Current Screenshot of ISON Right Now

This is the best I could do at the moment, like I said, helioviewer is down due to overdownloading of vids. But you can clearly see, IT’S RIGHT THERE. Click the image to blow it up. More to come as the day goes on. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


2 comments on “Current Screenshot of ISON Right Now

  1. do u out your faith in the creator? Are u willing to put all your lite into the creator? Are willing to join your light with the Creators Love light with your light?
    go out and get bees wax candles and put your faith into the creator, when he tells you to go inside and shut your doors and close your curtains. No matter what your hear or see do not look outside, put your faith into the creator and you will be protected. stay inside for four days and nights. Its is his war is in his hands and he will send the warriors down to his battle. It will be in his hands.


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