Supermoon CERN Energy


As most of my readers know,

we do our best,

NOT to fear monger here.

There is however,

the obvious fact,

that this world is really getting somewhat turbulent,

as we approach zero point,

or the singularity,

black swan event,

or whatever YOU want to call it,

but there IS something brewing.


And for those of YOU who say things like,

“Every year they say that,”

I say to you:

If only one of us is right once,

what will YOU do then?

It’s good that people keep mis-guessing the aforementioned event.

It’s good that those who “predict” are wrong,

because this event only needs to happen one time,

just once,

and I don’t know what the event is and/or might be,

never have claimed to,

but it could/would/will/has change/d everything.

Dates are just the result of humans attaching numbers to astronomical cycles,

they are irrelevant.

As I said above,

who’s to say a mass event has already occurred,

and/or IS occurring right NOW?

All of these people ascending in various ways,

twin flame reunions,

recalling your Higher selves,

mass consciousness expansion at an exponential rate,

on and on,

and when did all this start?


Well if you look to the right of my page,

you’ll see that CERN is firing their particle accelerator,

this Friday, March 20, 2015,

coinciding, coincidentally of course,

with a Supermoon eclipse.

They haven’t fired this since just after that infamous date,

of December 12, 2012,

specifically in February 2013.

Before that,

they had been playing with their toy,

since around 2008. 

But before that, 

what sort of particle accelerators had they been testing,

with leftover technology that the Nazis pioneered?


Now stick with me here…

…if you go back throughout the history,

of this current mass awakening many are experiencing,

it began on a relative mass scale in the late 1950’s,

into the 1960’s, and into the 1970’s,

obviously just after World War 2 ended.

Operation Paper Clip,

look into it,

numerous HIGH-level Nazi scientists and engineers,

relocated safely from the Third Reich,

into the hands of the psychopaths,

who run the CIA,

that work in shadows,

and YOU have no idea where they have gone at this point,

with the previously mentioned technology.

Now I know CERN is not based in Amerika,

but those who control Amerika,

are the banker scum who control the money, 

and where are they based?

2 + 2 is NOT 5,

but I won’t digress into that now…


So let’s pseudo-speculate just a bit,

Nazis taken to Amerika after WW2 ends,

pioneering technology YOU have never heard of,

and as the Fed and the Globalist bankers pirated,

and continue to pirate Amerika,

these technologies have fallen into the hands,

of the scum atop their proverbial pyramid,

those who have total control over most of YOU already.

…but hang in there…this gets better…moving on…

 These elitists are in it for full-scale domination,

and they have rationalized that they need the biggest weapons,

in order to successfully do so.

The proton particle accelerator they play with at CERN,

generates energy levels UNPRECEDENTED,

even at an atomic level.

Going back,

just after the first atomic bombs were tested and used,

the first mass waves of “awakened ones,”

were born…

…i.e. the first star children, indigos, crystals, etc…

…look into it for YOU if YOU don’t know…



It’s as if there is some counter-reaction of energy,

filtered back to the populous,

as the potential level of destruction and energy released from WMD grows.

So there were the first waves,

following those first atomic tests,

then more waves as they continued to test nuclear weapons,

all over the world,

leading from the 1950’s,

as mentioned earlier,

all up through the decades…


…the research shifted from atomic weaponry,

to more advanced molecular particle weaponry,

and the advent of what is now known as CERN.

What is CERN?…

Look into it, no links this time, YOU can do it for YOU,

but I can sum up:

Around 20 miles long,

they just blast protons in opposing directions,

at near light speed,

to see what happens basically. 


Now I don’t know the science,

I just try to put together puzzle pieces,

like YOU,

so when I look at the historic timelines,

of when these progressively leveling-up weapons are tested and used,

in relation to evolutionary bounces that advance consciousness,

back toward it’s higher self/5th dimensional self,

those “bounces” line up in accord with those weapons being used.

So CERN comes along and fires it’s first test in 2008ish…

…and what has become of those first star children from the 1950’s?


Those originals are old now, many dead, some still very much alive.

We have the children of the first star children now grown,

many with their own children,

that have various terms associated with them,

such as rainbow children, again, look into it for YOU.

So as you can see, since the 1950’s first wave,

a few generations have now been incarnated,

many of which are more in tune with the increasing energies,

but not quite awake yet,

but more and more and more and more waking up every moment…

…and when CERN fired off in 2008,

 a HUGE energy wave swept the planet,

and we began to get noticeably more information about New Age type things,

although I don’t really like using that term,

but it works here,

in order to illustrate people somewhat beginning to share and talk about,

subjects like dimensions, vibrations, ascension, etc…

…all around mid 2000’s to late 2000’s,

and I know it has been discussed extensively before that time,

but I’m talking about it becoming so widespread,

and with the help of the energy super-highway we call the Internet,

more people than ever before in known history,

were remembering and awakening,

to their soul consciousness,

allowing ego to die,

freeing themselves from their own chains.


