Animal Kingdom



Video magic brought to all of you by yours truly upon the liberation of high-end software for FREE via bit torrent sites. Sounds like a mouthful, but it really isn’t. I implore ALL of you to allow your creativity to flow like a raging flood. You are no slave to a job you don’t want to be at, you are no slave to a boss, you are no slave to money, YOU ARE NOT A SLAVE. It is only the fear in your ego that can convince you otherwise. Let go of that fear, let your ego go, let it die. The time to evolve is NOW. The time to ascend is NOW. The time to free yourselves from your own shackles is NOW. No one is here to live at the will of anyone else, so why are so many content to exist as such? 

I will not segue into anything too off-topic today, and I’m keeping it relatively short. Enjoy the video, the lyrics are brought to you by the legendary Curt Kirkwood, frontman of the Meat Puppets. Yes, this is my second video from them, and yes it’s another song from the same album, Up on the Sun, circa 1987. Some of you may know this, most of you probably do not, but if there was no Curt Kirkwood, there would have been no Kurt Cobain, at least not in the sense we all know him, and thus, no Nirvana.

Curt Kirkwood is a genius lyricist, very inventive, and extraordinarily creative with words. 

Down in the valley, there’s an Animal Kingdom,

you can’t even see it till the Sun goes down.

Up in the mountains, there’s beautiful rings,

on fingers that dance to invisible sound.

Up in my head, there’s an Animal Kingdom,

I am the King of the Animals there.

Up in the mountains, I’m a beautiful singer,

to the birds that can dance in invisible air. 


Do a Google search… inform yourself, or as always, you know what you are free to do…


If you like the video, share it, spread the love… and if you hate it, go fuck yourself…

 (said with a smile)


“What is the real YOU really doing about anything?”…

A good question to ask one’s self perhaps, so many people concerned about and integrating what everyone else knows and/or does and/or thinks. Why? Who fucking cares what others think if YOU don’t know yourself first? Get to know YOU, get to know YOUrself, before YOU worry about what others are doing

As the scum in charge crank up the heat, the madhouse is only going to get crazier, and then where will YOU be?…

We won’t be diving into that end of the pool today, at least I won’t, but feel free to do whatever it is YOU want/need to do to improve YOU. Knowledge is your only true power. 

Embrace self-enlightenment, move into higher consciousness, expand your awareness.

Let go of fear and ego and the awful weight it brings to empower yourself with truth, love, and soul power.

The time of being programmed, fluoridated, brainwashed, zombified slaves is OVER.

YOU choose. YOUR power is YOURS. Take what is YOURS back. Take it NOW.

More to come. Wide eyes open.

Love to all. 

Meteorites or Plasmoids?

This is an excerpt from this site:

“A plasmoid is a disconnected “spurt” of plasma, a thunderbolt traveling as a discrete object. These have been observed experimentally. The disconnection of the arc from the source is due to a lowering of the driving potential after discharge. On release the extended arc tends to condense back upon itself (while traveling) to form a shortened “object” of a distinct shape — a twisted body with balls and three tines at each end (actually the denser portions of a chalice-like form with a tongue in the middle). The plasmoids are also known from sculptural records in antiquity (as late as Roman times), especially in relation to Jupiter, and closely resemble the shapes of the experimental laboratory discharges. Depictions of the Egyptian name glyph for the predynastic pharaoh Narmer (“catfish-chisel”), dating to 3100 BC, is obviously a plasmoid, complete with a rope-twisted body (depicted in one case), a tripartite tail, and a snout with two whiskers. Models of plasmoids, as seen by humans in later antiquity, still exist in Tibet and Japan today. The European Fleur-de-lis is a late remnant of this design, which is first depicted on coins in antiquity, although the form is one of a foreshortened plasmoid.”

