One More Time 11:11


11:11…what does it mean?

Does it mean anything at all? Does numerology mean anything at all? Do numbers themselves mean anything at all without our human definitions being applied to a construct of said numbers

Well would 1 + 1 still be 2, somewhere else in the Universe? Hmmmm….


Certainly one must admit that the numeric connections between this dimension are fascinating, and this matrix would seemingly be impossible to navigate without them. How would anything be built correctly? How would counting work? You have to count something everyday, not just money, what if you wanted to eat 3 hard-boiled eggs, and 4 slices of fresh feta cheese like I’m eating right now? It would not work without numbers. 


So back to the topic…


As for this 11:11…

…one can go on the Internet, as I’m sure any of you reading this living in civilization would know by now, and find countless links to all sorts of characters offering viewpoints on why this particular number combination is special. You’re going to find a lot of information relating to the connection of 11:11 to your own consciousness awakening from the matrices of the ego zombies. You’re going to find information about how 11:11 connects to your eternal bond with your soul mates and your twin flame. Now you can watch these things until you pass out on your couch, as I usually do, and suck up all that new knowledge, which of course I recommend, but I also implore any of you reading this to find your own answers wishing as to 11:11 has related specifically to YOU, in YOUR life. Fuck whatever you read and think about what happened and/or what is happening if you happen to be one of the many discovering these strange recurrences of 11:11 imagery popping up all around you. 


In my experience, in what has become almost cliche at this point, I started NOTICING it around me more when I snapped out of the slumber several years ago. I emphasized the word “noticing” because it was always there, but I am not sure if I began to “notice” it more once I had seen information about 11:11 or not. This was like 5 years ago when I really started rolling along with my own ascent from the proverbial Platonian cave, and I bombarded myself with so much information initially, I cannot recall if I was or was not aware of 11:11 before I started “noticing” it. Nonetheless, whether I knew or did not know already, I could never deny the fact, that I myself witnessed gratuitously by all of my 5 3rd dimensional senses this thing, and was seeing 11:11 everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Clocks of course, constantly, billboard signs I remember because i thought what are the odds of one highway billboard sign flashing an 11:11 byte, much less literally several, it was in utility bills, I mean it was like everything with a fucking number written on it was doing this to me, over and over and over again, which at that point, I am for sure prompted me to really look into this phenomenon, and that was initially when I can for sure say that I became very familiarized with these 11:11 sightings and what they may or may not mean. 


The occurrences did fade though, there was definitely like a big crest and then a decline into a slow but steady “noticing” that it still pops up from time to time. Now was my brain just responding to the fact that I had stumbled upon that new information, and then making me “notice” it more? This might explain why I saw it quite prevalently, then not so much anymore, kind of like a new novelty, like a new pop culture novelty, comes and goes. A meme that caught on right as the new agers began to take greater strides perhaps?




…or maybe I found the info, which triggered a conscious reassurance that the “awakening” I was experiencing was in fact real, and these were numerical representations of the new synchronicity being formed with the expanding world around me. This idea may at first seem more implausible, but this reassurance is/was necessary particularly in the beginning, as many of you who have awoken and are in the process of fully awakening know, because that is the time when the battle between your ego and your soul really gets heated, more than ever before, and the initial reaction to the new energy makes you question whether or not you might be going insane. So the reassurance from 11:11 coincides with countless other synchronous moments that seem to start happening all around you once your 3rd eye snaps back open. These are to help you get past the struggle between your ego holding on while your soul takes back over. Speaking of synchronous moments…


This is one thing that has not leveled off in any way, in fact, this other phenomenon has been happening and continues to happen to me literally e-x-p-o-n-e-n-t-i-a-l-l-y more. Said phenomenon is synchronicity…

What is synchronicity? (<<<CLICK HERE TO READ MORE<<<)

Yes there is absolutely no refuting that this is happening to me on a moment to moment basis at this point. I’m like 5 years deep into the heavy curve upward, and that curve has become a rocketship accelerating faster and faster straight up and out of the matrix. Connections with people, events, things you perceive on a daily basis with the 5 3d senses, it all begins to connect and flow together more and more and more and more. Picture if your awakening started as one little star. Then your star became 2 stars, then 4 stars, then 8, exponential, like I mentioned earlier, so imagine how many stars are lighting up the sky in my mind by now, and in YOUR mind too, especially if you are well into your journey out, and that’s the best part. Everyone is making these connections, but those waking up are making them faster, and you begin to feel this not only the connectivity between yourself and your world around you, you begin to connect with others who making accelerated connections, which only makes more connections. It’s a state of continuous fascination. There is a very viral aspect to it, but maybe that’s all we are, a virus…


And on that note, I just passed 1000 words so I am outta here until next time. 

