New Link to Alien Races Book


My friend Dante, who co-wrote the Alien Races Book(the ARB) with a guy named Petro, has disappeared, along with his YT channel and his original links to the book he helped create as well as any trace of him. Petro is dead, supposedly murdered in fact, so I just hope Dante hasn’t met the same fate. He’s an ex-special forces soldier though, pretty tough guy, so I have a feeling he’s alive and well somewhere…

…but wherever that may be is anyone’s guess, and only Dante knows…

Anyway, I see everyday that people go into my archives to find the Alien Races Book link, which has been removed. So, I found a new link that DOES work, and I will post it here for all of you to use at your discretion:  

This is a very informative and interesting book…

…how valid it may or may not be is subject to individual speculation.

I know that Dante and Petro did a lot of work to get this book out to the masses, and most people don’t go through that kind of effort unless it has meaning to them. They never asked for any money for this book, only that it be made readily available to anyone and everyone. It seems the powers that be have tried in vain to remove this book and its contents, or at least that is what it appears to be, but appearances are often deceiving, as more and more of you are waking up to find out. Nonetheless, never hurts to know what you previously had not known before, so check out the link above. 

Dante and I were/are friends, and yes it is disgruntling to see he has vanished apparently. He used to put out GREAT content via his YT channel. Said channel has since been removed. I have no idea what happened, but I know Dante was putting out videos about being “targeted” right before he disappeared. His house got shot up, he got knocked out only to awake finding some unknown metal implant in his arm, numerous alien sightings/recordings, all done by him…

..but again, take somewhat with the proverbial grain of salt. ANYONE can portray what they want to portray via the Internet. Not saying Dante is a liar, or being deceitful, NOT AT ALL. Like I said earlier, we used to converse all the time, but I would never go so far as to say I really know him, you know? For all I or anyone else knows, this could be a very elaborate trick to gain personal fame and notoriety. NOT SAYING THAT AT ALL. Just informing all of YOU that YOU must always be wary of what YOU see and hear these days. It is VERY easy to deceive and convince people of something other than what is real, especially when people are finding themselves yearning to discover what is truth and what is not.

Trust YOU first before anyone else…

That being said, upon clicking the link above, be sure to bookmark, save the PDF, and share with others. They have already tried to hide this, so let’s not allow this document to be disappeared. It is for this reason that I feel there is authenticity in this book. If it wasn’t real, why would they try to hide it from the public? Why did Dante and Petro NOT want any money for this? Why was Petro killed and Dante targeted? Would the notoriety alone be enough to motivate someone to release a book like this, when your life is at stake?… I don’t think so. I think Dante and Petro found something that the shadowy parts of government had no intention of letting the public become aware of. One of them died so that YOU can click that link above. Maybe Dante has sacrificed his life too. Maybe they will come kill me for updating the new link. Doubtful, as we have successfully spread the ARB enough so that it”s always gonna be available somewhere, but one never knows…

Wherever you are Dante, cheers for your work brother, which continues to echo even though you’ve gone off-planet for a while.

Maybe we will see you again, maybe not, but your contributions will live on my friend.

Thanks brother.


More to come.

Wide eyes open.

Love to all. 

Next Step

My latest submission to my website. Just something I threw together that some of you may find interesting. Have a look, only about a 1000/1100 words, no big deal. But it may give you something to think about,… yeah, that could be it, some food for thought for you as they say. Who is they? Ever wonder why people say that? Are they the people saying that referring to their collective selves? Language is strange sometimes isn’t it? But I digress… take a few minutes, enlighten yourselves with some insightful words. I am here to help you help yourselves. Sometimes that strange language gets tricky, so I translate it so you can all understand it. Then once you understand, you can help others understand, and so on. Knowledge is a beautiful thing when it’s shared and used responsibly. Thanks for for reading and watching. Stay alert and stay informed, keep those eyes bright and wide open. Love to all. 



