Monday Madness


Numerous events are unfolding,

as these moments pass,

faster and faster,

and tomorrow,

January 26, 2015,

is looking to be an eventful day.

Before you read further,

note that I am no doomist,

I just see what I see,

like YOU see what YOU see.

Like critiquing a painting or something,

which isn’t plausible,


Which is semi-ironic,

because I am using no new GIFS and/or pics this post…



..hard to pick a place to begin…

…it’s like watching the board,

between moves when playing Risk.

…looking at the climate for the game…

How about the weather?…

First off,

a huge asteroid is flying by,

fairly close in space terms tomorrow,

but these things always disappoint,

yet one never knows.

Something has to happen at some point, right?

Maybe a chunk will fly off,

and make some pretty fireworks.


a reportedly “historic” blizzard,

is about to hit the Northeast US tomorrow afternoon.

Those are just some weather things happening,

of course there’s a lot more,

just really summing up the potential future here…

…look into it more on your time,

especially world weather extremes…

…you’d be surprised by what’s going on around the world that one doesn’t see…

…via the MSM fake news.

We have cyber-threat fear porn being hyped by said MSM,

that’s going to get more attention,

thus more attempts at free internet crackdown.

Fake beheadings, fake cyber attacks, fake terrorism,

all driving their ever-exposing-itself agenda,

so what do YOU think they might do about this?

They aren’t dumb, 

they may be soulless scum,

but they’ve had this power for a long time,

and they will not let it go lightly.

So while they keep orchestrating this global conflict,

to cull the herd,


while they hide safely underground,

might want to integrate this becoming-clearly-obvious fact

into your not-so-distant future life plan.

Is it so difficult to see this all on the horizon?

Instigating Russia in the Ukraine,

because Putin won’t comply,

but it’s a game to them,

like the aforementioned Risk

…but to YOU…

“War on terror, War on terror,”

with many players…

…all making simultaneous moves…

…they PLAY, and you PRAY, get it?…

…US, Saudi Arabia, China, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Greece, Yemen,

on and on and on,

left, right, black, white, christian, jew, islam, 


in your face,

all day,

program after program after program after program…

…when does it end?…

2 PLUS 2 is NOT 5…

…yet this propaganda machine, goes back and forth and around again,

fake scripted conflicting dualistic versions of reality,

trying to keep everyone spinning,

while they go through with their global agenda…



one comes to a point,

when they have read enough,

researched enough,

remembered enough,

and know well-enough that they have been deceived their whole lives,

one just wants to rise above it…

…over the mass delusion,

because their version of Risk sucks, 

so why would YOU play their game?

The unfolding drama here in this dimension,

is like a game of shadows and echoes,

for prisoners in the Cave.

They love it,

and it’s fake.

They play with their balls and their toys,

again, FAKE,



Not interesting,

in fact,

it’s boring,

and illusory,

like I said, not real,

worse then a pointless children’s game,

so why give your energy to that?…

…rather then…

see what lies OUTSIDE the Cave,

to see what the real world is…

…but how does one get there and stay there above?

So many choose to stay below,

so stay below,

Enjoy YOUR trip,

but for some…

…once they’ve grown tired of descending and ascending and descending and ascending,

at it becomes clear that no matter what one does,

the damned prisoners can only free themselves,

and what one does to help is relatively irrelevant,

then where does one go?

So this week is going to be something,

but what?

What indeed dear readers,

we shall see…

Don’t be afraid,

have courage.

The future is now…

…more to come…

…love to all…

Bomb Threats in Atlanta… Cyber False Flag?…



supposedly, reportedly,

some asshole used their Twitter account,

to post bomb threats causing all kinds of flight delays,

in and around Atlanta,

which is a major flight hub here in the US.

That’s the story being reported at this moment anyway…


…yet one can only wonder if this is….


…orchestrated attempt to crack down on the Internet. 

As this story develops,

we will see.

More to come. 

Love to all. 

Ummm… Ebola who? What? Where?….


If you might recall,

(and I’m sure you can Google the time-stamped links),

the fear porn MSM stated publicly around August/September,

“that nearly 1.2 million people would be infected by about ohhh…


…well the not-funny joke is on all of You,

who keep believing this fear porn they continue to shove down your throats….

…do YOU wanna know the real numbers?

\/\/CLICK HERE\/\/

BBC News – Ebola: Mapping the outbreak –

As you will see,

as of a day ago,

there are barely over 20,000 infected,

bout half of that dead.