~NOT my work above…

But great info nonetheless. The entire site is quite informative. Here is another link to images of plasmoids, plasma plumes, and historical similarities:

Take a look at this pic: Image       These are plasma plumes that react with the coma of a planet with a magnetic field…i.e. Earth. Notice the chalice shape… very distinct. I’ve seen it before, as I’m sure some of you have. But where did I see it? Here we are at a loss my friends. i searched and searched for the footage, footage of a “meteorite” that when it got really hot before “impact,” this chalice shape appeared. If you know what i am talking about and/or know where to find that image or vid, please let me know.

Have a look at the site: 

Really interesting and you have never heard of it probably, but now you are aware. There are many firsts and randomly randoms happening, more and more as the time speeds up. It’s overwhelming just keeping up, isn’t it? That is because the spiral is tightening… here, look at this: Image     This is a Fibonacci spiral, and everyone’s vibration is resonating in a 3rd dimensional paradigm, going through the 4th dimension of time, which is speeding up toward it’s zero point in the center of the spiral. What happens at zero point?… I cannot say, but soon you will see, so don’t worry. Think about the world, all that is happening, how time is going by so fast, faster and faster and faster. Do you understand? The spiral is in everything… Here, have a look: ImageImageImageImage      And in fractals, which explain our infinite greatness and our infinite smallness, here’s a quick vid diving into a Mandelbrot fractal for about 1:40, watch and see how the spiral speeds up toward it’s zero point, only to slow down again when the zero point reveals that it is only a beginning, like I said, infinite greatness to infinite smallness, forever and ever and ever… it never ends, YOU never end. Watch:

Your vibration resonates on a frequency we all are sharing, but that frequency is rising fast as we approach zero point. We are at infinite smallness, at the nexus of being infinitely great again. The vibration, the energy inside you, everything you sense, all you think you know, it is a resonance of a frequency that exists forever on a Fibonacci spiral. It seems to be great, and seems to be small, but that is only relative to perspective, for as you see in the video, it never ends and never begins, it just is, and that’s how it goes. The frequency goes through the spiral, over and over and over, from infinite greatness to infinite smallness, forever.

Now what happens to your inner soul energy I cannot say. I am not claiming you are stuck in this spiral forever, but i am not denying it either. Right now, in this paradigm, the evidence is there that YES, we are all indeed attached to this enigma of a tightening spiral of force that affects everything. More and more, time going faster, everything condensing. For millions of years apparently, it all evolved quite slowly. Now the evolution is exponential by each quickly passing moment. Just look around, you can see it everywhere, you can feel it. Close your eyes. Feel the energy. Feel its intensity. Can you sense what I sense?

That sense I refer to is not magic, not psychic, not enlightened, as I mentioned in the previous blog, i simply just see the pieces of the great puzzle coming together. Simply is the operative word. It is like riding a bicycle. At first you are fearful, confused, and then you just let the fear go and before you know it, it was so… simple… you see? I am nothing special at all. This isn’t some metaphysical whatever… it is just observation. All of you can see what I see if you can wake up and open your eyes. We are at the fastest, greatest, most complex time we have ever known. The ride is about to get…. really wavy one could say.

You will all be faced with decisions you have never pondered, or maybe you will find that decisiveness isn’t so crucial anymore. All of these melodramas, this corporate parasitic machine, the see-through facade of what they have made this reality into for all of you, it is all collapsed…you just don’t know yet, but soon you will see. As usual, I have totally tangented off, but I think this all needs to be out here for all of you to be aware of. The odds of two great celestial events in one day are supposedly 1 in 100 million…. we had several. What is really happening and why do you not know any more than what they tell you? Did you know that when you zoom in on the footage of the Russian meteor, there appears to be something missile-like striking through this meteor that is apparently going about 40,000 miles per hour?… Here’s the vid:

