The Next Few Days Approaching Zero Point

The more I read about what is going on in Syria, the more I am becoming convinced that we are at the precipice. New reports state that a military strike could be just days away. Russia is evacuating their citizens, so this report certainly sounds credible, doesn’t it? Here’s a link, read for yourselves>>>   Russia has warned the USSA not to get involved. They have made statements saying that the WEST is like a “monkey with a grenade.” Nonetheless, the US has a reported 4 warships in the Mediterranean, ready to strike targets in Syria at any second. Again, this all is stemming from a reported chemical weapons attack by Assad against his own people. Some are claiming it was staged, a false flag. However, later this week, the US is scheduled to release their own “intelligence” information proving that the chemical attack did happen and was real. All part of their grand orchestration.

I told you these things were coming, now they are almost here, walking right up the steps to all of your front doors. If the US attacks Syria, it’s on, bottom line. Remember though, that is what they want. I cannot tell all of you how to get to the other side of all this. Chaos of this scale is unprecedented in our brief recorded history. We are talking about the lives of billions of human beings, all being used as pawns for the globalist game of Risk. Wouldn’t it be a good time for something great and unexpected to intervene and steer humanity down a better road? I wish I knew, because the way it is going now looks really dark and depressing and mainly, disappointing. How has it gotten so far-gone? Do you recall signing up for any of this? What a mess, what a future we all face. Like I said earlier, this is the precipice, the edge. If those missiles get fired into Syria via US warships, it will be the beginning of the end before a new beginning somewhere down the line. THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. Yes, right now we are at zero point. Recall the sequence… 21, 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, and then zero point. The 1’s are done. ZERO POINT IS HERE. If you don’t know what I am talking about, go into my archives and read up about time and the Fibonacci sequence. Here’s are some images>>>

     See how it winds down… everything exists according   to the Fibonacci sequence. It’s everywhere in nature…     


         …and if you recall, time is a durational dimension that exists according to the Fibonacci sequence. It winds down and then winds up, like a breath. We are all at the descension of the spiral, which has been winding down for quite some time. Think about history. We have had civilizations rise and fall, dark times and light times. In the last 100 years, humanity has progressed at a faster rate than any known time in our history. More and more events, more and more discovery, think about the sequence. As the spiral winds down, it moves faster and faster. If time were on a spiral, as I claim it is, it would appear to speed up as it winds down, do you understand? Many people think that time just seems to move by quicker as you get older. This is not correct. Time is in fact, seemingly moving faster, common sense can tell you that, and it is doing so because time is fractal. Fractals exist according to Fibonacci sequence, see here>>> 

Time is only relative to the plane of the fractal you exist on. This may be a bit confusing if you haven’t read my previous posts on fractals, time, and dimensions. Check this video out>>>   This will help explain what I mean. Time is infinite, but it appears to have beginnings at endings as you move deeper into the spiral. Human perception of this dimension allows us to experience those beginnings and endings as if they WERE real, because our consciousness is vibrating slow enough for matter to condense into form. Again, look into my archives about these things, particularly dimensions and time. The reason I reiterate this to you is because A, most people don’t have a clue, and B, we are at zero point. We have spiraled down the sequence, like a flushing toilet, and now we are at zero point. Zero point for this time means we either go into full-scale global conflict, or we don’t. This is a huge, huge, maybe the biggest turning point in history, and IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. The signs are pointing to the path where we DO get into that full-scale global conflict. The choice is in the hands of the globalists, and you already know what their agenda is, so all I can say is get ready. Day into night, in a flash, all could be happening as soon as the next few days. Humanity’s fate is in the hands of war-mongering globalist pig scum. What do you think they will do? Digest what I have told you all over and over again. This is my 450th post. I have put all this together for all of you to use. Take this knowledge while you still can, before the lights go out. History is about to be made, very soon. Wide eyes open. Love to all.

Syria World War 3

     Is World War 3 imminent? The globalist pig scum that run things have an agenda, and they are sticking to that agenda whether you like it or not. Last week, it was reported that Assad’s government used chemical weapons against its own people. Now this isn’t the first time this has been reported, but this time, they are claiming that YES, it did happen, and now the USSA is moving warships toward Syria and are ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Russia has already warned the USSA to NOT intervene, but like I said, the globalists that run this country are going through with their plan no matter who opposes it. So what is coming in the not-so-distant future? Check out this map which shows the two opposing sides…

This is an MSM link, and you can clearly see whose side they are on>>>    They are messengers for the globalist agenda. WAR, WAR, WAR. How do we get it? FALSE FLAG. What may happen?…. the US will most likely engage in a missile attack on Syria, using chemical weapons as their excuse, which will then lead to an intervention by Russian forces. The Arabs will unite. Then the Chinese will get involved, and in a matter of months, the world will go from day to night as it falls under the darkness of global conflict. I’ve told you so many times, they want you all dead, gone, dust in the ground. There are nearly 7 and a half billion people in this world. They want the population down under 1 billion, so how do you think they will do that? They do not care about any of you, they only care about themselves. They are looking toward the long-term, remember? After the world has succumb to the chaos of worldwide war, they are going to come back in and regain total control in the aftermath. Divide and conquer, order out of chaos, these people have been at this for a long time, and they will either take you all down with them, or die trying to. Big changes are just around the corner. The only one who can get YOU ready for that time is YOU. Wide eyes open. Love to all.