World Ticker Event Update

Creepy eyes looking through mail slot

If you look over to your right there, you will see that I have updated the world event ticker to the beginning of the Sochi Olympics. There have been numerous terrorist threats made, warning of some kind of attack during said Olympics. Now I know we have all heard this before. “Something will happen, something will happen,”…. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. We are NOT here to fear monger, only to illustrate the paintings which are being painted for you. If a threat is real, and I am telling you about it, how is that inciting fear? If you don’t know, if you don’t inform yourself, how can you expect to understand the probability that false flag events are going to occur more and more, and to greater extent, to further a globalist agenda? So is a false flag coming? I don’t know, I’m not saying anything is coming, all I am telling you is that the MSM(mainstream media) is broadcasting a spell upon all of you that there have been confirmed terrorist threats specifically aimed at targeting the upcoming Olympic games in Sochi. If anyone is spreading any fear, it’s them, not me. What I am telling you is that the air is ripe for a FALSE FLAG event. Everyone knows what a “False Flag”  by now is I hope?…. if not, just click on the term there and you can educate yourself. It’s okay if you didn’t know, because now you do. Continuing…

One of my Youtube friends that goes by the name Dahboo7 pointed out something interesting earlier. Do you all know what this is?… Illuminati New World Order Card Game (<<<CLICK for more)  Click and inform yourself if you don’t. Now I know some people think this is just a game, created in 1981, that happened to coincidentally be extraordinarily accurate on many of the card faces. Watch this video to see all the cards, and you can se what I mean…

I am not going to go through each one for you, but I am going to show you one that directly relates to the upcoming games in Sochi. There is a card called the “combined disasters” card. In this card, you see people looking semi phantom like as something collapses behind them, particularly a clock.

See here…                             At first, one might think of Big Ben, the great clock in London, but it actually doesn’t look anything like Big Ben. What it DOES look like is the big clock at the central train station in Sochi. 

Look at this image…      …. and it’s at a train station, which is not only a choice target, but is also where two prior terrorist attacks occurred only weeks ago In Volgograd. Coincidence that these two images look very, very similar? And check out the shirts on the people… all colors of the Olympic rings. Double again, coincidence? Guess we will see won’t we? Again, and please listen and understand this, no one here is promoting fear or advocating that anything at al is going to happen. You all should know by now that there are always people saying this or that is going to happen at such and such place at so and so time, and then poof….NOTHING happens. I just find this interesting, especially since these cards, which were created way before nearly everyone had no clue what the illuminati was, have matched up to so many events that have happened and are happening… which would imply that some of the events are still to come. This isn’t anything fictional, this is not made up, that is why I linked the video above, so YOU can see for yourselves what these cards may or may not reveal. Take it for what it is, or don’t take it at all. We are only here to help, if you do not see it that way, you are more than free to move along and go somewhere else. 

So yes, there is now a counter on this home page, which will more than likely count down to nothing more than the start of another Olympics. Only information here. There is so much more going on, but I am pressed for time at the moment, so I will have to give a more thorough update later. More to come. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 

Donations Needed


Button        The golden pig here says it all…..…. and speaks volumes in only 2 short words. Right now, times are rough for yours truly. Once you awaken and see begin to see everything in it’s proper light, you find it difficult to do some of the things you once did. Some of said things become unbearable to tolerate when your eyes are open. More below…

    Here’s your example: I am in my 30’s, have a college degree, yet spent many years as a bartender/server up until relatively recently. A year ago, upon my awakening, I quit said bartending/waiting and promised myself I would never serve another plate of food or drink to anyone again albeit it my own house. And I stuck to it, wrote several books, made many vids, created this blog, collectively began to return to my higher self, helping others help themselves along the way. You see, finding and fulfilling your divine purpose isn’t a path that everyone takes, as many of you know. There is usually no money involved. Your reward/payment comes in the form of greater soul energy and vibration. It isn’t like money, but it is in a way…understand?