So what is really going on? Major “leaders resigning,” drones in the skies, gun grabbing, world war instigation, everyone in debt and struggling except the elitist globalist scum, the system those scum feed from collapsed by the OPPT(One People’s Public Trust), psy-ops, false flags, agenda 21, the “programming” they hypnotize you all with through your televisions, GMO foods,  militarizing world police state, suppression,mass orchestrated drug distribution to promote drug addiction(addicts make easy slaves), overpopulation, the corporate monster grabbing at everything as it falls, solar flare increases, “meteorites” all of a sudden becoming prevalent, bizarre record weather, earthquakes,volcanos,overall agitation amongst the populous growing and growing, the emergence of light workers, revelations of true divine purpose being bestowed upon some of us, awakening, ascension, evolution, the American government going straight to through fascism to a hardcore militarized dictatorship that seeks global domination in accordance of the new world order, the iluminati, bohemian grove, bilderberg, 1984 and Brave New World all becoming real, transcending the frivalities of this 3rd dimensional paradigm and finding enlightenment from Higher Consciousness, One People’s Public Trust, new energies everywhere, just look at all of this and you can see that the spiral is so tight, faster and faster, here we all go.

Thanks for reading and watching my friends and subscribers all over the world. There is a great bond between those who have awakened and that bond grows stronger every day. We are here to help the masses, the majority, the ones the controllers call deem their herd, the sheeple. You all have the power, they are the parasites. They need YOU but they have you thinking backwards. They have you programmed. Why do you think it’s called television programming? Why do you think they say broadcasting? Because they are casting their program to YOU, the broad audience. They have you hypnotized, brainwashed, to keep you docile and complacent, predictable.

We are here to help you all help yourselves. My divine job doesn’t involve money or any sort of enslavement to monetary needs. I am a translator. I find out what you do not know, and then I help you know, I guide you to your own understanding of what truly is and what truly is not. I know that i am only here for a short time. My soul yearns to vibrate on a resonance that ascends me from the trappings of body and form and matter. But for now, I am here, and I love that i am here,at this time, in this moment, with all of you. The great bond is not only amongst the awakened, it exists between us all. Many of you are asleep and do not know this. many of you are far from aware of anything I am talking about. Many of you are still chained to the floor in the cave, trying to make sense of the shadows and echoes that your puppet masters dangle behind you. If that just threw you off, watch this:

Now that you know what i am talking about, which do you want to be? Do you still want to be chained to the floor, creating fake happiness from illusions? Or do you want to be free to leave the cave and go out into the light of the sun and see the real truth of this reality? Many of you will stay chained. You love that you are controlled, they have got you programmed. You laugh at those of us who have left the cave because you are in the illusory bliss of your own ignorance. It is not real, it is their illusion, but you have learned to love it and need it and worship it. You think you need them, but like I said earlier, it is all backwards. So many of you chained down. We can only help those who can help themselves. It is up to YOU, not us.

Take what you want from the things I tell you. If you have hate and are contemptuos and you think I am just a paranoid truther nut job idiot, here’s my suggestion… take a long walk of a short pier because mumpsimusized trolls like you are already drowned in your own ignorance. What I say, what I write, what I tell and inform you all of, comes straight from my heart. Since my switched flicked on a while back, I have let go of a corrupted ego. there is no time for deception and magic tricks. I spent over 30 years stumbling around blindly, knowing, but not knowing that I knew what I knew.

Always a feeling that all of this was… off… in some way. Psychedelics showed me the door, but it was an awakened natural purer than pure energy inside me that guided me through that door. And now that i have walked through, I see that there are infinite doors to infinite possibilities in infinite dimensions. My soul glows with more and more energy from the knowledge I am constantly seemingly… downloading…one might say. I have an urge to just explode this energy out of this bodily shell so i can be truly boundless again to explore all the great mysteries of this universe and other dimensions. But for now, as I’ve said, I am here… WE are here, all of us together in this existence. When this is all over, when we are al on the other side, there is something so much greater than any of this. You will see.

