Ummm… Ebola who? What? Where?….


If you might recall,

(and I’m sure you can Google the time-stamped links),

the fear porn MSM stated publicly around August/September,

“that nearly 1.2 million people would be infected by about ohhh…


…well the not-funny joke is on all of You,

who keep believing this fear porn they continue to shove down your throats….

…do YOU wanna know the real numbers?

\/\/CLICK HERE\/\/

BBC News – Ebola: Mapping the outbreak –

As you will see,

as of a day ago,

there are barely over 20,000 infected,

bout half of that dead.

If you know how to do math,

divide 20,000 into 7.5 billion…

….and here’s what you get…

…if my math is right…

0.00000266666% of the global population infected.

More people died today in their cars on the way to work. 

So don’t buy into the fear porn machine,

that they have clearly amped up a notch or two…

…and suddenly Ebola just disappears…



Yeah, right…

…the numbers don’t lie and the link is above.

More to come.

Love to all.

Change is Coming


Starting with an un-quip: When the S & P goes over 2000, things WILL happen, and the S & P ended over 2000 Friday, so pay attention this week. This upcoming Tuesday will mark the next Election Day in the once mighty USSA. Sadly, the “election” process in this pirated country is more of a “selection” process, and the ones running are all glorified, pinky-ringed, criminal lawyer actors with no real agenda other than to better themselves and their associates. Voting machines are hacked and rigged. It’s a total hustle. Did you know that over half of Congress falls in the millionaire category, and the rest aren’t far off. How many millionaires do you know? What do you think the ratio of millionaires to non-millionaires is amongst the populous?

I saw a great quote yesterday…

“We live in a nation of sheep, run by wolves, and owned by pigs.”


There is always so much that one could address in relation to the current world environment. Where to segue from here?….hmmmm… oh, here is one last comment on voting before I move on… There are many who believe in voting, believe in the power of voting, actually feel that their one little voice will count. If you believe that, what is to stop you from considering a vote of “no confidence?” Is that not kosher? Who ever said you HAD to vote for someone? If they are all parasitic self-serving scum, and you have no confidence in their ability to make something positive happen, then vote to NOT vote for them, vote NO CONFIDENCE. Of course I know that falls mostly on deaf ears, as it is difficult to explain rational common sense to a mostly brainwashed and fluoridated and programmed society, so now we move on….


We have mentioned before the “messages” being channeled through various mediums from ascended masters. If any part of that sentence confuses you, use Google or look into my archives before continuing, or I can sum up real quick: There are messages that are supposedly channeled through those who claim to be in contact with higher dimensional beings known as ascended masters. These messages repeat notions of a global currency reset, NASARA prosperity funds for all, dismantling of the globalist cabal of elitist banker scum, disclosure of alien contact, notions of a new age of light and love via light workers and star/indigo/rainbow children. These “messages” appeal to each viewer/listener in an individual way based on your current life status which is obviously unique to you. Lately though, I have been thinking these messages are complete bullshit and are just another part of the globalist plan to take total control over the masses. Why, you may be wondering?… because these globalist pigs that control most of you venerate Lucifer, the angel of “light.” You may not worship Lucifer, but THEY DO, whether you believe they do or not. Now if Lucifer is the “angel of light,” and the new age is promoting the advent of “light” workers, what are the odds that the two are connected? What a great ruse it would be for the globalists: keep them distracted by focusing on what they believe is unconditional love for all, keep them focused on the “light,” keep them focused on anything to keep them ignorant to the real reality of the horror these globalist eugenicists are planning on unfurling upon the global population. On that note I will tangent onto the next paragraph…

Eugenicists? Yes, as in those who seek to ultimately control the population from birth to death, determining who is worthy and unworthy to exist in society. Know anything about Margaret Sanger? She is the founder of Planned Parenthood, where one goes to get an abortion. Look into some of her quotes and published works, she was a sinisterly devoted eugenicist, and one of her primary foci was to depopulate minorities and those born in “unfit” circumstances. (CLICK HERE>>>)  10-Eye-Opening Quotes From Planned Parenthood Founder  Yes, she is the creator of the number one place to instill such population control measures, the legal abortion clinic. Now I have no real opinion on abortion other than the “choice” boils down to circumstance. Cannot show any real bias here, as these posts are for all of you and none of you. The reason I mention Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, eugenics, global depopulation, is because although these ideals arise from the past, these eugenicists have NOT deterred from their plan to depopulate and gain total control of the remaining populous. Why do you think Ebola is evolving into the next AIDS? AIDS/HIV didn’t work fast enough, so the CDC isolated and patented Ebola to get the job done. Can you say, “engineered bioweapon?” Do you think it’s a coincidence that Ebola is spreading in Africa, same place AIDS started? These eugenist psychopaths have it out for the blacks, hence why they test run these epidemical diseases on them first, why mostly black babies are aborted, but ultimately they want MOST OF ALL OF YOU DEAD, and here comes that 85 to 90% ratio… 85 to 90% still asleep, the eugenicists want 85 to 90% of the world population wiped out, what will it take for those of you who still slumber to wake the fuck up already? YOU give them power to complete their agenda. The way to beat them is to become aware, yet many still just change the channel, still grazing on that green grass of blissful ignorance…how does it taste?….


