Addendum…Something is Coming

he addition to my Something is Coming vids. Just this morning, an apparent meteorite explodes in the atmosphere in Chelyabinsk, Russia. The boom is unreal…

Now details are still coming in, numerous unconfirmed reports, strange that this happens the very day asteroid 2012 DA14 makes its record close approach to Earth. Some are saying it wasn’t even really a meteorite… we shall see.

Also, I include some info on the true illuminati power structure and the odd dual resignation of both the monarchial head AND the religious heads on the snake, Queen Beatrix and the Pope… at the same relative time. That’s right, here are your links…
Just before the Pope resigns…eerie:……

And here’s some illuminati power structure info for you:…

Let’s not forget the OPPT…One People’s Public Trust… VERY IMPORTANT…PLZ READ:

And finally don’t forget to have a look at my blog:

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Breaking Meteor Footage

That’s right, as asteroid 2012 DA14 makes its approach, we have a precursor, maybe several. Is this only the beginning, or yet another freak coincidence? The day will reveal that answer soon. Stay alert everyone. Love to all.


**UPDATE** Be Ready…

This is my video update to a vid I made a few days ago. Check the archives, you will find it if you haven’t watched yet. or just click here:

I had a sensation that something of global significance was impending, and here we are. The video speaks for itself as does the blog before this. Thanks for reading and watching. Stay informed and be safe. Eyes wide open. Love to all.

Get Ready?

Well I made a video before the weekend that let you all know that I sensed a global event was quickly encroaching… and here we are. Either I am a lucky guesser or my intuition was right on point. Look at what is happening…

First off, the Pope, devil leader of the Vatican, resigning, first one to do this in over 600 years. According to the Prophecy of Saint Malachy:   which I just linked for you, there is only to be one more Pope, one more dark overlord of the sheeple. Have a look for yourselves, this information is very real, you just do not know about it. This final Pope will bring about the destruction of the city of the seven hills…i.e., Jerusalem. Incidentally, the Dome of St. Peter  in the Vatican was struck by lightning shortly after the announcement of his resignation...   What can it all mean? But I am only getting started…


Second, North Korea detonates a nuclear weapon. Now these people don’t bother me because before they could actually launch one of those, they would be made into glass by the powers that be unless the powers that be want them to do this. It’s all orchestration people… wake up. However, there is more to this that you must be made aware of. If you are not familiar with the killshot or who Ed Dames is, inform yourselves immediately. Here are some links:

Now if you have watched the Killshot, you would know that there are only 2 more events that are set to happen before the killshot event. One just happened… North Korea nuclear test. The second and final event, one of the man-made constructions in orbit will be hit by a meteor, comet, asteroid, some space-bound projectile. Either the ISS(International Space Station), or a satellite. Just so happens that in 3 days on February 15, asteroid 2012 DA14 will be making the closest approach to Earth since we have recorded such things. No it will not impact the earth, but it could easily hit a satellite and if it does… what will that mean? Here’s a link:

So there you go, make of this information what you will, think of me what you will. I had an inclination and I shared it with all of you and low and behold, here we are. Whatever that feeling was is now lost because all I am perceiving is a great nothing for the not-so-distant future. Maybe that’s a sign in itself. Whatever happens, please please do not be afraid. I am not telling you all this to scare you, I am telling you so you can be aware and not get blind-sided should something significant go down. These events are real, they are happening, and most of you do not have a clue. If you are aware, make others aware. Help them help themselves.

A few other things to be watching out for. This Chris Dorner incident has psy-op written all over it. Possibly an excuse to use his name as the first guy ever found by an unmanned drone, a test run so to speak. Odd how his last name can be arranged to spell drone, isn’t it? I mean what are the odds? Der Fuhrer Obama makes his State of this Crumbling Union speech tonight. Might wanna have a look at that. Knowing your enemy is very important. Being aware of their propaganda is how you can avoid it, if you have the mind for it, which all of you do if you can detach from the hypnosis of your televisions and see between the lines.

There are agendas underway and events in motion. You all need to stay alert and stay informed. Just one more event to mention… the hundreds of unreported earthquakes STILL, YES STILL, occurring in the Solomon Islands. The MSM controlled news has reported the first major one, an 8-pointer several days ago, and one after shock, when in reality, as you can see here: they are continuing. One would think that several hundred continuous earthquakes, all 5-pointers and/or greater would be important, especially since it has been happening for almost a week straight, yet no info other than from me telling you. Why? Just another example of controlled information. While you all still can, keep researching, keep learning, keep improving, because if the electricity goes out… everything changes. The world is turning in an unprecedented way. The Fibonacci spiral is going so fast now as we all approach zero point. What will happen? Trust in the power inside yourselves, trust in the energy of life and love, it is what will guide you to the other side. Stay safe everyone. Love to all.

This is the End

Yes, this is the end, the end of my little mission to create a blog and try to help out a few of you out there. Tonight, I drove down to the beach. It was desolate, I was one of very few cars. Made a few stops, then made my way to the beach. The wind was really blowing ahead of a cold front, and the waves were really choppy and crashing about. I was all alone. This whole beautiful beach at night, the allure of witnessing nature’s wrath, and only me to see it. I sat on the edge of the surf. I meditated for a few minutes. There really is nothing quite like meditating outside.

