Do YOU Still Not Know?…

9 11 (2) Animated Gif on Giphy

Apparently, YES, there are sheeple out there who still do not know that 9/11 was an inside job meant to ignite a war on terrorism. Do you not know who the real terrorists are by now? What country do you think has been involved in the most wars over the last 200 years? Who is the real joke on?… YOU, yes.. YOU. YOU if you are fool enough to not investigate the 9/11 staged event, because if you do, you can see over and over and over and over again the fallacies revealed in the aftermath of this attack against YOU. For starters, just look at that gif animation above…how is it that the part that was damaged, which equals about ohhh…15ish% of the buliding’s mass, somehow able to bypass the laws of physics and destroy the remaining 85 or so % beneath that was supposedly undamaged. That is just the very tip of the iceberg though my friends and dear readers. 

Where would one begin if they were to show examples?…DOCUMENTED examples, PROVABLE examples?… where does one begin? Some say jet fuel cannot burn hot enough to melt steel…fair enough…let’s check it out. We look it up ourselves and we find… from a rough average of several sources, it looks like the maximum temperature jet fuel can burn at is around 1500-1700 degrees F. And note that it burns relatively quickly. I will not site on specific source, because like I said I averaged from the articles I found, which you are also fully capable of doing for yourself so you can see with your eyes. Moving on… steel however, it looks like melts around 2500-2700 degrees F. Again, an average from multiple internet sources including scientific links. Look for yourselves. So, based on that quick point we made together,… Would YOU say that jet fuel, which burns almost 1000 degrees cooler than steel melts, and burns quickly, would be able to bring not one, but two large steel framed structures, which were only reportedly damaged by the planes which hit the towers in the upper 15-20% of the buildings, leaving a supposedly undamaged 80-85% of reinforced steel and concrete foundation, which somehow, as I said above, defies physics as said 80-85% foundation is destroyed by the supposedly melting weakened steel reinforced 15-20% of the upper floors of the Twin Towers? And that is just a start….

Oh yeah, what about building 7?…. ^^^shown above^^^

Building 7, the building this insidious regime of a government wishes we would all forget about. Not only to we have the mysteries of the Twin Towers, which I just barely scratched the proverbial surface on above, we have this little gem. Somehow, this steel-melting, building destroying jet fuel REPORTEDLY got into this building, igniting it on fire, and causing it to collapse. This is the bullshit story the MSM and the scum who really committed this atrocity told all of you, but let’s just use common sense. Ever seen a building demolished?

10 Mesmerizing GIFs of Giant Buildings Being Demolished

Hmmmm…. looks pretty fucking similar doesn’t it? I swear to emphasize the blatant, in-your-face evidence that seemingly many people just overlook, as if it means nothing. Do you think this is the only time they have deceived you? Do you think this is the only time they WILL deceive you? Who’s deceiving who if you believe that you can trust what these globalist pig scum tell you via the MSM? Now building 7, according to some, was actually the area where they conducted this operation, at least in part, and how do you get rid of evidence?….DESTROY IT.

Speaking of destroying evidence…how coincidental is it that only part of the Pentagon supposedly destroyed by another hijacked plane was the part that contained any and all data that related to a missing few billion dollars that covert entities inside our government had used for secretive purposes? Don’t believe me, look it up. This post is going to be a little different, usually I link links for you all, but since the evidence I have is a culmination from numerous sources, I trust that you will have the capacity to look all of this up for YOU, for yourselves, not for me. Everything I tell you is verifiable via the internet and/or other media outlets. Here’s something else, the guy who owned the Twin Towers, who happens to Zionist illuminati scum, Larry Silverstein, coincidentally took out huge insurance policies just prior to the attacks happening. Notice I have said the word “coincidence” several times? How much “coincidence” must there be before it becomes an obvious conspiracy? Here’s footage from the supposed “plane” hitting the Pentagon…

 photo pentanimxox1_zpsa3b5f317.gif

Hmmmm…. what’s missing? Oh…. THE FUCKING PLANE. WHERE IS THE FUCKING PLANE? Speaking of planes, where is any plane wreckage at all at ANY of the supposed crash sites? None found at the World Trade Center, although they reportedly somehow found the supposed lead hijackers passport, unburnt and in great condition among the fiery aftermath of the collapse of the Twin Towers. Look it up, look it up, look it up, as I’ve told you many times, this information is out here for all of you. Take it while you can. So, back to the wreckage, none at the World Trade Center, none at the Pentagon, and especially NONE where it supposedly hit straight into the damn ground.

Once again, WHERE IS THE FUCKING PLANE? Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different reported plane crashes and NO plane wreckage. God damnit, what does it take to get the masses awake enough to open their eyes and see the truth and the true evil of these global elitist pig scum illuminati devils that are running the world by controlling you all with money and media?? Control, control, control, terrorists, terrorists, terrorists, war, war, war, conflict, conflict, conflict, anger, anger, anger, fear, fear, fear, did you get the last part/….FEAR, FEAR, FEAR. All designed to keep all of you afraid and distracted from what should be number one in your lives….YOU. How many times have you ever seen a plane crash where there is no wreckage, omitting planes that are lost at sea, how many times?  How many?…. I’ll tell you… animated number zero     ZERO TIMES. Look up ANY plane crash and what do you see, parts of the seats, engines, the body of the plane, wings, cockpit, PEOPLE, but where is all that in the FOUR crash sites from 9/11?  WHY WAS THIS ALL NOT INVESTIGATED? ….because the ones who did it control the media, controlling the information, therefore controlling YOU. Had it not been for the alternative media and the internet, most of you would still think it was box-cutter wielding terrorists on a mission from Allah. Even though many of you for some reason still actually DO believe that, the numbers of awakened individuals who question the reported “truth” have become much greater due to the outlets I mentioned above, the alternative media and the internet. The criminals who are really responsible for 9/11 are still at large and can still be brought down. Mass awakening, and our side taking the advantage in the information war is what it will take to get to the real living truth. After the Stupor Bowl, a guy named Matthew Mills interrupted the MVP press conference with this….

