Breakfast Club Birthday



Today is your humble narrator’s birthday… cheers. The Breakfast Club reference will be my own today. If you have never seen this movie, where have you been for the last 30 years?…geez. Regardless, I’m going to keep this short. I have things to do today, and in case you didn’t know, the fall equinox begins today/tonight. Summer is over, and now an uncertain autumn lies ahead for all. A new star gate portal opens today as Earth enters a new photon belt. Not sure exactly what that means, just a message I received that I am relaying to all of you.


Have a great day all my readers, watchers, brothers, and sisters in the fold. Ascension is ascending, faster and faster and faster and faster. As more and more awake, those stuck in their ego-caves inside this 3rd dimensional paradigm are finding it more difficult to keep remaining ignorant. Yet many still sleep, determined not to awake this round. That is their choice, what YOU do is your choice. Let go of your fear, let go of all you are afraid to lose, for nothing is ever really lost, and life never actually ends. You are already immortal, you already live forever, you have only forgotten. Will you remember? Will you recall what you truly are?


Will you dive into the rabbit hole? When you do not  find the bottom, will you give into your fear? Or will you keep going? Again, all of these answers are inside YOU. Do what YOU need to do for YOU, not for anyone else. Time to go for now, my birthday bonus calls. Have a meeting with some ancestors and spirits soon via the psilocybin medium. Good way to get a good boost toward your individual awakening, as well as stimulate your pineal gland. Most people’s pineal glands are calcified and nearly dead, like a shriveled raisin, when it should be the size of an eyeball and full like a “pine” cone. Look into it, or don’t…

once more…. it’s up to YOU, not me.

Breathe. Relax. Now go out and have yourselves a great day, or change the channel.

This, as always, is for None of YOU and for All of YOU. Be brave in the upcoming future, things are going to change faster and faster, but you must not give into fear.

Never give into fear. Wide eyes open.

Love to all. 


Who Are You?

Once again, I offer the wisdom of the Allegory of the Cave to those who do not know. If you know, great, share. If not, no worries, that’s why we are here, to enlighten you. What I did was a write up of one of my interpretations of the allegory. Then I put together this quick video clip to illustrate that interpretation. Have a look, read/watch the post…or don’t. No one is putting the proverbial gun to your head are they? Do for YOU, not for others. Enjoy…

I am going to illustrate for you a visualization of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Begin by picturing a large cave. Inside that cave there are several prisoners chained to the floor, all facing a wall of the cave. They have been prisoners their entire lives and as I said, they are chained, bound, and unable to turn their heads away from this wall in front of them. Behind the prisoners, there is a fire that they cannot see however the light from the fire illuminates the wall in front of them that they CAN see. Now I want you to picture a few people around that fire that have various cut-outs of different figures in all shapes and sizes. When they hold these figures in the light of the fire, they make shadows on the illuminated wall in front of the prisoners. Now remember, they have been imprisoned their entire lives and all the knowledge that they think they know originates from the shadows on the wall in front of them and from the echoes of those shadows. So they debate and argue amongst themselves over the meanings of these shadows they see and these echoes they hear. The prisoners base their wisdom on the interpretations and definitions of those shadows and echoes… the wisest of the group therefore being the one who appears to understand the most. The less knowledged prisoners look toward their wisest one for explanations, making said wise one, the leader. When new images appear, the leader narrates for the others and the others listen, finding their solace in the comfort of their wise one’s words. Now suppose that one of the unshackled puppeteers by the fire freed the leader from their chains. The newly freed prisoner is first brought to the fire. The brilliance of the light is blinding and frightening to the prisoner struggling to understand at first. After the initial shock, the prisoner eyes adjust, and over time, the prisoner begins to understand the fire and understand the illusion, but is still limited because they have not yet left the cave. Taking it a step further, the prisoner is led from the cave out into the blinding light of the Sun. The radiance of such enlightenment is overwhelming initially and the prisoner cowers in fear, having never been more confused and frightened before. As with the fire though, eventually the prisoner lets go of their fear and again, over time, begins to understand the TRUE nature of their reality. The prisoner sees real people, real animals, real trees, real water and their real self in the reflection in that water. The prisoner realizes that all they had ever known before was an illusion, contrived from the shadows and echoes illuminated on the wall in front of them. None of it was real and they were never truly wise, only ignorant, and that made them a prisoner inside themselves. With this realization, the prisoner is now free. So our newly enlightened former prisoner decides to return to the darkness of the cave so they can explain all of this to those who are still chained to the floor inside the cave. The former prisoner descends and proceeds to explain to those who are still in chains his story of enlightenment and the truth about the shadows and echoes. Since the former prisoner’s ascension however, there has been a new leader nominated among the still-bound prisoners. The new leader, arrogant from power, does not like this encroachment from the former leader and so…challenges the old leader to a test. The new leader asks the old leader to describe the shadows on the wall. The former prisoner, used to the light of the Sun, struggles to see clearly in this darkness and cannot accurately describe the shadows. The new leader boasts that the old leader has ruined their eyes by going outside of the cave and that the old leader is nothing but a fool. The other prisoners concur and laugh at their old leader, blinded by their own ignorance. The new leader denounces any notion of enlightenment and tells the old leader to leave at once and never come back. The prisoners proclaim that if anyone else tries to enlighten them, they will be put to death. So the old leader can either leave those programmed prisoners behind, or keep trying to help those who are enslaved help themselves become free, even at the risk of giving their own life. So how does this allegory apply to you? Where are you in the whole scheme? Are you chained to the floor in your cave still? Are you free from chains, but still bound to the cave by your own ignorance… one of those puppetmasters? Maybe you like puppeteering shadows for the enslaved ones, maybe that’s enough to make you feel like you are enlightened. But the reality is that you puppeteers are still in the cave, despite your freedom from the chains that bound the sheeple. Or are you in the 3rd group, are you outside the cave, enlightened by the light of the Sun? Where is your heart at? If you claim to be enlightened, are you selfless enough to share your enlightenment at risk of being assassinated? Not necessarily physical assassination, but what about character assassination?…what if you knew that what you knew was right, even though all of those who are in chains cry out that you are wrong, what then? Just be yourselves. Only YOU determine where YOU are and what role you play. Do not wait for someone or something to enlighten you. Have the courage to enlighten yourselves. Thx for watching/reading. Love to all.