Truth in a Flash




Much like this bolt of lightning,

becoming enlightened will hit you in a flash,

make whatever puns you want…

I have come to realize that many/most people, particularly fellow Americans, love to honestly believe that if they do NOT acknowledge something, then it will NEVER affect them. The bliss of ignorance must be that sweet… I wouldn’t know. I’d rather be aware and empowered with truth and knowledge, then bury my head in the sand while the real living truth slowly encroaches ever closer around me. But no, they love it, they love the cave, they love shadows, they love the echoes, they love the scraps from the table, and there are SO MANY. Why? Why do you all not wake up? Why do you convince yourselves that existing as sheep, living your lives as programmed automatons, is an actuality of a “good” life?

Blows my fucking mind…

Why does it blow my mind?…because when the proverbial worm finally turns, it will be like day to night in an instant. If the power goes out from a perceivably foreign entity EMP, what would you do? If a nuclear device went off in and/or near the city you reside in, what would you do? If Obama and his Nazi regime start kicking in doors to confiscate guns, what would you do? If war causes hyper-inflation and gas prices soar, what will you do? If the border completely collapses and the country gets overrun by illegal immigrants, WHAT WILL YOU DO?…oh and the answer most of you say goes something like this…”That’s just crazy, I don’t want to think about things like that.”…when all the while, as the realities grow with their own negative energy, what do you do when they all show up at your door at once?

Just gonna hide in your own fear-driven, ego based non-reality then?

When you no longer have the option to hide,

what will YOU do?

Do you honestly believe that with the current situations rapidly developing as they are, that this world is going to be relatively the same in 10 years? Hell, fuck 10 years, let’s try 5, better yet, let’s make it an even number, “What will the world be like in 2020?”… The world in 2020 will be engulfed in global warfare, if it hasn’t already obliterated the masses by then. This plan was orchestrated long ago by those you allow to be your masters,…masters. Yes, I meant to write that word twice. Your masters masters conceived of three wars, look into Albert Pike if you don’t want to believe this. You should know by now that EVERYTHING in this entire site is provable/documented. Three wars, the first two of which went down exactly as planned, those wars being World War 1 and 2, YES, orchestrated, look it up, do some homework. The 3rd war, illustrated in documents prepared by your masters masters, will occur between now, yes NOW, and 2020. Said war will involve the Middle East and the reported Muslim extremists, and will be the war that finally collapses all world banks, thus allowing your new masters to take total planetary dominance. Go ahead, bury your heads, hide in your caves, pretend reality is not reality other than whatever you decide to fancifully replace it with in your egos. Live in the illusion, that’s exactly what they want, so when the hammer finally drops, you roll over and give your souls to your new masters, all with the docility of the brain-washed human cattle mentality they have programmed so many of you with…

Turn off your television. How many times must you hear something in order to listen?

What could possibly be going on to verify any of the semi-predictory revelations I have shared with all of you? Let’s just sum up then shall we?…: First, here in the mighty USSA, der fuhrer Obama has publicly stated that he will use executive power to nationally confiscate guns, following the model utilized by the Australian government. The difference here will be that Americans will shoot back should such confiscations begin, so we are under threat of civil war between gun owners and this exponentially oppressive police state. That’s just the beginning. Second, the border is wide open. How exactly this is happening is beyond me. The government ordered that any/all border agents DO NOT talk to ANY media outlets at risk of federal prosecution. Thousands of undocumented illegals are being brought in by the busloads, filling up military bases in Texas and Arizona, under the reported guise that the government will shelter them, feed them, and hook them up with social welfare, as long as they vote democratic of course. This “administration” is a hornet’s nest of scummery. Absolutely unreal, but it doesn’t stop there, oh no, not even close. Third, tension between the Ukraine and Russia is escalating by the minute. Russia has apparently shut off the gas flow to Ukraine, so as their fuel supplies run out, and in turn their food and water supply, then the chaos gets squared and multiplied. Most of western Europe’s gas comes from the aforementioned gas that flows through Ukraine. So when western Europe, i.e. NATO, runs out of gas/power, what comes next?  Hmmmm… gives the mighty USSA along with NATO more than enough of a publicized reason to engage the Russians in combat, which is EXACTLY what the globalist pig scum want anyway. Continuing with number 4, I know many of you are seeing this extreme terrorist organization that is taking over Iraq known as ISIS. The MSM can’t decide if they want to call them ISIS and/or ISIL, but the bottom line is, CIA controlled or not, these fuckers are absolute animals with no regard at all for humanity and human life. I posted a post a few weeks back about ISIS, look it up, look at the time stamp. I came across the group after a clip I saw from 60 minutes. That led me to a video on Youtube where I witnessed the overkill brutality of this ISIS group. Shooting the shit out of dead bodies, video recording roadside bomb attacks, drive-bys, and most notoriously, executions. Now if you have never seen these kinds of things on film, I would suggest NOT looking into ISIS. They actually PROMOTE these videos, and I’m kind of surprised that Youtube let these vids ride, since they are usually tight on censorship. So I put this post up, as I said, a few weeks ago, got a few hundred hits, then this group called ISIS goes mainstream in the last week, and now people are raising an eyebrow, but can they really stomach this INSANELY high level of violence? Leads me to my final comment, as I have now surpassed the 1000 word mark, even though I really could go on and on and on and on about what is culminating around the globe. Remember, the change will be like a flash, and if you have figured out how to put together puzzle pieces yet, it is not hard to discern that something major is literally right around the corner.