After that I looked around. Here i am, on this big beach, all alone. I see a lot of houses, mostly empty. I see a pier, no one on it. I see the waves. I see the vastness of the waves, all different, yet essentially all the same. In the distance, I see a few lights. From boats or buoys or something like that I can only guess. maybe 10ish in all, here and there in the distance, flashing at semi-regular intervals. Then I came up with the metaphor of it all.

The waves are most of you. The lights in the distance, flickers of hope amongst a sea of blindly crashing waves. I see this from the beach. Part of me wants to go in, save as many as I can, but how can you reason with a wave? An entity of chaos in form unconsciously set in motion until it eventually ripples out, there is no way to influence it or make sense to it. One can only hope the wave eventually becomes still. Who am I to be standing on this beach thinking I am not a wave?

Because i am not. That’s your answer. I am on my own trip. Is it my fault I see what most do not. These things are all out there, right in front of you, for all to see, but most of you will just stick to being hypnotized by your televisions. Exactly what they want. The change is already manifest. This date means nothing other than time now belongs to their plan. You are going to give them the power to take your power away. Yes, something is coming. What that is, doesn’t matter.

Most of you would and could never believe any of the things that some of us know. That is why you do not know, and you will continue to not know until your lives are ultimately determined by the will of those you let lead you. I could write 10,000 pages about how distorted the history you believe in has been altered and manipulated. Do you not realize how powerful information is? When information is written down, true or not, it takes on a power all it’s own. Most people believe almost anything if you present it to them in the right manner. 

Now if you were part of a group of globalists that had the power to control what people believe is real, what would you do? Stop hating, keep your mind open. Think about it from their shoes. Society is a chaotic clusterfuck of madness. Most of you are completely fucking out of control. Your beliefs, your ignorance, your unwarranted hatreds of everything you do not try to understand, all of it is destroying our humanity from the inside like a fucking plague. When will it stop. 7 billion parasites infecting this planet. Maybe she has had enough.

Any of you can look around and see these things. Yeah, we should focus on all the love and beauty and blah, blah, blah. I love that idea, it’s great. Sadly, you have to convince nearly 7 billion other humans of that. And most are even capable of comprehending opening their eyes and seeing what the real truth is. So now what do we do? Picture if nothing happens in 6 hours and the world goes on as is. What do we have, nations in tension, or so we are led to believe. War on drugs, war on terrorism, about to be a war on american 2nd amendment right, information war, war, war, war. The gap growing ever wider between the have and havenots. This giant monetary machine of control is failing dramatically. People are always in a rush and pissed off and concerned over scraps from the rich guy’s table. The tension in the air is almost visible. Where is it all going to lead?

But I’m barely an echo of an echo, a whisper in a hush. No one hears me, no one sees me, I just am among you and I am not. I walk in shadows, I no off no grid or of conforming or of being one of a herd. I was simply guided to be a messenger. Either by some force beyond my own or by the depravity of a mind going insane. I do not care what any of you think or what you think you know about me. I’m a ghost, only here to illustrate observations. My role, my purpose, my job, is divine. It has nothing to do with your monopoly money and your plastic enslavement to debt.

I’m here in a flash, as a spark, to help wake some of you up. The older generations are doomed, but the newer generations can still get back the power that was taken from them. Every one of these aging, elderly scum that think they control this world with their money will perish and rightly so. The backwards mentality of ultimate profiteering and belief they can control you all like cattle is a dying institution. It dies completely when they die, and their spawn are left to eat the shit of their greedy forefathers. But what will you all go through to get to the happy place again?

No there is no end. The only thing that is surely ending on the 21st is this blog. I gave a little light to some of you, but it is up to all of you to learn to open your own eyes and have the courage to see beyond their illusion. If you do not know who they is, then you are lost and there is little hope for you in this life. That is about 85% of the population. That is factual and disturbing if you let it disturb you. Remember what i told you all long ago?

Be the observer, do not let their negativity contaminate you. You are unique, you have infinite power. You are so much more than you know, but most of you have been programmed to forget or just have not evolved to the point where you can see what is really real. What more can i offer to an ocean of deaf and blind fools? Do not take that harshly, and who says I mean you? Only a deaf and blind fool would jump immediately to that assumption. You can be whatever you want. You can stand on the beach with me and watch the waves. You can jump in and splash around in the ocean, you can do whatever you want. Just remember to always be yourself and stop living to meet someone else’s ideals of what is and what isn’t. That’s it everyone. That’s the final call for the last train out. You don’t have one of these tickets, this train is not for you. You have other destinations, different trains, don’t be afraid to step out on your own and board one to a new destination. Let go of your fear, let the ego that controls you die. Only you can help you help yourselves. My mission ends now. Good luck all of you divine souls. I hope each and every one of you find the road that takes you on the trip back home. My Unconditional Love to All. Always.