Massive Solar Eruption


THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO. This is from our good friend, SuspiciousObserver, SO, and he makes daily updates on both Earth and Solar weather. This is footage of a massive CME, Coronal Mass Ejection, which happened today, September 29, 2013, but do not fear, it is not coming directly at us, only a glancing blow maybe. I am making my own video on this via  … you can also go there and see for yourself or make your own videos or whatever gets you off. This JUST happened, so I wanted to wait until helioviewer updated the Lasco c2 and c3 images for you all so you can see the halo eruption this event most likely caused. Again, nothing to worry about, this is just a beautiful display from our Sun that will cause some amazing auroras over the next few days for those of you who are lucky enough to live where you can see them. These things happen quite often, but this one is definitely above par, especially had it been Earth-facing. Lucky for all of you, it isn’t. So, give me a few hours for the most recent footage, and I’ll have my own video of this spectacular celestial event for all of you, my beloved readers and subscribers, to enjoy. Stay tuned, wide eyes open. Love to all.


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