Funny how the fake news MSM is now a parasite to the alternative media, gradually evolving from a dinosaur media outlet to one that does it’s job by broadcasting truth instead of scripted false flag bullshit. Now they aren’t there yet by any means, but they are getting better. Slowly the tide tries so hard to turn, it’s an ongoing battle between those who seek to enlighten and those who try to keep the majority suppressed and docile, cowered inside their own cave prisons. Yes, that’s a reference to Plato’s Cave and if you can’t pick up on that by now, again see the archives or do your own research. The entire foundation of this blog is The Allegory of the Cave, so it’s obviously important to know what said allegory means. Why do so many stay content to remain imprisoned in a cave of their own creation? All the while, the choice to free one’s self is always there, ALWAYS. One must only be brave and have the courage to ascend out into Enlightenment. Why such fear? Why such lack of courage? What happened to make so many so afraid? Oh my though, we have hit the 1000 word mark once again dear readers. Time to go. There will be more to come soon, there always is, as we spin faster and faster and faster toward… well toward what? That question will be answered soon, do not give into fear. Be brave about what is coming, be brave about killing your ego, be brave about the enlightenment you experience when you ascend. Fear will kill you, it is all that can kill you, but it will only kill you if YOU allow it to.


Stay courageous. Wide eyes open.

Love to all. 

Free Magic



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The best price is FREE, FREE, FREE.

Learn to use bit torrents, and take it NOW while YOU can…

…or just change the channel…

More to come.

Love to all. 

Something Brewing

Have you noticed that there hasn’t been any news about the government, or the conflicts in North Africa? I know Congress is on vacation, and how convenient. Has anyone thought that maybe they are using this extended vacation to prepare for something they know is coming? Things are collapsing everywhere, not just here in the USSA, but all over the world, except for maybe China. Did you know that Britain and Spain are fighting over the Straight of Gibraltar? Did you know that 400 anti-aircraft missiles have disappeared in Libya? Did you know there have been 16 train derailments in the last several months? Most of you aren’t aware of what is going on behind the scenes, but rest assured, you soon will see.

I told you these events would come closer. I told you time was speeding up. I can sit here and tell you “I told you so” all day, but I’m not here to do that. I am here to show all of you what lies in the shadows, beyond the light, but even I don’t know exactly what these scheming globalist pig scum are truly up to. All I am saying is that the pieces are lining up and they all point to the great change. You remember what I’ve said about that right? Well I said all those things long enough ago for the time to actually now be upon you all. The descending sequence… 21, 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, and then zero. If you do not know what the Fibonacci sequence is, please please go to my archives and inform yourselves, because everything revolves around that sequence. Look in the archives, all you need to know is there.

So are we entering zero point now? I don’t think we are there, but we will be in a few weeks. We are surely on the last one, our last one, your last one, the last one in this sequence.

Will time stop at zero point? It will feel like it does because most of you will all be in a reality you hadn’t planned for. But zero point isn’t forever, and a new beginning begins at the first “one.”…. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21…  learn the sequence…

There is nothing to fear. Only you have the power to make sure you go through this process and make it to the other side. I cannot tell you what the other side will be like, I cannot illustrate the new reality for you, only you can do that. Remember what you truly are. You are not a meat puppet, you are a being of energy and light. You already live forever, you have lived forever, and you will continue to live forever. This “existence” is only a flash. You cannot remember your higher self because they train you all to forget. They will try to consume you all if you let them on their way down. Do not be a slave, do not give in to an agenda. Your body is temporary, your spirit never dies. But while you are here, you must live, and what it means to “live” is going to be redefined dramatically very soon. The thunder roars, the lightning strikes, the rain falls down on us all. Make sure you are around to watch the sun come back out. Pay attention over these next few weeks. Wide eyes open. Love to all.

Giant African Snail

Every day I find something, everyday I learn or un-learn something from the day before…never fails. They are like new little gems for the treasure trove of knowledge inside me. Have you discovered your treasure today, your little gems? Do you even look or better yet, do you even know that you can see them? Maybe you cannot, Idk… that’s your trip and another tangent.  For now, here’s something I found earlier: Image

Yes, it’s a snail, a giant snail, a huge fucking snail…wow, look at that thing. If you want some specifics, here you go:  So naturally after seeing this initial pic, I had to know more, which led to more pics: ImageImageImage   I have seen big snails in my life, but these have definitely acquired the 1st place position. Another link and then I have something to share and then even more coming after that:

Yes, the term “gross” could be applicable here. Now I love animals so I am not bringing up the term gross from appearance at all. No they are quite beautiful actually, but along with the majesty of it’s rare size, these snails are mainly considered pests, as are most snails. They adapt and breed quickly, ravaging plants and disrupting the natural way of life. They can potentially carry any one of numerous parasitic organisms so if you like escargot as I do, make sure you know what you are getting into before you find yourself facing it for dinner. Here’s a link to some info on the subject of eating these things:

And for live footage:

As you just saw, some people actually call someone to remove these in Florida. Calling a professional to remove a snail from your space. That is a reflection in itself and so the answer is yes. Yes, there is plenty of metaphorizing going on right now… or is there? Nonetheless, now you know about Giant African Snails should you ever encounter one. Be careful, eyes wide open. Love to all.