So final words for this post, here we go…

Last night,

I was shared a link to a recent video from ISIS. I will not publicize the link to this video, because I am well-aware that most of you could not handle it. It is only a few minutes long, but it is VERY REAL and VERY GRAPHIC. It shows several, maybe like 20/25 guys all together, dressed in the garb of the Iraqi army that the Americans put in charge after we withdrew. Theres a minute or two of Muslim spoken gibberish, references to allah, blah blah blah, then one after another, these soldiers are executed with close range gunshots to the head. Then after they have shot them once in the head, they continue to keep shooting them in the head, until they are uber dead. It is horrible and terrible, very graphic as I said, very haunting. So again, tread lightly when you look into ISIS. These crazy fuckers make these videos on purpose, and whether or not they are CIA funded, they are absolutely fucking nuts. And they think that those sorts of actions will grant them a “promised eternity in heaven.” Yes, I’m sure heaven is chock full of mass murderers that exist purely from the hatred of others, absolute subhuman reptilian fight behavior. I wished I had never watched the afore mentioned videos, but it’s too late, one cannot dwell on the images of the past. However, should these atrocities and the state of the planet as a whole, collapse under the weight of ego-driven psychopathic luciferian globalist agendas, would it not be better to be as prepared as you can? Is only acknowledging the good, yet ignoring the dark the right way to maximize your experience as a fragment of Source, traveling through this dimension in order to collect experience for your eventual return? Will it go away if you stay buried long enough, hide deep enough in your caves? These are all things YOU must reckon out for YOU, not for anyone else. Only YOU become aware of your individual journey as a soul traveler, we are only here on the road as billboards, neon lights pointing out loose directions, trying to help as many travelers as we can, help themselves find their way out of the caves, back to the surface into the enlightenment outside of the cave. Whoa, whoa, whoa…time to wrap it up, way over the 1000 word mark. More to come. Stay awake, and whatever YOU do, do NOT be afraid. Every time you exhibit fear, you empower your psychic vampire masters. They feed from your fear, so knock it off already. Why are so many of you so fucking scared? Of your own proverbial shadows? So much mind-blowing going on, oh the illustrations from this insane asylum of a 3rd dimensional paradigm, the pictures being painted, but I will not digress any further…

Let go of fear.

When you let go fear, you can see beyond the vail of ego.

Wide eyes open.

Love to all. 


Two Rivers



Something I threw together for all of you and none of you…this is from an album that came out in 1987 called Up on the Sun, by the Meat Puppets. Some of you may be familiar, many of you are not. Probably one of the most underexposed yet highly influential bands in relation to anything after the mid to late 1980’s. Curt Kirkwood is a brilliant, brilliant lyricist. It is said that they sometimes played/play live shows in natural enclaves out in the desert that make the acoustics come alive. To describe them would be to say something like maybe… psychedelic rock art poetry… something like that, but those are just my words. Enjoy the vid. Thanks for watching/reading. If you don’t know, inform yourself. If you know, share. If you like it, share it as well, and if you hate it…

well fuck you…cheers.

Love to all.


