Tomorrow is March 22, 2013. And? Well… here’s the and part:

I am not sure exactly what may occur? No one is, at least no one who would willingly inform any of you what is going to happen. Maybe nothing, maybe it will just be another Friday in the first week of Spring in the northern hemisphere. Before I get into what may and/or may not go down tomorrow, let’s take a moment to reflect on how nice it is that winter is over. Ahhhhh….. warmth. Yes, I know it isn’t warm in a lot of places yet, but the warming is beginning. Record heat in the southern hemisphere during their summer, so what will happen to those who live in the northern hemisphere? Those of you who still question the acceleration of time, think about this time last year…feels like only yesterday, a flash, something like that,… does it not?

So Spring is upon us, change is everywhere. This is going to be an interesting season. Right from the start, we have this date… which is tomorrow. Theories are all over, claiming this or that. Many of those theories revolve around tribulation. Some of you do not know what tribulation means do you? Here, educate yourselves before you read further…  Anyone can look around and observe the reality that humanity is growing more and more apart, dividing itself into class, like the levels of a pyramid…hmmm. Oh yeah, there’s a pyramid on a dollar bill, coincidence?… especially with that all-seeing eye at the top. The put it right in front of all of you and you see it, but you don’t really see it do you?

People all over are struggling. Are you struggling? Not everyone, but enough to notice the difference from 10/20 years ago. Back then, their plan was yet to be fully implemented. And none of us knew what agenda 21 was, but my how it has all changed. The information age gave the world instant global connectivity. The knowledge that was so easy to contain before the internet became almost an impossibility after. Imagine if there were still no internet…how even more clueless humanity would be about what is real and what is not. What if the electricity goes out and this connectivity is severed? That is why I repeat to you all to NOT take your time for granted. Learn as much as you can while you can, because all it would take would be a loss of electricity and the web is no more. How you people can still stay glued to your televisions is beyond me. But that’s the reality…85 to 90%, the world of the mumpsimus.

Tomorrow grows closer, the seconds falling like dominos. The tribulation times encompass numerous plausible disaster scenarios. Floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, meteors/meteorites, tornados, global cataclysmic events, the gaps between each event, getting smaller and smaller. Do you remember why? The Fibonacci sequence…winding down. Besides the natural disaster part, there is the part of a collapsing humanity. The population is greater than we have ever known. 7 billion plus beings all eating and shitting and consuming and taking up their own varying arrays of space, 85 to 90% of them, clueless.

That’s roughly 6 billion of you. We are trying to help you. Do you want to know why? because they do NOT want to help you, they want you all to die. There are too many of you for their world and they would love nothing more than to depopulate all of you. That’s right, you are just a consumer, one of the herd. If you weren’t here tomorrow, they couldn’t be happier. Their tomorrow is not your tomorrow. This age of information has exposed the globalist corporate pig scum parasitic enemy of humanity. This age has also enlightened many. Knowledge is power. What makes that power good or bad is not the power, it is you. That fractional globalist group of elitist pig scum use that power for pure evil, but in their eyes it is for good because you are all useless to them other than your capacity to produce. A world without you all in their way, that’s paradise.

Now along with this great age there is the anti-progress types. People who say they hate computers and drive slow and know nothing about everything, the true to life mumpsimuses…those types. And damnit there are a lot of you brain-dead fuckwits. No one is old enough to not awaken, only YOU prevent yourself from opening your mind and heart to the real living truth. Yet these idiots plow along, angry because they are confused, aggro because they are afraid. The saddest part is that they won’t be gone once they’ve died off. They breed. They breed ignorantly and haphazardly, uneducated and uninformed. More and more and more, stupid making stupider. No it isn’t mean and judgemental. I told you before, if the subjectivity is factual, who’s to say it isn’t objective?

So the breakdown…here you go: 85 to 90% of humanity, about 6 billion, are mumpsimuses and/or are being mumpsimusized. 14 to 9%, a bit shy of a billion, are awakened and/or awakening. Then there is the fractional 1% that controls the 85 to 90% that live in Mumpsimus Town. That 1% controls the world monetary systems which have been manipulated to basically run the world. Money powers the engine that runs the machine of production and consumption. That machine has been set up to provide all of you with the modern advantages you all have which is good, but the pirates that have orchestrated the means to gain unfair advantage over everyone else, that is the bad part. These pirates are unempathetic vampires. They feed from your blood as they profiteer more and more from YOUR effort. That 1% controls 90% of the world’s money… hence the term globalist pig scum. Like pigs, they just consume and consume and shit on whatever they want. The fact that all they care about is the acquisition of wealth rather than giving back to humanity makes them scum. And global because yes, they dominate the whole planet by controlling the circulation of money. If this world is built by money, and they control it all, who do you think controls the world?

Those of us in the awakened group are trying to help the 85 to 90% help themselves, while at the same time exposing and dismantling the structure of the establishment of the 1%. We see the bigger picture, we do not succumb to their program, we have left the darkness of the cave and ascended out into the enlightenment of the Sun. If you still do not know what I am referencing there, you are in the mumpsimus group. One more time, here is a link:

The 1% liked it when everyone else was blind, and we were for the most part. Blind and unknowingly ignorant of the fact that we were subscribing to an illusion of a real world that wasn’t at all what we thought it was. There have always been enlightened ones, and now in this time, being enlightened is simply to know that there is this 1% and 10% and 85 to 90%…to know what is real, to know yourself, to detach and deprogram from being a slave to someone else’s agenda. Just see it…that’s it. BE AWARE. You all have access to more information than anyone ever has in recorded known history, and what do most of you do…watch your fucking television programming. Let go, find your own enlightenment. Everyone has more power than they know, but since most of you do not know, you do not use it. Do something to make a difference. Create, discover yourselves, stop being subjects to a program.

All of us are resonating at the same frequency in some extent to be experiencing all of this in the same paradigm. So yes, we are all in in together more-or-less. This is history happening now. What will these times read like in a history book 100 years from now? Where is all of this madness going? We have a small percentile, 1%, using eugenics and psychology to control the other 99%. But between them and you, there is us. Are we going to be declared dissidents, traitors? Will their new world order bring about our execution? Maybe so. At least we are doing our part to bring them down and our words and actions are not going to be in vain. What are you doing? 85 to 90% are half-retarded, 1% thinks the world is only for the privileged few, so where do you fit in? Is the red pill for you, or do you find that the blissful ignorance of the blue pill makes your life simpler and more predictable? The truth apparently isn’t for everyone. Tomorrow brings another day, but what does tomorrow’s day bring? You will see soon enough. We are here to help. We are the eyes dilating. Know for you, not for them. Love to all.