If you still think this guy and myself and those like me who know that 9/11 was one the biggest, if not THE biggest, ruses played not only against the American people, but against the entire world, then who is the real ruse on? A ruse used by the globalist illuminati elite zionist banker corporate pig scum lucifer worshipping devils that are still controlling everything through this flaming monetary juggernaut that burns to keep everyone controlled and complacent, like cattle, like human cattle. Are you cattle, are you part of a herd? Do you do what you do, or what someone else does, just a little different? Who are YOU really? I do not have that answer, but if you still think that 9/11 went down the way they told you via the MSM, you need to snap out of the hypnosis and learn to open your real eyes so you can see what is true and what is not. Sure, it’s easy to pretend it doesn’t involve you, it’s easy to stay ignorant, keep watching television, keep consuming, remain oblivious to the world around you. I can assure you your lack of will to inform yourself will catch up with you until one day it finally clicks and you realize it when it’s far too late. Now is the time to wake up, not tomorrow, now. Go into my archives, use it as a stepping stone. Over 500 posts, all linking you to a world much greater than the one you currently are conscious in. Take all you want, or take none at all, it for all of you and for none of you. I am only here to help. Well as you can see we have gone way over the 1000 word attention span mark once again. Until next time, wide eyes open. Love to all. 


Comet Strikes the Sun


Yesterday, a sun-grazing comet made a direct impact into the Sun, creating a 360 degree “halo” blast which shot energy and particles all out into space. I have seen several of these sun-grazing comets. Most of them just disappear into the super-heated atmosphere of the Sun. I have seen a few make it out the other side, but for the most part, they just disappear. NEVER have I seen one cause a blast like this though. Yet another first, isn’t it? More and more and more firsts. Now I don’t think we have to worry about any of the ejecta created by the impact of this comet. But, and I hate starting sentences with but, but can you imagine if such a comet were to come this way? This comet just appeared out of nowhere and struck the Sun. In the big picture, that’s pretty damn close to us. We don’t inspire fear or fear-mongering here though, we are just here informing you about these events that are unfolding more and more. We can now watch said events unfold live and get the information to you before the MSM distorts and manipulates it, or just avoids it all together. You won’t hear about most of what I share with you on the MSM. We are here to help, they are here to deceive, and it is up to YOU to know the difference. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


Boston Beginning?


Who and/or what entity could be responsible for these attacks at the Boston Marathon, on Patriot’s day of all days, while the Boston PD is just happens to be running explosion drills coincidentally, who and/or what kind of pig scum would do something like this? I know one kind of pig scum who surely is capable, and how effective would this be toward propelling the globalist agenda? Before the speculation overwhelms you all, I would advise to be patient, but be alert, because this whole thing already stinks. Damnit, people, real people, are hurting and doing horrendous “acts” upon one another, and for what? Where does all this animosity keep coming from? Why is it getting hot in the whole house, not just the kitchen? I told you all, and that’s the 3rd time, 3 for 3, that something global, some find of “first” would happen, and a literal boom, and here we are. 1st event I said something global, something relatively unprecedented(emphasis on relatively), would occur within 2 or 3 days, and 2 days later, the pope resigns, first one in ohhh…nearly 700 years. Then the 2nd occurrence, I said again, don’t know what it is, but it will be something, as I said above, relatively unprecedented. 2 days later, bolide of some sort lights up the sky briefly up and down the East Coast USSA, similar to what happened in Russia, numerous witnesses.  Now another puzzle solved, event #3, these bombing at the Boston Marathon. So, as I said, 3 for 3, therefore no more “predicting,” at least for all of you. What will happen will happen, I cannot change it, and whether you know or do not know won’t stop it. Are you all beginning to finally see yet, are any of you awakening to the reality of the reality? 

It isn’t magic, I am not psychic, not even close, I just back up and look at what the puzzle is before the pieces come together.  You can do it. Take a jigsaw puzzle for the obvious example: Starting backwards, once completing a jigsaw puzzle, separate the pieces somewhat, not too much, just enough to still see the what the image is. Now turn that forward again, and the pieces all come together perfectly to give said image it’s full definition. That is all it is. If you have no idea what I am talking about right now, either read it again, or move along, because there is no hope for you, not in this dimension anyway. And for the rest of us…

What will happen as a result of this incident? No more predicting…wait and see now. Ahhhh…nice, warm sunny day out, so calm and peaceful, hard to believe it’s all being pissed and shit on by pig scum, globalist or not. Sadly, it is though, and that is the real reality of THIS dimension you are all stuck in together. Where has the humanity gone, how did so many of you slip into some unyielding grip of your own fear, your own ego? Only YOU can make the decision, take some time and get back to YOU while YOU can make the aforementioned decision. Are your wide eyes open? 85 to 90% say “moo.” Love to all.