Next Step




What will happen here will determine the entire direction of the future of our species. One can speculate that it must be one or the other, the dark way or the light, there can be no true compromise. That is the way of this realm. That is nature of this dualistic paradigm of 3rd dimensional reality progressing through the 4th dimension of time from our perspective, in this collective existence we are all in together. Always a dark and light, good and bad, right and wrong. One might think that the battle should end. Especially once it comes down to such extreme finalities, compromises could be made, but that is only naïve wishfulness. It either is or is not, there has to be a one and not one in this world. Again, that is the way it is in this dimension. Light lives from love, dark lives from fear. The darkness feeds off of fear and the negativity that stems from that fear; hatred, jealousy, contempt, spite, anger. The light does not feed, it radiates the power of love and positivity to everything and everyone that can resonate love. We are all light, but many are shrouded on the darkness. Love thrives on a soul level, and on the collective energy of love that binds all souls and make us One humanity. Kindness, compassion, joy, empathy; these attributes come from love. There is only love and fear, dark and light. Which power does your energy lean toward? Remember, only two, love and fear.

In the aftermath of a great war, only two small groups remain. Small as in roughly 100,000 people in each, so in all, close to a quarter million left after climaxing at just over a 7 billion plus global population, so yes, quite fractionally small. Obviously, most of the population has been eliminated. The dark ones, the great deceivers, the evil deceptionists, the malevolent ones who instigated it all, the elitist scum who thought that they would be able to come out of the ashes of their great propagated war as a stronger force, more dominant then ever. They orchestrated the chaos and hell of planetary nuclear conflict to bring a new world order from that horrifying chaos. They were wrong. You see, once you unleash the monster of nuclear terror across a planet, there is no bringing that monster back. It only dies when it exhausts it’s own energy out. That is it’s only purpose, to annihilate until it blows itself out, and because of the folly of the few dark ones, the old world was blown away as well in fierce wind of nuclear holocaust. Almost no one was spared, except this remaining tiny percentage of a lost great humanity. Two groups: one dark, one light, still here together on a tiny piece of what is left of any land…

After all of the chaos and confusion of this World War 3, the sheer terror and obscene pandemonium, the sight of which alone could kill, here is this remaining humanity. Oddly in this final hour, there is still division, a near dead-even split between those who cling to dark and those who strive for light. Picture the scene: The two sides face one another atop a mountain in what is left of the Nazca plains. Unknown forces thousands of years earlier had cut the top of the mountain off, leaving a flat elevated mesa, overlooking the world below, and this is has become the final stage. This small piece of the world was spared the total devastation of nearly all other land masses across our once Divine and Beautiful Earth. To get to the end, they had to take it all down with them. But like the remaining survivors, some land still exists and here are these final people on this final stage making a final stand, in a final confrontation on top of this great and mysterious ancient mountain. In a flash, the forces converge on each other. All at once dark becomes light, and light becomes dark as the two forces clash into one another. Beams of light and bolts of electricity emanate from inside of the battle. For a moment it looks like a multi-colored inkblot that is alive and energized. There is a lot of flashing, very much like many strobe lights at once. There is no lasting definition, nothing is decipherable, it all just appears to be what I can only describe as a great maelstrom of varying energies. Numerous vortices, flares of countless dimensions and colors. It is not like normal war amongst humans. No screaming, no blood, no unnatural explosions. This is a determinant battle, a battle of the wills of two powers, form and energy have become interchangeable. And like an eternity in a second, as fast as it began, it has come to the end into a moment of absolute calm and stillness. The fallen vanish into oblivion. There are two light entities, and one dark figure left. They are locked in a pause, a split-second in time, that eternal fraction of a moment, and then the coup de grâce.

The darkness, ultimately evil incarnate, knows it is in checkmate, but will take at least one light with it, so it goes for the closest one of the two final lights. Blinding itself in rage toward the one light, the dark exposes itself to the other light. That other light, eternally noble and benevolent, guided by love, quickly charges and smashes itself into the dark, destroying itself and the final darkness, sacrificing itself to save the final light and ensuring the will of The Light is victorious. Now what was once an ending becomes a new beginning in the light of a great new dawn. Nothing ever really ends or begins, it is just a never-ending mechanism to be. We all are, were, and always will be. We are all part of the great energy of love that binds everything. This experience we are all in here together is just a part of our journey through this vast cosmos of dimensions, consciousnesses, and universes. This incarnation is simply a test for us. Are you light or are you dark? Are you good or are you evil? Every human being is light, therefore every human being is good, unless they allow themselves to give in to darkness. Now is the moment of the final minute of the final hour, and the moment of the first minute of the first hour. There is no choice to be light or dark. You are what you are and you know what you are so be what you are. Our future begins with a single light to guide the way for the first step. It will take the light from all of us to illuminate the new road ahead. Love to all. 


