Caral and the Cloud Warriors

2 different things you do not know about in one 7 min vid. Well you may know of one or both, either way, it’s great info. The first half provides a quick sum-up and some good footage of the Lost Pyramids in Caral, Peru. As old as the ones in Egypt that’s right, and a much greater complex as well but they don’t reveal too much about it yet for some reason. The next section is about the Chachapoyas, and the Cloud People, Cloud Warriors as some interpretations say. Some reports state that they had blond hair and Euro-features. Dwelled in the northern part of Peru near the rainforests often in the cliffs and slopes. Peru sounds like a very interesting country doesn’t it? Have a look at these places deeper than the 7 mins I give you. You’ll find that there is much more to peru that many do not know about. Good luck in your research. Love to all.