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Some additions to the portfolio…

and a thumbnail version for the share…


By the way…

they have reported that they are going to ban the song “White Christmas,”

because the insane far-left has deemed it racist.

All part of the divide-and-conquer, race-baiting psy-op imposed upon all of YOU,

that the masses of asses are gobbling up…

So in light of that, here you go…


…And for anyone who feels this above GIF is racist,

feel free to explain to me in a detailed comment why YOU think it’s racist,

then ask yourself who is the racist one…

Clearly an image of drunken celebrating white people,

being orchestrated by children mind you,

all while a dancing black guy eats fried chicken legs…



Who’s is making the racist connotation?

You? Or me?

Who is truly ignorant?

Maybe YOU should dive deeper than what YOU see on the surface…

All these fools falling into the trap…

…is it so hard to back up and look at the whole damn picture?

Apparently for 85 to 90%…

(particularly these nitwits protesting the WRONG issue)

…still a disconcerting “NO“…

…and there you go…



More to come.

Love to all. 

Italics and Quotation Marks

I find so many of these randomly that it’s liberating in a way to be able to share them with all of my readers. The these that I’m referring to are the little gems I mentioned in an earlier post. Didn’t read it…no worries…I’ll refresh you; The “gems” are metaphorical to here-and-there enlightening informational factoids about some particular thing that everyone thinks they are aware of, but really most aren’t. Here’s a link back or you could use your brains and scroll back a blog or two, either way:

Today’s examples: a bride and a groom.

So let’s start with the “what you think you know but really don’t” part. That being that most of you think that a bride and a groom are just nouns ascribing to the male and female roles in a traditional wedding ceremony. And you would be right, yes only an italicized right, because your accuracy is only relevant to the ignorance and unknowingness of yourselves and/or most of the people around you. We could dive right into the how bizarre and un-bizarre the event of marriage actually is, but I’m saving that for another time. Right now, just learning you on etymologies. Some of you need this, nothing wrong with refreshment:

The term bride first. Maybe or maybe not originated from an Old English word bru, meaning to cook, or “brew”, as we use it today. Here, i look at wiki, why shouldn’t you?…  And I’m glad because, if you actually clicked the link, you would see there are several facets to what a bride actually entails. Always learning, no matter what. yeah, it may seem like useless knowledge to you, but that would be because you aren’t activated yet. If you were, you would understand that there is a deeper meaning in truly understanding this perception of your reality as it really is. Going beyond that, more often than not you will be surprised at what you find when you look up the origins of words.

Same goes for a groom. The word may or may come form a word that implies a “boy.” In a practical world, one is hardly a boy any longer once they engage to be married. Nor is a bride just in servitude to that “boy.” I know, I’m going crazy with the italics and quotation marks. Those imply… extra emotion one could say, for those of you who need it all drawn to scale for you. This blog is hardly just about what a bride and a groom are, my emphasis of the emotion you see in those italics and quotation marks, in the title. That emotion comes from the importance of YOU understanding how important knowing is. Here’s your foundational link:  I point, you see, the YOU go further and understand for YOU. I’m just the translator.

Knowing, in this sense, is referring to you, yes YOU, YOU right there, YOU, but as I was saying, knowing without implication that YOU can learn and know all of this without my help, or anyone else’s. This knowledge is out here, I say it over and over, and I’m sure that all of my devoted readers know what I mean, but how differential is that in a humanity of 7 billion+ different versions of the same story? If I were to walk up to people on a busy street and say, “All of you have been miseducated and disinformed about the true reality of this 3rd dimensional paradigm we are experiencing together,” what do you think the majority response would be? Hmmm.. without being subjective, one might venture to say that more than likely, 8 to 9 out of every 10 would be a very loose estimation of how many would even be able to comprehend that sentence. You who know get it immediately and also know that it is even really any sort of challenge at all. That’s a disturbing part of the , if you can read the sentence with open eyes. But most of you sleep, you’ve always been asleep, and you may always be sleeping as well, slumbered at your own wheel.