So after scrapping and scraping through all this monopoly money we play with in this reality, I have found myself penniless. I despise money, I despise the globalist pigs who control it all, and most of all, I despise that it is needed to get by in this everyday life in this dimensional paradigm we are all in together. Unfortunately, this is how it is isn’t it? And I’m not going to be able to give you all my all unless I have some scratch to cover bills and all the other nonsense that entails living this life. So I broke my promise…

Button-07-june.gif (10990 bytes)


Yes, I broke my promise. I applied, was interviewed, and was hired as a bartender only days ago. Um hum…this all just happened, and I’m sharing it with all of you. Here’s the story: I get to work first night. A typical first night, kinda busy, seemingly busy anyway since it was my first night. You meet a lot of people bar tending, and as always in the past, so was the case here. So here I am, me, the guy who writes all this for you, slinging drinks and bantering with customers…. again. Yes, again…


So I get on with this gig and I admit, at some point in the middle of this shift I had a moment where I felt really bad about breaking my promise to myself. I was hating doing this shit, serving, waiting, getting idiots drunk…AGAIN. Yet here I was, doing it. So I get off of the shift, still tripping a little, but had no idea what was to come. I get home, eat, go to sleep, only to be awoken to a new reality of the reality. Between eating and sleeping, I really wanted this gig to end. And then….

I wake up the next morning. I felt like shit from some shitty meds my doctor gave me. I pushed through it though, got a shower, woke up all the way, you know what I’m saying?… Upon getting out of the shower, I noticed a missed call on my cell. I was from my new manager (I know, it’s ridiculous, keep reading). She had told me the night before that she would call with my future schedule the night before this morning, my only shift thus far. So I thought that’s all it was and made no big deal, although it was still in the back of mind that I wanted some way out.

I never listen to my voicemail, so I called her back, thinking I would just be getting the schedule update. She answers, I say, “hey, sorry I missed your call, what’s up?” She then tells me that I did not show enough flare to continue working there. Flare, like in the movie Office Space, you know that over-dramatic fake charisma that some waiters/bartenders/servers dish out. Not flare, like what some of you are thinking, with the booze bottles and shit, but the act of be flare-ish, are you following? The guy “training” me was very loud and boisterous, which I can be if needed, but not on the first night of a first shift, yet here it was, hired and fired within 24 hours, after 3 interviews to get the job. Over 10 years experience and some 20-somethings stepped on it like shit. That shit was stinky too.

Therefore, I have renewed my promise and despite what sort of financial obstacles I may encounter, I will somehow overcome them and still be fulfilling the aforementioned divine purpose I spoke of at the beginning of the post. I am my higher self. You are your higher selves, and I lost that for a minute bc I was worried about this fucking monopoly money everyone plays with. Well fuck that and fuck some serving job. I am much better than that, and this brings me to how this post will help you help yourselves.        From this, I hope you will all find what I have experienced very recently useful. Useful in helping you all to remember and have belief in yourselves no matter what. I lost that briefly, everyone does, We are all in this together, we are all human, and we all make decisions that aren’t always the best, but we learn from those mistakes and get better. That’s how it should go and sometimes people don’t always learn the first time. We’ve all been there, if you say you haven’t, you’re a liar. Anyways, that is another tangent all together, back to the point. 

This game of monopoly that the globalist pig scum play is weak sauce. You know why? Bc the game is rigged. Only one person wins in monopoly, that means everyone else loses, but that fact seems to slip by most people doesn’t it? That is the fact of the reality we are all stuck in here together. 1% of the population has over 90% of the money…like I said, only one wins in monopoly and here it is, the 1 in the 1%. For those of you who are awakened/awakening, do not falter. Believe in yourselves and your purpose and all shall prevail. The power is inside YOU, not inside your bank account. I know, I know, sounds difficult, and it may prove so. But it won’t kill me and as long as I get to keeping helping all of you help yourselves, everyone wins. In my game, everyone wins, bc we are all divine beings of light and energy and love. We have the real power, not them, but they trick everyone through illusions, shadows, echoes, words, deceiving everyone to be slaves to the parasite. They feed from YOU, not the other way around. But I am going of into a new tangent again. I tend to do that often, as many of my readers know.

