this home page, which will more than likely count down to nothing more than the start of another Olympics. Only information here. There is so much more going on, but I am pressed for time at the moment, so I will have to give a more thorough update later. More to come. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 

Iran and the Globalist Agenda

Do you know whose flag this is? This is the Iranian flag, and the Iranians have officially joined the World War 3 party. According to reports, a message was confiscated from high level Iranian officials, ordering militants to attack the US embassy in Iraq if the US goes through with a military strike against Syria. Do you see how all this is playing right into the globalist agenda? Here’s how it may go down: The US commences with their attack against Syria, Syria and Iran then launch attacks against US embassies and Israel, Israel resorts to nuclear weapons and/or a false flag nuclear event is staged, now while all this is going on, the Chinese and Russians are poising themselves to attack the US and Israel as well, France and the Saudis join in the US side, and thus, we have World War 3, all of which could be the fact of the reality in less than a week. How does this play into the globalist agenda?

As I’ve told you all many times before, the globalist agenda seeks to depopulate, massively depopulate, as in 6 out of every 7 people are dead, and when it is all said and done, there is left a population of about 500 million to a billion, all made up of the globalists and those they deemed worthy enough to save in their underground bunkers. That’s right, they have underground bunkers, several of them, but you don’t know because you weren’t invited. Neither was I, don’t sweat it. If you don’t believe me, look it up. They are called DUMBS, Deep Underground Military Bunkers. Here’s a link>>> Shadow Government Bunkers  …and some images…

     …. there are satellite images, and many other pics you can see if you look, and no one really disputes the fact that they DO exist, what is disputed is whether or not these truly are bunkers to provide safe haven for a chosen few when World War 3 or some other global calamity unfolds. I don’t know anyone who has been invited, so I cannot definitively say what they are for, but the globalists need somewhere to hide while the world collapses into chaos and disorder. I told you these guys were pros and they are confident in their own safety should a worldwide war break out, so it makes sense that they have secured these bunkers for themselves, doesn’t it?

Iran making these threats is all part of the orchestration. Whether or not Iran is a part of it, they are playing their part just how the globalists want it. THEY WANT WORLD WAR 3. If you STILL have not read or become familiar with Agenda 21 is, please inform yourselves. I run into people all day long who have no idea what is about to go down if the US strikes Syria with a missile attack. You 85 to 90% ARE the collateral damage on the path to the new world order. The illuminati is real, the new world order is real, the globalist agenda is real, and that agenda doesn’t not involve you continuing to exist. I cannot say it any other way, you are all at the edge, at zero point, it all comes down to this missile strike. History will look back at it as the cause of World War 3, whether it was provoked by a false flag or not, IT WILL BE THE SPARK THAT LIGHTS THE FIRE. I read a quote yesterday, I want to say it was Einstein, but I could be wrong. Anyway, the quote reads like this, ” I don’t know how World War 3 will be fought, but I know World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.” Do you all realize the scope and the gravity of what World War 3 could bring about? Nuclear weapons, bioweapons, chemical weapons, the deaths of not millions, but billions. No one wants it, except this fractional handful of globalist pig scum. They control everything because they control the world’s monetary systems. They control everything because they have amassed their power by making debt slaves of the populous and taking their power through those corrupted worldwide monetary systems. While >1% lives like kings and queens, everyone else lives by paying them tribute in some way, scrapping by while working their asses off. How often do these globalist pig scum work? How much vacation time does Der Fuhrer Obama take? It’s disgusting how fucking arrogant these evil bastards are, and they shove it all into everyone’s face. Fuck them and their agenda. But they will try to make it happen anyway and as I’ve told you all before, they will either win, and get their new world with their new world order, them at the top of the pyramid even more so than now. OR…. they will fail and fail hard, but if they do not succeed, they will collapse under their own shadow of evil and try to suck as many of you into their abyss with them as they can. Let’s review before I finish up this post: Chemical weapons reportedly used against Syrian civilians on August 21, 2013. This is not the first time, but this time “US intelligence” has “undeniable proof” that the regime of Bashar Assad, the current Syrian leader, was responsible. The President then demands an immediate military strike against Assad’s regime, before the “proof” has even been validated. Russia, China, and Iran warn the US not to strike, citing that it was the REBELS who created the chemical attack, only to blame Assad and win more support from the US, a ploy which they HAVE done before. The President, under international pressure, decides to wait for Congressional approval before striking Assad, a decision set to happen on this upcoming Tuesday, September 10th. In the meantime, China and Russia have moved warships toward Syria, where US warships already are. Why would they be doing this? Is it routine? So we have the warships all come together in the same vicinity and now, Iran is being reported to have ordered action against the US if they strike Syria. And let’s not forget Israel, the number one US ally of the Middle East. Apparently, Iran has ALSO threatened to attack Israel if the US strikes, and here is the wild card because Israel plays a big part in the globalist agenda. Read up on the differences between judaism and zionism. No one is saying Jews are bad or evil. There is a zionist ruling class above them, above everyone, at least they are in their minds, and they are quite different, so let’s not hate on Jews for no just cause. With that said, if Israel gets attacked, they have the potential to unleash nuclear weapons to defend themselves BUT… there has also been reports of a false flag nuclear event that will add disfavor to those who are in league against the US. All I am doing is illustrating all the pieces of the puzzle, and that puzzle is about to come together. The time is rapidly, rapidly, rapidly approaching to a fork in the road for all of you. You will go down a path that leads to a world of global warfare, chaos, destruction, total disorder OR…. somehow, someway this crisis gets resolved without war, but let’s use our common sense, it appears they have come to far to be bluffing, doesn’t it? They have their agenda, and they aren’t going to stop now, but they are getting more desperate aren’t they and desperation leads to mistakes. The ones making the calls are madmen, they are insane psychopathic madmen, and it’s sad that those who have the power wield that power the way they do. Such a waste. More to come, wide eyes open. Love to all.

