World at War


As the hands were turning,

I had some other things to do before I could return to this forum.

Now that I am back,

about 10 days or so later,

my oh my oh my how things are changing,

as I have said many times before,

faster and faster and faster,

but toward what?


As we all know,

most would like to believe this world will always be ball games and barbecues,

a perpetual celebration of being alive,

remaining relatively ignorant because thinking hurts your sleeping little heads…

…just drink, party, commute, work, fuck, eat, breed, repeat, retire, die,

and that’s life.


one only has to look back at history,

whether it be factual, 

or it be un-factual,

there is always one constant…

… war.


And most often it comes when those who control the money supply,

deem it necessary in order for their juggernaut to grow more powerful.

For thousands of years,

these mongrels have been at this game,

so don’t think that some enlightenment will get you out of what is coming.

In order to continue with their mass mechanism of control,

they need to cull the herd so to speak.

Said herd,

in their snaky eyes,

is YOU, yes YOU.

There’s simply too many of YOU,

too many non-producing mouths to feed,

too many having too many babies having too many babies,

7 and 1/2+ billion people,

shitting and eating and ravaging the planet,

one could almost sympathize with these scum,

and their globalist depopulation plan,

if one weren’t human. 

Unfortunately for them,

I am human,

and so are YOU,

as far as I know.

Being human, a real human with a heart,

I will go down in a blaze of glory,

before anyone tries to cull me as a part of any sort of human herd.

I am not a cow, or a sheep, or a pig…

…are YOU?


Fuck them,

and fuck their agenda.

Whether you are asleep or not,

no self-determining pseudo-superiority has the right to own YOU,

regardless of YOU being oblivious to that fact.


YOU are owned.

Do YOU have a birth certificate?

Then yes,

YOU are owned.

Look into maritime admiralty law,

the law of the sea,

so YOU can see what I mean,

for YOU though,

not for me.

Before I once again segue off into some other tangent,

let’s get back to war,

or rather the impending next World War,

which will be the last for a while to come,

at least to this magnitude.

Do you realize how fragile the grid is?

How delicate this convenient electric network is in your/our everyday lives?

What if it got turned off?

A nuclear detonated EMP would do it,

and considering the US is critically vulnerable,

by way of just NINE main power grids,

how hard would it be for an attack like that to be allowed to unfurl?

The Russians aren’t fucking around,

and people better wake the fuck up to that notion.

ISIS is useless,

they are a media tool,

and we could eradicate them in minutes,

but Putin and his legion are a whole other monster altogether,

not to be trifled with.

So many Americans are still brainwashed to think that the mighty USA is invincible,

but I can assure YOU,

if you were Chinese or Russian,

YOU would be thinking otherwise.

It doesn’t take a genius mind to be able to watch this all unfolding…

…look how America has/is/and will continue to deteriorate,

from the infrastructure(roads,bridges,etc) collapsing,

to a population absorbed with novelty and consumption,

fat and lazy,

medicated in countless ways,

more inclined to know more about an athlete’s balls,

then what is actually happening to THEMSELVES.

Do YOU think the rest of the world is oblivious to this?

A weak puppet president only makes us look even feebler,

and it is coming to the point where we will be caught off guard,

either by the globalist agenda,

or by those such as Putin who do not want anything to do with that New World Order,

when they can just create one of their own.

I told you,

it’s a global game of real-life Risk,

except they are the ones rolling the dice,

and YOU play the part of the armies that get slaughtered,

while the players carve their way to global domination.

Is that why YOU are here?

Is that how YOU want to remember YOUR life?

That YOU were ultimately just a pawn in a game,

and that everything YOU thought YOU were working for to ensure your own happiness,

was a fraud,

is that how YOU want to remember this?

Or maybe YOU are going to just keep pretending this isn’t what reality really is?

That “life” will continue on with your dreams of a successful career,

and a car payment and a mortgage,

and Bed, Bath, and Beyond Sundays with the wife and kids,

and a happy retirement,

grandkids scurrying around?

Well get this through your fluoridated brains…


…I do not want it to, as I’m sure neither do most of YOU,

but YES,


And when it does,

life as YOU think YOU know it,

will change so fast,

that many will roll over just from the sheer gravity of the shift.

