Are YOU a Psychopath?


This vid goes through the various types of psychopaths. Chances are great that you either ARE one, or know one, so take a few minutes to watch and inform yourselves. This is not my vid, this was made by a guy on Youtube that goes by the name TruthNeverTold. Here’s a link to his channel:  He has quite a few vids that offer great information. I show you the doors, but YOU must be the one to open them and walk through. Wide eyes open. Love to all.

Bradley Manning Now Chelsea Manning >>DISTRACTION ALERT<<

I usually try to steer clear of the MSM spun media crap that they spew upon all of you. I had to address this latest distraction though. You all remember PFC Bradley Manning right? He is the guy who has been on trial for leaking classified documents via Wikileaks. A few weeks ago, the headline read, “NOT GUILTY,” of the main crime he was charged with. He was however found “GUILTY” of lesser charges and just the other day was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Doesn’t sound very “NOT GUILTY” does it? That is what is being reported by the MSM and just when you though it was over…

PFC Manning just came out and said that he is going to begin hormone therapy and that he is in fact female. He goes by the name “Chelsea” and even has a picture… Photos: Intelligence leaker Bradley Manning       Pretty creepy, huh? These people who feel they are this way have some serious issues, but “to each their own” as the saying goes right? Let’s look at the before pic…         ….and I actually found this image, which some may argue kind of gives away his secret before he revealed it to the world…     Note all the rainbow expressiveness. So what does all this mean? Who the fuck knows? Some people just cannot except the way they are born. Maybe these people really do believe they are the opposite gender underneath. Needless to say, this certainly adds an odd twist to this highly publicized story. He will be spending his 35 year sentence in a federal military prison as well, so who is going to be paying for all this hormone treatment? Will he living as Chelsea in a men’s prison? Why now? Sounds like a mess, but do you know what it sounds even more like?… A BIGGER DISTRACTION. Oh yes, fueled by the media, now Bradley Manning’s story going to overlap into other issues, and keep getting spun. You will see what I mean in the not-so-distant future. Will anyone be focused on the documents he/she leaked anymore? No. This sex change issue just took over, conveniently putting the original story on the back burner. Everyone just forget about those classified documents…. shhhh… gone. Brad is now Chels, that is more important, right? The joke is on YOU, they are jokers, and they use these tricks over and over and over again to keep you all busy worrying about something else other than yourselves. Not going into all that, just here to inform all of you that this is a DISTRACTION ALERT. Why isn’t anyone hearing about the chaos in Egypt? Or anywhere else in the world for that matter? DISTRACTIONS, DISTRACTIONS, DISTRACTIONS. This is my distraction back from their distraction, before any of you get caught up in their web. Who fucking cares if Bradley Manning thinks he’s a boy or a girl and what exactly does that have to do with anything he did to end up in a federal prison? No one should care, it’s his weird business, and it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with leaking nearly a million classified documents. He/she was sentenced for telling the truth, some think he violated national security in the process though and now he/she is in the position they are in. And Brad happens to think he’s a female, just continuing to be what he thinks is honest to himself. That’s it. Let’s all move on. The world continues to turn. Wide eyes open. Love to all.