Would the majority that didn’t get it mob me? They would have much more them than those of us who see, and they wouldn’t enjoy the fact that we know something that they do not. Again, is it subjective if the opinion is a reality? Are you qualified to be so bold in your knowingness? Just a common sense observation that anyone can observe, an opinionated truth manifest from the factuality that the mass population view what they do not understand with fear, that fear leading to hatred, then on to rage, and so on… however that crazy trip wants to go. That is their trip, so what is your trip? Or are you still on their trip? It’s all up to YOU, not THEM, even though most of you go about it all backwards. The hosts, enslaved to the parasites that feed from them, all turned around and backwards and cluelessly consuming more and more  feeding your parasites. They trick you with novelty but you all ultimately trick yourselves by consuming those novelties. And when the novelty runs out?  Most people don’t even know who Terrance McKenna is…good reflection of how blind this humanity has become to anything and everything, especially real knowledge. Instead of relying on your television and getting motivated just enough to barely think, detach and get informed already. For fuck’s sake, what are you waiting for?…particularly those of you uninformed spiteful troll mumpsimuses… even you fluoridated fuckwits can snap out of it and open your eyes and finally SEE.

It’s easy to be a part of the 85 to 90%. In fact, the less you try, the more you blend into your herds. All being led around unknowingly and unwittingly by shepherds that only want to consume YOU after you’ve consumed yourselves. Why do you think they keep all of you consuming? Again though, YOU are the ones that finally choose or not-choose, but oh no, that means thinking and making decisions, so much…  wonder what is on television? …complicated and exaggerated levels of one simple self-manufactured concept; IGNORANCE. People who cry about racial this and that use the word ignorance a lot, but they have misused that word by in fact using that wordThe word applies to so much, on such a deeper level, because most of you are most ignorant of your own ignorance. This is yet another example one could take to the streets and ask for random interpretations of the definition of ignorance. Can you imagine the commentary? Yikes, confronted by trolls everywhere, exposed and out in the sunshine, trying to feed from your energy by making horrifically opinionated and uninformed statements. Or here’s a nice one to try, “The new devil pope will be the last devil pope, but will take as many as he can with him as he bears witness to the destruction of the city of the seven hills.” Jumpin jesus, peoples heads might explode.

Now clearly I’m very aware of how bad it all may seem and yes, there is a lot of room for pessimism. Despite all of this that I tell you and show you, there is the dimension above and beyond, the next destination for some, some not. There is a greater resonance, a higher frequency, to experience existing. All becomes obvious when you back up and look at the whole damn picture. 85 to 90%, see a piece, only pieces, never the whole picture puzzle. They have pieces missing, wrong pieces, pieces for different puzzles, all fucked up and even more fucked up because they aren’t even aware of it. One joke on another joke after another, but the jokes aren’t funny because they only reflect the image of a humanity failing, consuming itself on novelty. Not the fault of the novelty. Novelty is only negative when you allow IT to control YOU. Think about this now, open up, listen, visualize this whole of humanity, most not even out the cave yet, shrouded in the darkness of their own unknowingness, being fed novelty. Humanity existing  for novelty, not novelty existing for humanity, again, all ass backwards and askew. Do any of you listen? Or do you only hear? What sort of spiritual cataclysm must you all need to awaken? Are the 85 to 90% beyond reach? The moments ticking by, hastening with the constriction of the Fibo-spiral. Yes, that is not a real word, but if it works grammatically, shouldn’t it be? Be YOUR own person, their rules only apply if you keep playing their game. Their game is just a big Risk board, and just as in the game of Risk, you mean only as much as your worth. YOU are expendable to them, but still you keep playing, led around on a roll of their dice. And again as in Risk, the moves become more dramatic as groups move ahead and not-ahead, gaining and losing, more and more, until only one is left, one new world order. Imagine that? Remember, I am only the translator. Take what you want, take it all, or take nothing. Only YOU can awaken YOU. I am like an alarm clock. So stop snoozing, get up, UP, not down anymore, UP, RISE UP and Open your eyes to SEE what is truth and what is not. NOW is when, not tomorrow. How much time could be left? With so many firsts everywhere, one can but wonder when the lasts might occur. Something IS coming though, don’t worry yourselves over that…oh yes, you could definitely say something is coming, but when and why?  Whatever it is all will face together, so do your part and make a difference by helping others help themselves. Eyes wide open. Love to all.