Now What?


There seems to be a lull going on. Ever since this Trayvon Martin verdict, not much going on. At least you aren’t hearing about much of anything going on. Does that mean that something else big is just around the corner? It never stays quiet for too long does it?…but what’s next? What does the puzzle show? What do the pieces reveal before they come together to form the image of reality? This reality is being orchestrated though, so what act will be performed next? Something in North Korea maybe?…Something with the remaining Boston bomb suspect perhaps?…Or do we have something unexpected and unprecedented on the horizon? Questions, questions, questions.

There are things occurring all over the world actually right now but the MSM fake news is not really reporting on anything. I just checked…again. It’s been “news dead” for a few days now. It’s as if a great hush fell upon the MSM after the Zimmerman verdict. There were reports of riots, looting, protests, but what happened to those? Is everyone so mired down in their life situations that they just don’t care? I am, and surely I am not alone here. Almost out of money, under-employed, does this sound like where you are right now as well? My days have been progressively depressing financially, and as much as I hate the concept of money, it sucks to be broke.

The gap is widening. The fractional rich are getting further ahead of a dying middle-class that is falling into poordom fast. That’s right, the middle class is being gobbled up like PacMan pellets. Go look in any suburban neighborhood. You will see numerous “For Sale” signs, “For Rent” signs, as more and more people are finding it increasingly difficult to pay their mortgages. Where the fuck is the President? On vacation? Again? I haven’t seen him for weeks. He made some little bullshit statement about the Trayvon Martin case, and that’s it. What does this guy do all day? Oh, I forgot, he’s a Mafia Don. He doesn’t have to do anything other than collect what is owed to him. Yep, your President of these United States is a gangster, and so is his regime. They are pirating this government and the people with it. But guess what?…. 85 to 90% of you let them get away with it and guess guess what?… there is much more to come from these globalist pig scum.

They have fluoridated the water, they have modified the food, they have most of you programmed, now what do you think they will do? If the Trayvon martin case was a distraction, what is being distracted from? What is going on around the world that you are not being told about? Full-scale global conflict perhaps? World war 3? Oh yes, you don’t know do you? Are you aware that Israel and Russia are already firing weapons? I saw a report of a nuclear explosion in Syria, courtesy of their Israeli neighbors. Did you see that report? Click Here for Video>>> Syria nuclear attack – YouTube   and Click Here for Report>>>  “Nuclear” Attack on Syria Confirmed | Global Unrest – Before It’s News   Oh what’s that? You haven’t seen this? And this was nearly 2 months ago. Is a nuclear attack not a significant event? Why is this not being talked about?

