Alert Monday July 22nd

Take 3 minutes to inform yourselves. There are several sources of mine which have referenced Monday, July 22 as a significant date. Just sharing that information with all of you.


WATCH THIS VIDEO>>>   …and decide for yourselves. Could just be a large bomb some say… there are links that both confirm and deny that it was in fact a small nuclear bomb. I do not have the expertise to make that determination, I am just here to translate, to help you all help yourselves. Do some research.

Wide eyes open. Love to all.

Now What?


There seems to be a lull going on. Ever since this Trayvon Martin verdict, not much going on. At least you aren’t hearing about much of anything going on. Does that mean that something else big is just around the corner? It never stays quiet for too long does it?…but what’s next? What does the puzzle show? What do the pieces reveal before they come together to form the image of reality? This reality is being orchestrated though, so what act will be performed next? Something in North Korea maybe?…Something with the remaining Boston bomb suspect perhaps?…Or do we have something unexpected and unprecedented on the horizon? Questions, questions, questions.

There are things occurring all over the world actually right now but the MSM fake news is not really reporting on anything. I just checked…again. It’s been “news dead” for a few days now. It’s as if a great hush fell upon the MSM after the Zimmerman verdict. There were reports of riots, looting, protests, but what happened to those? Is everyone so mired down in their life situations that they just don’t care? I am, and surely I am not alone here. Almost out of money, under-employed, does this sound like where you are right now as well? My days have been progressively depressing financially, and as much as I hate the concept of money, it sucks to be broke.

The gap is widening. The fractional rich are getting further ahead of a dying middle-class that is falling into poordom fast. That’s right, the middle class is being gobbled up like PacMan pellets. Go look in any suburban neighborhood. You will see numerous “For Sale” signs, “For Rent” signs, as more and more people are finding it increasingly difficult to pay their mortgages. Where the fuck is the President? On vacation? Again? I haven’t seen him for weeks. He made some little bullshit statement about the Trayvon Martin case, and that’s it. What does this guy do all day? Oh, I forgot, he’s a Mafia Don. He doesn’t have to do anything other than collect what is owed to him. Yep, your President of these United States is a gangster, and so is his regime. They are pirating this government and the people with it. But guess what?…. 85 to 90% of you let them get away with it and guess guess what?… there is much more to come from these globalist pig scum.

They have fluoridated the water, they have modified the food, they have most of you programmed, now what do you think they will do? If the Trayvon martin case was a distraction, what is being distracted from? What is going on around the world that you are not being told about? Full-scale global conflict perhaps? World war 3? Oh yes, you don’t know do you? Are you aware that Israel and Russia are already firing weapons? I saw a report of a nuclear explosion in Syria, courtesy of their Israeli neighbors. Did you see that report? Click Here for Video>>> Syria nuclear attack – YouTube   and Click Here for Report>>>  “Nuclear” Attack on Syria Confirmed | Global Unrest – Before It’s News   Oh what’s that? You haven’t seen this? And this was nearly 2 months ago. Is a nuclear attack not a significant event? Why is this not being talked about?

In fact, I haven’t heard on anything from that region of the world in weeks. Something is going on that they don’t want you to know about. How long did it take before Americans heard about what Germany was really doing in World war 2? It is all controlled information. How in a world of nearly 7 and a half billion people can there be no significant news? The MSM has become such a joke. I’ve said this before, 50 years ago news agencies competed to get the stories out to the public. Nearly 50 different organizations have now been reduced to 4 or 5 media outlets that all tell you the same fucking story. And more often than not, those stories are contrived, chopped up, orchestrated. They have crisis actors who come in and play the roles of victims from actual tragedies, it’s fucking insane. But they do it, right to your fluoridated faces they do it, and you watch and believe it.