Working in Light

For those of us who are on the path of Divine Light, working in service of Source to help you all help yourselves, there is a strong connection. All of us who are awakened or awakening are becoming aware of our synchronicity with one another. There are no chance encounters, people meet for purpose. It seems that many of us Lightworkers are finding connections between one another. Perhaps it is because together our power is greater than if we stood alone. As a unified force we have the power to help others awaken and rise up to this higher vibration, so let us become aware of it and learn to use it. We have barely scratched the surface of what we truly are capable of, let’s go deeper. We are all Love, the Infinite Love of Source, what is to fear, ever? 

Each day brings new adventure, new enlightenment, greater expansion of consciousness, and it brings all of us who are quickening closer to one another. Our Infinite Love radiates out into the Universe, and others can feel it. More and more, day by day, look at all you waking up. So beautiful, the process of it I mean, re-awakening back to your True Self, your Divine Self. So many incarnations, bumbling around clueless, doing the best you can with your ego representing you, and now that time is over. You have done it, here in this incarnation, right now, you have done it. Of course you cannot fully remember your past lives, but you are aware that you have been here, many times before, scratching at these revelations you now see clearly but never fully getting it. Life after life after life and now you are here, right now in this life and guess what, YOU GET IT. 

You just simply snap and get it one day, or you go through this life never getting it, subconsciously hoping that maybe the next round will be better for you. Like I said there is no ritual, no magic event, just a moment in time that gets bestowed upon you by the Divine Love of Source. It is an energy, an electricity that starts at the bottom of your spine and radiates up your back and then out through your body, your limbs, your crown chakra erupts, it really is amazing. It is the awakening of your kundalini power, and it feels incredible. You will know when it happens or if it has happened, then you know when that moment was that changed you forever. You just get it all, it all comes together, and the ego and the negativity that stems from the fear in your ego just becomes like a sad, small child, maybe a last ditch effort from your ego to trick you into giving in, just once more. 

You do not give in though. You recognize that the ego is not truly you, it is the byproduct of existing in the density of duality, 3rd dimensional consciousness. Let that ego go and when it is finally gone you will know. No more of the scattered random inputing voices in your head, all becomes narrowed to the One Voice, the voice of your soul consciousness. There is no longer possibility for the destructive potential of anger and hatred and rage, it is simply just a cloud of negative emotion, You see it, but it has no effect. It just appears and goes, appears and goes, until one day those clouds never form and the sky always radiates with serenity and joy. The more you dive inside yourself, the deeper you go, the less your ego is present and one day, you watch it vanish into the horizon for good.

Now you have found or are discovering your True purpose, your Divine Purpose. We are here to help all of you, not just to help you help yourself for your sake, but to aid in easing your transition through these upcoming times. The only way to be prepared for what is coming is to prepare inside yourself. Follow and trust that the Divine love inside you will guide you, follow and trust that The Unconditional Love of Source will protect you from danger, so you have no need to be afraid of anything, ever. You can feel that Infinite Love inside you, do you still question, do you still lack belief? No matter what else you may think you believe in, surely you can always believe in what you see and feel and perceive, right? Is that warmth you feel when you let the love of God inside you just in your head? I cannot explain it either, but it is real. yes, it is very very real and you all need to be conscious of the gravity of what is happening and even more, of what is coming. The clock ticks, tick-tock, tick-tock,…

As you embrace your role as a Lightworker for Source, you embrace your love with everything and everyone, unconditionally. This includes total forgiveness to all those who have wronged you. First you must forgive and love yourself unconditionally, all your flaws, all you’ve done, forgive totally, then love infinitely. Then that Divine love radiates to others. As individual Lightworkers, we do good things to help others help themselves. Workers of light standing united, we do great things. We are here to help this planet. We are here to help you acclimatize to the changes happening inside you as your vibration rises. We are here to not let you let yourself be afraid. There is nothing to fear. 

If you still have fear in you, if you still are afraid, remember this and it is not cliche: Love conquers all. Love binds everything, love is the great attraction, The great unifier. love is light. fear is the dark. Fear wants everything to repel into chaos. The logic of fear is that there is no logic, only total destruction through chaos. But fear is weak to love. As i said before, and I am semi-paraphrasing, “There can always be a light in darkness, but never a darkness in light.” 