In fact, I haven’t heard on anything from that region of the world in weeks. Something is going on that they don’t want you to know about. How long did it take before Americans heard about what Germany was really doing in World war 2? It is all controlled information. How in a world of nearly 7 and a half billion people can there be no significant news? The MSM has become such a joke. I’ve said this before, 50 years ago news agencies competed to get the stories out to the public. Nearly 50 different organizations have now been reduced to 4 or 5 media outlets that all tell you the same fucking story. And more often than not, those stories are contrived, chopped up, orchestrated. They have crisis actors who come in and play the roles of victims from actual tragedies, it’s fucking insane. But they do it, right to your fluoridated faces they do it, and you watch and believe it.

How long can they hide the world news from you? As long as they need to, and next they are going to use this remaining Boston bombing suspect as another distraction. This story has “bullshit” written all over it from the get-go. The remaining suspect suffered no throat wound, that was a lie, there are pictures to prove it. And guess what he has plead to the charges against him?… “Not Guilty,” imagine that. The government will lie anyway, the CIA is built around lies and double-speak and truth-bending, so look forward to seeing some outrageous behavior from the prosecution’s side. Bottom line, you cannot believe these events occur the way they play out on the MSM. From Aurora to Sandy Hook, Chis Dorner to these Boston bombers…. PSY-OP, PSY-OP, PSY-OP, PSY-OP, PSY-OP, and if you think they won’t do it again, you need to stop drinking water from your tap. Remember, they have an agenda, and that agenda extends beyond your agenda, at least to them it does.

What does all this mean for you? Ultimately, your awareness will be what saves your ass. These eugenicist globalist pig scum see 6 out of every 7 of you as a failing asset, and therefore a liability. If 6 billion people were to go, those fractional elite that remain would have a whole world to control and build anew as they see fit. Do you really think they aren’t aware of that fact? And how would they go about removing 85 to 90% of the population? Global war. They look at things from a more… planetary perspective. When you have that kind of wealth and power, those are the realities you face so before you hate on those who have to make such decisions, put yourselves in their shoes first. Is the human race really benefitting this planet, or is it the other way around? Be honest with yourselves when you answer this question and think about the fact that there are more people alive than have ever been. That makes for a future unprecedented and in turn, unpredictable.

But the globalist pig scum have grown akin to writing history as they see fit, so when you combine all these factors going on at once, it just makes for a huge mess and you almost wonder if some great calamity must occur to save the planet and the species before one cancels the other out completely. Again, it all gets so complicated when you squeeze it together, but that’s where we all are right now. All of this going on, and a President who is always on vacation. What does he know that gives him the bravado to just flaunt his arrogance right in the faces of the nation he represents and the world as well for that matter? So many people hurting, and this guy is on an 8-year pleasure cruise. Yes, the President’s job is hard. It is supposed to be, but you wouldn’t know it from watching how this President behaves. That’s because he knows something you don’t know. What do these fuckers know that they do not tell you all about?

You will see. That is why they are being so quiet now, there is preparation going on. The behind-the-scenes activity is exponentially increasing as they bring everyone deeper into the fold of their agenda. The great change I always speak of,… they know. They’ve known. You just don’t know and it is because they know and you do not that always gives them an advantage. Knowledge is power, they have the knowledge so they have the power. This is why you should all be empowering yourselves by getting smarter. Turn off your televisions and read something, but I am not going into that. I realize that 85 to 90% of you are brainwashed and seemingly beyond help. You either get it, or you do not. It’s just that simple. Those who do get it have a chance to make it to the other side of all this relatively unscathed. The rest of you, the masses of asses, I say “Good Luck” and I hope your trip guides you through safely. The beginning of the end before the new beginning dawns. Use your time wisely, while you still have the choice. Everything rides on a spark. That spark either dies or becomes a bolt of lightning. Now we are in the flux, we are moving in on zero point. Here it comes. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


Rex 84

Know what that title means? I doubt it. I didn’t until just a few moments ago. But now I do, so now you do…if you keep reading. Rex 84 is a government program that basically nullifies the Constitution and imposes a nationwide state of martial law in case of certain emergency scenarios. The problem is that who dictates when the emergency is grave enough to impose such a drastic measure? The government, who is already playing along with a globalist agenda…now do you really think they haven’t already worked Rex 84 into that agenda? What I am finding is that the complexity of their agenda is woven in deeper than I thought. They have addendum to their main agenda that are like a downward Fibonacci spiral,…or an upside down tree, think of it that way. There is the main trunk, World Domination, then stemming down 2 branches, we could maybe say one is Agenda 21, the other Rex84. Then from those come 3 branches, plans like Codex Alimentarius(Click here to know more>>CODEX Alimentarius: Home) and others like it disguised as organizational plans rather than depopulation plans. From those then 5, then 8, then 13, then 21, like a web, stretching out insuring that all the populous…their herd, is covered. I told you, the Fibonacci sequence is in everything. And here are most of you, looking the other way as their master plan is unfolding. Hmmm…who else had a master plan?

