For None and All



Yes, this is a 10 our long audio book.

I know I have mentioned this book at some point… any of you who do not know of Nietzsche…






I first read this on my first trip to Europe when I was like 18, which in some ways, I did by myself…wrapping itself right into the very situation I found myself in, backpacking around Europe for 3ish weeks,and thus,  it blew my mind before I even knew what mind I had. And over time, certain aspects would intertwine with mine own psychology, particularly at times when I’ve found myself alone. Or notice crowd psychology, the way certain types of people act certain types of ways, nothing specific, just things you put together in your head…again, when one find’s one’s self all alone as an individual  observer. 

In case you haven’t put this together yet, this knowledge tertiarily vines around yet again upon all and none of those who are and/or are not finding themselves in some current state via self-enlightenment and/or self-unenlightenment. I’m keeping this post short, you have 10 hours to play this as you maybe go to sleep, or while you drive, or whenever you EXERCISE, which YOU all should be doing…detoxifying, freeing yourselves from your egos, reconnecting with the mighty Mother Earth, Nature, the Sun, outside of the cave, get outside of the cave already. Or do not, the choice as always has been YOURS and yours alone, no one else can free YOU except YOU…so… AT LEAST LISTEN FOR THE FIRST DAMN 10 MINUTES…

All these keys to all these doors, can YOU all not see what YOU really are yet?

When is the time to wake up going to be now for YOU?

Or just keeping changing the fucking channel….

Love to all.


Art Lord and the Self Portraits… City’s an Animal


Before the band Future Islands became said band, they were Art Lord and the Self Portraits. There was once a club called Peasants where it all really started, strangely it seems like yesterday, although that was like 10 years ago. They’ve come a long way, and they happen to be friends of mine, so I like to expose people to what they have created. Great lyrics, great sounds, genius in simplicity one might say. Check them out, they have several vids on Youtube and about 7 or 8 CDs I think by now. People always talk about finding good music, well here you go. Look no further….

Inform yourselves. The animation is from a short film called the Thomas Beale Cipher, which you can view on Youtube. The clips I masterminded to sync worked out well with this song. Nothing to fancy, just being creative. What are YOU doing to be creative in your world? Explore your outlets, express your imagination, what you have inside you. What are you afraid of? No digression here in this post though soooo… please rate and share, that’s all I ask. Cheers. Thx for watching. More to come. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


Animals. Love them. Love to love them. Try not to eat them. Totally cut out red meat, pork, shit that get’s pumped with hormones and tortured their whole life only to be mercilessly slaughtered and put in your grocery stores. I differ a bit on chickens. No I do not agree with any form of systematic massacre just so you can get a 12 piece meal deal at KFC. However, birds are about as sentient to fish. They have tiny brains. Yes they react to pain but does a simple bird or fish really have awareness? Excluding parrots, ostriches, etc, and/or sharks, higher evolved fish, use common sense, but for the most part, any fish or bird that you may consume may have been created to eat. Not sure on that but it makes sense to me. Why else are their schools of fish that taste good and are really good for you? Chicken, free roaming and uncaged, is beneficial. Just the way I like it. You can like what you like.

Earlier I aided an aged dragonfly to his death. No, I didn’t crush it out of existence. He, I say he because he looked like he had an old man’s beard. It was a very wise and noble dragonfly. There he was, shuffling about, just trying to let go of his existence here. Looked so uncomfortable. Strange how I came upon this scene. He was just there, helpless and hopeless, right in front of me when I open the door. I picked him up, he seemed sad, ready to let go, tired of being tired. I touched his back, his little robotic movements, still quick, flickering alien eyes, he knew what was going on and that I just wanted to help. So i found a nice shaded plant. Placed a nice little fern branch upright so he had a nice little view to remember before he went on. I set him in the little spot, no thought, just looked at him and he at me. I saw thankfulness, warmth, a connection. We are all connected. connected to everything. That wise little dragonfly will always have a great memory of his last moment here. Not simply just a bug, it is a being, it is life, was life here, but now life somewhere else. Feel that connection to nature. Feel the energy from the tree, the birds, the insects, everything. We are all part of the same great thing. Love to all.