Lightworkers, more and more of us, accepting our Divine Purpose, and giving ourselves completely to the Infinite Love of Source, more and more of us every day. So many waking up, so many returning to love, the feeling in the air is amazing. Have you ever felt the way you do right now? You are so divine in this moment, feel your energy. Breathe. Feel the energy of life and light and love, going inside you, then coming out, going and coming, coming and going, in and out, in and out. we have to help as many as we can. So many won’t be ready but that is their issue. They can worry about themselves in their own time. Keep in mind, if they aren’t willing to open their eyes, why force them? When the caterpillar seeks to fly higher, he will transform into a butterfly, but only when he/she is ready.

For the rest of us butterflies, just keep radiating this love out into the universe. The more the leak widens, the greater our Divine and Infinite Love illuminates more and more around us. Everything speeding up, time, vibration, thought, all of it, faster and faster, surely you can notice. Just be yourselves, be your Higher Divine selves. Before you know it, the final hour will be upon us. No, not the final hour of the end, there is no end, only a change. No one can tell you exactly what will change, but yes, there is a real change coming and will effect you all. Be ready inside, that is all that matters. Let go of your fear, let go of your ego. You are awake and you are a worker for the Divine Light of Source. Become Infinite Love, embrace Divinity. What else really matters? Love to all.

Our Own Shift

Where does the time go? Just whizzing by, faster and faster, isn’t it, closing in on that all important date. I left a little gap between posts, not because I’ve been lazy, but because I am giving you time to go find some things out for yourself. You should all know about these things I write about already, but apparently many of you still somehow don’t. Many of you still living from your ego, some worse now than they were before. Hard to deal with the rise in vibration for some, it is making many of you want to regress back to the comfort zone you had before your awakening, draped in the illusion of ignorantly blissful happiness. If that is what you choose, then that is what you choose. 

I am done trying to wake you all up. There isn’t enough time left for me to still try to just get you started. Take responsibility for yourself. Learn for yourself. Enlighten yourself. You have heard me say over and over, “I am here to help you help yourself.” If you do not get that by now, if you still live from the fear and anger inside you, there is nothing I can do for you. You all know you need to wake up and/or be awakened already, what more can i say to encourage that? 81 days to go, what more can I really say to get you walking on a better path? You should already be aware, be conscious, so if you still are lost, for the last time I am telling you to re-awaken back to your Divine Self, your Higher Self. Just wake up and let’s go already. Stop wasting your time.

What I am going to do is post directly to those who are attuning well to their higher vibration. There is a lot of information you must all be privy to in order to make your own decisions regarding what is or is not going to happen December 21st. I am sure you are noticing the changes everywhere, right? Look around, pay attention. 2 major earthquakes today alone, increasing escalation of tension being reported from the middle east, the weather. Check out the current footage from Space Cams everywhere. Numerous unexplainable objects that yes, you can actually see for yourself. those are just tip-of-the-iceberg events. The leak is getting huge now, so much information, more and more, every day. Get out there and read for yourself. 

Your leaders are trying to manipulate you into siding off in this brewing global conflict. Do not let them, that is their agenda, their conflict. They have their own plan, do you want to be part of it, a slave to their cause? Fuck no you don’t, but you do not have to worry about those things. Detach from that reality, separate yourself from the duality of existing in this 3rd dimensional paradigm. Become One again with your soul consciousness. Don’t get caught up in their war, their is something else coming for them. Those who are returning to the Infinite and Divine Love of Source are going to experience something that is undefinable in this moment. There is no need to fear. Trust in the Unconditional Love of God.

“What about the spiritual war?” you may be thinking. Yes there is that too. The seemingly never-ending battle between good and evil. The problem with that is that conflict is dualistic in nature, so to accept that there is a spiritual war going on and to accept that you are a part, or a soldier in this conflict, then you still exist from duality. Duality only becomes manifest at this slow vibration, or does it? Good question which I do not have an answer to. What I like to think of is the analogy I heard some time ago which states, ” There can always be a light in the darkness, but never a darkness in the light.” This implies that Divine Love conquers all ultimately so there seems no need to get caught up in the melodrama of representing good or evil, right?