More to come. Be good.

Love to all. 


The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others.

Great quote from Carl Jung… it’s amazing how people understand very little about their own projection. As I’ve said many times, focus on YOU, stop worrying about everyone else, but do you listen?…85 to 90% of you, the answer is a resounding,”NOPE,” as they change the channel on their televisions. Mumpsimusized and calcified, 6 out of every 7 of you. What more can I keep saying to wake them up, what are you doing to help? What difference are YOU making? Does it even matter now, has the course already been plotted and is underway toward the inevitable destination of global apocalypse? Or can it all be steered in another direction? This week is going to be very eventful, more and more, every week, as the gaps close tighter and tighter while the spiral gets smaller and faster. Don’t forget to keep your eyes toward the skies as yours truly…YES, ME, I saw my first UFO last night. I know, I know,…big cheers. Still haven’t seen a report yet of anyone else seeing this, and considering it all happened in only a few seconds, it isn’t so surprising to imagine that a lot of these may be slipping by virtually unnoticed. As I mentioned in the previous post, I witnessed this from my 2nd floor loft window. My window has a view toward the ENE(EastNorthEast for the nitwits), which I am correcting from my earlier report as I thought it was more North. Anyway, ENE, this object came from the East going toward the Northwest. It was just…there. The odd thing was that a friend had texted me earlier saying there were strange red lights in the sky and I should go check them out. So I went out to look, and saw nothing, but my friend and my other friend were positive that what they had seen had previously been unseen by either of them. So upon going back inside, I opened my window so I could keep my eyes on the sky while I did some research and practiced zombie/other CoD player slaughtering. Not maybe even 5 minutes after I did this, I look and like I said…it was just there. Bright, whitish, glowy, with a “tail” just like these vids of the previous unidentified bolides have shown. This one did not flash nearly as bright as the one in Chelyabinsk, Russia, but it did look a lot like the other one that was just witnessed on the East Coast a few weeks ago. Here’s a link to that footage so you can see what is so far the closest image to what I saw last night:  As you can see, it happens very quickly, no time to grab a camera and record, so as one can easily see, it is not so easy to catch one of these live. However, I know what I saw and what I saw I have not seen before. Yet another first. I just put up a blog not even a few weeks ago if that about how I have NEVER witnessed any sort of UFO other than the occasional shooting star, until last night. Finally, my turn, and it was only minutes after I made my 3rd prediction. The 1st 2 predictions, 2 UFO-bolide-meteorish objects appear within 48 hours of my prediction, the 3rd was within 48 minutes. All part of the descending Fibonacci sequence?…maybe so, soon we shall all be witnesses, but witness to what exactly?…Let’s just be patient and fearless and see what comes. I am definitely not making any claims that this is the precursor to the killshot, but I am not denying it either. Should any sort of satellite or other man-made space object be… let’s say the word altered, in any way this coming week, I will report from there and only there that a killshot watch is in effect. Not that watching for a killshot would do you any good, but it’s something to do before you all get radiated at least right? No worries, stop being afraid, you don’t know and neither do I, so quit worrying. All will be good on the other side, you’ll see, some of you anyway. The rest of you, pish-posh, blahblahblah, whatever noises you want to put in there. Nothing I say or do will deprogram the lot of you, but for the few that I get through to, enjoy this paradigm we are all still currently in; it’s simplicity is fun in it’s own naively innocent way, isn’t it? Most of them do not know, yet some of us are here to enlighten, but why and for who’s reasoning? Questions, questions, questions, and the answers are all out here, you must only find the right fruit from the right trees before you can take a bite. Enjoy the quote, Carl Jung is a very informed guy, you all should be aware of at least something he has written or contributed. Are you not? Here you go then:

I set them up, YOU are supposed to knock them down, so get out your bowling shoes and start rolling your balls already. Today is a great day, one step further and one step closer all at the same time. Brilliant, isn’t it? Wide eyes open, love to all. 