How long can they hide the world news from you? As long as they need to, and next they are going to use this remaining Boston bombing suspect as another distraction. This story has “bullshit” written all over it from the get-go. The remaining suspect suffered no throat wound, that was a lie, there are pictures to prove it. And guess what he has plead to the charges against him?… “Not Guilty,” imagine that. The government will lie anyway, the CIA is built around lies and double-speak and truth-bending, so look forward to seeing some outrageous behavior from the prosecution’s side. Bottom line, you cannot believe these events occur the way they play out on the MSM. From Aurora to Sandy Hook, Chis Dorner to these Boston bombers…. PSY-OP, PSY-OP, PSY-OP, PSY-OP, PSY-OP, and if you think they won’t do it again, you need to stop drinking water from your tap. Remember, they have an agenda, and that agenda extends beyond your agenda, at least to them it does.

What does all this mean for you? Ultimately, your awareness will be what saves your ass. These eugenicist globalist pig scum see 6 out of every 7 of you as a failing asset, and therefore a liability. If 6 billion people were to go, those fractional elite that remain would have a whole world to control and build anew as they see fit. Do you really think they aren’t aware of that fact? And how would they go about removing 85 to 90% of the population? Global war. They look at things from a more… planetary perspective. When you have that kind of wealth and power, those are the realities you face so before you hate on those who have to make such decisions, put yourselves in their shoes first. Is the human race really benefitting this planet, or is it the other way around? Be honest with yourselves when you answer this question and think about the fact that there are more people alive than have ever been. That makes for a future unprecedented and in turn, unpredictable.

But the globalist pig scum have grown akin to writing history as they see fit, so when you combine all these factors going on at once, it just makes for a huge mess and you almost wonder if some great calamity must occur to save the planet and the species before one cancels the other out completely. Again, it all gets so complicated when you squeeze it together, but that’s where we all are right now. All of this going on, and a President who is always on vacation. What does he know that gives him the bravado to just flaunt his arrogance right in the faces of the nation he represents and the world as well for that matter? So many people hurting, and this guy is on an 8-year pleasure cruise. Yes, the President’s job is hard. It is supposed to be, but you wouldn’t know it from watching how this President behaves. That’s because he knows something you don’t know. What do these fuckers know that they do not tell you all about?

You will see. That is why they are being so quiet now, there is preparation going on. The behind-the-scenes activity is exponentially increasing as they bring everyone deeper into the fold of their agenda. The great change I always speak of,… they know. They’ve known. You just don’t know and it is because they know and you do not that always gives them an advantage. Knowledge is power, they have the knowledge so they have the power. This is why you should all be empowering yourselves by getting smarter. Turn off your televisions and read something, but I am not going into that. I realize that 85 to 90% of you are brainwashed and seemingly beyond help. You either get it, or you do not. It’s just that simple. Those who do get it have a chance to make it to the other side of all this relatively unscathed. The rest of you, the masses of asses, I say “Good Luck” and I hope your trip guides you through safely. The beginning of the end before the new beginning dawns. Use your time wisely, while you still have the choice. Everything rides on a spark. That spark either dies or becomes a bolt of lightning. Now we are in the flux, we are moving in on zero point. Here it comes. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


In a Zone…Read Up, Inform yourselves

Image    The Risk board as it is now roughly, yes, I’ve shown this before. What happens when the blue gets dominant? They are the ones that want the new world order, so guess who is going to continue being a slave to a GLOBAL corporate entity…. YOU. Unless you learn to be free from their program and open your eyes to wake up and see the true reality of this existence.

Do you think you have it all figured out? What do you really know?… most of you have been watching shadows and listening to echoes to determine what is and what is not in your reality. Yes, for your entire lives. Enlighten yourselves. I can only speculate how many of you actually know what I am referring to. Oh this humanity… the herd, but I still love you all. Plz take 8 minutes and 19 seconds to change your fluoridated lives. If you know, great, share. If not, see what you have never seen because your eyes have been blinded by your own ignorance.