The 7 Chakra Crystal Energy Vortex

The 7 Chakra Crystal Energy Vortex

This is a place of healing, and feeling a more direct connection with Source and your Higher Self. Trust in the power of crystals and healing stones. The light they reflect lives inside them, and although they appear a series of 2d images in this 3rd dimensional existence, they are very conscious. More than most of you. I love that technology allows the energy to come out in other visualities. Yes, CS5. Those of you who resonate and incorporate crystals and stones in your life, know the energy and warmth they radiate. Helps make the place where I sleep feel safe and free from the negativities bombarding this planet. but the days are getting short, oh yes, less than 4 weeks. Most of you don’t even think on it, it’s funny. Don’t get me wrong, some do, some do a lot, all the time seemingly in fact, but most just laugh in instant ignorance. They say things like, “Nothin gonna happen, that’s some crazy bullshit, just like y2k, i’ll be seein u christmas, and new years, laughin,” these are things I’ve heard. Not always directly at me or even near me, but when I look around and I see the way the mass media keeps the illusion of fake news going on while this huge thing is about to happen. Most people don’t know about vibration, or chakras, or ascension, or resonance, or synchronicity, nor do they seem to care. They are just lost to me. That is their trip though. not my concern, time is way too short. Those I love, those who know me, really know me, yes there is something coming, An energy wave that is going to open a channel for you yourself to tune in to and make your life as you want it. Many will probably panic. fear will be what takes them… well. let’s just say on their own trip. Do not give in to fear. Do not be afraid of those precious things that seem so dear and unimaginable to lose, you must not be afraid to let that go. Trust in source, There is never any real separation other than the one you create. This is a time like no other before. There are may who are just not into it, not with it, vibrating slow, not ready, whatever, that is them. Worry about you, focus on you. prepare yourself inside and you will be okay, you will be fine, I promise. Yes, it is hard to not be sad about losing friends and loved ones, but it is part of the illusion of this 3rd dimensional duality. Let it go, detach, do not believe in it anymore. That train of thought has gone way off the track and no one has been at the wheel in a while. That old mentality re-brewed in America in the 1950’s about power and wealth and success through profiteering, I say re-brewed because it is not a new concept. Anyway, they still want you to buy into it, do not. Their time is done, their machine failed, all you hear is the groaning of a dying beast, which is still very dangerous. But like I said, who are they? Fuck them. Do not fear them or anything. there is nothing to fear ever. The Divine Love of Source elevates and protects. It is inside you all, but you keep watching that television. You hear, but you do not listen, and in a few weeks, there is going to be some big surprises. Neither good nor bad, all about perspective at that point by then isn’t it? Hope whatever you choose sets you free from the illusion. The Truth is the real Power, and that Power is the Energy of Unconditional Love. Listen to me or don’t, but that clock is ticking. I hope you all make it, but they won’t, you, won’t. Learn to let go and trust in the Divine Love inside you, in your Higher Self that resonates always with Source. You may not understand it, you may not think you can understand it, so do not think anymore, feel. Breathe. Feel all that energy of the Universe inside you and around you, flowing through you. There is more to you than you know, you just do not know it yet. I hope you will. Love to all.


I feel like I’ve just deliciously been spun from the backside of a tsunamic tornado that has an eternal hold on me. Eternal suggests that she will most certainly be back for more. Sounds crazy, violent, disturbing perhaps at first doesn’t it? A whirling cyclone powered by the force of a monster tidal wave and I was just happily spewed from the backwash of the chaos, only to await for her to sweep me aloft again and again for all of time. Strike away the implication of negativity. Question what you think you think is real. The truth is quite the opposite in fact and I want you to picture that. Picture the negative image in reverse. Picture all negativity in reverse. I am going to paint a picture, just for You to see. This is how I think, this is how I feel, but please remember, it is up to You to choose how You feel, and what You think. This is an illustration of my observances of the occurrences which have incurred me over the last few weeks. Relax yourself. Inhale the feeling of absolute calm, picture unconditional love. Breathe. Feel. Picture.