Yes, Adolph Hitler, and you see how that worked out. Can you imagine the world if they had won? Most of us wouldn’t be here, and the world would be some nazi germanic hell of even greater programming and fear, but I imagine the population, being more controlled, would just be all sheeple, 100% minus the >1% ruling class, leaving 99% as human cattle. We are not in that dimension though, we are in this one and as bizarre as that aforementioned scenario sounds, it isn’t but a stone’s throw from what they are trying to turn it into today. Nazis honored eagles, nazis took away guns, nazis used the police state on itself and attempted to give it to the world as well, nazis had the most advanced military until the USSA stole their scientists to take over control, nazis used drugs to suppress the people, so how far off is it today really? Think about it. 

Here’s a link to Rex 84:  It’s a good link. from there you can find info on the fusion centers and fema camps…. wait a second, do you all know about any of that? The stockpiles of giant coffins, big enough to hold 4 to 6 bodies in? Have I ever talked about that? Maybe I need to refresh you all. There are numerous sites ALREADY set up and designated as relocation centers for YOU,….. yes YOU. Wanna see?… Image   Each one of those dots is a “relocation” center. Quite extensive isn’t it?…just like the web I mentioned earlier they are embedded from the roots to the tips of the the longest branches, like an invading virus and/or cancer. Now that image above is only the start. There are many images you can find on the internet, even though pictures aren’t allowed apparently: Image    Now why is that? If all they are supposedly for providing shelter and relief for… Image   … those who have suffered from disasters. What is there to hide, why such secrecy? Because most people think fema camps are there to help…no, they are there to imprison. Just like nazi germany before WW2, they are making sure the infrastructure is in place before they begin to implement their master plan.  Have a look at these images… ImageImage

Looks more like a prison…yes, that’s the first thought that comes to mind. In the land of the free, this is what the globalist pig scum are doing. Preparing to round up their herd, for sale, for slaughter, who knows? You are only stock to them, cattle, capital, all these words lead back to the same story…they OWN everything, including YOU. Look some more, the pics don’t lie…


Yes, some are already in use, you just don’t hear about it on the MSM fake news. But you can find info on the internet, for now you can at least. I’ll get into internet censorship and blackouts in another post.

Above, the picture to the right, is but one of these camps, but look at all the people they could lock up. And for those who don’t live to talk about it, they have another plan, a much darker part of the agenda, democide. Do you know what democide is? Democide is murder by government, here’s a link: Murder By Government–Democide …well look at that, I just serendipitously found a new way to add links. Something new every day but I digress… back to the mass murder. That link details some of the various eugenics programs around the world. Oh yes, you didn’t know?…there are way too many of YOU and they don’t need so many of YOU so since YOU mean nothing to THEM, what do YOU think THEY won’t hesitate to do? Remove the problem. Depopulate. By the most efficient method, democide. Don’t think your government would do such a horrific thing? Hmmmm….. what are all these coffins for then I wonder… ImageImageImageImageImage     How many do you think they’ll need?…. 

ImageImageImageImage     Quite a lot, from the looks of it. Like I said earlier, the set up must be in place before they go forward with their agenda. As you can see, it would appear that the stage is set. The time is coming where it will be up to each of YOU to choose whether or not YOU want to be part of THEIR program. They are going to lie like never before, mislead like never before, deceive in a manner unprecedented. Your government is no longer for the people and hasn’t been for quite a while. Your government is owned, just like everything else, by a fractional >1% corporate elite globalist pig scum cabal who is hell-bent on stamping their new world order into history. They are going to murder many, but it won’t look like murder. Some sort of mysterious viral epidemic or engineered food and drugged water,… probably some horrifying combination of both. Maybe they will use chemical weapons on you all and then blame it on Syria. These subhuman pig scum have no empathy for humanity, they just need it to feed, for their own survival.