85 to 90% of yo are brain-washed hypnotized zombies automatonic drones. Mumpsimuses. If you don;t know what a mumpsimus is, Google it. Learn for yourselves. My blog is here to help you all help yourselves. Hu,amity is crumbling fast as we approach zero point. Do any of you know what novelty really is? Do any of you care to constantly increase your knowledge? You NEVER stop learning, and there is so much going on that you all are clueless about/ But you don’t care, you are all part of a herd aren’t you?…grazing on that green grass of ignorance. tastes good, doesn’t it? Eat it up mumpsimuses, your trip will eventually consume you. That’s your problem, the problem of the 85 to 90%. The rest of us are awakened or awakening to a higher reality, the great resonance of the frequency of the vibration we all exist on. As the Schumann resonance rises, so does humanities, most of you just don’t now it. This is a 3rd dimensional paradigm of what you all call “reality.” We are going through the 4th dimension of time which is going faster as we approach zero point. Don’t you notice how fast time is going? That has nothing to do with age, the 4th durational dimension of time exists on a Fibonacci spiral. As that spural tightens, time goes faster. The Fibonacci sequence goes 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on….do you see the pattern. That sequence is the basis of all we know. 1 + 1 gets 2 and life goes on. That is the nature of love, the initial attraction of the initial “ones” to create more of itself. You have to think of love as an attraction, not in a romantic way. Well that sequence goes backward too… 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, 0… which is where we are going. You see, Fractals play a very important role, look that up on your own time. Well, the 4th dimension of time is a fractal. Once zero point is reached, the sequence starts again, this goes on forever i the 4th dimension. Well right now we are at the 1 and 1, which are about to separate into the zero point. What happens to this insane asylum of a overpopulated world is not for me to disclose to you. But it is real, and it is coming anytime. Any of you on here that are still my “friends” take heed. There is a great change, a tempest on the horizon, as Shakespeare might say. Have a look at my blog, I have gathered, researched, written, linked, all sorts of information that most of you are not aware of ad would never be without others like myself who fight on the front lines of this information war to get the real truth all out to you. We are here to help you help yourselves before this world evolves or devolves, because that time is upon us. We are all in the final seconds of the final hour. Be aware, be ready, be ready inside, YOU have the power inside YOu to get to the other side of this. You can read all of this in my blog, be sure to check the archives. There are 300 and something posts, over 200 pages worth of knowledge I have gathered for many, many months for all of you. Please have a look, again, for YOU, not for me.I know my role and how I will survive this great change coming. Do you? Do you even know? Do you even care? Or do you just love your ego ad your ignorance that much to just call me crazy and dismiss any knowledge I offer to share with any and/or all of you. Whatever you think maters not at all to me, I am only here to translate the information i have been given so that you all can understand. Take it, don’t take it, love it, hate it, read it, laugh at it and click on something else, I do not care. 85 to 90% of you are sheeple, so what you think means nothing anyway. Where do you fit in this puzzle? Do you know your role? Enough of my speech, you can read all of this and much, much, much more in my blog. Here’s the link again:

Don’t take what I say and have said as hateful. i love this humanity unconditionally, but you have lost yourselves, because most of you don’t love yourselves. You hate, you conflict, you judge, you condemn, so many of you. Look around…85 to 90%, lost. That’s 6 out of every 7. That is why I wrote that previous blog about loneliness. Most of you cannot understand how much it hurts to want to help so many who cannot help themselves. They do not get it, and never will. That fact hurts, it hurts inside in a way you cannot remedy. I have cried, many times, thinking about our lost humanity, the waste os potential and resources in the name of war. This is a world controlled by 1% of the population bc they have all the money, and this world has been engineered by globalist banker pig scum to be driven by monetary means. Those globalist pig scum get fatter and richer while you all, the herd, consume and consume. They have all the money and since they have made this world a monetary machine, they get more and more while the other 99% get less and less, all over fake paper monopoly money. Burn a one dollar bill, watch it burn into absolutely nothing and blow away in the wind. That is the actual worth of this money you all scramble and strive for for, scraps of the globalist pig scum’s table. It will take some miracle from beyond this dimension to save this humanity…how much longer can it go like this?…people getting poorer every day, all the novelty is dead or dying, something great must change, and that is exactly what is coming. Believe me, don’t believe me, I’m not religious, I am no prophet, no psychic, just a guy on a cosmic spiritual journey here in this dimension briefly to help you all finally wake up, open your eyes, and SEE the truth. This is only a blip of your existence, you have been around for eons, you are all fragments of the Source, the great consciousness. Spiritual amnesia keeps you from remembering, but you see your past lives in dreams, hypnosis, astral travel. etc… So much you all do not know from your miseducations, your disinformations, the distractions they constantly bombard you with to keep you complacent and docile. A calm herd is much easier to control. Isn’t it crazy, they need you, they are the parasites, yet you are the slaves to them, debt slaves, working for what, living a life you never wanted. You know it’s true and you know it sucks. this isn’t intended to be hateful or condescending, I want you all to just WAKE UP. Now, before it’s too late. All that has to happen is no electricity. A mass solar flare, and EMP, not hours or days, but weeks and months, maybe years with limited power. What will you all do then? You can stay ignorant and pretend all of this is not really the reality, but the fact is, IT IS. And we are all in it together. What will happen?…soon you all will see. Stay informed, stay aware. Remember, the spiral is tightening, so fast now… 1 then 1 then ZERO. Do not be afraid, your fear in your ego is what will destroy you, you must let go of ego and remember your connection with your soul and your true Divine self. Look it all up in the blog, there is an engine for searching my archives. I created it for all of you. I hope it gives you something you never thought you could have. My light for your darkness. “Stay golden”….

