I received an automated call earlier stating that my internet service is being maintenanced until tomorrow night, hence why it has taken e a while to update you all on the previous post. My apologies. Yes, that is galaxy NGC 936. Here are the images:


The information received via BPEarthwatch and seeingatruth was inaccurate, however now we know what NGC 936 is don’t we?… for all you trolls that like to make comments before you read what I post all the way through. I have said over and over and over again to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and that I DO NOT BELIEVE NOR DISBELIEVE in what is posted, is is only information getting relayed. Is it still bad to know what the Sumerians and the Annunaki and what is said about “winged-planetary objects” are? I prompt you to learn, and as I just stated, I have repeatedly reiterated to all of you what I do here. Now, onto NGC 936…

Here’s a link to a good article about this galaxy which is ohhh… 50 million or so light years away…CLICK HERE>>>  NGC 936 The winged “effect” is actually relatively common, so for those of you who jump right away into thinking any “winged” celestial object is Nibiru, keep doing some research. As you can see, there are numerous sites online that offer misinformation and disinformation. To sort through it all and find the truth, you must know all the angles. Everyone is anxious to get info out there, some take advantage to get views and followers and all that. That isn’t what it is about though. What it IS about, is enlightening all of you to the fact that you have access to an incredible amount of knowledge right now, so much that it can confuse you and take you off on tangents if you hold on to what you believe to tightly. It is important to always keep an open mind and to see the bigger perspective. Was the image in the previous post really comet ISON? NO, it wasn’t. Did you know what NGC 936 was before? NO, you didn’t, but now you do, and if you took it further, you also know about the Annunaki and the Sumerians and “winged planetary objects.” Take it for what it is and read the posts all the way through before you try to make some attempt to outsmart someone else. The joke is on you trolls, I am only here to translate. If you don’t like it, move on, don’t read, see ya. Better yet, DO YOUR OWN WORK.

So now that that is all cleared up, there will be more to come. This week should be eventful. Notice how fast time is moving by? Should be pretty obvious by now. At the beginning, when I talked about my Internet being down, by down, I mean it was slowed to a slower-than-dial-up speed, crawling, useless basically. It made me think of the times I remind all of you about what may happen should the power go down. The internet going down is enough, you might be surprised how much you rely on being online in this modern age, but what if it were the power as well? People will freak if the internet goes down for a few days, if the power goes out, chaos. Just some food for thought though, don’t worry yourselves by tripping off onto those tangents. Remember, open minds, all the time, always looking at the bigger picture. Have a good week, wide eyes open. Love to all.