Just be Divine Love, be the inbreath and outbreath of the Infinite Love of Source. You must become aware of the fact that your true being is beyond all of this. Your true nature is Divine and One with God. These material desires, possessions, wealth, all meaningless, all just matter that has become condensed at this slow vibration. All of those unnecessary negative emotions, your fear, your hatred, your contempt, products of your ego. You ego is just the split of your soul that makes questions of things you already know deep down inside. It is part of a Great Experiment, a Divine Plan to experience being conscious at the slowest vibration of consciousness. You can choose when that experiment ends, and for those of you waking up, you are making the choice to ascend back a higher vibration, to return to existing solely from the Divine Love inside you. That is what is happening to all of you now.

Just worry about you, get yourself back in sync with your Higher Self. Yes there are things coming that are going to test everything you thought you knew. Yes there are going to be things occurring that you never could imagine you would be witness to. There is no need to panic, no need to freak out, definitely no need to be afraid, just be conscious. Be present in the moment as your True Self, your Divine Self. Let go of the confines of this reality. Let go of what they have told you is this or that, just let it go. Believe in yourself, believe in the presence of the Unconditional Love of Source inside you. Detach from your ego consciousness, yes you can do it, do not let your ego convince you otherwise. Return to your soul consciousness.

You were born in your soul consciousness, do you not remember? Sure it is different for everyone, but early on if you really think and try to remember, there you all were, existing from the innocence of the Divine Love inside you. Then something happens as you get older and you are bombarded by people and circumstances that seek to take that innocence. You learn to live from ego. You unwillingly learn as they knowingly program you to live more and more from your ego. They have forgotten their soul consciousness, so how would they be able to teach you all to live from Divine Love? Not totally their fault or totally your fault, just the way of this existence. Now that you are aware of that though, what is stopping you from reawakening to your Higher Self, your soul consciousness?

Yes it can be very difficult to separate from your ego. The ego is tricky and now especially will try to manipulate these intense emotions you are all experiencing. The ego thrives on controlling you, thrives from your fear of taking responsibility for your situation. Your soul is so much greater though, so much more powerful. It is your own weakness that allows you to let your ego guide you rather than your heart. Learn to let go of ego, you cannot go forward, you cannot level up if you still are enslaved to your fears. What is there to ever really be afraid of, ever? Think about it. All of this will be at some point of change at some future date regardless if anything happens on the Winter Solstice or not. When you look back on it all, were the fears ever worth it? Were the negativities ever worth it? You must let go of ego before you can move on. The choice is within all of you.

There is no way to truly know how or what to prepare for. Again, just be aware. Stay up-to-date on what is happening in the world around you. Realize that you can only help those who want to be helped. There is no more time to waste on those that do not get it. The responsibility is on them, not on you. Just get yourself right, get your heart right, embrace that Divine Love in your soul and just be yourself. Do not worry about them, let everyone else do their own thing. They are either waking up or they aren’t. You are no prophet, I am no prophet, just messengers to ourselves who are on the same path. Believe what you want, I prefer to stay on the fence. Who ever said you had to be on a side? I just am, as are you. I love all of you no matter what you think of me. Focus on you, focus on being a better you. Time ticks off, quicker and quicker, day by day. What is there really to get concerned over any more? Love to all.


Start Finding Out For Yourself

Pay attention to this information and yes, there is so much more is out there for you to find. All of you that still latch on to a bible or some form of religion, Christian, Jew, Muslim, whatever watch the first 10 minutes, just the first 10 minutes. Enlighten yourself. This info is not publicized through the mass media. The mass media is used to control you with fear and misinformation. Stop watching what they program for you. Believe in us, believe in the social media. At least believe in the dynamic of being fully aware of what is really going on around you. We are here to help you, not scare you or control you. We are here to help you detach from your enslavement, to awaken to your Divine Self. Believe what you want, watch what you want, accept what you want, but at least afford yourself the chance to gain insight through greater wisdom. The responsibility of choice is on you. Time is running out. Love to all.