Many people will be consumed in this upcoming great conflict,

many people will give into their own fear,

and will die afraid,

having never really lived,

but keep in mind,

that although this is coming and it’s real and will affect everyone,

YOU can still rise above the dynamic,

YOU do not have to be a slave to them,

YOU can at least prepare yourselves as best YOU can.

I will not pretend that I have the answers,

if any at all,

for I don’t even know how I will react to what is coming,

but I do know this,

I will not give into fear,

because I have accepted that the illusion is that there is separation to begin with.

There is no death of spirit,

only the vehicles that carry said spirit come and go,

so if I/YOU are truly immortal,

what is there to ever really fear?



And with that we have hit the 1000 word mark. 

Time to go,

but I’ll be back soon,

for time is accelerating faster than ever before now.

Do not be afraid my friends.

Be brave.

Love to all.

Talk to A.I.

Click this link and you can talk to an A.I. bot. The novelty wears off quick, it did for me anyway, but check it out nonetheless. Apparently there are several bot sites like this, all beta testing it would appear for A.I. intelligence platforms. Here’s the link… CLICK HERE>>>  Enjoy. Love to all.


Cartoon Programming


This is a short video, but it speaks volumes with the symbolism. For those of you who are still asleep and think there is no illuminati, no globalist pig scum, no agenda, watch this. This aired only a few days ago, on the cartoon network, and who traditionally watches cartoons…children. There is no speculation when you watch this, no stretching to find your evidence, it’s as obvious as it could possibly be. All-seeing eyes, allusions to partying, drinking, etc, sorcery…now remember, this was made for children supposedly, so why such aggressively adult imagery?

Bc they are programming this culture via television. It begins from infancy. I just became an uncle recently and I watched first hand what an infant does when the television is turned on. Try this for yourself if you don’t believe me. My sister does a great job keeping my niece away from television, but when it is turned on, her little head turns right at that television. “Why?”… you may be thinking…bc television uses energy waves. These energy waves are alpha waves, the same brain waves that keep your basic everyday actions functioning, i.e. blinking, breathing, walking. Televisions emit these alpha waves which you do not think you notice, but your brain does.  The brain attunes itself to said alpha wave state, create a hypnosis effect, which i’m sure you are all aware of. Babies prove this to be true, hence my niece instantly turning her head to face a television that is on. Try it with any baby, and you will see for yourselves. Additionally, here is a link for you: Your Brain Waves Change When You Watch TV -Low Alpha Waves ..

Programming is nothing new. However, this particular method of programming is unprecedented as far as we know. The extent to which the globalist pig scum have gone to gain mind control over the populous is very disturbing. Imagine what is out there that we still aren’t aware of yet. Oh yes, the globalist pig scum have many secrets that could benefit humanity, but instead they hoard that knowledge for themselves and use it for their own selfish purposes. And with 85 to 90% of the population still asleep, there is little that has gotten in the way of their agenda. As I’ve said many, many times, you are all just numbers to them. So ask yourselves, ” Am I just a number?” “No,” you say… Neither am I, but these globalist pig scum think oppositely, as if you were all human cattle, hence the word sheeple. You are only part of a herd when you allow yourselves to accept the fact as such. Do not be afraid to rise up and be a shepherd. Then make more shepherds from the sheep. I know the numbers are staggering, and that most people live from blinding ignorance, but every light you shine makes a difference.

After watching this quick cartoon, I watched a few more, I have been aware of such blatant propaganda for a while, but this cartoon I find quite shocking. They really DO NOT care what you think you know about them. They will steamroll their agenda for global domination right over this humanity. Do you know why? Bc most of this hypnotized brainwashed population will surrender to the will of the globalist agenda. These truths that are so matter-of-fact and obvious to us, yet somehow miss the majority of the masses. Is it bc the masses are asses? Sometimes, but mainly it has to do with misinformation, disinformation,miseducation,and/or diseducation. If people think that what they know is real, they act accordingly, despite how real or unreal the information actually is. Sadly, most people are and/or have been devastatingly dumbed down. Water fluoridation, GMO food, programming, suppression,control, fear, all tactics that have been used against YOU by the globalist pig scum to keep you all docile and complacent inside the caves you call home. They want you to be mumpsimusized to their program and guess what?… 85 to 90% of you happily oblige them.