So to all of you who read and watch what I give to all of you  so that all of you can be winners, help me keep helping you. Maybe you have a lot of money, share some. If you don’t, save your $ for you. I need it, but if you can’t spare it, you need it more than I do. I am looking into writing jobs exclusively know, bc that is where my soul and heart are leading me. I am also pursuing acting and landed an audition for a short film being put together here in the city Raleigh, which is where I reside. I’ve had 2 auditions in my life, and landed the role both times. Not bad, not bad, but it comes naturally. Acting is great fun for me and the whole psychology of it really gets me going. Point is, despite $ troubles, I am STILL doing what I want to be doing. I am my own boss, everyone is there own boss, you only are not when you choose to submit your will to someone or something you see as some higher authority than you. The little scumfuck 20-somethings that just hired and fired me in one day are on their trips and you know what, every single one of them would be clueless after reading anything I/we write for them. They took a position of higher authority over me, and I allowed it,… briefly. I came to my senses though, asked my higher self, my only authority, to make these fake people and this lame job disappear, and I came through for me, even though I didn’t know it would play out that way before hand. I believed in my higher self more than my shadow of an ego, which is what you all should be doing, so think of this post as a life lesson, from me to me, than from me to you. YOU all have the power inside YOU to be and do what YOU what to do for YOU. Trust yourself, and all will work out. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my beloved readers/viewers/friends/family. Thank you for reading and for those who donate, thank you for that. Your kindness and gratuity is greatly appreciated and is not in vain. AS long as I breath this same air as all of you, I will continue to shine the light of truth into the darkness of Plato’s cave. I am not waiter, no bartender, no server, I am a translator. That is my divine role, divine purpose, divine job if you will. I believe in it with all of my being. I apologize to myself for losing faith. As I mentioned earlier though, we ALL make mistakes. Just try not to make them twice and so on…. you know? I hope all of you do well, and if you are awake, you already are. Wide eyes open. Love to all.

Lyrid Meteor Shower Happening Now


Yes, the predawn hours of April 22nd, about oohh….. 3/4 hours from now, is the peak time of the Lyrid meteor shower. Here is a link: 

Apparently, this happens every April when Earth passes through the tail of Comet Thatcher, click the link, then go from there to know more about the actual comet. If you happen to be awake and ina place with a good view around 4/5 AM your time, you may see some shooting stars here and there streaking the sky. The Moon may hinder the view, but that is yet to be seen where I am at. I’m sure plenty of people will find a way to film it and many new posts will be up tomorrow. 

Margaret Thatcher just died, literally just died a few days ago, and now her soul energy maybe gets to catch a ride with the comet that bears the same name coincidentally,…what do you think? Was she evil? Magic ritual planned death? I know nothing about her, but she did do something/s significant I know. Image   Hmmmm…   Let’s see what happens when I Google her name with the word “conspiracy,”…, here is a Wiki link to her bio in the meantime,…   Right away, I see a lot of hits with this Volokh conspiracy. Oh dear, here we go, check out this link:  

Yep, she has illuminati connections, or rather had I should say, … even had her own playing card in that illuminati game on the internet. Image

Look at this, as you read and learn, so am I, I have heard her name a lot through researching and what-not, but its just someone I never really cared enough about to bother addressing. Now, it looks as though she was once a key player in the globalist agenda. Feel free to get more into it on your time, I see something I want to tangent off in to, whole different fruit of a different tree, much more refreshing than looking into the history of this late global gunslingeress. Back to the comet…

I did catch a great video that spoke about fracturing comets and getting caught in the debris field and so on… particularly referring to the upcoming passing of comet ISON. “Cyclical meteor bombardment,” ~a series of meteor showers happening at regular intervals. Here, click this link to watch, it’s only around ohh… 6 and halfish minutes long…  Great info, good images, again posing that question, “Why so many sightings of “fireballs” in the sky lately?” What is coming, what is here, already, in our galaxy, on the way? Been looking up at the skies my whole life, never any sort of “fireball” until about a week ago. Yes, with MY own eyes, there is was. It happened, much too fast to get my camera, which is why many reports are just word of mouth really, tough to get actual footage. But late tonight, or this morning, however you want to look at it, you’ll get a chance to see some meteors, aka shooting stars, space dust burning up in the atmosphere. If a piece makes it to the ground, that is a meteorite, and if you happen to find a piece, you just made a very lucky find. Great energy in these, I’ve seen and held them, never found one of my own, but I’ve also never really looked. Sounds like good fun though, doesn’t it?… if you find something. I hear it’s kind of like fishing, some days you catch the lot, some you barely get a bite. Here is something good to Google…I haven’t but I am right now,…here it is: “People killed by meteorite”… interesting… as you can see, if you Googled also, it looks as though it has happened. Check it out, this is the first link I’m going for:

Don’t forget, this is a last minute post. You could actually see these right now in some places. I’m going out to have a quick peek. Have fun looking up at the skies yourselves,…seems like when you least expect it, yeah that old cliche, you see it when you least expect it… Wide eyes open for sure tonight, good luck, love to all.