Magic Tricks

Is magic real?

I did not create this GIF below, but it seems magical, yes?…


So magic real or unreal or surreal

…maybe yes, maybe no, maybe both, but it CAN always be created to appear real,

…an art form the MSM fake news,

(of which so many sheeple believe in unfortunately relatively faithfully)

have mastered quite well.

This AirAsia incident is yet another, YES YET ANOTHER, scripted and concocted story where the real agenda will never be known to YOU.

~Shout out to Dahboo… check out his channel on Youtube… he’s found out some interesting info on this supposed crashed airliner…

More coinciding coincidental coincidences…as usual…

…and all they let YOU know is that yet another plane crash has occurred, a tragedy, oh the humanity, here are some blurred out images of “bodies” floating in the sea, and a few parts of what might be wreckage. Such horror and terror. Not that I’m some doomist and expecting more carnage or even saying a plane didn’t crash, but these things are so damn easy to manipulate and/or exaggerate via the medium of film that one would be an absolute fool to take what they are thinking they see at face value right away, particularly when the source(the MSM) is NOW KNOWN to fake countless dramatized scripted events…i.e. Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, Aurora, 9/11, Gulf of Tonkin, Lusitania, I can go on and on and on and on…

…so how talented do YOU think these master manipulators of this pseudo reality and re-re-re-written history are at what they do?…

They’ve been at it for hundreds of years,




What did YOU, what did I, what 99% of anyone KNOW before we have come to learn/unlearn what we have come to know in this lifetime at best?

What if there were no internet, no instant access to information and knowledge and questions answered? Can YOU remember how uninformed YOU were before the advent of cell phones and social media and global connectivity?

We/YOU were clueless, yet many still are… why, why, why, WHY?…

So many WHYS…

This place confuses, this strange dimension, people who do not understand,

themselves or each other,

because they have grown to accept the illusion as their reality.


It is a prison for most of YOU, YOUR own prison, the key in YOUR own pocket all along…

When did it come to the point that the shadows and the echoes and the confines of the Cave took precedence over the enlightenment of the infinitely expanding and enlightening REAL world outside for so many of YOU?…

…why do so many choose to shackle themselves?…

…and then convince themselves it makes them happy?”…

“These things make me happy, this stuff makes me happy, this money makes me happy,”…


and all over in a blip…

And it’s YOUR life…


When YOU look back on YOUR life, YOU can sum it up in a flash, can YOU not?…

Then what?

What’s next?

When YOU get to that point when YOU look back, 

will YOU see yourself as a slave,

or the master?

YOU make the choice, 

and if the choice has been made for YOU, 

then YOU are already the slave. 

But remember, it’s never too late…


Free yourselves,

for YOU,

not for anyone else.


Will YOU die free, or die a slave?

Have some proverbial balls like William Wallace…

“For Christ’s sakes, help yourselves!”

What is there to ever really fear?

Death? Pain? Loss?

Separation is the illusion.

Don’t be afraid of magic tricks.

There is nothing to be afraid of…


and.. Braveheart rocks.


More to come.

Love to all. 


Future Islands Seasons on Dave Letterman


WOW…what a great performance. In case you missed it, some old friends of mine from college made a huge debut on the Late Show with Dave Letterman. These guys started out as Art Lord and the Self Portraits, then later evolved into what is now Future Islands. (<<<CLICK<<<) They have a healthy archive of music to check out too going back 10 years…in case you are new to the band. Be sure to look up and listen to their music. It’s brilliant. I’m lucky to have called these guy my friends at one time and it is truly a gift to the world that they now have global exposure. It’s all about love, music is the 4th dimensional goo that helps hold humanity together. Look into my archive for more on music, time, and the 4th dimension. In the meantime, enjoy the song/show above, share, connect. More to come as the seconds tick off faster and faster and faster. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 