Not only do the sleeping ones oblige them, they attack those who disturb the hive. The word troll has taken on a whole new meaning, and the commentary unleashed by said trolls is unbelievable. So many people think they know something but you know what?… they don’t know shit and instead of correcting themselves and actually learning, they fall deeper and deeper into their own ignorance. If they don’t understand, they come at you with anger bc the unknown frightens them. Instead of trying to help themselves help themselves, it’s much easier for them to just change the channel. That is the herd mentality… loving the bliss of your own ignorance. They actually believe that if they do not acknowledge certain truths, those truths will not affect them, and when we try to explain, we get called “conspiracy theorists, truthers, kooks, tinfoil wearing paranoid idiots,etc…” That is how bad humanity has become, that is how far they have fallen into such a slow vibration; they could almost be 2 dimensional. And the we I speak of, those of us who are tring to help you help yourselves by enlightening you all with knowledge, are wondering if the herd is unreachable at this point. Think about it… how many people do you know who are still asleep? And of those sleeping persons, how many can you deduce will NEVER wake up, even if the truth slaps them across their faces? Many, so many, too many, but maybe that is just the way it is supposed to go down.

Keep in mind that I posted a 48-hour alert yesterday, so that gives us until Sun-day to see what the forces have informed me of. Something that will stir up global awareness is knocking at the door, but like I said in the post, I cannot give you all any more information than that. Predictability has boundaries, and the forces who inform me maintain those boundaries well. Do not be afraid, please do not let fear squeeze itself back into your brain. We have all worked so hard to let go of ego and fear; do not let the moment of truth allow that fear to remanifest. Is that moment of truth upon us? Well, we are in the 1’s of the Fibonacci sequence with zero point just on the horizon. I cannot recall any time where I have experienced what we are all experiencing now in this 3rd dimensional paradigm we all call reality. Time is moving faster and faster, but toward what? Remember there is no end, nor a beginning, only the perception of it, and when we get to zero point, those perceptions will determine whether or not you make it to the other side of all this or do not. If you are confused right now, go back through my archives and read up so you are on the same page as I am. These things are not difficult to understand,…again, it only perception that hinders, not the actual fact.

Stay aware, stay alert, every moment that ticks away brings us closer to…?… you all will see. The race ends for everyone regardless of who crosses the finish line or not. Or does it? Could those of us who are awake vibrate ourselves right into the 5th dimension, bypassing death in this incarnation? Again, tangents I’ve gone on in past posts, check the archives. I know what i know, you know what you know, and the forces know all. Learn to listen to the forces, open your real eyes to realize what you truly are, a divine being of light and energy, not just some meat puppet. All is connected, it is only a perception of disconnection that appears to divide us. I know, i know, I can tangent off all day long and keep going on and on, but for now, I’ll leave you with what i have just illustrated for you. If you have kids, watch what they watch before you let them watch anything bc these globalist pig scum have no limits to their evil. Programming children is a very deplorable  act… add that on to everything else they do to rape and ravage this humanity, and you now have the globalist pig scum agenda. If you 85 to 90% were gone tomorrow, do you think they would miss you? Do you think the government you trust and believe in so much would care if some bioweapon wiped out most of you? The sad part is, most of that 85 to 90% actually does, and that is why it is coming to a point where the individual is either awake or asleep?… no more in between. There is enough info here and enough time has passed for the masses to see what is really going on. Many have woken up, many in the MSM are finally waking up and letting go of their fear to give you all the real living truth about what is going on in this world. But if you cannot even be convinced by your MSM that your idea of this reality has been mostly illusory, there is no hope for you. yes, it’s sad, but that’s on you to sink your own ships. I am only a translator, remember?… Wide eyes open, love to all.