Link to my book on Amazon. You all live from your ego, and your ego thrives from fear. learn to let go and ascend to Oneness with your Higher Self. 


Link to my 2nd book. Yes, my pen name is Erik Sharp. More books coming, order 1 for yourself, hell, order 10, share them with friends. Perfect little bathroom book and/or coffee table book. I wrote these books and my blog for all of you bc I love this humanity no matter how far-gone and wasted it is becoming…so much potential we have if we all grow up and quit conflicting. But sadly, as I’ve said over and over, you cannot get through to 85 to 90% of the 7 billion person population in this world, 6 out of 7, clueless, hopeless, lost, misinformed, Ignorant with the capital ‘I.” But as long as I make some difference for at leas tone good soul, then I fulfill my own Divine purpose. What do you do? What’s your role, your purpose? Anyway, here is the link to my 2nd book:

These books consist of 31 quotes in each book, I write to you telling you how that quote helps you help yourselves. The quotes come from various historical figures, some are anonymous. But as I mentioned earlier, perfect for the bathroom. Read a quote, do your business, then next time, you have a whole other quote and write-up to look forward to. If you poop once a day, that’s a book a month. Good stuff. But that’s a trip you can travel on your own, i will just be happy to now you have a copy and you are finding inner enlightenment by reading what I have written for all of you. You are all so much more than you know, those who control you keep you suppressed with GM food, fluoridated water, television,fear, control…it’s as if 1984 the movie is becoming real and 85 to 90% of you are just ignorantly and blindly marching in step with the globalist pig scum agenda. You know who you are and you like it, you like not having to think so much, having others influence YOUR decisions. You are your own being, of Light and Energy, you have the power, they are the parasites, YOU are the host ,but they have you all thinking backwards. I can go on and on, but that is why i created my blog site. Over 300 posts, numerous vids, links, you’ll see. You an’t wake up until you open your eyes and USE them to see what is real and what is the illusion. You’ve all been misled your whole lives by an entity that is not human…they are beyond evil, they are unempathetic globalist banker pig scum that make you ll slaves to money. Imagine someone from another planet seeing what this world has become? Think about it. Galactic embarrassment, and why would they waste any time using advanced weaponry to wipe out this cancerous plague called humanity that it pillaging and ravaging and raping this planet? But none of you listen, you’ll all just have to see to be convinced, but then it will be too late for you because the shock and awe and fear inside you will destroy yourselves….mumpsimuses. As soon as those elite pig scum use their puppet, North Korea, to detonate a nuclear weapon, the beginning of the end will happen fast, like day to night in a flash. Martial law, chaos, disorder,mass panic, the herd freaking out, just what the illuminati want. And YOU are going to give it to them, or are you? Choice is yours, I’m just here to translate what I know and you don’t know. Whatever you do wit it is on YOU. I’m making a difference if you hate me or love me, and that’s all I can do to help you all help yourselves. Free your souls. you are no better or worse than your neighbor once the melodrama is removed. Stop fighting, join, befriend all, show others how to live from love and not hate and complain and show contempt toward others. Only YOU can do it…only YOU can make the decision. There is no trick to waking up, no magic, no special “event”, you just get it. You see the world and the societal shift destroying the middle-class while the 1% rich get richer and the crumbling middle-class join the poor. The poorer you are, the more you think you need a government to take care of you. That is their plan, their agenda, and it is coming very, very soon. Why do you think everyone is struggling? The only way to prevent the 1% from losing their control is war. Economies are on the verge of collapse everywhere, debt is astronomical, but they know and have known all this. These elitist pig scum have planned this for many, many years, making wars, presidents, dictators, false flag after false flag,bombing, 