Optional Pineal Extraction


Earlier some invisible flaming hands gave me 8 crystalline rocks to throw as far as I could. Upon hurling these shiny stars, the wind whispered gita. Thus, I threw then, hard, and far. They landed in a lake, the ripples reflected out waves of multi-colored rainbow energy that came right at me and reflected through my eyes into the electric snake around my spine. My eyes began to widen. Closing them, I see expanding energy spirals in the darkness in perfect geometric in-and-out shapes.The hands then gave me an egg, and said to swallow it, for it will help you understand the ripples they are sending you. I swallowed the egg. The geometry became myself, as I allowed the spiral to engulf me. My hands became paintbrushes, and the world a canvas, the sky a heaven of brushstroke mastery. My words aren’t enough to express the beauty and love I feel going back and forth between the trees and myself, the sky, the planet. The diamonds’ eyes in an abyss of dark matter space, smiling down at me, so small compared to those giants, yet we are connected as one in the great ouroboros. One day we can get back to them, but not just yet. If I gave you all the stars, could you hold them in your hands’ palms, eyes wide with wonder? If you could all feel the bliss of just being outside in this Universe of Universes we are all in…if you could all have the eyes, would you steal them to see? Or would you keep breaking your own hearts, just to change the channel?

Find YOU and become YOU. Let go of the egos you cling to so dearly, there is so much beauty through the eyes of the soul that is brave enough to ascend from the cave. Yet so many cling to the illusions of shadows, and echoes,…why? There is so much love up here, we reach down for you all, to pull you up, yet you flounder, like you’re drowning and we have the lifeboats…but you can’t stop flailing around enough in fear to grab on and save yourselves from yourselves. Find YOU, find that unconditional love that truly resonates from your soul, not your ego. Then maybe YOU will see true beauty and feel the divinity of flowing with, of breathing in-and=out, unconditional love all the time.

This is no game people, I live by what I write. I write with my own blood, to help you all help yourselves. What do YOU do? Resonate with love, let it come into you and out of you, like your breath.

Fear nothing, Your ego is dead.

Breathe. Relax. Everything is beautiful.

Love to all.