World War 3 Postponed

     This is a great image of Der Furher Obama giving his favorite hand signal. As many of you already know, the President has opted to wait for Congressional approval before commencing on that missile strike against Syria. That gives us til about ohhh…. the 9th-ish. Look on the right side of my page. Do you see that countdown? It ends on the 9th, and I put that countdown up over a month ago. I had info back then that the 9th of September was a day to watch for, and look where we are, waiting until Congress returns on the 9th of September to make their decision. Coincidence? Am I just a lucky guesser? I haven’t failed you all yet, so be wary of the 9th of September.

Now it’s funny that the President is making a point of waiting for Congress. Do you know why that’s funny?… BECAUSE HE’S SUPPOSED TO WAIT FOR CONGRESS ANYWAY. That’s like saying,” I have never been to jail.” You aren’t SUPPOSED to go to jail you dummy, so why is this idiot president implying that he’s “allowing” for Congress to weigh in? Sounds like borderline dictatorism, doesn’t it? If he had decided all by himself to strike, despite anyone’s approval, then would that not be a definition of what a dictator is? This prick has made more executive decisions than all former Presidents. He implemented this whack health care system, even named it after himself, takes more vacations than all former President’s COMBINED. Could he be any more of a puppet joke?… and this guy is in charge. Unreal.

The UK has opted to stay out of a military intervention in Syria, leaving the mighty USSA alone to “suppress the use of chemical weapons.” These chemical weapons supposedly killed 1492 people last week in Syria. How many people have died as a result of the US’s drone bombing programs? Bombs and guns have killed over 100,000 people in the Syrian war alone, but those are okay to use, right? Seems to be as simple as common sense, doesn’t it? That is exactly what the world is accusing the USSA of failing to have… common sense. The people don’t want it, the rest of the world doesn’t want it, but guess what?… the USSA is going to do it anyway. Congress is chock full of globalist scum puppets who would love nothing more than to endorse a war. That means more money for them. Do you think any of them will ever have to experience battle, other than the few who have in the past…i.e. John McCain. But he WANTS war. They want war. I have told you all this over and over and over again. The President did not want to seem alone in his decision, although he is really just a player for the globalist agenda, so he will wait until he can spread the blame around Congress as well. Again, this is all orchestration, it is an act, so they have to appear to be unified when they commence their missile attack on Syria.

After all this was said yesterday, do you know what Der Fuhrer Obama did the rest of the afternoon?… played golf. Is he insane? Yes, I think so, in some ways, and like I said earlier, he is “in charge.” Actually, he isn’t in charge, he is the poster boy, the head servant to the globalist pig scum. He gets his orders and he carries them out, just like a puppet on strings, but apparently that leaves a lot of free time for Obama to go on a vacation every other day. What do the puppetmasters want? They want to attack Syria to ignite World War 3, but they couldn’t leave there poster boy out on the edge alone, hence why they are waiting until Congress reconvenes. The show isn’t so complicated to follow if you know the plot of their agenda, and that plot is simple; decimate the population, create global chaos, divide everyone, so they can come back from the aftermath and instill their new world order. That’s it, that’s their plan, and they will either succeed, or go down in flames, taking as many of you with them as they can. This is why you must become aware and become conscious of what is really happening in the world around you. Otherwise, you will just succumb to their will because you are ignorant of the knowledge needed to save you. They have information. Information is power. We have taken that power from them and offer it to all of you. YOU must only take the time to find that information, and use it to help you help yourselves. Living in the shadows and listening to echoes is not what you were intended for. You are not a prisoner in a cave…CLICK HERE>>>Allegory of the Cave    The enlightenment of the real world has been there all along, have the courage to walk outside of the cave you have been imprisoned in and feel that enlightenment. The choice is yours. Wide eyes open. Love to all.



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