Then there is the 2012 time period.

People thinking the world would end,

apocalypse, blah, blah, blah,

but what if something DID happen on a global scale,

just not in the way most people think,

and it was a gross misinterpretation, of what the Mayans were really trying to convey?

There were so many people who woke up in 2012,

you could feel the energy of something equatable to a mass birthing,

(thanks to Cyriak for the visuals above and below)


and it was everywhere,

and it’s still everywhere,

only now it’s grown,

and it grows exponentially,

all in time with this upcoming next firing of CERN,

which hasn’t fired since the beginning of 2013.


they basically double the power every time they play with this thing,

so when they do it again this Friday, 

for the first time in over 2 years,

it will be a stronger blast of energy than EVER before…

…and what will happen?

I wish I knew, I wish i knew,

but again,


Like I explained in this post,

something happens when they try to handle this level of energy,

that reciprocates with the energy giving life to this humanity,

as if their negativity,

is polarized as positivity and filtered back through the connected consciousness of all. 


and with that,

 I’ve just passed 1000 words,

so time to go.


More to come. 

Love to all. 


The 7 Chakra Crystal Energy Vortex

The 7 Chakra Crystal Energy Vortex

This is a place of healing, and feeling a more direct connection with Source and your Higher Self. Trust in the power of crystals and healing stones. The light they reflect lives inside them, and although they appear a series of 2d images in this 3rd dimensional existence, they are very conscious. More than most of you. I love that technology allows the energy to come out in other visualities. Yes, CS5. Those of you who resonate and incorporate crystals and stones in your life, know the energy and warmth they radiate. Helps make the place where I sleep feel safe and free from the negativities bombarding this planet. but the days are getting short, oh yes, less than 4 weeks. Most of you don’t even think on it, it’s funny. Don’t get me wrong, some do, some do a lot, all the time seemingly in fact, but most just laugh in instant ignorance. They say things like, “Nothin gonna happen, that’s some crazy bullshit, just like y2k, i’ll be seein u christmas, and new years, laughin,” these are things I’ve heard. Not always directly at me or even near me, but when I look around and I see the way the mass media keeps the illusion of fake news going on while this huge thing is about to happen. Most people don’t know about vibration, or chakras, or ascension, or resonance, or synchronicity, nor do they seem to care. They are just lost to me. That is their trip though. not my concern, time is way too short. Those I love, those who know me, really know me, yes there is something coming, An energy wave that is going to open a channel for you yourself to tune in to and make your life as you want it. Many will probably panic. fear will be what takes them… well. let’s just say on their own trip. Do not give in to fear. Do not be afraid of those precious things that seem so dear and unimaginable to lose, you must not be afraid to let that go. Trust in source, There is never any real separation other than the one you create. This is a time like no other before. There are may who are just not into it, not with it, vibrating slow, not ready, whatever, that is them. Worry about you, focus on you. prepare yourself inside and you will be okay, you will be fine, I promise. Yes, it is hard to not be sad about losing friends and loved ones, but it is part of the illusion of this 3rd dimensional duality. Let it go, detach, do not believe in it anymore. That train of thought has gone way off the track and no one has been at the wheel in a while. That old mentality re-brewed in America in the 1950’s about power and wealth and success through profiteering, I say re-brewed because it is not a new concept. Anyway, they still want you to buy into it, do not. Their time is done, their machine failed, all you hear is the groaning of a dying beast, which is still very dangerous. But like I said, who are they? Fuck them. Do not fear them or anything. there is nothing to fear ever. The Divine Love of Source elevates and protects. It is inside you all, but you keep watching that television. You hear, but you do not listen, and in a few weeks, there is going to be some big surprises. Neither good nor bad, all about perspective at that point by then isn’t it? Hope whatever you choose sets you free from the illusion. The Truth is the real Power, and that Power is the Energy of Unconditional Love. Listen to me or don’t, but that clock is ticking. I hope you all make it, but they won’t, you, won’t. Learn to let go and trust in the Divine Love inside you, in your Higher Self that resonates always with Source. You may not understand it, you may not think you can understand it, so do not think anymore, feel. Breathe. Feel all that energy of the Universe inside you and around you, flowing through you. There is more to you than you know, you just do not know it yet. I hope you will. Love to all.