WW3 Update

We have avoided World War 3 thus far as these idiots in power negotiate and talk and talk and talk some more. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has taken charge of the situation it would seem. They have almost established 100% that it was the REBELS, not Assad, who carried out that chemical attack in Syria August 21st. Yes, the rebels that the CIA and the USSA are helping gassed their own people and tried to blame Assad, and the US government tried to use that as an excuse for war. Do you not see yet how these globalist pig scum are working to go forth with their agenda? And they are STILL DOING IT. Kerry, Obama, McCain, the 3 main puppets, are still claiming deception on the part of Syria and the Russians, but it is just as Putin said, “Use common sense.” Why would Assad use chemical weapons when the rebels have already been known to use them before? Why does Russia have undeniable proof that it WAS the rebels, yet that evidence is ignored by US “intelligence?” Common sense, common sense, common sense….

Now, I pose this question… Is Putin part of the globalist elite? If he were, then he has masterminded his way to the upper tier at this point and is way ahead of the game as far as we can tell. If he weren’t, which I am inclined to believe, then he would be countermanding every globalist move made by the pig scum that control the US government, which he is. So…. is there a behind-the-scenes power clash going on amongst the elite who are globalists and the elite who are not, or are ALL ELITISTS globalists? The rabbit hole doesn’t end once you jump in, so who knows how far their claws have dug themselves into the fabric of humanity. What we do know is that whatever they have diplomacized about has stalled any military engagements, at least for the time being. No false flag has happened yet, well not since the chemical attack, which is certainly definable as a false flag event. The US government wanted to use that event to unleash a missile attack against Assad’s regime in Syria, before they even had any definitive proof. Can you imagine where we would be now if they HAD commenced with that attack? These evil globalist bastards are war-hungry and they will not stop until they get it.

What they hadn’t planned on however was the mass awakening that would ensue because of their appetite for war, and you will never hear about this on any MSM news outlet. That’s right, the numbers of awakened have skyrocketed since we almost dove into the madness of World War 3. Many, many, many people who were so sure about their government and so sure about Der Furher Obama, aren’t so sure now, are they? They have opened their eyes to this “administration” that is really the most evil “regime” of all, although they call everyone else’s government a “regime.” While more and more Americans struggle from paycheck to paycheck, week to week, many day to day, they are finally seeing that this government cares nothing for it’s people, but rather for the fractional few who control all the wealth. The American Dream is now the American Nightmare. How long do you think this can keep going the way it is here in the US? The world is sick of our government’s policing of everyone, they are just fed up with the US in general. If you were Russian or Chinese, how would you feel about America? You must stay open-minded enough to see it all from the bigger perspective. America has become like a 5th year senior in the eyes of the world, or maybe that guy at the club that’s a little too old to be there. Regardless, our government has embarrassed it’s people. We do not want them or their agenda. They are not against us, but they certainly aren’t for us either, and that makes them an insolvent government that should be removed and remedied immediately. Many of these bastards are war criminals. They would be if they lived in another country, why aren’t they here? It’s a sick joke, and they play it on all of you. I’m sure there is much more to come from all this, stay tuned. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


The Last Week Before WW3?

Saudi Arabia has just demanded that international action must be taken against Syria, giving the impression that the US will have a major ally when it commences with it’s attack on Assad’s regime. This is a major move, because now the US can use this to strengthen their excuse to fire missiles into military targets in Syria. The decision apparently will be made a week from tomorrow, when Congress returns from vacation. These scum are always on vacation, but I won’t digress into all that. Again, note that I put a countdown to the right there about a month ago, leading up to September 9th. I can’t remember exactly where I found that date, but some intel led me to put that counter up, and now it’s starting to come together.