In the post before this, I hinted, but did not directly give you all the details of the great irony of marijuana prohibition. Do you know what that great irony is? The government, the regulators of these out-dated restrictions on personal cannabis use, are the biggest drug dealers in the world. Cannabis is not a drug, it’s a flowering herb. It’s a natural plant, here to benefit mankind, not hurt it. So what drugs do the government specialize in? 

Well, where does one begin? Let’s start in Afghanistan. Do you know why we occupy that country now? No, not terrorists. It’s for the opium. Afghanistan supplies 90%+ of the world’s opium. Opium is the pain-killing ingredient in every narcotic. The real definition of narcotics vaguely puts any “numbing” substance in this felonious category. Click this link:

As you can see, the LEGAL definition lumps cannabis in together with cocaine and heroin and LSD, all of which have very different effects, pros, cons, etc…  All classed schedule ONE felonies in the USSA. As I was getting to above, who now occupies all that opium? America does, so now the government, your government, has control of the pain medicine that so many in this country are addicted to and/or use for legitimate reasons. Control the drugs, control the money, control the military, control the people. 

Roughly 2 million Americans are arrested for drug possession every year, and the number is skyrocketing. Look here at this link: These are legit government statistics and as you can see, the number is going nearly straight up on the graph. A war on drugs, a tremendously failed war, has cost the American taxpayers trillions. And then the irony kicks in, because the ones who control the drugs at the start, are the same ones prosecuting those who distribute their drugs. It’s fucking insanity. 

If you do not have the common sense to reason out marijuanas effects as compared to alcohol, heroin, cocaine, etc… it is apparent how relatively harmless cannabis is. How many people kill other people driving drunk each year? How much overall chaos is caused by alcohol consumption? Now think about when anyone you know and/or yourself consumes cannabis. See the difference?

The ripple effects of marijuana demonization in the mid 20th century are still being felt, but not for much longer. Common sense seems to be trying really hard to squeeze it’s way into those you elect to make your laws. Before that aforementioned demonization, cannabis was always looked upon as valuable and beneficial for man/woman’s use. Medicinally, ask any cancer patient how well it affects their appetite and nausea. And for recreation, there has never been an overdose. People don’t fight and argue and babble incoherently as they do on alcohol. They don’t nod off into oblivion like they do on heroin. They don’t get all jacked and talk a lot of shit about nothing like they do on cocaine. Cannabis is natural. But it is still categorized as something dangerous. Common sense…where’s the danger?

So these globalist pigs make it illegal because it’s difficult to regulate. But instead of spending money to work out said regulations, they waste it on guns and bombs in some sham “war on drugs.” It’s such a joke, has had no impact, and has even given steam to the escalating violence as a result of this war. War on drugs, war on terror, who is profiting from all of this ultimately? You know it, the globalist pig scum. War equals money to them, just like Risk, but with Monopoly added in somewhere. YOU are part of their game. YOU let them use YOU as a piece on the gameboard. And if you get wiped out, oh well, it’s just a game to them, remember?

Until 1937, cannabis was great and dear friend to man/woman. 30/40/50/nearly 60 years of demonization led to a change in the 1990’s. Education, information, the truth, shared to anyone and everyone who could hear and listen. Magazines like HIgh Times, books, knowledge helped get grow info out and illustrations and articles helped give shape and meaning to the novelty of recreational and medicinal growing/consuming of cannabis. That novelty became a cause, and a statement for personal freedom. It was/is part of the great call awakening everyone to the reality of this reality. Now look where we are…

2 states… legalization, Washington and Colorado. Next is Nevada. Besides those that are allowing decriminalization, nearly 20 other states allow cannabis for medicinal reasons. People are smartening up. Common sense I told you, kicking in with a big foot. Look around, all this crazy shit going on in the world, and you wanna harass people who smoke some weed? Duh. Stop wasting time and energy and manpower and all your precious tax money fighting something that isn’t a threat. 

And, as I said earlier, the irony, YOU government puppets, YOU operate the biggest drug operation ever. The USSA government controls that 90%+ of the opium in Afghanistan now. Just like the depictions of how gangsters and mafia-types operate. They use their military might to wipe out the competition and take over nearly the entire world opium trade. America, us, if you live here, is the biggest, most ruthless gang in the world now. Domination is their agenda, I told you, just like Risk. They aren’t going to stop, and if they fail, plan B is to take the whole ship down with them in flames. 

