A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

Many of you are content to believe most, if not everything, that these globalist pig scum perpetrate via the MSM. Why? Why is the broadcasting of some event make it factual? Especially now, with the huge advances in CGI, cinematography, etc?… Why? It would seem so many have been indoctrinated to automatically assume all “news” is real, that they have lost their ability to question what is called “reality.” One of the greatest examples of fake news are the so-called “moon landings.” Oh wait…you still thought they were real?…guess the joke is on YOU then, isn’t it? 

Before you jump to calling me a conspiracy theorist, why don’t you try doing some research into this subject and see what our own eyes will tell you. Now I myself have known for some time that these “landings” were staged, however, I didn’t know the extent to which these events had been manipulated then presented to the public as fact. I didn’t know that Stanley Kubrick, arguably my favorite film director, was actually behind these stagings. Oh yes, you can know something, and then go deeper, and realize you didn’t quite know all you thought. That is why I always tell you all over and over and over again to STAY OPEN-MINDED. How can you not, considering the level of deception that has been unfurled upon the populous. We are only now, with advent of the internet and the alternative media, able to discern what is true history and what has been orchestrated via the powers that be.

Now I am not going to go piece by piece, illustrating each part of the “fakeness” of these alleged landings, that is why I linked this video for you all. Very interesting production in itself, which uses evidence and common sense to point out all of the fallacies now revealed in relation to the scam which is the moon landing. But this is just a start, for those of you who are hell-bent on continuing to believe in the integrity of these globalist pigs who really run everything. After you watch the above video, should you choose to watch it, I implore all of you to keep going, dig deeper, discover the truth for no one else but YOU. I could care less what you believe or think you believe in, YOU are the ones who ultimately suffer by allowing yourselves to keep being fooled by these elitist bastards. When is enough enough? How much longer will you let them keep shoving shit into your mouth before you close your lips and say, “No More?” How long? Because they are doing the same shit right now, same protocols, same controlled and manipulated information being funneled through a handful of outlets, all ultimately giving you the same orchestrated stories. We are here to unravel these orchestrations and give YOU all the real reality. But YOU can do this for yourselves. Use the tools you have, do not believe what you are given at face value, especially what you are told via the MSM. Control, control, control, control, control. When will you all wake up and see? That is up to YOU, not me. More to come, wide eyes open. Love to all.

Yet More Hidden History



Most of you have heard of the Great Chicago Fire of 1872. Destroyed most of the city, few hundred people died, paved the way for a newer and more modern city by happenstance. What almost all of you have no clue about are the other huge firestorms, namely the Pishtigo Fire. See, no clue do you? No worries, it isn’t in history books. Why that is one can only speculate since it is the greatest American atrocity attributed to fire. Not a couple hundred, but a couple thousand perished as the entire town went up in ashes. The case as to the causes of these great fires is still open. Have a look for yourselves, numerous theories abound. Here’s the wiki-link:   and I’ll give you another link to one of the theoretical possibilities of the cause:   


Now I’ve already took it upon myself to do the math. Supposedly, comet Biela split up and was no more after 1852 after being given a definable periodic orbit of 6.6 years, which is 6 years, 7 months, and 6 days. So if you go from the date of September 29, 1852, which is the last date of it’s last orbit and add the periodic orbit a few times, the time does NOT match up to the great fires of 1872. So either the theory of that particular comet is debunked or the times reported are not accurate. Either way, all of this is great information to know and be aware of which you now are. Take it for what it is, just here to help you. Don’t forget to use happenstance in a sentence. Stay informed. Love to all.