9/11, under some bullshit guide of democracy and freedom. There are no terrorists worse than the government. They are the gang of the world, the mafia, a government mafia that controls all the military, and now controls all the drugs, and the deficit is nothing to them bc they stay rich no matter what. Thay have a great foothold now don’t they? Must be nice to be in that 1%. Fuck that. I’d rather be dead than sell my soul, I don’t find it enticing like half you fools, real power comes from love and the love you have with other people. Those 1% globalist pigs don’t care, they have no emotions. They care about power and wealth and using you to get stronger, like a parasitic vampire, feeding off your work, your life, your blood. 1 fucking percent, and they have the power of military might, wealth beyond measure, and over 90% of the opium that goes into the drugs the CIA has hooked America on…well, everywhere but specifically planned and orchestrated to zombify Americans. But they are only 1%, we are 99%, we have the numbers and eventually, no matter what happens, the light will always enlighten the darkness they bring. Do not give in to fear, learn to let go of ego, detach from the programming on your television. Why do you think it’s called programming; because they are PROGRAMMING you…duh. They BROADCAST shows, cast programs out to broad audiences….it’s all in the words, right in front of your faces, but you just change the channel, too much thinking, like that movie Idiocracy. That movie seems funny and it’s really good but it isn’t really funny if that is how this reality is becoming, and it really is, I mean, REALLY. Their plan is to dumb you down as much as possible so they can keep fulfilling their agenda. Do you think they care we know? We are just conspiracy theorists, nuts, idiots, paranoid “truthers,” exaggerating this overwhelming amount of evidence in our favor. Yes, that’s right, now in the information war there is a state of denial from the globalist pig scum because are documents and actual tangible evidence detailing their agendas. So the conspiracy “theories” are just conspiracies now. We have taken the advantage in the info war, but as I said, they have a plan, and somewhere in that agenda involves using North Korea’s little red button to ignite a global conflict to save their asses as they have done before, only this time the magnitude is going to be unprecedented. The destruction, the lack of empathy for humanity, the 1% using the world like their own personal Risk game. And this isn’t t fear monger, this is real. This is what the world will look like when the puzzle pieces finish coming together. Are you worried, afraid, think I’m an idiot, don’t care either way, where you go and what you think is on YOU. I am just here to help. I ill be on the other side helping those who’ve made it through the great change. Nothing to fear, it is only vibration rising, your sou ascending, you all remembering your true power whether you know or not. That is why the globalist pig scum agenda is below you all. you have to think passed that, onward and upward to the 5th dimension, maybe higher. The 5th dimension is like a dream, without the restrictions of the physicality of the 3rd dimension and the constraints of the 4th dimension of time. Yes, time is no more, and your thought can be manifest instantly, but you must learn to resonate with the higher vibration of love. Most aren’t aware, 85 to 90%, therefore what happens to them is beyond me, but those who have let go of ego and fear, embracing the boundless energy of the love inside them. We are all anergy. Existing in the consciousness of this slow 3rd dim vibration gives us matter and form. The shell of the body is temporary, only for this dimension until you move on. Everything seems solid because of that slow vibration, but we are all really energy. When you dream, you ascend to the astra plane between the 4th and 5th dimension. You seem more free, but you lack total control, your still subject to time and the fear in your subconscious. Dreams are either good or bad, in the 5th dimension, all is good. Time is no more, and your love gives you the freedom to create for yourself what your true energy being is capable of. I am going to leave it at that for now. Been gone a while, wanted to come back with a bang of some knowledge for ou all to help you help yourselves. Thx for reading. Stay informed. Love to all.