Comet Strikes the Sun


Yesterday, a sun-grazing comet made a direct impact into the Sun, creating a 360 degree “halo” blast which shot energy and particles all out into space. I have seen several of these sun-grazing comets. Most of them just disappear into the super-heated atmosphere of the Sun. I have seen a few make it out the other side, but for the most part, they just disappear. NEVER have I seen one cause a blast like this though. Yet another first, isn’t it? More and more and more firsts. Now I don’t think we have to worry about any of the ejecta created by the impact of this comet. But, and I hate starting sentences with but, but can you imagine if such a comet were to come this way? This comet just appeared out of nowhere and struck the Sun. In the big picture, that’s pretty damn close to us. We don’t inspire fear or fear-mongering here though, we are just here informing you about these events that are unfolding more and more. We can now watch said events unfold live and get the information to you before the MSM distorts and manipulates it, or just avoids it all together. You won’t hear about most of what I share with you on the MSM. We are here to help, they are here to deceive, and it is up to YOU to know the difference. Wide eyes open. Love to all.