Only a Drill…

Watch for yourselves, the clip is only a few minutes long. Hear what is being said, do not just listen. Your eyes are not deceiving you, these people know and they are training to be ready for what could be coming at any moment. This is the reality of this existence. Those that you let control your lives are not human. They are evil parasites that feed from your energy. They need to control their food supply more. There are more than enough of you to feed from, too many in fact, that is why they want to decimate a large portion of the population. You mean nothing to them and are the part of their agenda that gets erased. Yes it is real and yes, this is the reality we have all been thrown into. This is our great test which will determine how the great change dictates itself for each one of us individual, and all of us as One. Here it is:
The illuminati are a minutely fractional group of international conspirators. They have control of the world monetary system and many of the key necessities which stem from that control… i.e. the military, the food distribution, communication, etc… everything it would seem basically. Not quite everything, but enough to control the mass majority. I’ll come back to that.
The illuminati is connected through bloodlines, literally and figuratively. The name actually means “holders of the light,” which sounds positive right? The evidence seems to prove that they have either used their power for an ultimate good that is beyond the other 99.9% of us to comprehend apparently- that being the reason being their continuous misleadings of real information OR they are fully aware of the potential for the misuse and abuse of that power, and therefore have used it in the most sinister way to corrupt, manipulate, deceive, and subvert humanity to fulfill their desire for greater power and control. Which do you think is real? It has to be one or the another.
It has to be one or the other because the illuminati is very real. They have been exposed, we know what they are or what they want us to think they are. They have an agenda or at least they want us to think they have an agenda. Why do you think all of this is happening? Why are we moving ever closer to World War 3? Look at the history, the real history, look at the evidence, the facts, the documentation. Then think about in a bigger picture how a story and/or perception of a story changes over time. And at this rate of information disclosure, think about all of the varying tangents of ideals and definitions the are being conceived. This is what the illuminati did not factor in, or did they?
It would have been tough to illustrate, but not to speculate. The foundations for their mass control mechanism go back centuries, so they have had considerable time to refine that mechanism into a well-oiled machine. That machine became more efficient as time went on and the illuminati could easily foresee that by continuing their manipulation of public information via the mass media and controlling the world monetary system, they could squeeze the masses at their will to gain more and more power and control. But a persistent problem ensues with that world monetary system; it has divisions. There would need to be one world currency to maintain to domination over the “world” monetary system. And this leads to the greater idea.
This greater idea is that if you could take control over all of the world’s money, why not just take the whole damn world. Now they have had this ideology for a long time, only now it has gotten to the point where full implementation is needed to fulfill their agenda. They want the one world currency, the want the one world police, they want the one world set of laws, the want the one world government, they want one world brought about by their new world order. Now why do you think it is spelled out or can be spelled out so easily? Here’s the thing, it seems easy to you and I and those who are awakened to these living truths, but most of the masses are asses. They are still asleep. We are all in this together, all going to be one side of this thing or the other. But most people still are clueless, and that could give the illuminati an advantage.
So as I was saying, their plan was operating smoothly, the well-oiled machine working great, only thing left was to fulfill their great plan, total global dominance, giving that uber-fractional percentage all the power, making slaves of the remaining “normal” population. Now earlier, when I mentioned that their plan could be for some ultimate greater good that we cannot conceive of, that is sarcasm, learn to recognize it if you hadn’t. Their plan is nothing short of pure evil. With the advent of the internet, we were given the ability to connect globally in order to communicate information in ways unprecedented. Is this where the illuminati failed themselves, or was this part of their plan? I think this was their fatal flaw, the iceberg to their Titanic. It’s common sense.
To keep their machine running as smoothly as it was, secrecy was key. Total secrecy. When the secret was leaked, the “leaker” was simply eliminated. JFK, RFK, MLK, just to name a few. But with the internet and the mass amount of knowledge that we’ve all shared amongst ourselves and gained and learned in the whole experience so far, we are all JFK. We are all MLK. We all know what the illuminati is and what their evil agenda is. They cannot eliminate us all. That leak has become a raging flood and they cannot stop us. But is that what they wanted, you must keep an open mind, could that be part of their plan, for all of us to know what they are?
