Super Ball Sunday


The fascination the masses have over obsessing about the way men,

and sometimes women,

play with their proverbial balls,


culminates tomorrow for that classic America pastime,

dubbed “Super Bowl Sunday.”


as the title suggests,

perhaps since it IS in fact,

the aforementioned culmination of ball-playing,

why not just call it…

… the SUPER BALL?…

Yes, Super Ball Sunday…

…a day of celebration for celebrating balls…

…yes, your very own festive holiday of balls,

the best balls day of all,

Super Ball day,


on Super Ball Sunday.


Being broad-cast,

via televised programming,

straight into the brains of millions,

and millions,

of automatonic sheeple,


who will be drooling over said balls,

and how those balls get played with,

highlighted by some bizarrely symbolic half-time ritual show,

while they drink their beer,

and get fatter on hot wings,

screaming and yelling and feeding into a drama,

cast all in the name of balls.


Quite the accomplishment humanity…

…Super Ball Sunday…



…love to all…


Super Evil Bowl

Okay I am on the fence still, as i mentioned in my earlier post, but there is a lot of evidence making me wonder… For instance, this upcoming leaked Super Bowl 47 ad. Watch this commercial. Pause it at 1:19 and look at the ring on the “devil’s” wedding ring finger. Yes, it’s an illuminati freemason symbol and some other seemingly sinister-like ring next to it. Now you all know they claim to put a lot of time into these ads and money so every little detail means something. Do you really think that it is coincidence that that particular symbol would be on a ring on that particular finger of that particular entity? Wake up and see what they do right in front of your faces. Now again, I’m not saying anything will or will not happen, just saying, be aware. Eyes wide open. Give this a look for yourselves. Stay alert. Love to all.