Illegalization, demonization, education, information, semi-legalization, realization, and now here we are, still schedule 1. Why? When will these dinosaurs finally extinct themselves? There’s much more to this life than concerning yourselves over some marijuana. It is only novelty because of its criminality. No legal, or illegal, just let it be as it is. Then it is no longer such a novelty, then it becomes the unbig deal that it should be. Learn, read, educate yourselves before you condemn something that is so trivial in the bigger picture. Is marijuana a threat to you? No, it doesn’t lead to other drugs. The criminality, the novelty of doing something illegal is what leads to drug use. Oh, but I forget sometimes, 85 to 90% of you are thinking with a herd mentality. Still, common sense we can only hope…

Enjoy this day. If you get down, get down, think about this restriction on your personal freedom. If you are subject to any restriction, are you truly free, especially when that restriction restricts something as unimportant as marijuana? Where is the freedom in the fact that you will handcuffed, arrested, tried, fined, and sentenced for taking a bong hit, charged with both possession and paraphenalia, where is the freedom in that? But they do it, get away with it every day, suppressing you more, taking your energy for themselves. If you like pot, smoke your pot. Fuck them. If you get caught, use their system against them. It’s a God damn plant for Christ’s sake. Speaking of Christ, what do you think Jesus would say about cannabis? He looks like a hippie stoner to me, does he not to you? Think about it. 

Yes, the USSA government is now the world’s biggest drug dealer, biggest gangster, biggest overall terrorist that has the nerve and hypocrisy to accuse and prosecute others for doing the same, but on much smaller levels. They can, YOU cannot. How much sense does that make? Stop being afraid of these globalist pig scum fucks and their army of thuggy brain-washed cronies with badges and guns. They are beyond programmed, they are subhuman Delta robots. They only follow orders because their brains do not function on a higher level. Did you know that if you are too smart, you cannot be a cop. Now why is that? Because dumb ass people follow dumb ass orders. So fuck them and their dumb ass lackie chump puppets. These parasitic pig scum think they have the control, but the people have had enough. keeping pushing a dog in a corner, and watch how hard it bites…

The world is moving so fast now, from the 2 to the 1 + 1, faster and faster toward zero. Seems oxymoronic doesn’t it? Their prohibitions are part of their program, not yours. You only give in because of fear. STOP BEING AFRAID. Everyone is so scared of the shadows on the wall,… why? Let it go. You are already dead if you aren’t living free. YOU have a brain, use it. Enlighten yourselves, acquire knowledge, improve, progress, build your power, then learn to use it for a greater good. So much is coming, so much to YOU, this upcoming bump on the evolutionary superhighway. Do not be afraid, let go of the fear, let go the ego. Feel your soul, feel your true self, your divine self inside. That is the real you. The ego plays to their illusion. Fuck their illusion. Now you know how to leave your cave, so do it. Find enlightenment, find the light that will brighten the darkness in your life. You have the power, inside YOU, so much. Have fun, be safe today, how are those wide eyes looking? Cheers 4/20… Love to all. Image

Current World Map



If anyone is familiar with the game Risk, you will know that it is all about world domination, which happens to be the globalist agenda. The game can start with 6 teams at the most, so I gave 6 regions a shot in the current existence. This is purely for entertainment mind you. I am well-aware that this can interpreted in several ways. I do happen to be quite skilled at the game however, so I have confidence in my illustration. Here’s the map:



Here are the current players:

Blue: Globalist Regime, Bringers of the New World Order

Green: Russian Motherland

Red: Republic of China

Yellow: Axis of Extremism

Purple: Land of Africa

Orange: People of South America

Not too hard to see who the dominating player is. It can still change, but the fact is that when you play, the more you dominate, the greater your chance for total victory. The globalists really view it all as a real life game of Risk. They have their agenda and they are implementing it as I write and as you read. Think about it. What happens when the whole board is blue? Stay informed. Love to all. 

Link to Risk: