Ebola Fear Porn Machine



A plague amongst a plague is apparently raging now across the planet. As if there wasn’t enough out there to incite  most of you to be afraid of something or another, now there is this report of a possible erupting global pandemic of the ebola virus. Is it airborne? Is it really dangerous? Why the secrecy from the CDC? Is it part of an agenda, Rex 84, Agenda 21? So many questions to exaggerate the anxiety of the drama of it all. The list of fucked up events occurring NOW around the world could certainly be deemed “alarming,” could it not?

As always, I had to look for myself to find out what ebola actually is and what it does, how it is transmitted, etc…  sounds like a really unpleasant experience. Nausea, severe diarrhea, bleeding, a relatively slow death, probably spent alone since no one would really want to be near you from fear they might contract the virus. There are always going to be things you read that will differ from what others have said. For instance, there are many articles that say it is spread via blood and bodily fluids from infected animals and/or people, and that it is NOT airborne. However, there are other reports that detail viral mutations and/or weaponized versions of ebola that ARE airborne and thus, highly contagious. Can you picture yet why I titled this post “Ebola Fear Machine?”

What do these globalist scum who sit at the top of the pyramid feed from?… the answer is: YOUR FEAR. The more fear you succumb to, the stronger they become. With the advent of social media, alternative information sources, the “free” internet, there agendas have been exposed, along with their existence, which few actually knew of prior to the creation of the world wide web. So what are these puppet masters doing now that they are exposed? They are trying to incite as much fear and anxiety and chaos as possible, mainly via the MSM propaganda juggernaut. YOU have to be able to see through that bullshit. Everyday, it’s one fear mongering episode of one show to another. ISIS is crucifying people across the Middle East, North Korea shoots missiles randomly into the ocean toward it’s neighbors, innocent girls are gang raped in Pakistan and India, whales are hunted by insane Japanese fisherman, entire Boeing 777’s go missing, like I said, one episode after another, story to story, script to script, and NOW we have this… Ebola virus might become worldwide pandemic. Do not go outside, do not leave your house, do not come into contact with other possibly infected people and/or animals, it’s called FEAR PORN, and they broadcast their fear porn all day long, and they shove it down everyone’s throat’s who still glorify their little black boxes in their houses that control everything they think they know…illusions and magic tricks, the real plague is inside your television perhaps?…


If you look into something like Agenda 21, you will find that these “procedures” have already been thought out. By “procedures,” I mean the now-being-implemented methods of depopulation they are beginning to unleash upon the populous. Bioweaponry is how it starts. Hmmmm…. and isn’t the southern border wide open?….allowing all sorts of diseased and plagued subhuman parasites to enter the once mighty USSA. Oh yeah, they like to keep that information controlled, but it’s absolute chaos down there. Thousands crossing daily, no border patrol enforcement, unless you happen to be an American citizen, then they can harass you, but not if you’re illegal. Come on in, just walk right on in with your disease, and your un-education, and don’t forget your kids who are crawling with lice and scabies, just come on into the country… I have to ask this as a general question, “Do YOU know of any other country in the WORLD that would not only allow citizens of other countries to just walk in, but would ALSO help them when they got in?” Yeah, the answer is a loudly resounding “FUCK NO,” but the USA has become the USSA as pirates have quite clearly and obviously infiltrated the government and are intent on sinking this country, raping and pillaging as much as they can while they sink her. Remember, it’s a GLOBALIST plan, not an American plan, or a European plan, or an Asian plan, they want to control it ALL. One world government, one world bank, one world laws, one world thought, one world order. It’s not a fucking joke, these motherfuckers worship Lucifer, venerate the owl, practice dark magic, offer sacrifices, kill, destroy, corrupt, and they are the ones YOU let control YOU.


And if YOU know these things, why do they still control YOU?

In the end, YOU are nothing more than human cattle to these elitist psychopaths, and YOU will be herded as such is YOU continue to let them drive YOU right along with themselves over the upcoming proverbial cliff. Oh the cliff is coming, use your real eyes and YOU can see it. Call it a cliff, call it a bubble, call it a rocketship, whatever you want to label it as, IT is about to drop, burst, and/or blast off. How can YOU prepare for what is coming soon? There is much YOU need to do for YOU, not for anyone else, but for YOU, because the only thing that makes YOU stronger than them is to let go of your fear and your ego, embracing love and your higher self, your soul self, your solar energy light body self. How many decisions do you make every day based on fear rather than love? Do you judge others? Do you lie to yourselves when you try to convince yourselves that you do NOT judge? YOU are human, and YOU are not perfect. YOU must be honest with yourselves in order to be honest with others, just as YOU must learn to forgive yourselves before you can truly forgive others, finally leading to discovering how to truly love one’s self in order to unconditionally love all others. Do not give in to anything, who ever said one had to believe in anything? That is not nihilistic, it is just an expansion of a tangent of what is going to be the final thought for this post, as we have reached the 1000 word mark again. This post is bouncy, and leaves some stairways open ended, but that is serendipitously intentional, so YOU can walk on your own, on your own path, discovering for YOU, certainly not for me, or for anyone else. YOU are what must be number one before YOU can help others help themselves see that they are number one as well. Be wary of the fear that still hides in your egos, even those of you who are well awake.

Fear is the ultimate wizard trickster, always waiting in the shadows for an opportunity to slip back in.

Stay brave, there is nothing to be afraid of. Ever.

Wide eyes open my dear friends.

Love to all. 

Rex 84

Know what that title means? I doubt it. I didn’t until just a few moments ago. But now I do, so now you do…if you keep reading. Rex 84 is a government program that basically nullifies the Constitution and imposes a nationwide state of martial law in case of certain emergency scenarios. The problem is that who dictates when the emergency is grave enough to impose such a drastic measure? The government, who is already playing along with a globalist agenda…now do you really think they haven’t already worked Rex 84 into that agenda? What I am finding is that the complexity of their agenda is woven in deeper than I thought. They have addendum to their main agenda that are like a downward Fibonacci spiral,…or an upside down tree, think of it that way. There is the main trunk, World Domination, then stemming down 2 branches, we could maybe say one is Agenda 21, the other Rex84. Then from those come 3 branches, plans like Codex Alimentarius(Click here to know more>>CODEX Alimentarius: Home) and others like it disguised as organizational plans rather than depopulation plans. From those then 5, then 8, then 13, then 21, like a web, stretching out insuring that all the populous…their herd, is covered. I told you, the Fibonacci sequence is in everything. And here are most of you, looking the other way as their master plan is unfolding. Hmmm…who else had a master plan?

Yes, Adolph Hitler, and you see how that worked out. Can you imagine the world if they had won? Most of us wouldn’t be here, and the world would be some nazi germanic hell of even greater programming and fear, but I imagine the population, being more controlled, would just be all sheeple, 100% minus the >1% ruling class, leaving 99% as human cattle. We are not in that dimension though, we are in this one and as bizarre as that aforementioned scenario sounds, it isn’t but a stone’s throw from what they are trying to turn it into today. Nazis honored eagles, nazis took away guns, nazis used the police state on itself and attempted to give it to the world as well, nazis had the most advanced military until the USSA stole their scientists to take over control, nazis used drugs to suppress the people, so how far off is it today really? Think about it. 

Here’s a link to Rex 84: http://www.globalresearch.ca/rex-84-fema-s-blueprint-for-martial-law-in-america/3010  It’s a good link. from there you can find info on the fusion centers and fema camps…. wait a second, do you all know about any of that? The stockpiles of giant coffins, big enough to hold 4 to 6 bodies in? Have I ever talked about that? Maybe I need to refresh you all. There are numerous sites ALREADY set up and designated as relocation centers for YOU,….. yes YOU. Wanna see?… Image   Each one of those dots is a “relocation” center. Quite extensive isn’t it?…just like the web I mentioned earlier they are embedded from the roots to the tips of the the longest branches, like an invading virus and/or cancer. Now that image above is only the start. There are many images you can find on the internet, even though pictures aren’t allowed apparently: Image    Now why is that? If all they are supposedly for providing shelter and relief for… Image   … those who have suffered from disasters. What is there to hide, why such secrecy? Because most people think fema camps are there to help…no, they are there to imprison. Just like nazi germany before WW2, they are making sure the infrastructure is in place before they begin to implement their master plan.  Have a look at these images… ImageImage

Looks more like a prison…yes, that’s the first thought that comes to mind. In the land of the free, this is what the globalist pig scum are doing. Preparing to round up their herd, for sale, for slaughter, who knows? You are only stock to them, cattle, capital, all these words lead back to the same story…they OWN everything, including YOU. Look some more, the pics don’t lie…


Yes, some are already in use, you just don’t hear about it on the MSM fake news. But you can find info on the internet, for now you can at least. I’ll get into internet censorship and blackouts in another post.

Above, the picture to the right, is but one of these camps, but look at all the people they could lock up. And for those who don’t live to talk about it, they have another plan, a much darker part of the agenda, democide. Do you know what democide is? Democide is murder by government, here’s a link: Murder By Government–Democide …well look at that, I just serendipitously found a new way to add links. Something new every day but I digress… back to the mass murder. That link details some of the various eugenics programs around the world. Oh yes, you didn’t know?…there are way too many of YOU and they don’t need so many of YOU so since YOU mean nothing to THEM, what do YOU think THEY won’t hesitate to do? Remove the problem. Depopulate. By the most efficient method, democide. Don’t think your government would do such a horrific thing? Hmmmm….. what are all these coffins for then I wonder… ImageImageImageImageImage     How many do you think they’ll need?…. 

ImageImageImageImage     Quite a lot, from the looks of it. Like I said earlier, the set up must be in place before they go forward with their agenda. As you can see, it would appear that the stage is set. The time is coming where it will be up to each of YOU to choose whether or not YOU want to be part of THEIR program. They are going to lie like never before, mislead like never before, deceive in a manner unprecedented. Your government is no longer for the people and hasn’t been for quite a while. Your government is owned, just like everything else, by a fractional >1% corporate elite globalist pig scum cabal who is hell-bent on stamping their new world order into history. They are going to murder many, but it won’t look like murder. Some sort of mysterious viral epidemic or engineered food and drugged water,… probably some horrifying combination of both. Maybe they will use chemical weapons on you all and then blame it on Syria. These subhuman pig scum have no empathy for humanity, they just need it to feed, for their own survival.

How will they round you all up? Here’s the breakdown: In the not-so-distant future, there will be an increase in military activity all over the globe, anyone can see that coming, right? So as that escalates, they use the media to propagate more and more and more fear into a devolving nation of television junkies. Yes, devolving,.. what was once the mighty USA is devolving into a modern-day fascist dictatorial regime that suppresses the population instead of progressing them, hence the new USSA. And like the former USSR, the USSA will collapse under it’s own insolvency. But that is exactly what the real puppeteers want, collapse, chaos, conflict, confusion, so they can come in on the other side of it and retake it all with one singular global order. They play at a level most of you cannot even comprehend. That is why I am here. To translate it for you so YOU can understand what THEY are going to do to YOU if YOU let THEM. Do YOU understand?

The caps aren’t as meaningful as YOU may think, so don’t get to caught up in that. Stop wasting time on trivialities. Do you all have any idea what is coming? I write and write and talk and talk and show and explain but I am not dumb, I see how many people read and that’s cool, because all I have to do is get through to one of you and the Fibonacci sequence does the rest. 1+1= 2, 1+ 2=3, 3+2=5, 3+5=8, 5+8=13, and so on and so on. Everything fire begins with a spark. The fiery flame of truth shines bright, illuminating the shadowy darkness of the globalist pig scum agenda. They want to control you, tell YOU what YOU can think, eat, where YOU can and/or cannot go. They want to haul you all away to their relocation camps for your “protection” Image    Just like the nazis did to the jews. Different master plan, same overall principle, domination. They want to eliminate the ideals of the Constitution and establish a new USSA, composed of 10 sectors, no longer 50 states… Image     These things are not made up, they aren’t theories, when a conspiracy is provable and documented…guess what?…it’s NO LONGER A THEORY. Why is that so hard for so many of you to comprehend? So many of you get on the bandwagon, doesn’t matter what it stands for, just whatever bandwagon happens to come by, and right away most of you think, “That must be the way.” STOP IT. Stop it right now. Fuck a bandwagon, THINK FOR YOURSELVES. I know many of you are aware of Buddha, but do you know what he stood for, who he was? Refresh yourselves… Click here>>About Buddha 

Buddha had/has many, many quotable thoughts and ramblings. Try this one as it applies to what I do for all of you… “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” 

As I have told you all so many times, we are here to help you help yourselves, but it is ultimately up to YOU what YOU take from it. We only shine the light, YOU must be the one to walk into that enlightenment to see with YOUr own eyes what is really real as opposed to what they tell you is real. They have you brainwashed, hypnotized, thinking backwards, they need YOU, not the other way around, but they scare you into believing the contrary. They control you with media-driven propaganda that promotes fear. Many of you are scared of shadows, your own and the ones they project to you.

Image  That’s a reference to the Allegory of the Cave by Plato, from The Republic. I know I have referenced it several times before, so what? Here it is again,… everyone should know this, yet few do. Why? Click here>>> Plato’s Cave – My Webspace files And… here’s the link to the 8:19 animated version, very fun to watch and again, how hard would it have been to show this to young people at the elementary level?…  PLATO – Allegory of the Cave(animated)  To have this knowledge and knowledge of this caliber from an early age would be key enriching the potential for a brighter future as adults, yet most don’t ever learn this and if they do, it would be in some college philosophy class, and how many people in the big picture do that? That particular parable is beyond philosophy, ugh… I won’t go out on that tangent right now. In some other dimension maybe…

Take a further look into their agenda via the links I provided combined with your own ambition and intuition. We believe in you. If we didn’t, why would I be writing this and you reading it? Seems my font has changed by itself for some unknown reason. I have noticed a lot of little things little that. Little adds up to big, strange… but again, I digress. Enjoy your Sun-day. Do you know why it’s called Sun-day? I think I wrote about it somewhere in the archives. Here’s a quick link>>> Encyclopedia Mythica: Origin of the names of the days  This gives a quick reference to Sun-day and all the other days. As you can see, their origins extend before Christ and your bibles, yet look at how many sites attribute Sunday to a christian origin. Control the money, control the drugs, control the military, and the biggest one control of religion because religion controls most of you. But I am only a translator, whispering in your ear. Til next time, wide eyes open wide. Love to all.