What Could This Be?…


I came across this earlier. It is another website with a countdown. Here, pop the link up so you can see more of what I’m talking about… CLICK HERE>>> http://www.rememberthe13th.com/   …or just click the image itself. Now, we have seen these kind of sites before, at least I have, and guess what?… THEY COUNT DOWN TO NOTHING. However, you never know what this is and it’s reportedly from NASA… some “BIG” announcement… yeah, like I said, we shall see. Reports say this revelation will “shake up the Earth” so agin, just gonna have to see what happens, but I wouldn’t put to much confidence in anything happening at all. How many times are these “countdown” and “prediction” dates going to keep proving inaccurate? No added info, no details, just a surprise that will “shake the Earth” on November 13th. I’ll add it to the calendar just in case. After the day goes by without incident, I’ll re-update the counter for Comet ISON’s scheduled perihelion with the Sun which I believe is November 28th. Just a quick plate of info for you to nibble on and share. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 

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