If you know how to do math,

divide 20,000 into 7.5 billion…

….and here’s what you get…

…if my math is right…

0.00000266666% of the global population infected.

More people died today in their cars on the way to work. 

So don’t buy into the fear porn machine,

that they have clearly amped up a notch or two…

…and suddenly Ebola just disappears…



Yeah, right…

…the numbers don’t lie and the link is above.

More to come.

Love to all.

Cyber Attack False Flag


How coincidental that literally days,

more like hours ago,

the powers-that-be put out a global warning of a “9/11” style cyber attack against the West.

Well imagine this…

…the USSA Central Command,


has been hacked and is being further hacked as you read this,

and I type.

Look into it…

…the script continues…

…I/we told YOU,

more and more and more,

faster and faster and faster,

dredging up as much fear from YOU as possible.

Don’t let them scare YOU.

Rise above the duality master/slave paradigm,

ascend from the Cave.


More to come. 

Love to all.

Chinese Cyber Attack… Worst EVER and Syria False Flag

The MSM is finally doing their job, even though I had to look at the side tabs to find this story. They are reporting that the Chinese Internet was attacked and that it is the greatest attack ever unleashed. Yet another record broken, another first.  I have told you all over and over and over again that these events are coming, more and more. Here’s a link to this story >>>   Strangely, this was posted in the “Money” section, as you can see. I thought that was kind of odd, but nonetheless, that is the story. Apparently, there were two separate attacks, a few hours apart, and the internet has been slow to recover. You can read about it yourselves via the link I gave you.

Now if this happened here, imagine what a big deal that would be, but as it is, that really isn’t our problem. Our problem is about to get much worse and I’m going to just segway right into this issue. Again, yes again, “intelligence” is claiming that chemical weapons were used in Syria. President Assad says it’s a nonsensical claim, as usual. Russia has publicly warned the USSA not to intervene. The American government listens to no one though and they are going to do whatever they want. Since they ultimately want to regroup from the chaos of conflict, what do you think they are going to do? They NEED war to survive and since unfortunately they won’t just give up and die, guess what?…war is imminent. It’s sad to watch how pathetic this government is, clawing at any and every excuse they can to bomb shit, all the while calling THEM the terrorists. Is it not disturbing to see just how far they have gone and are going? These people are fucking maniacs, and they run everything. People like this guy….

     Some people are so evil, that they LOOK evil… I’ll let the picture speak for itself. This idiot is right at the top, but they are all puppets for the globalist agenda. If you read any of the comments that people post underneath these stories about Syria, it is clearly obvious that an overwhelming majority oppose any US interference. It is only a handful, these dinosaur globalist evil illuminati pig scum, but they are a raging cancerous plague and they have infected humanity to its core. Their main goal, decimate the population, create as much chaos and disorder as possible, divide everyone, only to come back and conquer and implement their new world order. You must look at the bigger picture… Syria, Russia, war, they are looking at it from a long-term perspective. It’s world domination, same as Hitler, only by different means. The game never ends until one army has control over all territory, yes just like Risk.

There is all kinds of news going on that the MSM doesn’t tell you about. Extreme weather all over the world, not being reported. Kim Kardashian changes her kid’s diaper, reported. They are a joke, so you must become familiar with what we do in the alternative media to get the REAL story out to all of you. Don’t rely on the spoon-fed crap they want you to believe. Do not be distracted by the veneration of celebrities in this insane country. The MSM is controlled by the same pig scum that control the government. They try to control information, but they cannot contain it all, it is impossible, so they distract you. But what was once a drip, became a leak, that became a raging torrent of knowledge. Via the internet, the globe became connected, and that knowledge was able to be shared exponentially. Many are enlightened to said knowledge, but many more still rely on shadows and echoes, in the darkness of their own ignorance. We bring the information, but YOU must be the one to access it for yourselves. Take it while you can. Imagine that Chinese cyber attack here, or one even worse. The internet slows to a crawl for or goes of completely for hours, days, maybe even weeks, what would most people do, what would YOU do? China is becoming uber-modernized, so if it can happen there, can it not happen here? There are many events unfolding as we speak that are yet to come. Remember, we are at the end of the spiral, closing in faster and faster on zero point. The only one who can prepare YOU for that time is YOU. Wide eyes open. Love to all.