So now we have the president, der fuhrer Obama, stating yesterday that he wants to pursue military action against Syria, but will wait for Congress to approve when they reconvene. The Russians, Chinese, and Iranians all warned against “dire consequences” should the US in fact go through with that attack. The UK Parliament voted against using military action, losing an ally for the US…BUT… now the Saudis have just announced that international action is needed, giving the US an ally, a major ally, in the Middle East. Remember though, this is all an orchestration. The Saudis have been in league with the globalist agenda for a long time. They are tight with the Bush family, and most of you should know by now how deep the criminality runs in that family as far as their allegiance to the globalist pig scum that run everything. The US and the globalist media will use this declaration by the Saudis to strengthen their argument for the upcoming military strike. Looks like those “dire consequences” the US was warned about are irrelevant in their decision, doesn’t it? Why? Because THEY WANT WAR. Do you really think Congress is going to vote NOT to strike Syria? This upcoming week could be the last week you all have before the world succumbs to global warfare. Once Congress gives the okay, warships are ready to fire at a moment’s notice, and when they do, it’s going to be on. All part of their agenda and I told you, they will either be successful, or they will fail, but if they fail they will try to take as many of you down with them as they can. That is why you must stay ahead of them by knowing what they know. Information is the key to everything. Those who control the info, control the power. The power used to belong to them, now it can belong to YOU, if YOU can have the courage to take it. Take it while you can because it will not be here forever, and as of a week from tomorrow, life as you all know it may drastically change, from day to night in a flash, and then you all exist in a world at war. Don’t blame me, I’m just the translator. Wide eyes open. Love to all.

Crisis Acting

Look at these two images…     …One is from Sandy Hook, the other from the Boston bombings. Now clearly, these are the same person, but how is that possible? One simple answer… crisis actors/actresses. I have touched on this a little in the past, but not much, so now I will. All of you who still believe that 9/11 was real, Sandy Hook was real, Aurora was real, etc… should check out this site…CLICK HERE>>> Crisis Actors – Trained Players and Actors Making It Real  This site is the direct link to the place where you can apply/audition to do this yourselves. Click the link if you don’t fucking believe me, I’m sick and tired of all of you brainwashed, fluoridated sheeple keeping yourselves in the darkness of ignorance by not allowing yourselves to become aware of what the globalist pig scum are doing that affects ALL of us. WAKE UP ALREADY. Geez.

So how often are these crisis actors used?… as often as needed. Considering the link above proves that it is an established reality that crisis actors do in fact exist and have existed for a while, that any number of events may have crisis actors playing the roles of victims. The excuse they offer,… crisis acting makes the drama of the event more believable and that said events are real occurrences so it is isn’t exactly deception. Yes, this is how they justify employing, training, and using crisis acting. It is bizarre I know, but this is real, just like everything else I tell/ have told you all about. This information is out here, you are being deceived and have been deceived over and over and over again for a long time. Just make sure you click that link above before you decide to denounce the truth if you should be inclined to do so.

    There are all sorts of images like this, just Google “crisis actor images,” …or   CLICK HERE>>>  Images for crisis actor    …This information isn’t hidden, it just isn’t broadcast via the MSM programming hypnosis spell most of you are under. That is why I am here, as always, to show you things you all should know, yet most of you don’t. That’s okay though… as long as you are enlightening yourselves now, which if you are reading this, YOU are indeed enlightening yourself. Make sure to get into my archives, this treasure trove of info has been created by yours truly for you all to help YOU help yourselves. I’m going off topic, but there isn’t much more to say on the crisis acting right now. The link above speaks for itself and it speaks volumes. Of course I could keep talking about it, but if you aren’t aware yet, what’s the point? First, you must become aware, then you dive deeper. Rely on YOU to tackle such things, YOU don’t need me. All YOU need is YOU. This knowledge is all out here, remember the analogy of the fruit trees?… These knowledges are all like fruits, ripened on groves of the trees of wisdom. You must simply take it, it is YOURS. Take advantage while you can, keep advancing, keep learning, keep going up… that’s the key to the door of awakening. Here’s a link to another role-playing acting site, for you trolls and sleepers,… >>>   The info, as mentioned above, speaks for itself. Consider it one of today’s discoveries. Each new day, know more than you knew the day before, otherwise you waste your day and your time. Appreciate these moments you have now, be here in the present, always keep informing yourselves. Don’t be afraid to dive in, the water is just fine. Wide eyes open. Love to all.