How will they round you all up? Here’s the breakdown: In the not-so-distant future, there will be an increase in military activity all over the globe, anyone can see that coming, right? So as that escalates, they use the media to propagate more and more and more fear into a devolving nation of television junkies. Yes, devolving,.. what was once the mighty USA is devolving into a modern-day fascist dictatorial regime that suppresses the population instead of progressing them, hence the new USSA. And like the former USSR, the USSA will collapse under it’s own insolvency. But that is exactly what the real puppeteers want, collapse, chaos, conflict, confusion, so they can come in on the other side of it and retake it all with one singular global order. They play at a level most of you cannot even comprehend. That is why I am here. To translate it for you so YOU can understand what THEY are going to do to YOU if YOU let THEM. Do YOU understand?

The caps aren’t as meaningful as YOU may think, so don’t get to caught up in that. Stop wasting time on trivialities. Do you all have any idea what is coming? I write and write and talk and talk and show and explain but I am not dumb, I see how many people read and that’s cool, because all I have to do is get through to one of you and the Fibonacci sequence does the rest. 1+1= 2, 1+ 2=3, 3+2=5, 3+5=8, 5+8=13, and so on and so on. Everything fire begins with a spark. The fiery flame of truth shines bright, illuminating the shadowy darkness of the globalist pig scum agenda. They want to control you, tell YOU what YOU can think, eat, where YOU can and/or cannot go. They want to haul you all away to their relocation camps for your “protection” Image    Just like the nazis did to the jews. Different master plan, same overall principle, domination. They want to eliminate the ideals of the Constitution and establish a new USSA, composed of 10 sectors, no longer 50 states… Image     These things are not made up, they aren’t theories, when a conspiracy is provable and documented…guess what?…it’s NO LONGER A THEORY. Why is that so hard for so many of you to comprehend? So many of you get on the bandwagon, doesn’t matter what it stands for, just whatever bandwagon happens to come by, and right away most of you think, “That must be the way.” STOP IT. Stop it right now. Fuck a bandwagon, THINK FOR YOURSELVES. I know many of you are aware of Buddha, but do you know what he stood for, who he was? Refresh yourselves… Click here>>About Buddha 

Buddha had/has many, many quotable thoughts and ramblings. Try this one as it applies to what I do for all of you… “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” 

As I have told you all so many times, we are here to help you help yourselves, but it is ultimately up to YOU what YOU take from it. We only shine the light, YOU must be the one to walk into that enlightenment to see with YOUr own eyes what is really real as opposed to what they tell you is real. They have you brainwashed, hypnotized, thinking backwards, they need YOU, not the other way around, but they scare you into believing the contrary. They control you with media-driven propaganda that promotes fear. Many of you are scared of shadows, your own and the ones they project to you.

Image  That’s a reference to the Allegory of the Cave by Plato, from The Republic. I know I have referenced it several times before, so what? Here it is again,… everyone should know this, yet few do. Why? Click here>>> Plato’s Cave – My Webspace files And… here’s the link to the 8:19 animated version, very fun to watch and again, how hard would it have been to show this to young people at the elementary level?…  PLATO – Allegory of the Cave(animated)  To have this knowledge and knowledge of this caliber from an early age would be key enriching the potential for a brighter future as adults, yet most don’t ever learn this and if they do, it would be in some college philosophy class, and how many people in the big picture do that? That particular parable is beyond philosophy, ugh… I won’t go out on that tangent right now. In some other dimension maybe…

Take a further look into their agenda via the links I provided combined with your own ambition and intuition. We believe in you. If we didn’t, why would I be writing this and you reading it? Seems my font has changed by itself for some unknown reason. I have noticed a lot of little things little that. Little adds up to big, strange… but again, I digress. Enjoy your Sun-day. Do you know why it’s called Sun-day? I think I wrote about it somewhere in the archives. Here’s a quick link>>> Encyclopedia Mythica: Origin of the names of the days  This gives a quick reference to Sun-day and all the other days. As you can see, their origins extend before Christ and your bibles, yet look at how many sites attribute Sunday to a christian origin. Control the money, control the drugs, control the military, and the biggest one control of religion because religion controls most of you. But I am only a translator, whispering in your ear. Til next time, wide eyes open wide. Love to all.