The best politi…

BREAKING…Another East Coast Fireball


Holy shit people, I didn’t expect prediction 3 to come so fast. Look at the timestamp on the last post AND…guess what? Yours truly saw it. That’s right, I have never seen anything like this with my own 2 eyes in my life. Seen plenty of shooting stars, but this looked just the like vids of that meteorite in Chelyabinsk, Russia..VERY BRIGHT, no sonic boom. This thing also had a long “tail.” I will illustrate; I am in a room that is a lofty one-bedroom, by lofty I mean 2nd floor. The window to the north is to the right of my computer desk. I just happened to turn my head to look out at the night sky and WHAM…there it is, coming in fast, going eastish to westish. I had no time to even think of getting anything to film it, so I am hoping someone else gets footage, at least so i can reassure myself I am not having some hallucination. I ran right outside to see what I could see but now it is just quiet, very quiet, and a lot of stars, cool crescent moon. Damn, how can you all believe me if I am not sure…NO, fuck that, I know my eyes couldn’t deceive me like that, unless I was hypnotized somehow. Maybe because I made prediction 3, some subconscious suggestion slipped in and made me see something. Al I can do is hope one of you out there caught this too. Now if I hit the mark, that is THREE, YES THREE, predictions of something global with follow up fireballs, and for me to witness for myself event 3…Idk…wide eyes open wider…so have a look, here’s a link:  …this is footage of the Russian meteorite, going east to west at a downward slope, just like I saw only minutes ago. No explosions as bright as the Russian fireball, but it got bright and it was...flashy sort of. Quite bright, but all over and done with in seconds. So I cannot prove anything unless someone else happened to see this. I have gone over it and over it and over it again and again and again and I know what I saw. Either I really saw this, or my eyes have been tricked into seeing large fireball-like objects shooting across the sky. Still a little shocked, but in a good way, so no worries. I want to see more of course, or do I? Because right before I saw this I had just seen that some rather sizeable earthquakes are happening around the world now as well, along with other anomalies. Go here>>>  AND……………..OR here>>>  Both of the sites are live, at least they claim to be. Gah…I am running out of words, I’m still trying to recall those few seconds as best I can. More to come I am sure of that. Widening eyes open wider,… love to all.


East Coast Meteor Footage

As I am sure many of you know, yet another fireball was witnessed last night just before 8 PM EST along the East Coast of the US. I was in the right place, but not looking up at the right time. I did not see it, nor did anyone I know however,… considering these things only happen in a few seconds, it’s quite challenging to in fact witness them and/or get live footage. In this age of modern technology though, there are cameras everywhere fixed on certain positions, mostly for security. These appear to be clips from said security cameras which are most often a good source for filming these quick events. Nevermind all that though, let’s get to the damn point…Why are these things happening all of a sudden everywhere?
Yet another  first of many firsts. By saying first, I do not mean these things have never happened, I just mean that this seems to be a first for these events being reported to be happening as often as they appear to be happening now. First of the firsts, the big one in Chelyabinsk, Russia, which as I mentioned in a previous blog, might possibly have been exploded by unknown means, at least unknown to the public, and you can see what I mean here:

Injured reportedly around 1200 people and did some fairly extensive damage form the sonic boom that accompanied this event. Now there hasn’t been anything of this similar significance since the Tunguska blast of 1908, here’s your link:

So we have a 100 year gap between significant bolide activity. A bolide is the general term applied to meteors, meteorites,asteroids, etc… Enlighten yourselves:

… as I was saying, a 100 year+ gap between events, then the event around a month ago in Chelyabinsk. Since then though, NUMEROUS sightings of similar events all over the world. Why the 100 plus year gap and then now, how many have been reported in the last month… a dozen, few more perhaps? So wtf is happening?
Some are trying to say, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, that these events always happen this regularly, we have only just now been able to report them as broadly as we can now. Well that explanation is just total bullshit. The internet is almost 20 years old, we were not in the dark ages before that, so how would there be “less” means to report these any time relatively recently? There aren’t any “less” means, so what are those who know so desperately trying to conceal from the public? Someone knows something that they aren’t telling everyone for some reason. The Russian meteorite a month ago, several follow up sightings from Cuba to Chile, across Europe and across the US, and up to last night where one apparently was visible along the US East Coast. And these are only the ones being reported. Like I said, these events take place within only a few seconds, so to actually see one or get any footage is not so easy. But back to the underlying question; Why is this happening now?

The answer is still hiding in the shadows away from the light of truth. Will we find the answer?…Or will the answer find us? Everyone needs to be aware and to be alert. In that bigger picture I always mention, there are too many of these firsts to be coincidental. Something is going on, right under everyone’s nose. You can smell it, but you cannot see it just yet. Soon though, the truth will come to set everyone free, or to enslave them unto themselves as humanity crumbles under the weight of it’s own blind ignorance… the choice is within YOU. Have the courage to face your fear and overcome it. Everyone is in for some unprecedented surprises, all right around the corner, getting closer and closer, as we all spiral faster and faster toward zero point. Big eyes wide open, dilating, widening the view to see the truth. Are your eyes truly open? Only YOU can answer that question. Find the answers for YOU, not for someone else.Stay informed. Be safe. Love to all.