There is nothing to fear, there is nothing to worry about, these melodramas you think are important here mean nothing. You all worry so much about money, and work, and what others are doing. You are all so detached from yourselves and attached to a program that feeds off of YOU. YOU are all parasites to the parasite. This parasitic monster has deceived you and manipulated you all. And still you watch your televisions, and still you consume and consume, whatever it takes to keep you from focusing on yourselves. You all have great power, but you do not now because they do not want you to know. And most of you will never know. those of us that do are trying to wake p as many of you as we can. Our efforts all come from love, we all exist from the unconditional love inside us. The power in knowledge comes from love. Love yourselves enough to realize that you are a great being of light and energy, capable of achieving great wisdom, helping others help themselves by sharing what you know. All you need is love. that is all you need to guide you through this to the other side. Believe in yourselves. Trust in that energy. As I’ve said, you all will see very soon.

You all are so concerned with your lives here. You all think that working hard and attaining stuff brings happiness. You all rely on fake paper worthless money to exist, that is how they have tricked you all. think about this all from a bigger picture. Do you think those who give you the scraps from their tables are worried about your fake money? You get a fraction of a fraction of what they have. If they want to go anywhere, they go. If they want to do ANYTHING, they do. Those who make the money have got you all enslaved to their program. They are so few and you are so many, yet here it is, so many of you still chained to the floor. Always been chained, always will be, slaves from the day they incorporate your name on your birth certificates. That’s right, YOU are a corporation. They enslave you at the very start. That is why it is SO VERY IMPORTANT to READ, PLEASE READ, the OPPT, the One People’s Public Trust,… here’s the link:

These documents essentially free EVERYONE, that’s right, ALL OF YOU, from all debt, and all ownership of them upon all of you. They have illegally and malevolently orchestrated this mass corporate system to enslave you all through a world monetary system. By doing this, ALL actions they have utilized upon you to deceptively rape you of what is rightfully yours, deemed by the Creator, Source, God, whatever you want to call it. There is no one person that is above another. All are born free under by the will of Source and therefore any party that comes between that is infiltrating on YOUR life rights as bestowed upon you by said Creator, Source, God, etc. There is so much to this and yes, THIS IS REAL. Seems to good to be true but YES… Again, THIS IS REAL. These documents were put together by a team of international lawyers trained in law specific to UCC standards. If you don’t know what the UCC is, click here:

Again people, THIS IS REAL. These documents have freed you all from the illegal enslavement unleashed by these global elitists upon the populous. You all just aren’t aware yet. Their system has been colllapsed. YES, COLLAPSED. The great change is underway, you all just do not know yet. That is why I am here telling you all this, that is my purpose. Do you know what your purpose is? Have you become One with your True Selves, your Higher Selves? i suggest you read up and get yourselves together, inside not out. This great change doesn’t involve bunkers and guns and war and chaos. We have acknowledged the cancerous plague destroying humanity, and we have found the cure.

Now that this cancer has been inoculated, you all just need to keep being, do whatever you do that truly makes you happy. Focus on getting yourselves back to yourselves. They have you all so detached from YOU. Snap out of it and wake up. Turn off the fucking television. Do something creative. Make a difference. Enlighten others. Look at what you are eating before you eat it. Be careful where you drink your water at. Don’t get so enthralled and caught up in melodramas. This isn’t a soap opera. This isn’t what you all thought it was. This is mass people farming and YOU all are the crop. Think what you want, this is the truth, this is the reality, whether you all want to believe me or not.

So this week brings more and more and more as we speed up, faster and faster. I am so excited to see what each day brings, I have such a great love for being a part in all this. To know your divine purpose, to help others awaken, to help them see, to help them remember what they already know, it’s all overwhelming and perfect at the same time. What a time to be conscious, what an insanely beautiful dimensional paradigm we are all in together. Let go of your anger, let go of your fear, let go of your frustrations, let go of all you think you are worried about. There is nothing to concern yourselves over, just live, and love all those you are connected to, love everyone in fact, love the complexity and amazingness of all this. 7 billion souls, 7 billion energies, all vibrating on One resonance. Think about that. So much going on and so much to come. Get ready. Eyes wide open. Love to all.