It is 9/11 as many of you know. That’s right, it’s September 11th, the anniversary of the greatest false flag ever unleashed. 12 years ago, the government executed a plan to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and then blame “terrorists” so they could have an excuse to create a “war on terrorism.” Any of you who still believe that 9/11 was committed by Arabs with box cutters need to wake the fuck up and look into the real story. The proof is undeniable; the real culprits are the globalist pig scum. Look into it if you don’t know. Nonetheless, said globalist pig scum love their ritualistic events, so everyone needs to be wary of what may go down today. In the US, there is a plan for a million muslim march on Washington in addition to a 2 million person biker rally, also on Washington. How these two events will affect one another… we shall see. The air is ripe for a false flag event, so again, BE WARY. Der Furher Obama isn’t looking good in the public eye right now and a false flag event is just what the Obama regime needs to attempt to garner some public support for their war. I’m not saying a false flag attempt will work, but these bastards might try it anyway. I’ve told you, they are consciousless psychopaths, and you mean nothing to them or their agenda. So, I’m gonna keep this short, there’s plenty of fodder out there about today’s “events” to keep you all more than occupied… and if something DOES happen, well we will just cross that bridge when we get there, won’t we? Wide eyes open, especially today people. Love to all.