They are going through with instigating WW3 despite what any of you think so perhaps they do not care. Maybe they just do not care anymore what you think you know or do not know. Or maybe in their logic, by us knowing it fuels the fear of them, but the would be false logic because we do not fear them. Maybe this huge influx of info was thought to overwhelm and confuse us, again, false logic, so that is why I say that common sense dictates that they didn’t plan for us all to become so aware of the real reality. But that fact does not stop their plans to dominate the planet, so what is really fucking going on?
Let’s not over-estimate them and under-estimate ourselves. Remember, they need us, not vice versa. They have been exposed, we know their plan. Think about it, they have no choice but to go to full-scal global conflict to save their asses and that is what they are doing. We all know this, we are all way smarter than they thought and are capable of being way greater than any of those parasitic scum. They know that we have this power and they also know that many of us do not know how powerful we truly are. That is why the asleep ones may work to the illuminati advantage. If they are asleep, paralyzed by hypnosis and fluoride and bad food, will they just roll over and submit to the will of their masters at the crucial moment? Or will they snap out of it at that crucial moment and realize what is happening? Funny how the most ignorant, the mumpsimuses, will play a key role in the great change, but there you go… we are all in it together, everyone has a role. Are you seeing how it all makes sense, are you seeing the details of the big picture now?
So they know their ship is sinking fast, we know that their ship is sinking fast, the world is becoming aware of their ship and the evil it has cast upon humanity and the fact that it is going down. But believe me, they will not go without the drama of global disarray. This is what all of us are facing right now. Doesn’t matter what you do, who you are, where you live, what you think, this is the real reality facing everyone on this planet right now. Yes there are other states of consciousness, yes there are other dimensions, but this one right here, this one we are all in together at this time, this 3rd dimensional paradigm we all call our collective reality, is experiencing a great flux between dark and light.
The dark entity, the illuminati, have come into the light of humanity and infected everyone with their cancerous plague of suppression. The have directly interfered with the flow of life by subjugating others to their will for profit and power. They use the good energy of humans to feed their dark appetite for that profit and power. Yes, they feed from us, like vampires. They have brainwashed the mass of the population to be docile and complacent to their own enslavement. They poison your water supply, your food, your mind, your soul. To them, you are a number, part of their herd. They orchestrate wars for profit while they sit back in comfort watching their cattle fight each other, all with a big sinister smile. This is the dark entity, this is the illuminati, this is the darkness trying to invade our light.
How will our light overcome this darkness? Will it? Of course it will. What darkness doesn’t know is that light always defeats it. Remember this…: There can always be a light in darkness, but never a darkness in light. The darkness has a plan, an agenda. Light needs no agenda, no plan. So why are these people called the illuminati, “holders of the light?” Seems total confusing doesn’t it, which makes you wonder what their ultimate ultimate agenda really is. The thing is, you can feel light, you can feel good, you can feel when you live from love and positivity and compassion and kindness. I am light, you are light, humanity is light, only being shrouded by a darkness. They may call themselves “illuminated,” but those who exist from light do not enslave others. Those who live from love do not murder others, do not seek to profit from others, do not steal from others, all things these illuminati are very guilty of and I could go on and on into the depth of their abhorrence.
Even their title is deceptive ad misleading. These “illuminated” entities are not human. Human beings have empathy and these evil scum have none. They care for nothing else other than their own power. So here we are, them in the dark corner, us in the light. We do not want conflict, we do not want war, but face it, this is a 3rd dimensional existence in duality with itself. Not a bad thing or a good thing, just is what it is. Good and bad are relative in detail, but very distinct in the greater picture. It is bad to kill but it is good to kill a killer, you see? This darkness is before us, menacing with it’s weapons of war and mass destruction. They are severely outnumbered but nonetheless, they are a very powerful juggernaut of evil and malevolence who will stop at nothing to complete it’s objective- total planetary control.
We are the light, we have the numbers, we have weapons too, but we have something else. That something else is the power of the light. The true power. We wield it because we have Infinite Love inside us all. The Light cannot be held by those with fear and hatred inside them. The light can be dimmed but never turned out and the darkness has detrimentally underestimated that fact but will soon see how powerful our Great Light is. They will bring their war but we will bring them more. The Time of the Great Change is when our Light will shine as bright as the Sun. The darkness and those who submit to their fear will crumble in the essence of the Light. It’s power is beyond weapons, beyond nuclear, beyond war. They will see. Have no fear of them. You are the light, a light in these dark times. The dark time soon ends as the light of a new dawn unfolds for you all. Prepare yourselves. Stay alert and stay informed, eyes wide open. Love to all.