East Coast Meteorite Now? CLICK HERE

As much of a fan as I am of the MSM, the link above is to a Yahoo post and to clear the air, it actually seems, and I could be wrong, but it does indeed seem like the MSM may be starting to catch on in some way and/or at least that’s what they want you to think. Either way, whatever is done to let information flow freely and unhindered works as long as suppression and control are no longer the objectives, so don’t take my whatever the wrong way. 

Now back to this breaking story…that’s right, yet another fireball streaks across the sky, witnessed by many but still no footage. Hopefully that will change soon. So what is going on here? All of a sudden, these things are just happening everywhere? Some are trying to claim that it has always been like this, we just hear about it more now thanks to the conveniences of modern technology. Ummm… one doesn’t have to be very alert to know whether or not these events are common enough to be considered common knowledge. Well… are they? No, they aren’t, that isn’t some trick question. No, the general population was not aware of any sort of commonality of bright fireball events happening routinely throughout our relatively recent history. That is just a fact, there is nothing to argue, NO, these events are not common, so why now and what exactly is happening?

I wish I could tell you, and as soon as I find the way to define it for all of you to understand, trust me, I will. All there is now is speculation and that is all speculation is…speculating, not based in a solid factual foundation, at least not a provable one. Do i know what you know and vice versa? I wouldn’t say that exactly, I can offer you all this, whatever is happening and/or may happen soon, do not give in to your fear. The unknown always seems more ferocious at first sight, but once you know the nature of the beast, let’s just leave it at that. 

Like I said, still waiting for some footage. Just so my readers know, I have never seen any sort of UFO other than a shooting star(meteor), and lately, i have not even seen one of those, so I admittedly have some anxiety about finally seeing something other than the brilliance of the stars and a planet or two in the skies above. I have been through just about all of the vids from the recent events around the world. Same sort of footage everytime, in the right place at the right time, because these events are only seconds long. A streak, the flashes of the bolide exploding as it comes in at around ohhh…. 17 or 18 thousandMPH I believe I read. Now the one that everyone heard about in Chelyabinsk, Russia had a sonic boom accompanying the “explosion” which was loud as fuck, sorry but there is no other way to express the gravity of the boom, it was really fucking loud, blowing out windows, ultimately injuring about 1200 and costing an estimated 33 million $ in damage. I quoted “explosion” because there is footage of something “exploding” said meteorite. Yes, what appears to be a missile and yes, going faster than the reported 17 or 18 thousand MPH of the bolide itself, goes through the middle of the object causing the explosion and possibly the boom. No one knows and “no one” only keeps the real information to themselves because they answer to the globalist pig scum, but that is another story, or is it?

I keep my eyes on the skies all the time. Not only because I am fascinated by our incredible smallness in such a vast galaxy, much less a universe, but because I am fucking determined to witness something some day that I have never seen in the sky that really blows my mind. And I feel i am not alone here. Obviously not if so many are witnessing these fireballs. More and more, here we all are, apparently now in a world of asteroids and meteors that can come from nowhere anywhere at anytime having unknown consequences on an exponentially expanding global society. Are these things going to be reported more and more? Seems that way doesn’t it? And these clearly aren’t just something to see, there can be actual impact with elements on the ground…i.e. people, buildings, etc…  so again I pose to all of you, what is really going on?

Is it beyond the globalist pig scum to orchestrate these events? No. Is it paranoid to have an open mind toward that notion? No. many people say that have seen this or that, what have all these people witnessed? As I mentioned earlier, i have never seen anything other that a small shooting star, just space dust igniting in the atmosphere. Should I see something first-hand, well only then can I make any sort of definitive interpretation of what these may or may not be, just as many of you. And if it increases? Well we are all going to cross that bridge if we come to it, aren’t we? No fear, everything happening is unprecedented in it’s own way, just part of the adventure which is really going to be unfolding itself as the days tick away, faster and faster. Remember I explained the eyes dilating, in that widening view, keep in mind that at any time any one might be in the right place to see one of these events. More events, more firsts, faster and faster. So 3/22 didn’t escape without incident did it? “East Coast fireball on 3/22,”… hmmm… stretching, or not stretched out enough? All depends on YOUR perspective doesn’t it? Be YOU, that seems hard enough for most people. Stay informed, I’m sure more of these events are on the way, along with…. you’ll see. Love to all.