Incarnated in this life I began by crawling, then mostly walking, running at times, sprinting occasionally, doing my best to maneuver through this 3rd dimensional existence unscathed. Going somewhere but with no defined direction, migrating forward to an instinctively preprogrammed destination, some unknown GPS as a guide. Some signless road in the void with occasionally interesting scenery from time to time. Always the feeling inside though, way down where I’d almost forgotten, that I would finally find it or it me, even though I didn’t know or didn’t know I knew what it was. Just an instinctive notion to go forward, don’t stop the journey. Some time ago I felt something. I felt as though this path I was on, the way it was going, how I was traveling, just wasn’t real. The bricks didn’t fit together, the surface was uneven, structure unrefined, weak in foundation. So I stopped for a minute and just looked around. What exactly is all this and where am I? I am here. I am here, but I am really there. I need to get there from here. There must be made here. I gazed toward the horizon, toward there, called out with no vocal words, only my true inner voice, yearning to make there here. Expectedly unexpected, an answer. A great invisible surge came back, surrounded and caught me, and then retreated back from it’s origin, like a wave. Something so strong, pulling me toward it, whispering to my soul to flow, to ride the wave back to Source. A true call to go toward, not forward. Love is the way, stop always trying to think it. I could feel these thoughts. Feel them inside, in my True Being, my Higher Self, my Divine Self. Time dropped away from me. No more time.

A flash and there it was. Clouds instantaneously birthing a storm in a not-so-distant distance, a beautifully rainbowed tempest with lightning bolt sparks, calling me, guiding me with such force. I gravitated, in an instant on a vibration, without any thought of fear or need, only love. A hint of a movement, here I am, and there, right there, then here, everywhere, she was, right in front of me, above me, all around me, inside me, she has come and I have arrived, synchronous colors and energies, ripples fill space. A great merging. What is happening? Real/unreal? Sane/insane? Fear/love? Love/Fear? What was this feeling? This has never happened. I couldn’t move but I could be anywhere. So much to let go of, but was it really? Deep inside I feel its purity, and I want to embrace it, embrace it all. No resistance, only the unconditional surrender to unconditional love. It feels so…. still thinking of words to describe. Like if you could mix pure electricity, the warmest, softest cloud, and the combination of all love energy in the universe, that would be the word. Maybe uber-bliss sums it all up. Flashes, emanations, striking repeatedly, the light in her lightning, such strength in the nature of this divine union and in an instant, or an instant of instants, something amazing, the most amazing thing I could imagine ever, happened. This cosmic twister descended all around me and embraced me and brought me inside as though I’d never left. All so brilliant and new, but I remember…. what do I remember?

Purpose, mine, yours, ours, has become clear, re-awakening to the knowledge that we are all One with the Source, the Grand Creator, God if you would like, and that each and every one of us is a holographic reflection of this Source. The era of 3rd dimensional existence draws swiftly to an end. We are all existing together in a world that has been made manifest by fear. That was not the intention of the Source but is part of the process of returning to our true selves which were made manifest through love. There is only love and fear. Descension into this dual-natured dimension allowed for the experience of living in constant flux between love and fear. That time is over. Everyone must accept responsibility for the state of this existence, learn to forgive and love unconditionally again, and unite in a global consciousness founded by unconditional love and a unified return to Higher Self. Indeed we seemed to have passed that 11th hour and the Hour is now. Ascension is now, it’s real, and it is happening to us all, this very moment. Extensive research has determined that there are many others going through this experience, more and more and more daily, hourly. We are awakening, well re-awakening, some call it the quickening. We have noted that most of these topics began to be published via the internet in the mid 2000’s but that many have written of these things as far back as time exists. The information is there but has been blatantly altered and/or hidden until recently. Why? Why until now? The numbers of those seeking the true answer are greatly increasing as together, we near that all important date, maybe the most important ever in our brief history, December 21st, 2012.

Lately, it’s as if so many answers to so many questions that I have pondered my whole life and/or other lives before this are being presented to me, exponentially. Quite literally feels like I have awakened in ways I didn’t know possible. Uncoincidental coincidences are occurring regularly. Signs, symbols, directional markers clearly have become prevalent. Although I’ve always considered myself quite well-read, I am discovering knowledge that somehow has eluded me in the past. Each day is a new amazing blessing of boundless love and self-awareness. Is an ascension really happening? Is the Age of Aquarius going to happen the way we all hope? Or is December 22nd going to come around with no significant change? No matter what happens, are we not at a point as a global community where the only option to save us all is to unify in unconditional love and strive together in that love for higher consciousness? Does that not imply that a great change is coming regardless if you believe or do not believe? I am not stating that I do or do not believe? I simply want you all to think about these things, ask yourselves those kinds of questions, educate yourselves as much as possible. Do not think as you have been made to think, feel from your true self within.