UPDATE NASA Countdown Date Changed to October 6

Ok, do you all remember this post from a few days ago about this NASA countdown clock?….


Notice anything different? The clock has changed from November 13th to October 6th, just over a day away from a “major announcement.” Look further down…


You can register your email if you want, but that’s all you’ve got until apparently October 6th. Go to the site if you want…. http://www.rememberthe13th.com/   …and check it out for yourselves. As I told you before, every time I have seen one of these “countdown” sites, it always counts down to nothing, so don’t get your hopes up. I’m surely not advocating anything here, just passing the info onto all of you. I will change the counter on the right of the page accordingly as well. If you calculate the countdown, it ends at midnight tomorrow night. So this “announcement” is coming right at midnight on the 6th of October, in about a day and a half, according to what you and I see here. Again, I AM ONLY THE TRANSLATOR. Wide eyes open. Love to all.